DanielDolgin's Rating of Detachment

Daniel's Review of Detachment

4 years ago via Movies on iPhone


When I saw the trailer I was amazed, but when I finally saw it I didn't know what I was coming into. One of the most emotionally devastating passionate films I've ever seen. I had to turn it off twice just to give myself a break. I came very close to tears in the animal abuse scene, which got me unbelievably angry. It was very dark and in your face. It was hardcore pessimism, but it's the only way it could've gotten its message across. Brody had his best performance since The Pianist, and it might be the saddest movie since then. Many arthouse characteristics, like chalkboard drawing and philosophy from Brody. Still not sure if it was scripted, or real. Very unique, an has a strong message. I think everyone needs to watch this.