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Django Unchained

Django Unchained(2012)

Django Unchained, Tarantino's first movie in over three years, has met the hype. After Argo this would be my favorite of the year, and it's not too far. It was a blood fest, and this time just as gritty as the trailer depicted. The closing sequence was non stop action and gore. The Kill Bill and Deathproof fans won't be disappointed.

The cast was full of familiar faces and stars. But no matter how familiar they were to you, they convinced you of there roles. It was expected for Leo Dicaprio to be the star villain. I think Christoph Waltz was the star once again, like in his Oscar winning role in Inglorious Bastards. Jamie Foxx was surprisingly mature, and also fit his role well.

The scenery, costume, and makeup are all worthy of praise. Samuel L. Jackson looked like a senile old man, and Foxx looked like a slave who has been soaked in torture. These were the things that made the movie believable, despite the outrageous sound track, and Tarantino having a role himself.

It was a long film at 2 hours 45 minutes plus, and while I can't say there were no over extended scenes, it didn't feel as long as the run time. This is mainly it was divided into two sections. Bounty hunting and search of Django's wife. All around it was entertaining, and another installment into the great career of Quentin Tarantino.