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4 years ago via Movies on iPhone


Adult style racing film Rush is a huge comeback for director Ron Howard. This isn't to suggest he was previously on an endless downhill fall, but after a three in a row succes (The Davinci Code, Frost/Nixon, and Angels & Demons) he directed the junk film, The Dilemma. But that's all in the past with Rush. The film focuses on the real life battles between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. I knew nothing of these two coming in, so the final race scene was especially gripping for myself. The characters are played by Hemsworth and Bruhl, who both put up solid performances. These two forces of racing are highly different, I was switching between the one that I prefer. These aren't just two different racers, they are different style of lives. You have party lover James Hunt on one side, and Lauda who won't stay up past nine on the other.

The cinematography in this movie is some of the best I've seen in awhile, in it's tecnological saviness. Car lovers will orgasm over some of the shots, fast moving, and beautiful to the eye. The film has notable make up artists as you can see in the development of Launda's face after the accident. Speaking of which, Rush has the greatest cringe scene ever, perhaps only behind Clean, Shaven, and Irreversible. As Launda is in the hospital, they must pump the junk out of his lungs, through a long metal pipe. In a scene that can't end soon enough, I was left cringing and looking away in my seat. I'm going to be keeping a closer eye on screenplay writer Peter Morgan after this, he's written two other non fiction film that I've respected, Frost/Nixon and The Dammed United. In all three of these movies the dialogue is a crucial factor.

So yes I loved Rush. Despite having sex, drugs, profanity, the film is classy as all hell in style. Has a similar intense yet comftrable feeling as 2012 Oscar winner Argo. I strongly reccomend this film to those interested in racing, or those like me, who know near nothing about it.