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The Return
The Return(2003)

The Return is a dark, eerie film set in the outskirts of Northern Russia. When a father candidly returns to his two sons, after 12 years of absence, one meets him with admiration while the other in spite. What Zvyagintsev does great in his directorial debut is build eeriness with sound, even in scenes where nothing is apparently wrong, something feels off. By the end it's not clear how cruel the apparent gangster father was, never fully revealed, but he doesn't feel as evil as the build-up would suggest he is.


Wow. Today I wanted to watch something real. I truly got it with this stellar debut feature from Skjoldbjærg. I watched an American made film of his recently, Prozac Nation. I found the film- while flawed- slightly under appreciated. Insomnia is completely under appreciated though. One of the greatest crime thrillers ever made, the film follows a sociopath detective who makes a grave mistake by accidentally shooting his partner. Played by Stellan Skarsgård in a convincing and gripping performance. The film holds tension throughout. Every single scene, even the most uneventful are intense. And all somehow equally so. A scene where Detective Engstrom is struggling to sleep is just as intense as the scene where he meets the suspected killer he's searching for. And this is somehow despite the predictability. I knew what would happen at the end of each scene from the initial entrance, I pretty much knew how the whole film would play out after the first 25 minutes. Yet Skjoldbjærg and Skarsgård team up to make it surprisingly gripping. Proving how important atmosphere is to making a great film.

The film is highly symbolic. The efforts of Detective Engstrom are bothered by the bright sun peering into his room. Unlike most horror, thrillers, and mysteries Insomnia does not rely on darkness, but instead light. Everything happens in broad daylight, and even in the final scene where everything goes dark except for Detective Engstrom eyes- the "light" in the scene is the only chilling part about it. There's one scene in particular that I think has the most symbolic image. When Detective Engstrom enters a "suspects" room to continue on his path of lies there's an image of Freud glaring next to him. "The Truth Will set you free" is a Freud quote that immediately comes to mind, and clearly the detective is not free while he's continuing his path of deceiving those around him. I don't think I'm over analyzing this either, because in this film every prop is important and has some reference.

I have not seen Nolan's remake, nor do I plan too. I'm much more likely to just rewatch this film. As I mentioned I was looking for something real, and I believe that's much more achievable with a cast of nobodies compared to a star studded cast of Al Pacino, Robin Williams, and Hillary Swank. I think I will stick to Skarsgård, Mathiesen, and Bjørn Floberg. In this cold, extremely graphic yet tasteful, thriller in a Norwegian town where the sun never sets- which I now realize is terrifying.

Good Morning (Ohayô)

The only other Ozu film I've seen was released in the same year as this charming comedy- Floating Weeds. I actually found it rather weak and myself unattached to the characters. The experience for Good Morning was the opposite. One of the most soothing film viewings I could ask for. From the start I became completely absorbed in this world of a middle class Japanese suburb. Nothing dramatic happens, no turning points, just the simple life of a handful of families. And I couldn't ask for anything else. Many characters I would often find annoying didn't bother me here, and in fact I liked all of them. The whiny children, the gossipy neighbors, these are usually qualities that make a character a nuisance. In Good Morning I loved all the characters. Especially the grandmother, who was an absolute badass.

Despite being an immature comedy with most the humor based off farts- which was rather funny- Ozu creates an important simple statement on communications and understanding. There's nothing to profound in what is being said but it's simply humanist and adds a great charm to this film. The film has a perfect balance between showing the trivial conflicts of the children and of the adults. Despite it being clear that the characters have greater problems in their lives Ozu points the camera at two petty ones. Simple, calming, absorbing, meaningful, and beautiful. A truly great film.

Såsom i en Spegel (Through A Glass Darkly)

I think this film is slightly better than The Silence from the faith trilogy, but I compare it to films like Cries & Whispers or Wild Strawberries, and the emotional impact of the film doesn't even compare. The situation is obviously tragic, but as far as character empathy to most I felt was pity towards the father. The acting was overall decent except for Lars Passgard who wasn't all too convincing and had an annoying whiny character. The cinematography is stunning, and it's masterfully directed but it left craving a more powerful Bergman, might just finish the trilogy off tonight with Winter Light

The Exterminating Angel (El Ángel Exterminador)

I've been pretty conflicted on what to rate The Exterminating Angel, on one side I felt compelled to give it a "positive" rating and bump it up half a star, but then I look at other films I have given this rating and almost all of them are better. The issue I had with this film is it kind of goes in streaks, of scenes I love and scenes I find dispensable. When it began, it felt somewhat choppy- I later understood the purpose of this- but regardless that is the affect it gave, making it hard to get into. Once the story began about the group of bourgeoisie members trapped in tan upscale room, it had many funny lines and ironic scenes. But as the film went along I felt that I was trapped in the same prison the characters were in, and just like everyone in the room wanted to get away from these idiots. By the time the hallucinations began I started enjoying the comedic work again, but there was a long point in the film where I couldn't wait for it to end. While I found the comedy successful the surrealism was clear but not effective. I love surrealistic pieces like Eraserhead or Un Chien Andalou- which Bunuel himself contributed too. But all the ones I love are eerie, dark, and symbolic. The surrealism in The Exterminating Angel, silly and weird but not eerie, dark, or symbolic. Bunuel has two obsession in his films, Christianity and the bourgeoisie. While there are funny moments regarding both categories, I can't distinguish his statement on either. Was the point that the bourgeoisie were becoming the working class, they once couldn't understand? Are they now the ones that are trapped, like their inferiors were once? That's the most I understood, but even their I can't complete the puzzle.

The Dinner Game (Le Dîner de cons)

The Dinner Game is really a film for it's direct audience. If the synopsis intrigues you, you'll probably like this sophisticated French film, if it doesn't then you probably won't. Set mainly in one location The Dinner Game plays out more like a play than a film, which gives it a charm of its own. I was expecting a film similar to The Last Supper, but this is fairly different since it actually in depth on the two protagonists. The laugh rate is high enough to keep your attention throughout, with solid word play, and great acting. I will be sure to check out more films from Francis Veber


Leviathan is perhaps the most poignant at modern Russian life seen in film today. The film has more than one conflict, but it begins with that of Kolya, a hothead landowner, and corrupt mayor Vadim who's trying to take this property away from him. The film criticizes Russian culture, but more importantly the corruption in the bureaucratic society. While the laws cited in some court room scenes may sound just like the US Constitution, it soon becomes clear that very little of the legal process is followed by those on top.

While the film is set in a smaller town, I do believe the statement by the director is corruption throughout the nation. There's a very strong scene, when many of the protagonist go out shooting- the targets are framed images of former Russian dictators. One character asks is there anyone more modern, in reply another character states that we will let history reflect on those. But Zvyagintsev has a bit of a different statement, in one scene there's a portrait of Vladimir Putin standing right behind Vadim in his office. I see this as Zvyagintsev pointing the corruption all the way to the top.

Which is interesting since 35% of the films funding is from the Russian minsitry of culture. But they themselves have had a change of heart.

From Wiki
Vladimir Medinsky, Minister of Culture, acknowledged that the film showed talented moviemaking but said he does not like it. He sharply criticized its portrayal of ordinary Russians as vodka-swigging and foul-mouthed, which he does not recognize from his experience. He thought it strange that there is not a single positive character in the movie, implying that the director was not fond of Russians but rather "fame, red carpets and statuettes."

He has proposed guidelines which would ban movies which defile national culture.

The films conflict later does focus more on the personal life of Kolya, but the aspect of the mayor and his corruption is always looming in the background. The movie could have ended more powerfully, but suddenly, in the final court room scene. Zooming into the all so familiar prosecutor. While I didn't find this part shocking, I found it hardening. Instead the film has a strong in a Russian Orthodox Church. Which is also brutally criticized by the film.

The film ends in the same scenery and with the same music as when it began. Raising the question, have things changed? And will they ever?


Whiplash seems to be making a major splash among audiences, and pulling it self forward into a likely best picture winner. Considering director's Damien Chazelles greatest work before this is writing the screenplay for The Last Exorcism Part II, it's rather impressive how well this movie is doing. In all technical aspects this film is great. Credited for film editing, Tom Cross did phenomenal in this department. Cinematography by Sharon Meir, flashy when it needs to be (musical scenes) while elegant during the simpler scenes (Dates, dinners). In all the production departments this film is exactly where it needs to be. My issue really lies with the characters of the movie. While this is strongly against the narrative, I find both the student (Andrew) and professor (Fletcher) predictable and one dimensional. While Chazelle tries to portray them as insane and impulsive, I find everything they do over the course of the film match what I'd expect from the character from the first impression. And I do understand what Chazzelle shows about Andrew and Fletcher in the intense finale scene, I just felt both their motives were always obvious. And this is to no fault of Miles Teller or J.K. Simmons who acted their hearts out. This film makes drumming more intense than I ever imagined, it also has some strong dramatic scenes. But, I see a strong craving for depth in this film, I just don't see the depth.

3 stars-


Filth somewhat feels like the cop version of the 1993 film, Naked. The film follows dirty cop James McAvoy who's trying to get a promotion in his company, during this period he's "solving" a murder & a prank call case all while trying to get laid and sabotaging his co-workers. There's an early scene where he's evaluating all the coworkers and their chances at getting the promotion, his group involved an inexperienced rookie, a dimwit, a metro sexual, a junkie, a man whore, ect. This is one of the early moments where you can see the common theme of repression. James McAvoy does a great job as detective Bruce Robertson, and shows how all these aspects apply to him. This theme later comes back about his wife, which I found rather under whelming. I predicted this twist before we even knew who McAvoy was, perhaps my familiarity with this sort of reveal through Polanski's film The Tenant gave it away.

The film is a comedy, and it has great dark and filthy humor. The c*ck comparison scene had my dying. While the humor is black the background story is even darker. While Bruce's trips look like something from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, they do reveal some dark truths about him. Led by McAvoy's tremendous acting this is a worth while film, compared to the other Welsh adaptions I've seen I'd rank it under Acid House but above Trainspotting. Dark, funny, and surreal.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask

This early Woody Allen film is adapted from Dr. David Rueben's book "EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX, BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK". It's divided into 7 questions (and answers), which start weak but definitely get better.

1. Do Aphrodisiacs Work?
Set back in Shakesperian days, this one asks if potions (medieval roofies) work. Kind of. The skit is pretty cheesy and tries hard. Does have a fitting score though.

2. What Is Sodomy?
Maybe the most personal to the original author Dr. Ruben, this ones about a love triangle between Armenian Borat, a Doctor, and a goat. The humor doesn't really get any better here.

3. Why Do Some Women Have Trouble Reaching an Orgasm?
Definitely caught the Fellini homage in this one, but once again the humor just doesn't do it for me yet. This scene is well made, and actually could be decent as a feature European drama, but weak for a comedy.

4. Are Transvestites Homosexuals?
The first section where I began laughing, and I did not stop after. The answer is No, just socially inept.

5. What Are Sex Perverts?
By far the most creative and my personal favorite. Set in a 1950s game show, this skit is really well made and funny. The part with the Rabbi was absolutely hilarious.

6. Are the Findings of Doctors and Clinics Who Do Sexual Research and Experiments Accurate?
Most famous scene, perhaps an homage to The Blob (not sure as I haven't seen it). But it's about a giant tit (size X) created by Freud meets Frankenstein causing havoc in a town.

7. What Happens During Ejaculation?
Good ending, taught me a lot about the anatomy of a man. Thanks Dr.Allen

2.5 stars+

Next up Bananas

The Last Wave

Peter Weir's, The Last Wave is filled with spiritual symbolism to demonstrate the tension between Australia's white man and the Aboriginal people. The film has a really chilly feeling, especially in the house. With a very eerie score and the feeling/reality of constantly being watched, much of the film can be unsettling with out a lot happening. The mystery actually has a lot of the same feel as Blue Velvet.

It's hard for me to say to much that's deep, because honestly I didn't really like it. Many scenes felt way to over extended, mainly the end scene in the tribal sacred site. I did see some biblical symbolism, mainly the scene where it appears that it's raining frogs outside, reminded me of Moses. While the film might make the Aboriginal people appear as some voo-doo multi-prophet worshipers, the majority in reality are Christian or have no religious affiliation. I understand that the film is shown a select few who still believe in sacristy and aboriginal spirituality, but this isn't consistent with reality.

Nymphomaniac: Volume I

Nymphomaniac tells the story of the early phases of Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg, who Lars Von Trier loves) life as a sex addict. Often disgusting, but occasionally erotic (rarely), Lars Von Trier creates a unique film. He uses a more artistic Brian De Palma style of direction, incorporating split screens, text on screen, ect. Von Trier's other films are also highly sexual, but if the actors in this film were just a bit darker I would think Almodovar was behind the camera. The narration plus the pulling of outside materials (maps, film) gives the metaphors some educational value, kind of like Joe's father gave her. The most powerful, perhaps the only powerful, scene is the dinner confrontation, very uncomfortable narcissistic moment. Well designed, and memorable I'll be sure to give part II a watch soon.

Ward No. 6
Ward No. 6(2010)

This rating is a bit of a shame since I was really enjoying this movie at first, but the Chekhov adaption loses me right past the middle. The acting is great, realism at its finest. Felt like a documentary before the fantasy elements were thrown in. I found the doctor pretty funny, and some of the conversations thought provoking. there's a lot good and it's worth a try, maybe others will get more from the later pieces.


Badlands is a solid debut from director Terence Mallick. Sheen had a solid performance and an interesting character, Spaceck well as always her neutrality and naive attitude annoyed me. but hey she was born to play annoying characters. Badlands is cinematic and is easy going, you can tell what's going on if you skip 20 mins if you watched the first 15. And I quite like that. The house burning scene is pure cinema, absolutely stunning.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The only other Python I've seen is The Meaning of Life, which I'd actually give the same rating, despite Holy Grail being three times as aclaimed. Holy Grail is one of the few films that caught my attention at the opening credits, yet lost it during a patch in the middle. None the less tons of funny scenes, especially up to the part before the band went their own ways. "Tis but a scratch" had me dying, need to watch Life of Brian now.


Jake Gyllenhaal plays two roles in this psychological film, one as a reserved professor the other as an erotic small time actor. When the professor spots his exact look a like as an extra In a film, he gets obsessive and goes on the lookout for him. Director, Villeneuve already showed his talents working with Gyllenhaal with his tense thriller Prisoners, and he does it again with Enemy. The man has a bright career ahead of him.

Enemy is mind-bending, psychedellic, and surreal. I have very little idea of what it all means, but I really like it. I didn't read any theories as to not affect my rating, but I'm about to, because Enemy kept me loathing to talk about it. The film has one of the scariest endings of recent years.

Outside of some crooked editing (was It really neccesary for the professor to recognize his look alike in a dream), Enemy is a really good film, with a range of influences, which makes me want to see more of the recent psychedellic releases. Next up, Under the skin.

3 stars+


As a semi-paranoid driver the idea of being terrorized by a tractor- trailer on an empty highway sounds terrifying to me. When I read the synopsis to Duel, I imagined a gripping thriller. And Duel is gripping, but there were no thrills. I believe the main reason is the chase is set in broad daylight, if this was set at night it would add a more isolated and vulnerable setting. Dennis Weaver was a convincing protagonist but his fear and paranoia were more spoken than needed, his physical acting didn't say enough. The film is still worth a watch due to the great concept, and decent execution (it was in no way boring, and could've been handled way worse), plus it's cool to see where Spielberg began.

The Lost Weekend

The Lost Weekend is a cynical look at alcoholism, somewhat of a Billy Wilder 40s version of Leaving Las Vegas. The humor in the film is dry and dark, never laughed out loud but often smirked at the irony of the situations. Ray Milland plays Don Birnam, apparently there's two of them: the writer and the alcoholic. This film only shows the latter. This dark look at a still relevant addiction makes alcoholism truly terrifying, mainly thanks to Millands acting. However the very ending didn't seem to fit in, I feel something darker would accomplish more.

As far as the frw Wilders I've seen goes I'd rank this under The Apartment and Some Like it Hot, but above Sabrina. The fluid narration and great lead acting makes this a worth while film, but doesn't wrap itself into a great one.

The White Ribbon (Das weisse Band)

Michael Haneke's The White Ribbon, is shot in stunning black and white, fittingly set in a small German village shortly prior to World War I. The story is narrated by the most humanist and sincere character the school teacher, even though the themes of the tales hardly match his. The sadistic and cruel acts depicted usually involve the more noble people of the town and/or the children. Then there's more mysterious and crueler events, mainly the harsh torture of children. A common theme in the film is punishment, chiefly unjust punishment, it seems that the source of these vile acts is from some sort of punisher. The film keeps the audience guessing, trying to remember every small detail- and there are many- to solve the puzzle. The film towards the end goes through intense interrogations and build-up but ultimately leaves an open end. Very similar to Haneke's earliereffortCache (although The White Ribbon this is way more of a drama, than a thriller). The mystery shows how the audience, similar to the characters, is always searching for a scapegoat. Which makes sense that this film is set right before the first world war, even though it feels much more like a prequel to the second world war.

3 stars

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

This is my second Peckinpah film, after viewing the masterpiece in Straw Dogs. Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia is far more underwhelming in its repetitive nature and lack of focus. The violence this film does a lot less for me than that of Straw Dogs, due to its one man kills six in seconds nature. And due to the never ending circle the story gets dull, and the film loses me early. Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia still has some technical accomplishments. Most notably the amazing cinematography. The use of mirrors is fantastic, and overall shot by shot this looks great. The cinematography actually highly makes up for the monotonous circular pacing, since it still makes the film interesting to view.

The Flat
The Flat(2012)

An Israeli independent documentary, that examine a personal relationship between the director, and his revelations about his dead grandparents. Tries to play out as a puzzle, but releases the big picture prematurely. Occasionally touching, with its highly personal creation, and touchy - but delicately handled- subject matter. The director does a great job as an observer, never letting emotion overtake the film.

2.5 stars +


Snowpiercer is an interesting take on dystopian future, set in a train circling around the desolate frozen world. The train has a class system, and the working class revolts, making snowpiercer somewhat of a mix between Children of Men and The Raid. The film is a solid exhibition of a dystopian future on a train, but I'd also like to see a utopian version since the upper quartile of the train seemed like a great place for a film to be set it.

snowpiercer has a really solid cast, and Joon Ho Bong does well in his American film debut, this does the lack the humor his Korean films have though. The film incorporates a lot of Interesting political messages, ranging from nazism (the education), capitalism (class system), communism ("government" owns everything and workers revolt), facism (government controls everything), ect. And It does all this without having an agenda or being preachy.

The end of the film is fairly poor, but the concepts and setting make up for the films lackings.

Fantastic Planet

My thoughts are somewhat scattered from my viewing of Fantastic Planet, the film starts off suave as hell with the electronic score and the opening film title:

Le Planète Sauvage

In this fanastic (or wild plaent, going by direct translation) blue intellectual faints rule over humans. Similar to human interaction with animals, some of the giants consider the humans pests (although acklonledging their high organizational skills), while some of these humans are kept as pets with collars and getting dressed up in ridiculous clothing. While this is just a micro allusion that the film makes, there's a lot of greater symbolism.

The two main themes I reached were oppression (through political systems) and knowledge (which is a tool to fight oppression). It's hard to say which system each life of our protagonist represent. When Terr was kept as a pet to the blue giants, he's like an object of the state. When the domesticated Terr goes into the wild, he joins a more communal system, but which still adores and relies on it's leaders. While it feels that the film is pointing towards the cold war in it's symbolism- space ships representing the scientific exploration for example- it's hard to make a distinction creating a capitalistic and communistic system. Perhaps the film shows they're closer to the same than they're given credit for. Regardless in both systems knowledge brings power, and in both systems it's oppressed.

The animation is very stoic, often leaving lots of blank space, and rarely fluid. There are many great "sanpshots" in the film, often showing creativity, and the images our interesting. But I can't say I'm overly impressed by the animation itself, simply since I've seen more appealing.

The film left me somewhat unaffected, it has some thought provoking spiritual and political under tones, but nothing that lasted. 

Garden State
Garden State(2004)

Zach Braff directs and acts as the lead in this melo-comedy where a small time actor comes back home to his estranged family when his mother dies. The film starts off oddly surreal, with a stoic Zach Braff in the lead. Really feels like a modern day Graduate, especially when you include the similar eerie soundtrack. Garden State has a strong wit, but also goes in depth in the dramatic elements. The humor is sly, smart, and often but the film remains serious. The film also features Natalie Portman, who in other cases would be an annoying character, but here fits in well. Garden State is a pleasant suprise.

Straw Dogs
Straw Dogs(1971)

Straw Dogs has an eerie feel from the start, intellect American, David (Dustin Hoffman) movies into a villager with his maturely younger S.O., Amy (Susan George). It's obvious in this film that **** is going to go down, you can figure from every poster... or if you just heard of the movie from someone, so perhaps it was premeditated that I'd feel some intensity, but the film itself definitely creates an uptight atmosphere. David and Amy have their differences, David's more mature but Amy has more smarts when it comes to the locals. They have some tense trivial arguments, but sexually they're happy. The surrounding characters are not so pleasant, except for some elitists everyone surrounding is trash, or soon to be trash. British hicks who have no entertainment outside of drinking or fantasizing over David's bombshell wife.

Trouble comes towards David's household, and trouble comes hard. It begins with some animal cruelty which always hits the emotions, and then a harsh rape scene. Difficult to watch, and feels comparable to the one in Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The irony is, David came to this village to escape the chaos of America, with the war protests, race riots, notable assassinations really concentrated only three years before this films release date.

The notorious final sequence features insane violence, built up by a harrowing intensity. The plot line behind this was much more intricate than I expected, since this was no pointless violence. The film obviously doesn't endorse violence, but Peckinpah was not pulling a Haneke stunt, because I was hot headed and yelling for David to kill the bastards. David became a man and defended his household, and I'll applaud that. David also became a badass, not a super hero but that Bernhard Goetz type badass. Rooting for David was an exhilarating film watching experience, but also harsh since a true moral dilemma exists.

Straw Dogs is among the most intense films I've ever seen, which gets crazier and crazier as it goes along. With an amazing performance from one of the greats in Dustin Hoffman. Isolation is scary, but being alone is far from the scariest.


Occupant is a modern attempt of something like Polanski's, The Tenant. Polanski is the master of apartment paranoia thrillers, while Henry Miller made some trash here. The movie starts like a commercial for Gap, with a blogger girl randomly following our protagonist. He is going to occupy the apartment his grandma lived in, but will have to stay isolated in it for 12 days to maintain the lease. I won't reveal the "Twist", but it''s so obvious, yet doesn't make sense. There are a few twisted moments at the end, but overall the psychological aspect of this is trash, mainly because the director attempted to keep it hidden.

From Russia With Love

I'm currently making it through the James Bond series- all for the first time- and the second film in is a disappointing experience. I quiet enjoyed Dr. No, stylistically spectacular. While From Russia with Love matched Dr. No in Sean Connery's smoothness, and all around fun style, the plot is significantly weaker. The relationship between Bond and Tania makes no sense to me, they seemingly both had each other figured out (and knew it) so why keep the games up? For sex?

The story was often cartoon like, and I can't fathom why some consider this the best bond, I've only seen the first two and I wouldn't.

2.5 stars- (generous)

Computer Chess

intriguing period piece, that obviously took a lot of effort, but the comedy starts falling dry towards the end. I want to give this a re watch since I feel that I missed a considerable chunk of the meaning behind the satire.

The Conformist

The Conformist is a film that has stuck with me since my initial viewing a few days ago, perhaps it deserves half a star higher. The slow style draws similarity to Melville's assassin film Le Samourai. Trintignant puts up a solid performance as the assassin (Marcello), but my issue with the character was he felt to smooth to be a universal conformist. Marcello feels like a charming individual, just not another man in the crowd. The film does reveal what it means with labeling Marcello as a conformist with the climax, which follows his fascist conformity. The second theme, sex, is also addressed in the end which I feel is the most important scene in the whole film. The last scene is chilling and revealing, crucial to the film.

The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain stands as the most bizarre film I've ever seen, Jodorowsky's surrealistic piece is best described as a blitzkrieg of imagery. I soon found out it was pointless to analyze what was being shown, so instead I sat back and just acknowledged the religious symbols I spotted. I probably missed a vast majority of the allusions but the spiritual message stands strong. Incorporating such philosophies as "Money is the Root of All Evil", Jodorowsky takes a stand against THE church, but shows importance of spirituality. Similar to Bunuel's Mexican film Simon of the Desert, and stylistically similar to the work of Makavejev, The Holy Mountain criticizes greed with in the church, in the exploitation of the crucifix. The planet segment (representing bureaucracy) was the most fascinating and lively part of the film. The only issue I had was the South Park like humor (menorah gun), was fun and all, but took away from the message of the film.

The Holy Mountain explores to many spiritual, sexual, sociological, and psychedelic concepts to understand in one viewing. But with a wicked score the film is grasping even without any search for a meaning. The Holy Mountain is hallucinatory to watch and thought provoking to reflect upon.

The Tenant
The Tenant(1976)

Polanski's The Tenant is his final film in the Apartment Trilogy, I still have to watch Repulsion, but Rosemary's Baby is in my top ten. The Tenantalso covers paranoia, where Polanski himself plays the paranoiac. After he moves into an apartment where the last tenant killed herself, he gets surrounded by bizarre and often evil tenants. The movie effectively covers how perception changes reality for the paranoid mind, and how the unconscious blames the outside world for the actions of the own man. The ending is predictable, in fact I didn't even have to watch more than ten minutes to understand what will come. Before so there are a few tense instances, and the film can be slightly disturbing. Polanski is no Mia Farrow, and The Tenant is no Rosemary's Baby, but it remains a decent psychological thriller. 

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner made both the Cheers and Passion lists for AFI's 100 years 100 movies. While the story about acceptance of an interracial marriage by two sets of parents had an important message, the movie has become highly dated. The acting was a big drawback: Sidney Poiter expressed his emotions well but never excelled, Houghton was overly bubbly and often naive, Katharine Hepburn emotions changed far to quickly, the supporting actor were often overly obvious, Spencer Tracy on the other hand excelled. Guess Who's Coming Dinner can be comfortable to watch with The Glory of Love playing away in the background, but the social drama really doesn't work, and speaks to few.

Talk to Her
Talk to Her(2002)

Almodovars drama Talk to Her, is his most acclaimed film. A noticeable flaw is some contradiction in character, a bull fighter who fears a snake is possible but seems bizarre. These kind of moments range throughout but they don't take away from the films most powerful suit, the symbolism. There are many amazing moments, often Almodovar will artificially recreate the emotions of the two main characters (Marco & Benigno) on the coma patients. When Benigno speaks of Marco's crying during the first play he puts eye drops into his patient Alicia, creating artificial tears. This is done on another occasion during the silent film montage, which was a bizarre but great addition right before the climax. Once the tension is revealed the movie grows some deep but sick symbolism and themes. While the tension is not shocking since it was heavily preluded, the way Almodovar handles the situation is. The symbolism grows after this as you can literally see Benigno getting inside Marcos head when he first comes back to visit him. The necrophiliac premise is revolting, but the message Almodovar put across really got inside my head.

Next up, Bad Education.

The King of Comedy

While I appreciate a ton of Scorsese's work there are a handful of his films that I truly dislike, King of Comedy joins the rank of Gangs of New York as my least favorite. With a De Palma like style the film was more annoying than entertaining, especially Rupert's Dancer in the Dark like dreaming. With a title that has comedy in it I expected more laughs, while all I got was a few good one liners and a couple nice gags. Despite the frustration of watching the ending is quite effective, and leaves the movie with a charming note.

Come and See (Idi i smotri)

This soviet war film was actually filmed and concentrated on my heritage land of Belarus, and while Come and See has an anti-war message this brought out a want of vengeance. This is thanks to the powerful imagery that brings out empathy and terror at the same time. Some of the scenes were truly brutal, my most powerful emotions were felt based on the images on the screen, and not in the overall sympathy for the protagonist. The film is often overwhelming in either violent scenes or darkly surreal moments, Glasha's monologue was really dark. Director Kilmov makes use of irony often, an injured foot getting blown off is a notable example. Much of what happens in Come and See is symbolic, the only use of the rifle (which is focused on during Florya's progression) is purely symbolic in an astonishing ending. It's understandable that this film will have it's biases but it shows the atrocities on both sides of World War II. Extremely powerful during the watching experience, but the feelings wore off fairly quick. Many films that are this harrowing rely on shocking images, Come and Seehas that but these have an important purpose in showing the sick nature and/or separation of a soldier at war. 

3.5 stars+


There's something awfully beautiful about Gravity, and I'm not just speaking of the acclaimed special effects. But the whole of Gravity is beautiful in it's examination of life, and subsequently death. The cast of two involves the talent of Sandra Bullock (Ryan) and George Clooney (Matt). Ryan is overly motivated to maintain life (with a tragic death in her family); Matt is much more relaxed, and looks at life on a macro level. While both of their figurative homes are in space, one is more willing to stay there than the other. The film is intense, but I wasn't caught up in the technical, so for myself the drama aspect was where more of my admiration comes from. The birth/life/death symbolism in Gravity is great. While all the technical aspects interested me I'd give special props to director of photography Lubezki, who has previously impressed me with Tree of Life andChildren of Men. While this isn't my absolute favorite of 2013, I believe it'll be the most remembered. 

3.5 stars+

The Front
The Front(1976)

The Front stars Woody Allen (not written or directed by) as a front for blacklisted writers. I didn't find much funny with this movie, and often the story is bland. Woody Allens characters moral transitions, while important for the film, happened to quickly. He does have great chemistry with screen partner Zero Mostel though. The film really did win me over with the ending, and the charming credits. Shows the issues with blacklisting, and the industry during the red scare.


Pariah is the most anticipated watch I've had in awhile, while the subject matter of a lesbian in the Bronx doesn't particularly interest me, the trailer was executed with such class that I thought the film would be equivalent. That's perhaps the films greatest disappointment, the lack of class, the music choice of the trailer was Doing my Thing, while in the film it was club music. While the plot does go back to more traditional standards towards the end, the film tries to shock to often. I understand that Dee Rees was attempting to show a Pariah trying to find her way and eventually reaching it; but the leap was to sudden. The writing was realistic, and there are plenty of stunning debuts, but Pariah comes together as all around mediocre.

The Hunt (Jagten)

The Hunt is a fascinating Danish drama, of a teacher who's accused of one of the most heinous acts, child molestation. As happens when one is accused of such atrocities everyone turns on him, surprisingly moderately though. The film is depressing even when it just foreshadows what's to come, but then becomes truly hard to watch. A man who loses everything, some on his own account. The film shows the importance of innocent until proven guilty, not only legally but socially. To an extent this was a humbling experience. At the end of The Hunt the punchline comes, with an amazing ending, that I did not sense coming, I have a few theories (below), but no matter what the intent was the final minute brings a true symbolism and humble ending to this drama.

I believe the shooter was either his son or Klara's protective older brother.

Mass Appeal
Mass Appeal(1984)

Mass Appeal stars Jack Lemmon, as a priest who's been in this long enough to bend the rules. He takes Mark Dolson under his wing, an extreme progressive who never sees a middle ground. The character Mark is poorly drafted, he thinks lying is an inexcusable sin, but has openly stated that he believes Jesus was gay for John. He's to much of a contradiction, and a character that's hard to like, but then again everyone but Jack Lemmon played over the top characters in this film.

Mass Appeal has a cozy mood as you can just sit back and watch, it's not an essential church drama, but does beg a few important questions.


Alexander Payne's Nebraska gets truly touching by the end, and depending on the kind of person you are prior to this movie can be either a tragedy or a comedy. While there's definitely some pity thrown out at once, I did consider this a funny movie. The crude dialogue was right up my style, and Alexander Payne capitalizes on his wit through the no bull sh*t June Squibb. I fell in love with the whole cast, Bruce Dern (who really deserves the best actor), Will Forte (in a plain but clear role), Bob Odenkirk (better call Saul), but most importantly June Squibb. Nebraska succeeds in painting the small town life, in which most never get out of. With themes of alcoholism and delusion coming from Bruce Dern, it's hard not to feel any empathy for the character, but at the same time I laughed out loud several times.

Midnight Express

Midnight Express, follows the true story of Billy Hays, an American who was caught smuggling in Turkey. I believe that I should've felt more emotion during this movie, because it truly gives a brutal picture of the chaotic Turkish Prison, and unjust judicial system. But really all I felt was anger towards Rifki, and pride when he gets what's coming to him. Well I guess that is an understatement, since there are a few powerful scenes not involving Rifki at all, when Billy Hays' girlfriend comes to visit him, and all he can think about is her cleavage, that was a truly pitiful site. The screenplay is adapted by Oliver Stone, from the real Billy Hays' book. What was truly impressive though was the director and crew on production, since the Turkish Prison felt genuinely real. It's a tragic case, and a solid movie.

Citizen Ruth
Citizen Ruth(1996)

There aren't to many comedies about abortion out there today, but Alexander Payne attempts on in Citizen Ruth. The movie has guts, but the humor itself doesn't have the shock value I was expecting. The witty Payne could've pulled a few jaw droppers, but didn't even attempt them. The movie still has funny moments, as Ruth is pulled between a poster child of pro-life and pro-choice, when she as a drug addict gets pregnant with her forth child. The espionage reveal was funny, but there aren't to many other laugh out loud moments.

The film has some explorative cinematography, when put in the first person perspective of Ruth. It's nothing ground breaking, but is intriguing.

I felt that Ruth switched from mellow disinterest to extreme passion to often. Perhaps it was to show the ever changing moves of an inhaler addict, but it didn't always make sense. Luara Dern has gotten acclaim for this role, but I didn't see anything special. Little true emotion, and far to much swaying.

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover

The Lover, the Cook, The Wife, The Thief 

As seen immediately, in the film, The Cook, The Theif, The Wife & Her Lover takes great advantage of the use of color. The last film I can think of that uses color so overwhelmingly is Bergmans Cries and Whispers, where he drowns the audience with red. What I found stunning in this film was that the scenes were so beautiful while all taking place in-doors, in fact the only ugly scenes were the outdoor ones, which took barely any screen time. 

This film features on of the greatest pricks in cinema history, Albert. Played by Michael Gambon, who absolutely blew me away. Albert surrounds himself with his arrogant sidekicks, but compared to him they're a set of nuns. 
Peter Greenaway creates a true villain with Albert, one that no one can like or desire to imitate. Albert is a bully, rapist, and a misogynist, whose traits are greed & arrogance. Albert isn't just a smug rich man though, he definently has his deficiencies, which can be seen with his envy. There's a scene where Albert ruins one of his wives dishes as a practical joke, when he's done pouring wine on the expensive meal the camera cuts to showing the hard work of the chef and kitchen, which represents the destructive path Albert has. 

The greatest scene of the film is when the affair begins in the restroom, and Albert comes in. Standing outside the stall the intensity reaches an all time high. It's interesting that Albert behaves at his worst in restrooms after this. 

Greenaway has no taboos in this film, whether it's what's being discussed at the dinner table, which most people would never speak about... or what Albert does to others, which most people wouldn't even think about. Despite how disturbing this film is, there's solid black comedy, and even some light British humor. A moment that incoorporates the taboo and comedy elements is the gynecologist dinner table conversation. 

The films idol is the chef. He makes Albert wait, while giving a beaten poor man immediate attention. He's also the only character to bring smart philosophy to the table, unlike Albert who just spits gibberish. Before cooking his shock of a dish, the chef speaks about the most expensive food: "black food". He's a hard worker yet speaks as if he's been still as Rodins "The Thinker".

I fell in love with the cast: Bohringer, Hellen Miren, Tim Roth, Alan Howard, and Gambon all bring something unique to this movie. The whole cast comes together at the conclusion to bring the single greatest revenge scene, that even Tarantino (Kill Bill, Django Unchained) & Chan-Wook Park (Oldboy, Lady Vegenence) couldn't think of. Fascinating cinematic masterpiece. 

The Square (Al Midan)

Netflix original-and Oscar nominated best documentary- The Square briefly follows the two Egyptian revolutions, and mainly the military regime. My main issue with this film, is that after nearly three years of footage there's nothing negative shown about the revolutionaries. While the military committed great injustices, I refuse to believe that these frustrated young men never committed violence. In the film they are painted as if they'd never hurt a fly. But as happens with deep bias the documentary does elicit some emotion, I was angered by the tank incident, and touched by the children's chant. There's nothing to enlightening about The Square, but it's worth watching to see the emotional battles of the young Egyptians pushing for change. I was pleased to see the dismay over the Muslim Brotherhood, I didn't know how rigged the election was, but immediately when I heard Morssi was elected, during summer 2012, I feared for Egypt's future.


Prisoners is one of the best done films of 2013, in almost every aspect. You can see this from the start with the genuine atmosphere during the two families dinners, with talented actors aided with realistic dialogue create a (pre)tense setting. The cinematography, done by the talented Roger Deakins, was gorgeous. What gives Prisoners an advantage compared to other child kidnapping films is the complete classlessness of what condition and location the girls are in throughout. Hugh Jackman was phenomenal, but Jake Gyllenhaal was slightly less than believable. I'm becoming a fan of Paul Dano due to the sinister and smug look he has. A few things irritated me in the legalities of the movie, the warrantless entrances would be a mess, and the interrogation incident would near kill the case. I had many questions after the 183 minute film was done, and there were a few that I realized the answer to in candid thinking days after I watched the movie. That's some talent from the film makers in crafting this puzzle.


Crimes and Misdemeanors

This is the other Woody Allen great that I've been looking for, after watching Midnight in Paris and Annie Hall a few years ago, the rest of the Woody Allen works I've seen have ranged from near awful to very good. But none have been great, like Crimes and Misdemeanors. The Woody Allen scenes were consistently hilarious, crammed with witty one liners, and priceless moments. My favorite is when Woody Allen shows the final product for the documentary he's been making for and about his smug brother in law, in which he clips in a roaring Mussolini. Which is another unique aspect this film accomplished, in it's modern recreations of black and white movies, showing clips of the scene getting recreated moments after-usually at a theater.

The more dramatic Martin Landua plot didn't put me in a solemn mood, that Woody Allen was trying to create. This is the one aspect of this film that didn't get accomplished in my viewing experience. The dilemmas were gripping, and the spiritual flashbacks were intriguing, but I lacked empathy in these scenes. I even felt more towards Woody Allen in his envy towards his brother-in-law, and his desire for Halley (Mia Farrow). Both stories cover a different stage of an affair, with much different results, and begs the question of which one got it better.

The film editing is stellar, done by Susan E Morose, and Woody Allen directs another awesome comedy

Only God Forgives

" Remember, girls, no matter what happens... keep your eyes closed. And you men... take a good look."

I thought that people were being to harsh on Only God Forgives, how could a second Gosling and Refn duo, be so awful. Now I know just how bad it can be. To add to the confusion of the story comes the choppy and non concrete cinematography. Larry Smith who also did cinematography work for Refn's Bronson, and impressed me with his work in Eyes Wide Shut, just completely failed in this movie. The characters were so undeveloped, in Drive Ryan Gosling didn't need dialogue to create a character, in Only God Forgives he atleast needed to do SOMETHING. The films only success is shock value, that comes from the mom, damn is she filthy. A true disappointment, and an absolute mess.


An enjoyable 80s comedy, which hits a nice dark tone. It's clear to see the movies it inspired, like American Beauty with the high school relationships. I was entertained and laughing through the movie, but outside of a great cast (Veronique is a babe) there's not many cinematic elements that stand out.

The Act Of Killing

The Act of Killing isn't only one of the greatest documentaries I've ever seen, it's one of the best films I've seen in months. A haunting testament, in which brave filmmaker interviews self proclaimed Indonesian gangsters who par took in the 1960 killing of communists. What separates this from other documentaries, is these men are asked to recreate these events in anyway they want, and what follows can shake a man to his core. An aged gangster named Anwar is the second director (in a sense) goes from boastful to believably humbled, in a micro level the ending is satisfying.

But on a macro level the film really shows how scary Indonesia is, a political party, Pemuda Pancasila, is truly boastful about the genocide, and are more than open about current corruption. Why wouldn't they be, the Vice President is a member, governors advocate killing Chinese neo communists, the mass murders are the hero's. A leader of a news paper speaks openly about how he changed statements of alleged communists to get them killed. Of course I always knew corruption is prevalent in developing regions, but i didn't realize this was something to be cocky about.

The recreations are frantically heartfelt, but have a sound surrealism. The colorful pictures make depictions of genocide and death, beautiful. I took great joy seeing the director momentarily breaking his silence at the end, it was honorable of him to make the film, and he kept a great balance of not intervening and putting in a word. During the credits half the names are just, Anonymous, even though the gangsters and media took pride in the genocidal heritage, perhaps the end result is something to fear for Indonesian culture. I will try to watch the extended 160 minute version eventually, but for now this has affected beyond any standard documentary.

Captain Phillips

Captain Philips, in short is the Argo of 2013, with less charm but more consistent intensity. Based on a true pirate captive story, the film is lead by Tom Hanks, who I believe put up the best performance of his completely loaded filmography. I was stunned by how realistic he was in the role, you could see the inner fear, but note his outward leadership. He was truly snubbed from the best actor nomination this year. The movie dropped right into action, the opening 30 minutes were the most intense, once the ship was seized though I ended up getting somewhat bored throughout. The film is crafted well, and while this rating is somewhat generous, Captain Philips is worth a watch.

3.5 stars-

12 Years a Slave

Steve McQueen is a rapidly improving as a director, and there's no a good chance he'll be getting Oscar Gold for only his 3rd feature film. A few years back I watched his debut film, Hunger, and I absolutely hated it. The characters were all so one dimensional, a few months ago I watched Shame, which stars Michael Fassbender as a sex addict. This was a great leap, and with my new favorite of his, 12 years a slave, he adds even more dimension to all his characters. When free black man Solomon is kidnapped into slavery he joins a sympathetic slave owners home, here he takes pride in his work, and moves on without his wife and kids. His next owner (Michael Fassbender) belongs to the Planters aristocracy and is a sadistic rapist. The cast around him is great, as the film has appearances from Pitt, Giammatti, and Cumberbatch. The soundtrack borrows a lot from the movie Shame, while in this film it's more subtle, I believe the music is fundamental to the dramatic elements. This being a drama about slavery it sure takes a ton out of you, with brutal depictions, with the camera always facing the torture. I felt through the first 45 minutes the scene cuts were choppy, as it progresses the scenes become longer and flow better with one another. I understand all the accolades this film gets, and believe that it deserves it, I look forward to Steve McQueen's future projects.

Brain Dead
Brain Dead(1989)

A Psycho-analysist begins receiving the same symptoms as a paranoid patient that he "cures", from then on out the movie becomes an intangible mess. For an hour Brain Dead is a never ending cycle of bizzare dreams, with nothing comprehensive coming out of it. Bill Pullman keeps the film alive as the story line attempts to fry your brain, which stops working when the loop becomes repetitive. There are a few creepy images that sticked in my mind a few days after I watched the movie, so there's certainly a few haunting scenes, but as a whole it's like watching a broken record.

Red Dawn
Red Dawn(1984)

Critic Adam Arseneau, describes this film as a Republican wet dream, which may be the most accurate description for Red Dawn. If I was Joseph McCarthy I'd uncontrollably ejaculate once this movie began playing on the screen. But the movie was released almost 30 years after McCarthy drank his liver to death with that bitter Commie Vodka. So I really don't understand what the hype ever was, the movie was dated the minute it came out. The characters were all flat, despite having a cast with Swayze and Sheen. I could care less when one died, and by the end I wish the deaths would come quicker, so the credits would just come on. Maybe I'm just not that into guerilla warfare movies, perhaps after I drink deer blood the movie will suddenly click for me.

We're The Millers

The movie, we're the Millers, would perhaps be decent without all the cliche. But at this point it's an even cheaper version of The Jonesses, which is less dirty comedy, but has more irrational scenes. I had some laughs during the movie, but since I knew ultimately what the end was before putting the DVD in how pleased could I really be?

Do the Right Thing

I personally consider Spike Lee to be the most annoying figure in Hollywood, tis why I have avoided watching a film of his about race relations. The movie further pushed me to believe he is a hypocrite. The movie seems to push a non escalation moral, yet Spike Lee tweeted the address of the home he believed was George Zimmermans, sending a mob to the house. That's certainly not the right thing. And for a man who's such a black activist it's shocking to see most the black men being portrayed as apes in the movie. It went so far as pushing me to become an Italian nationalist (I'm not Italian) because the negro mob mentality annoyed me so much. The film is all about stereotypes.

The film had one character I really liked and that was the soothing Dee-Jay, voice belonging to Samuel L. Jackson. The soundtrack is great, and through comedic elements the film kept me widely entertained. At the end before the credits there's two contrasting quotes, one by Malcolm X the other by Martin Luther King Jr. , it was a beautiful use of quotes if I've ever seen one.

There's to much I can't bear about the director, writer, and lead actor to create a positive experience. The film is overhyped and has far to much of a blurry message.

A Shot in the Dark

I recently re visited the original Pink Panther, I can't say I overly enjoyed it, and the only reason I give it only half a star less than this is the charming ending won me over. Overall, A Shot In the Dark is more up my alley for what I want in a Peter Sellers, Pink Panther movie. This is far more foc film used on comedic elements with the clumsy Clouseau. I'm in a minority who thinks the two modern Pink Panther are hilarious, and would pick them over the classics. I did enjoy this though, and the nudist colony scene may just be the best I've seen in a Panther film (thus far)

The Great Outdoors

The more I think about The Great Outdoors, more and more of its poor qualities come to mind, while anything positive starts disappearing. The comedy scenes were fun enough to watch, even though not necessarily funny. The attempted dramatic scenes were pure junk, and I picked up a habit of just walking away when they began. The love story of the oldest son could have been ditched completely. John Candy not being the annoying one through me off, but he fit his role towards the end. The movie is 80% junk, the other 20% is semi- feel good moments-


Brandon (Michael Fassbender) lives the bachelor life. He has a large apartment, decent paying job, nice vinyl set up, and gets laid everyday.

Well Brandon is a sex and porn addict, and when his sister (Sissy) makes a visit, Brandon feels that she's a burden.

Director, Steven McQueen hints that there was something wrong with the childhood of Brandon and Sissy, the issue is never openly thrown out there. Which is interesting for a film with such provocative and in your face, NC-17 style. But at the same time there's a lot of alluding all the way to the credits.

I really hated McQueen's prison film Hunger, but this was a large improvement, actually makes me want to watch 12 years a slave. The film has a smooth score, and Mulligan alongside Fassbender lead the film into an artistically entertaining direction.


I first heard of Steven Spielberg's Lincoln it seemed like Oscar Bait and I thought it might have even had a chance to be a flop, like J. Edgar. it became one of the most successful films of the year, after watching it I agree that it's a stellar film. I'm particularly pleased that President Lincoln was not put on a pedestal, he was called out for instituting martial law and for black troops getting less pay. I believe these are two moments that are
overlooked in this film. For a biopic the camera is not focused that much on Lincoln, but instead on the Congressional hearing in the questions of the 13th ammendment, abolishing slavery. This is treated politically with no sentimental BS getting in the way. The cast of Day-Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones, and Sally Fields brought their historical figures to life. The scene of voting on the ammendment was one of the most cinematic of the whole year. A well worthy 150 minute experience, with top notch accuracy, and minimal Hollywood glorification.

3.5 stars

Bad Lieutenant

A series of long, and often uncomfortable scenes, weather it's a rape of a nun or an ignored daughter, the dark film brings a certain jazz to pessimistic situations. This is due to a combination of Kietels electric yet grimly performance and director Ferrara adding his love for style in. The film is perverted and graphic earning its NC-17 rating to the fullest, teaches you to snort coke and get a fake blow job. Many scenes were pointless, and to long, but an equal amount of other scenes were stunning. The oddly symbolic church scenes brought surrealism to the screen, with the slum scenes bringing a strong sense of neo-realism. My favorite of the three Ferrara films I've seen.

Inspector Bellamy

*Contains Spoilers*

Inspector Bellamy, while it follows the French cinema stereotypes, is one of the most beautiful studies of humanity that I've ever seen. This slow French thriller, is absolutely stunning, in its underlining plot, which is fully revealed at the end. The central message is fairly clear, as inspected through Bellamy the people he surrounds himself with is what he becomes. When his thief half-brother comes to visit, he picks up his drinking habit. When he starts a studying his sexually obsessed "client" he becomes fishy that his wife is cheating. But really the film isn't about him studying anyone, but instead a soul search
Of himself. Bellamy becomes Noel, his wife becomes Noel's wife, his brother represents the homeless man, and the store clerk represents the mistress. It really is beautiful when the puzzle comes together. Makes me want to watch more from Depardieu, who fits his character perfectly. A must watch of French cinema.

Tetsuo: The Ironman

The film loses any form of surrealism, art, or entertainment through its pure insanity. While I cringed a few times let out some "WTF" I was never impressed with what the B&W, Eraserhead style film did.

The Central Park Five

The Central Park Five is a documentary I've had my eyes on for over a year, but just now got to watch it. Different than I thought, since it looked unbiased and two sided initially, but still lived up to my expectations. Five black teenagers are charged with a rape and beating they never committed, and are incarcerated. The interviews with these men are highly emotional, but the NYPD, the police department responsible never comments. These boys were fed a confession, and this is the importance of not just knowing your rights, but most importantly using them. The 5th amendment is a wonderful thing, police are experts at forcing out confessions, that aren't always true. Back to the film, I love the large sample size of those being interviewed. Never makes you exhausted of an interviewee, and ranges between lawyers, those accused, and a juror. The film has dark humor, but is overwhelmingly a drama documentary, and just with testaments could become a tear jerker for some.

King of New York

Waltz plays the drug king of New York fresh out of prison. His character, Frank white, seems cool and possessive. Early on he gets ADHD hyper and this is the side of him I don't like. I'd prefer the film if he had an invincible type feel. This is a pre-Tarantino, Tarantino film. The film is completely gritty, and purely based off style. The true material is just non existent. The criminals in the film are shown from a better perspective than the cops (except Roy). This isn't a negative, but this not so subtly gets you rooting for the mafia men-rather than the men in uniform. The visuals in the "I'm Black" club scene were top notch, and the film always had up beat color visuals. If more time was invested in the script this could be a very good film, but as is, mediocre.

Fear City
Fear City(1984)

Thriller Fear City follows a psychopathic Grim Reaper killing strippers, and a stripper manager hunting him down. Both the protagonist and the antagonist have background stories. The protagonist was a pro boxer, who's career got cut off. A stupid and cliche background story, which gives the character to much of an invincible feel. The antagonist is a religious nut who's ridding the city of filth, I suppose it's better than just a business rival. This film is sexy galore, the strip club scenes contributed greatly to the film. Whenever the movie was feeling dry the audience can escape to a strip club, which creates a whole new atmosphere. I can appreciate people going to one as an escape now. Well this is until all the good strippers are killed/assaulted/scared for their lives. The kills in this film weren't intense due to how dumb they looked, with a white martial arts master holding nun chucks. The film doesn't have many thrills, but has enough pros to make it somewhat pay off.

The Apartment

From the very start I knew I would enjoy this film. I didn't bother looking at the cast before ordering it, I already knew that the film's considered one of Billy Wilders' classics, but I wasn't aware that Jack Lemmon was in the film, an that came as a pleasant surprise. Personally there's something cozy to me about large office buildings, with rows of workers typing away. This opening scene on the 19th floor is something beautiful to me. I loved this kind of shot when I saw one in Orson Welles' The Trial, and I love how it looks on screen with The Apartment. The first hour, the best one, is where the film had me laughing. Adult style humor, and remains classy while being all about middle age (and older) swingers. Once, the protagonist, CC Baxter earns his promotion, the film starts getting more into a touching setiment. While at first this was balanced fine for me with the comedy, eventually it lost its magic. It became predictable and somewhat bland. Yet I still have a positive view of the film. The Aprtment is no doubt a comedic classic. It has all the aspects of what a classic should be, and I loved the first half enough to overlook my boredom at the end.

Il portiere di notte (The Night Porter)

There's a lot wrong with The Night Porter it's a sickening film, and not because of what it shows, but the inexplicable exploitation of the holocaust. Before I say why I don't consider this "art" by any means, I'll start with some technical problems. The acting was stiff and unattractive, the visuals were never intriguing, and dark visuals can sometimes be the greatest. The plot is based is based to much on coincidence. And worst of all this makes no attempt to create a German concentration camp worker, or someone who has suffered through this. I didn't detect any accents, any physical signs, it's just lazy garbage.

And now I'm pretty lenient in what I consider wrong to exploit for a film, or even caring about a directors personal actions. I love Polanski and Lars Von Trier "I'm a nazi moment" was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. But to turn holocaust victims into Nazi d**k cravers, who just all happen to becomes obsessed with the world of BDSM, is not a subject that should be looked at as legit. It loses all potential meaning due to its craving for controversy. It's far from anything meaningful, a picture to be missed, unless you're into some over the top kinkiness. Liliani Cavini is scum.


Adult style racing film Rush is a huge comeback for director Ron Howard. This isn't to suggest he was previously on an endless downhill fall, but after a three in a row succes (The Davinci Code, Frost/Nixon, and Angels & Demons) he directed the junk film, The Dilemma. But that's all in the past with Rush. The film focuses on the real life battles between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. I knew nothing of these two coming in, so the final race scene was especially gripping for myself. The characters are played by Hemsworth and Bruhl, who both put up solid performances. These two forces of racing are highly different, I was switching between the one that I prefer. These aren't just two different racers, they are different style of lives. You have party lover James Hunt on one side, and Lauda who won't stay up past nine on the other.

The cinematography in this movie is some of the best I've seen in awhile, in it's tecnological saviness. Car lovers will orgasm over some of the shots, fast moving, and beautiful to the eye. The film has notable make up artists as you can see in the development of Launda's face after the accident. Speaking of which, Rush has the greatest cringe scene ever, perhaps only behind Clean, Shaven, and Irreversible. As Launda is in the hospital, they must pump the junk out of his lungs, through a long metal pipe. In a scene that can't end soon enough, I was left cringing and looking away in my seat. I'm going to be keeping a closer eye on screenplay writer Peter Morgan after this, he's written two other non fiction film that I've respected, Frost/Nixon and The Dammed United. In all three of these movies the dialogue is a crucial factor.

So yes I loved Rush. Despite having sex, drugs, profanity, the film is classy as all hell in style. Has a similar intense yet comftrable feeling as 2012 Oscar winner Argo. I strongly reccomend this film to those interested in racing, or those like me, who know near nothing about it.

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me is pretty standard slasher, it gets right into the slashing, and is followed by loads of fake scares. This is similar to the Scream movies-that I love- but here I was never surprised by a fake out. Often these fake scares were just characters acting creepy. The film has plenty of gory films in it, as it chops its' way through the smug private school characters. My favorite kill was the bench press, which had me laughing. Happy Birthday To Me gets props for the weirdness, which really shows at the end. It seems to get some inspiration from Brian De Palmas, Sisters. While I laughed, and was kept entertained, the film didn't work at all as a horror. No scares, but often funny, even if unintentionally.

Bad Ass
Bad Ass(2012)

At times it's hard to tell if the director is making another one of his fifty character epic films. While some stuff was intentionally bad, I don't believe he was shooting for something this illogical and cheesy. I had a handful of laughs, but this was mainly just a cheesy disaster. I even was excited for this film, my want to see, reads:

"Looks like an even better version of Machete I'm excited for this one".

Psh, not even close. At least Trejo is in the crap film.


All this movie does is run in circles, accept there's no curves, so I supposed its just pacing back and fourth.


I'm coming to realize that school shooting movies might not be my thing. In all fairness the only other one I recall seeing is We Need to Talk About Kevin, which wasn't per say a shooting, but it has a similar theme. I've also come to realize Gus Van Sant isn't really connecting with me. Again in fairness I've only seen this, Good Will Hunting, and Paranoid Park. Elephant follows a similar narration to Paranoid Park with the loop concept. With Paranoid Park I thought this was an up for the film, since without it the movie would be desert dry. In this case though I believe it hurt the film, due to the repetitive nature, and lack of action.

This film is highly minimalistic. It requires little, the only time the score is apparent is the DVD menu. Before the shooting occurs this film has its moments, something I noticed was the great body language acting. The decision to bring in no name actors really worked well, with the genuine feeling. The bulimic scene was pretty funny, but not as shocking as I think it was intended to be. By giving the killers a face, despite not a character, it made them a lot more detestable. A queer slim shady wanna be and his sadistic boyfriend, these are people I wouldn't be fond of even if they didn't shoot up a school. This award winning film wasn't shocking to me, but I did appreciate some of the factors to it.


Twister is an odd 80s comedy which surrounds an eccentric family. The humor in this is undeniably cheap, but the execution is surprisingly strong. The family dinner scene has me cracking up. The rest is only funny in the sense of how weird it is, and it's the weirdest comedy I've ever seen. Really random in humor, concepts, ans stpries, but it's not a movie to be completely brushed off

2 stars-


Orlando is a pleasant surprise after being bored to death by The Man Who Cried. This highly surrealistic epic takes place over about four centuries (+). Immediately there is a gender confusion in the audience, is Swinton playing a woman or a male? Eventually this is answered, but it goes through a gruesome process to get to clarity. Adapted from Virgina Woolf's novel , this is separated into pieces and themes, my favorites were Love, Death, and Society. The film has highly praised, artistic design, and it is worthy of it. The film swifts from century to century in smooth fashion, making it never a bore. Swinton is great in her many roles as Orlando. For the most part I enjoyed the surrealism, but that last angel scene was painfully cheesy.

Black Widow
Black Widow(1987)

My first fundamental problem with Black Widow, was how fast Alex caught on. It completely messed up the concept of rising action, and the whole film was a long down hill slope of falling action. The film looks a feels dated. The opening scene with the main actress applying make up and looking at through a mirror, impressed me with its camera angle, but after that they stopped trying. The actresses were acclaimed in this, but I felt they played cheesy. There are a handful of sexy scenes though. While this might not be predictable, it's certainly not shocking, mainly because it lost me half way in. Just skip forward a decade and watch Basic Instinct instead.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Ferris Bueller is a popular man, everyone knows and is obsessed with him, but the only people who actually know him are his best friend, girlfriend, and sister. I mean his parents might be the most clueless of all. The hilarious factor of this film not only comes from the hijinks, the small stuff. The Mohawk in shower, tourists with funny hats, it doesn't need to be explained, because its all so familiar. I like the narration style, film where the protagonist speaks to the audience works best with comedies, and this helped its case. I can see the 80s love for it, we even got a Charlie Sheen drugs cameo.

My Amityville Horror

My Amityville horror is disturbing in a panormal sense, but more importantly in a psychological sense. The film's a character study on Daniel Lutz, who no matter what happened in the house is a highly disturbed man. He's also highly well spoken, as pointed out in the film, which makes him believable. I can understand why atleast half the people who watch this won't care for it, but this is one of the scariest things I've seen in a long time. The scene where Danny and Lorraine start getting altercation about people being atheist, is highly uncomfortable and awkward. Director Eric Walter needs work, since it didn't feel like he was running it, but overall it's a great debut, with plenty of creepy moments.

Elmer Gantry
Elmer Gantry(1960)

Elmer Gantry opens with a short shot of chapter 1 of the novel, I'm not sure if this implies a loyal reproduction, but since one of the criticisms I heard of this film is that it vulgarizes the novel, than it's probably not. And this film vulgar, especially for the time. There was a lengthy warning at the beginning that the content may offend. The film, while perverted, is usually colorful and light filled. An early is where Elmer goes into a black church, even as the farthest thing from a spiritual man, or a singer, I wanted to stand up and sing with them. That was a well done scene. Everywhere the salesman Elmer Gantry goes people think he's a preacher, and really he always was. It's clear to see how much this film inspired. During Gantry's ramblings, I always saw the resemblance to Network. Elmer also reminds me of John Candy's character in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. The preaching is Wise Blood is highly similar, and the cult like setting in The Master. The script is filled with wit and the dialogue keeps moving. The church at the end is highly remarkable and realistic. A 150 minute delight.


From the very start Headhunters (starring, Askel Hennie) is an extremely lively film. Even when nothing is going on it keeps a fast and entertaining pace. By the fifteen minute mark there's a whole lot going on though, the film is action packed and exhilarating. The twists keep coming, but they're not anything crazy or irrational, just small things that continue the thickening of the plot. The movie starts off strong, and keeps getting better as it goes on. During the gallery scene this movie would seem cliche, a cop and robber story, not at all though. But at the same time Headhunters isn't just foreign action glory, towards the end there's a highly emotional scene between Roger and Diana, which felt so authentic, it completely took me out of the fun of the movie. That's a compliment. Ove is a hilarious character in his little time on screen, and also a talented actor. This is a suave action thriller which deserves at-least one watch.

Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe

Werner Herzog pledged to Erol Morris that if Morris finished a film, then Herzog would eat his shoe. Morris continued to make Gates oh Heaven, and Herzog is a man of his word. I actually prefer this to Gates of Heaven, which Herzog would say is rubbish opinion, but this was just so funny and entertaining. I actually wanted to be in the audience of Herzog eating his shoe. Twenty minutes was not enough, I could watch this again at any given time, enjoyable little documentary. But opposite of what I did I would recommend watching this before Gates of Heaven.

Once Upon a Time in the West

The films opening 45 minutes was gritty fun and always enjoyable, I watched this three hour epic over several days due to school though, and I felt it lost its touch. I mean if I was to watch a three hour spaghetti western I'd have to choose the modern Django Unchained over this. While I wouldn't call it over rated I can't say I was impressed. I loved Harmonicas character and see the hype behind him, because he's so mysteriously funny, but Fonda never really opened my eyes. Over all it's just to long, and the great moments are neutralized with extensive scenes of emptiness.

Good Will Hunting

I finally got to watching Good Will Hunting, and how much I didn't like this came as a shock. The worst part is the annoying smug characters. All of them, except Robin Williams were just snobs and/or irritating. Robin Williams was also the only one who put up a good performance. The humor was cheesy, and never funny. The film had a few high points, like the government rant, but never found a good rhythm for itself.

In Cold Blood

The greatest thing that Richard Brooks, In Cold Blood, holds for itself, is the stunning black and white shots. The cinematography by Conrad L Hall, who's done a lot of great things like American Beauty and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, does another superb job with this work. The picture quality was crisp, and the fade outs just blended so perfectly. This film is deep into the realism sphere. While the movie isn't wholesome, the family scenes were, and reminded me of The Young Savages. The music wasn't fitting, and this movie could've been shorter, but it was a classy film.

3.5 stars-

Husbands and Wives

Woody Allen is a highly inconsistent director. While he has created great works throughout the years such as Annie Hall and Midnight in Paris, he's almost made some I couldn't stand. And not only critically inconsistent, but for me personally. While I enjoy Anything else, this movie which is 100% on rottentomatoes, is really unmoving in my eyes. I didn't understand what was going on with the confusing narrative. Woody seems to copy Bergman in Passion of Anna, with the interview style, but he does it so much worse. And that was the hurtful point to the film, the narrative. And the more I watch Woody, I find him going farther and farther from what I'd call a great director. He's a genius writer though. The cast is great, outside of Woody, we have his then spouse (before incest) Mia Farrow, who's wonderful. This film also stars Pollack, Judy Davis, and a small appearance from Neeson. But even the familiar faces can't bring this movie out of the hole.

The Boondock Saints

Boondock Saints opens with a cheesy montage about two Irish brothers, there aggressive work environment, and it almost seems putting feel good down your throat. I thought I was coming into a train wreck. Another thing I immediately noticed is the exaggeration and then drops of accents. This was especially done by the twins. I do enjoy Dafoe as usual, and I never would make such a great gay (and a drag). The film makes a statement on media, when the crowd frantically leaves the courtroom the reporters are up and running. You can often in school shorting cases, exploitation galore. I love the end interview with the credits, it shows two sides to interpretation of story, I'm on the innocent until proven guilty side.

The Jerk
The Jerk(1979)

The Jerk is certainly disappointing for me. As a man who loves almost anything Steve Martin is in, watching this acclaimed I was underwhelmed. I did have a few chuckles, the restaurant scene comes to mind "there are snails on her food!". And while the film didn't drag its feet, in fact it moved quickly, I could often predict what would happen next, including the next joke. I don't think it was a smart move to start from the end. I knew it was coming from the poster, so it wasn't vital to create this as some of story with no narrative. This might've inspired movies like The Waterboy, Forrest Gump, and The Terminal, but its not as good as any of those.


Rope is a highly solid Hitchcock thriller, which is a huge set up from the last film I saw of his (Jamacia Inn). Some aspects of the film seem to play out as a blue print for Rear Window. Not only do we have detective Jimmy Stewart in an apartment, but in addition the window scenery in this was superb! I do love Stewart with Hitchcock they always make a great team, but this time I couldn't take Stewart as a character, but instead just the actor. The true star here was John Dall as Brandon, he made himself an arrogant and cocky prick, rather brilliantly. This didn't have the full suspense I expect from Hitch, since this felt obvious, but it is wonderful in technicals.
3 stars++

The Rum Diary

I wasn't expecting a whole lot out of The Rum Diary, I almost dismissed it from the trailer, what I got was a pleasant surprise. The film is flawed in its acting and pacing.The scene where Kemp (played by Johnny Depp) met Chenault in the lake contained piss poor acting. I ended up rewinding to see it again, and found it nastily cheesy. The movie was poorly paced, starting very slow and suave, in a Hemingway like setting, and then just chopping through the action scenes. Amber Heard looked stunning as Chenault, no wonder Kemp fell in love with her. This film does have tremendous humor. The tongue scene (when they're under the influence of eye drops) had me laughing for a couple minutes. The film has themes of alcoholism (I guess that obvious from the title), and race division. I'd like to read Hunter S. Thompson's book, as this seems it'd would work even better if it was read. The only thing I know about Thompson is that he also wrote Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and he had an awesome funeral. Anyways this is a solid introduction to Bruce Robinson.

Jamaica Inn
Jamaica Inn(1939)

This is the newly crowned "Worst Hitchcock film" (that I've seen). Before I'd give this title to Number 17 (which I'd give the same rating), but that film at least had some laughs, this was empty. The film is not engaging, it has no character development, and never attempts bring the audience in. The B&W photography, was extremely poor, and completely unblanced. But Charles Laughton is becoming one of my favorite classic actors, he makes dry film, have some spark to them.

The Cocoanuts

What I love about the Marx Brothers is that they never overshoot. There films are filled with slapstick and puns a like, but they never completely miss in their humor. This is my fourth film from them (Duck Soup, A Night in Casablanca, & A Night at the Opera). The only one I would pick this over is A Night In Casablanca, but this is still packed with laughs. I thought the scene where they were going from to room to room was way to long, and I didn't care for the music scenes. Unfortunately this started to lose me in the concluding minutes, but overall I liked it. Especially the auction scene, and the one before it.

Taste of Cherry (Ta'm e Guilass)

*may contain small spoilers*
Palm d'Ore winner, Taste of Cherry, is a profound story about a young man who wished to end his life, but needs some help in doing so. Despite not being in one stationary setting, this film takes place in mostly one location, his car. It's not immediately clear what his intents are, even though one could predict it, there's also the possibility of him being a hit man. But he's not, he's just ready to end his life premature. The film grapples with deep ethical questions, and how much man is willing to stick to his roots. Some would say they'd never partake in assisted suicide no matter the money involved, and some the opposite. Similarly when the opportunity approaches it's much different than just having it as a rhetoric. The film is head deep in symbolism, and despite not much being said, everything is clear. The ending didn't really connect with me. Like Close-up (also directed by Kiarostami) the ending is up to many interpretations, but I think one thing is clear, it shows at the end it's a film. A reenactment or just a crew member remembering his past, I'm not sure.

Close-up (Nema-ye Nazdik)

Close-up, just wow. An absolutely stunning film. This is a movie that questions fiction and reality. It's not fully a mockumentary, but is the best mockumentary in the scenes that qualify as one. It's a chilling movie, that's not only essential as far as how much of the small stuff it taught me on film, including some Iranian titles, but it makes a great statement about pretending and true identity. I've been left speechless by the movie, usually if I love a film this much I can ramble on about it, but this film speaks for itself. One of the greatest of the 90s, and a gem of middle eastern cinema. This is also the first new movie in 132 watches that I've given over 4 stars.

Le Havre
Le Havre(2011)

I heard of Aki from the title Le Havre, which starts off as a very charming but honest piece. The film shows class seperation very well. It's not just the rich, bourgeois, and poor in this film. The movie goes more in depth showing the working class, the beggars, the refugees/migrant workers, ect. And when you look at the protagonist Marcel Marx, getting his shoe stand kicked over at the beggining, he seems like a pitiful low class man. But once you seem him in the refugee camp he presents himself as a lawyer. This film reminds me of Ali: Fear Eats the Soul when it shows how quickly people can change their attitude to you, and on how Marcel starts becoming a taker. The acting in this film wasn't great, the refugee boy and the wife were noticeably stiff, and characterless in their given roles. The film also loses all it's realism in the concluding scenes, this is unfortunate, since it doesn't fit in with the rest, and the rest was far more down my alley.

The Prophecy
The Prophecy(1995)

If you just watch the scenes one by one of The Prophecy, this might seem like a solid creepy film. Once they are all cluttered together and you look back at previous scenes you realize how bad this film is. The script was meaningless, instead of demons coming to earth lets put evil angels who don't curse. Writer Gregory Widen seemed to be making this up as he went not taking into account what was happening before and what he will do next. He must've figure why the hell not direct this, since no one else will be able to "display my image", and Christopher Walken was bored with his other projects so jumped on in. It's not scary, it's not creative, and it does an atrocious job of bringing spirituality in. Will not watch the sequels.

The Last Supper

This is a generous rating when you look at the technicals of the film itself, I'll start with my critiques, and edge my way into the positives, as this film itself ended on a high note. The first fundamental flaw was just the god awful acting. You got the headliner Cameron Diaz in this, and alongside her acted some who I consider underrated. One guest spot went to one of my all time favorites Jason Alexander, or George from Seinfeld. In the opening scenes the performances were cringe worthy dreadful, they pulled themselves up, but never reached star quality. Then one scene that really made me feel a lack of effort was during a 911 call, all the lines were busy, and while on hold cheesy music was playing. While this is a comedy, it was to unrealistic, and the tone was in a more dramatic turn. Symbolism wise it puts effort in, the last scene was memorable, but I didn't get most the art. I like how this echoed at the problems with in the group, but rarely made it the focus. The message of this film is strong and well shown, while it is lead in an obvious way, it was perpetrated better than anything else. Do I agree with the statement made, not fully, but I enjoyed its carry out. The film has chuckles, and puts in more than meets the eye. Not a mystery, since nothing is really kept hidden, but has more than one layer.

God Bless America

This is one of the worst films I've seen in a long time. One of the worst parts about this is the fans hailing the satire as genius, what a statement. All this does is take culture phenomenons, change the names, stereotype them to the max, and then kill them. What's so smart about that? And before we credit this director with making a genius statement on society, lets not forget this is from the director of Crank Yankers. The relationship between the characters tries to imitate Leon, which wasn't that good on itself. Then the film makes a statement saying "f**k Woody Allen", atleast it didn't go as far as calling out Polanski. What this
film is saying kill the slightly douchey people and people with different political believes. Hell these two would kill me. It's just awful, has many plot holes, and isn't witty at all. If it kept its cartoon violence all the way through, I might've enjoyed it. Not enough to give it more than a 1.5/5, but not a one. Not to mention the plot holes, like police not recognizing Roxy when she goes back home, or killings staying on live TV.

Terror at the Opera

Oh my God, there's so much to criticize in Argento's Opera, but at the same time it is one of the greatest stylistic horrors. This is an arthouse horror film yet is loaded with brutal grindhouse fashion kills, and absurd music that you'd hear in Funny Games (1997) or A Clockwork Orange (1971). The movie isn't consistently scary but has many intense sequences, including the two cops. It's extremely over the top and Argento he can pull anything within this. For the most part I bought it. The twist at the end I'm not willing to forgive on the other hand. The film strikes similarities with Black Swan (2010) in dark grim style, but this is also equally upbeat and forceful upon the audience. The scene where the camera is in the birds POV is a headache, but there's so much flare to this, I can't help but love it.

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man is a successful H.G. Welles adaption, and while being from the early 30s still holds up well as a horror. The great thing about this is what most modern horror films lack, the element of mystery. In the opening scene we don't know who the man is, how he became invisible, what his intents were, the audience knows just as much as the shop keeper. Except we have the title. The special effects in this film are far ahead of there times. It's also highly imaginative, not just an invisible man, but it talks about how he can be seen if his nails are dirty of it there's rain. The narrative of this story feels like a book, in fact you don't have to look on the screen to know whats going on. The film has moments of over acting, but not enough to bother me. The old fashioned environment of this is what makes it great and eerie. Despite being to an extent scary it has a cozy feeling to it. Hollowman tries to recreate a similar concept 70 years later and it was ENJOYABLE (emphasis on enjoyable since it wasn't really good). I prefer the old special effects of The Invisible Man and the more homey environment of this film. One of the most pleasant horror films I've seen lately.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

I never got the childhood opportunity of watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit, as so many others have. I was raised on Mel Brooks at that time. And I think what would've happened if I rewatched this later, similar to what happened with History of the World: Part 1, I'd be surprised with all the adult humor I missed. While this seems innocent, with the scandal being playing patty-cake, and all the slapstick humor, the film is shockingly mature. This has themes of genocide, cheating, and alcoholism. And despite not having the nostalgia of revisiting a childhood classic, I did have the nostalgia effect of seeing all my childhood characters in this. The film mixes live action with animation, and surprisingly doesn't look to dated. This inspired Space Jam, which I did not miss out on when I was a kid (thank God). And while all detective stories are similar I can't help but think this alludes to Chinatown on several occasions. Such as the patty-cake picture scene and the corrupt cops. This movie was funny, and I was hooked in from the opening scene, which I loved. Doesn't feel dated and has all the comedy aspects I look for.
3.5 stars+

Quiz Show
Quiz Show(1994)

This is a film that is surrounded with talent. We have Ralph Fiennes and John Turtrro starting, who are both talented actors. Despite hardly sharing the screen, they have an unexplainable chemistry. Then we have a director Robert Redford, who's also holder to the spectacular family drama Ordinary People. Attanasio is the writer who later works with Tarantino to create Jackie Brown. The film also has genius cinematographer Michael Ballhaus. This film is by no means wasted talent, but it feels close to Oscar Bait for me. The plot had little creative talent. This is based on a true story, but I found the ending predictable, and the movie rarely had me guessing. The one intense was the question about the 1955 Oscars, but other than that there wasn't much to awe at. The film does create enjoyable characters, and does a good job of bringing the audience back to the fifties.


As I turn on Eraserhead my heart immediately starts thumping, I last watched this two years ago with a buddy of mine and was practically muted once it was done. For awhile I proclaimed it as my favorite movie (it's still close) and practically followed it as a religion. I believe subconsciously I was putting off this watch out of the pure terror I was in when I first watched it. This time it was far scarier, watching it alone, shivering from the opening moment. This is the greatest horror film ever created, since even the most regular moments terrify me. This is pure surrealism, the greatest accomplishment in David Lynch's filmography, and he has plenty of gems in there.

Every scene is memorable whether it's the chickens or the earser head it self. Like many of Lynch's works people spend time and energy figuring out what it all means. Apparently this is inspired by one line in the bible, but I doubt even Lynch knew what he was trying to say in some scenes. I'm almost positive this film has to do with the sexual revolution, though. Here are some of my many theories: the chicken scene represent the defloweration of a woman, the scary rashed up reapearing man is the baby grown up all mistreated, the woman of the dreams represents contraception as she squashes sperm cells. I have more ideas on what this all means but those are the main ones that I am stuck on.

Perhaps more important than Lynch was Jack Nance as Henry. He comes back in many later Lynch films like Blue Velvet and Lost Highway, but his centered performance here is unforgettable. He has an incredibly creepy vibe to him, he's a highly awkward man, but perhaps the most normal character. That is if you take out his mutualism. We really only see him upset once, when his neighbor brings back another man to her house. Which in my opinion is another representation of the sexual revolution, as it shows casual sex becoming the norm. Indeed even Henry was part of this trend, sleeping with Mary not thinking a baby was even possible. But the older generation still insists he marries her.

Each scene in this film seems like it happened hours ago once the next one starts playing. I don't know why I feel this way but it just feels like so much time elapsed between the scenes. The film is in no way elongated though, it's a film that I wouldn't care if it lasted twice the running time. But at the same time the 90 minutes was more than efficient, even though when the movie credits begin rolling, it feels as if I just sat down. This is a highly disturbing, metaphorical, and intense horror. It is the most frightening of works. The images stay I'm your head and the mood remains in your surroundings.

The Private Life of Henry VIII

Henry VIII is an interesting historical character.His Private life is the most fascinating part about him. For these reasons I'm shocked that The Private Life of Henry VIII was as boring as it was. And this was after watching Wedding Rehearsal. I understand this was back in the 1930s, but I would've wished for the film to be more risky. It was just a regular historical movie that one would watch ten minutes of in a history class. The scenery worked well, but nothing this film could do was enough to draw me in. Charles Laughton was a perfect Henry VIII to be fair, and despite only seeing a couple of his works, his becoming a favorite actor of the era.

American Beauty

American Beauty starts Kevin Spacey as Lester Burnham. Lester lives a cliche suburban life. His morning masturbation is the high point of his day, he has a teenage daughter Jane (played by Thora Burch) who resists and borderline despises him. He's been married to his Wife Caroline (Annete Benning) for years and hasn't had sex with her in a noticeable period of time. New neighbors have recently moved in next to them. They have an 18 year old kid, Ricky, who's concerned with Jane, sells weed, and is highly artistic. A close to mute mother, and an abusive father Colonel Fitts, who probably considers Don't Ask Don't Tell as a liberal policy.

Two of the members of the household break out. Start living a carefree lifestyle that is Lester and Ricky. This is their escape from a virtual prison. The film has great symbolism with this, and director Sam Mendes had awesome techniques to show this. The second thing this film shows strongly is themes of Sex(tuality). We see Lester fantasizing his daughters best friend, always with red flowers bursting around her. A theory I have formed is that these red flowers symbolize the defloweration of this teenage cheer-leading model. Also what is shown is the characters of this film that constantly discussed sex and the sorts were the least comfortable.

I'm really happy I watched this best picture winner. It is one of the greatest 90s films I've seen, and I did find it hilarious, even though it's more of a drama. I was always rooting for Lester, with Kevin Spacey creating this awesome and lovable character. The plot line has multiple layers, and is thick with symbolism. One of the greatest films of suburban life I have seen. Look forward to revisiting it.

Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon is a stunning biopic on the adult life of Andy Kaufmann. I've heard of Kaufmann before, but not being alive during his era I never knew who he was as a performer. What this film does tremendously is it keeps you guessing on what's a goof and what's not until the end. Much like Andy Kaufmann did. The film has plenty of golden moments, and I can't say I'd remove or even cut down any scenes if I was in Milo's Formans position. Jim Carrey, was an obvious choice, (despite this not being a break out role for him) he did an excellent job portraying Andy Kaufmann. Danny DeVito also plays a common role for himself, but he did his job. Woody Allen must have thought so since he casted DeVito as a comedians agent four years later. Despite not everything being factual, what was an actual occurrence was shown in a highly realistic and accurate sense. If you look up some of Kaufmann's stunts they're identical as to how they are portrayed in the film. This is a marvelous comedy with plenty of memorable moments.

The Red Violin (Le violon rouge)

The beauty of The Red Violin is that it touches so many different phenomenons through the ages. Roger Ebert put it best when saying: "Not many films can encompass a British aristocrat who likes to play the violin while he is having sex and a Chinese woman who risks her life to protect a violin from the martinets of the Cultural Revolution". This violin went through out the film from 1681-1997 and from Vienna to China. It does show the life of an antique. While the multi-story system made it difficult to connect and care for any characters, it allowed the violin to shine through. The music of this was amazing and deserved its Oscar. Technicality wise it's phenomenal, the film was hard to follow personally though.

Side Effects
Side Effects(2013)

Woah this film is not what it appears to be. This thriller is loaded with twists, and has four solid performances with Mara, Tatum, Jude Law, and Zeta-Jones all starring. The film has great atmosphere, the setting evolves as the plot thickens. Unfortanelty the movie lost me once Emily Taylor started going public so I missed a few things, but the first 40 minutes kept me on edge. The dialogue, written by Scott Z. Burns, isn't fantastic but it's way better than what he did with The Informant!. I'm pleased with how this turned out, and that it shows that what you see with your eyes, isn't all that there is to see.

The Guilt Trip

Don't let the critics for you on this one, The Guilt Trip is a highly talented and down to earth comedy. I honestly didn't expect much after watching the trailer and seeing the cast, I expected comedy cliche, a film with fart jokes and perverted moments to bring laughs. Not at all, while this did have some sexual jokes, this was overall just lighthearted humor, which has plenty of laughs. Writer Dan Fogelman (who wrote Crazy, Stupid, Love) really did a good job on this, director Anne Fletcher (The Proposal) carried along his work well. I liked both Rogen and Streisand together, and I never looked at the clock during this movie. Always nice to run into an underrated gem like this.

Blithe Spirit

My final David Lean, Noel Coward adaption I viewed was Blithe Spirit. I fell in love with this movie. There's no paranormal movie quiet like this. It's elegant in humor and moves quickly. There are no scares, it's more in depth on the idea of the other world, and a humorous view of how life is after you die. David Lean morphed the dead with the living, when an estranged wife comes to "visit" her husband and his second wife. She terrorizes the family through this, and a quote brought up early in this movie really summarizes it well. " It's discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit". Not only is it a great line but it is perfect in the film. Harrison, Cummings, and Hamond have great on screen chemistry, making this an amazing feel good comedy.

Warnung vor einer Heiligen Nutte (Beware of a Holy Whore)

This Fassbinder film involves an almost complete film crew which is filled with snobs and queers. It wasn't a group I'd like to spend time with, but one that's fascinating to watch. While watching one can wonder if this was the film that inspired the casting for The Jersey Shore. The movie lives up to its title, which is what lured me in. Beware of a Holy Whore is no Surf Nazis Must Die, in which the title is superior to the film. The movie is stunning and gorgeous. The cinematographer Ballhaus (who's worked with Scorsese many times) did a good job on this film, but I hate the zoom ins on the faces. The acting was spot on and almost flawless, characters were consistent with themselves. I was expecting an orge throughout this whole film, I won't spoil if this happened or not.

Broken Flowers

Broken Flowers is my fourth Jarmusch film, and after my first being the disappointing Dead Man, I've had nothing negative to say. The film Broken Flowers follows and idle and aged bachelor, played by Bill Murray. The role doesn't require powerful dramatization, but with Bill Murray being Bill Murray he was able to put up a great performance. After getting a letter saying he has a teenage son his pal Winston plans him a cross country adventure. He visits four (and a half) potential candidates.

The first of his former lovers he visits is the least aged and the least awkward Laura (played by Sharon Stone). She has a daughter named Lolita, and while Don understands the literary meaning of this name, mom and daughter seem oblivious.
Jarmusch played this Lolita character as a stereotypical Lolita.

Then comes the two most reserved and likely mothers to his son, Dora and Carmen. Both seem to be holding something back, and both of the meetings are uncomfortable. After this he goes to the rural dwelling Penny (Tilda Swinton) and this time it's more than un comfy for Don. Finally he visits the grave of one of his other women of the time period, and his "vacation" is done.

The final conclusion for this movie, while predictable, is sorrow filled and truly a great representation of who Don Johnston lives to be. The ending has an eerie feeling to it, and is a chilling scene. It gives away nothing, and this elusive scene leaves you at the beginning, of a movie that represents the stages of life (and death).

This Happy Breed

Another David Lean, Noel Coward adaption, This Happy Breed follows the life of a suburban family between the two world wars. A two decade long epic this film has great character development and shows marriage, death, abandonment, and the rest of the occasions a family goes through. It has some funny snip bits of dialogue, and I especially like the communist/anarchists discussion. The film is somewhat dry, but it remains touching and relevant.

In Which We Serve

Fun fact: In Which we Serve used condoms as bullets.
This war film directed by David Lean and partner Noel Coward had a lot of cool moments and ideas. If you watch this I'd recommend the Criterion edition as it holds some enlightening interviews. This isn't a great eerie war film and is a bit dated. This patriotic effort would probably be a joy for me if I was a Brit, but I don't have that kind of enthusiasm of British patriotism. This film uses the 40s cliche of flashbacks, but it makes the movie better than it'd would be. I'm didn't like Noel Coward as a ship captain as he didn't feel serious or strict enough. I suggest this if one is looking for a spirited war movie.

Floating Weeds (Ukigusa)

Well this is my introduction to Ozu and it's a highly overrated one. I mean to long indulged film offered me nothing. One beautiful camera shot in the rain and all of a sudden this has some of the best cinematography ever. A predictable and overly laid out story. Awful, and I mean dreadful acting. I don't see anything classic about this. I will credit the color usage, but other than that this is really not special.

The Limits of Control

The Limits of Control is a film burned down to its absolute core. A minimalist story with no given purpose. As the director Jarmusch put it himself this was an action movie with no action. This much will already set off most audiences. But I love the concept. None of the characters have a name, they aren't even addressed by anything. The protagonist says as little as possible, and does the same amount. I'd make the argument that this is extreme existentialism.

The main character goes around primarily to 2 locations. A Coffee shop and art galleries. At night you can see him in his hotel room, but once he leaves for the day he has no purpose. This makes the movie slow in tempo. The climax comes in the last thirty minutes of the film, the rest is hardly rising action. What I did enjoy about this film is the intensities it emphasized on the arts. The paintings developed as the story developed, and films alongside music were constantly discussed.

The films major deficit in my viewing was the language barriers during scenes of non-English dialogue. I understand the purpose was so that you understand only as much as the protagonist, but at the same time it got annoying due to the amount of Foreign tongues being spoken with no subtitles. The film had beautiful cinematography done by Christopher Doyle who is huge on the scene of modern Asian films. He has done camerawork for In The Mood of Love, Paranoid Park, and Three Extremes.

This movie also has a star filled cast. The main actor Bankole works along side Bill Murray and Tilda Swinton. None of the acting was remotely difficult or needing of talent so they were just there for eye candy. Speaking of eye candy lets all give Jarmusch a round of applause for having Paz de la Huerta appear in this film fully nude on serval occasions. This alone makes Roger Eberts (RIP) rating to strict, and makes this artistic film worthy while.

Brief Encounter

I've come to the conclusion that I've watched this film at the wrong time. It seems like a movie to view on a rainy day, while I watched this when it was sunny and I was full of energy. Therefore David Leans Brief Encounter just brought me down. While my rating isn't awful, it doesn't match what one would predict for the film that's #2 on the BFI British films list, and perhaps the most acclaimed on Leans early works. It's not only that I didn't watch this in the most suitable time on the other hand. I personally don't have empathy for characters who practically abandon their families for a love affair. So the two protagonists of this film weren't ones I was fond of. I credit this film with amazing dialogue, in it's adaption of Noel Cowards play. The thoughts and speech of Laura are realistic and relatable. You can notice this from the opening train scene. Secondly the narration is held in high regards, and rightfully. Told as a story, and begins at the near end. I'll put this title alongside Rashomon and Midnight Cowboy as a film I should rewatch the fully grasp.

Hobson's Choice

Henry Hobson (played by Charles Laughton) owns a bootmaker shop in 1800s England. He has a soft spot for the pubs and has three daughters. He wishes for the two youngest to have a marriage, but doesn't want to pay the fee. He wants to hog the oldest Maggie for himself and the shop. Basically nothing goes Hobsons way. The most comedic element for me of this whole film was Charles Laughton himself. I just found him hilarious in his role of the wretched Hobson, and just his facial expressions could make me laugh. I never did reach the pity from him that I believe David Lean was trying to reach by the end, just because I couldn't take the character seriously. This had its ups and downs as far as how I viewed the film. I couldn't finish this in one sitting though. Not that the film is dull in pace, but it's not the most exciting adventure. Which is fine since it gives the movie a cozy feel. The characters outside of Hobson are one-dimensional. The three daughters are predictable. Willy developed to an extent, but the rest just stayed in place. This was in total a decent comedy, and David Leans first impression on me.

Upstream Color

Upstream Color is directed by Shane Carruth who wowed audiences in his 2004 indie film Primer. I'm yet to watch that film but many fans have called this a disappointment. For myself it reached my set expectation, and while for awhile I expected the movie to go beyond, it remained. This is one of the early arthouse avant-grande films of the year. It mixes a sci-fi with romance, and never goes to extreme on either side. The film is extremely symbolic, especially shown when referring to drug addiction/use. I caught most of the ideas and symbolism in the first thirty minutes (which for most was probably the most confusing) but after that the film started losing me. The motifs of this film are pigs and nature. Pigs are the symbol for nature in this film, and what seems to be suggested by the ending is to go back to nature. I doubt anyone could watch this and never be confused by it, this is a highly psychological film with a deep concept. The first 30 minutes were a huge grasp for me, and I thought this was going to be an all around brilliant film, while the rest of the movie closer resembles my rating, this was a solid sophomore film effort.


I've gotten around to watching this classic De Palma horror, and while it was paced and intense, I had an overwhelming problem with the characters. So who do we have here? A psychopath, an extreme bitch, an abusive (even though nobody cares) gym teacher, a psychopath who doesn't know what a period is, and a religious nut. They might have as well walked into a bar. This and a unrealistic beginning were my only problems with the film. The acting was tremendous. Despite myself thinking that Sissy Spaceck is annoying in her roles (a ginger Shelly Duvall, really) she acted well. William Katt (Tommy) had the best performance, and the best character. De Palma made this King movie work on the screen, since even though I knew what'd happen from the posters alone, it was still intense and even scary.

Night on Earth

Awesome Jarmusch film which follows five taxi cabs throughout the U.S. and Europe. Despite the visuals being simple and even pale they were blended in perfectly to the surroundings. The dialogue included plenty of hysterical moments. This is the only second film I've seen of Jarmusch (first being Dead Man) and I highly prefer this one. The way this movie was broken up into five short films made it move fast, and keep its up beat character. The acting was genuine, and the two I'd praise the most are Gena Rowlands and Beatrice Dalle. My favorite scene didn't feature either though, and that one is Rome. This one included Roberto Benigni who kept the perverted comedy going in a laugh riot scene.
3.5 stars++

Sexy Beast
Sexy Beast(2000)

The acclaimed modern day action film Sexy Beast didn't have the appeal I was expecting it to. The "one last job" bit has gotten cliche at this point. The style was highly up-beat but it didn't transfer from the screen to me. The middle act was the superior of the three, and was pure entertainment. The first and second were dragging on. Ben Kingsley was an amazing actor, as always. I did like the color usage of brightness and glossiness. The wardrobe design was sweet. Sexy Beast has its strong points, but overall I view it as an average flick.

Woman in the Dunes (Suna no Onna)

Woman in the Dunes is the most acclaimed of Teshigaharas films, and my personal favorite of the three. This reminds of a less horror version of Misery, with more of a raw creative motive. I find isolation to be one of the scariest concepts, and this touched some thought into me, of how far I'd go. It's a film desire, whether it's a desire to escape your current "prison", or desire of a radio. This film is also concentrated on deception. It seems character had a trick up their sleeves. And while it maybe predictable, it's still directed well enough, that climax and plot didn't matter. This film also had some detailed close up cinematography, which I enjoyed. The director seems (based on this and Face of Another) an obsession of the body, and this is shown in not only the sex scenes, but where the camera is focused.

The Face of Another (I Have a Stranger's Face) (Tanin no kao)

The Face of Another, unlike Pitfall is highly symbolic and relatable. It's a story of identity, and the constant way humans cover up imperfections. Highly philosophical and especially the first half has deep thoughts. Add this to the beautiful but simple visuals, and it's a real treat. This reminded me of so many other films. The Elephant Man and The House is Black immediately come to mind. Then the surreal first half brought Persona and Un Chien Andalou into the mix. I talk about the first half more since it was far more memorable. After the mask came on this became more straightforward, and less stunning. It still brought up interesting new ideas, but lost the spookiness, and emptiness. Which perhaps was intentional, since by the end the main character is completely transformed. I love the opening scene, and all the scenes involving the creation of the mast. Enjoyable art movie.

After Earth
After Earth(2013)

After Earth is actually not a half bad sci-fi. Starring Will and Jaden Smith, who I did have problems with the performances of, the film goes by the Hollywood formula. Admittedly though, I almost thought it would break cliches. It has a few surprisingly touching scenes. The special effects were great in my mind. I think this is a bit over criticized with only 12% with critics currently. Cliche but above average in entertainment, and while not inventive, strong in visuals.

Fishing With John

Fishing with John is a six episode document ray program, of the fishing adventures of John Lurie. He brought his friends along, which included, Jarmusch, Waits, Dillon, Dafoe, and Hopper. My favorite episode was the first, with Jim Jarmusch, as it set a tone, and had hilarious dialogue. In fact I like the conversation in all the episodes, John Lurie is an obvious BS artist, and everyone else has wit in them. The only episode that I found boring is with Matt Dillon, since things just moved a bit slow.

The man who had the most humorous moments in this film is narrator Robb Webb. I like how Lurie put it in an interview with Criterion:
"He says something and it sounds as though it has to be true. And that is what really made it work, with him saying that ludicrous narration that I wrote." In fact a few times when Webb said something ridiculous, I believed him. What I did while watching this was I would view an episode or two a night, and process it the next day. This was a great leisure viewing, and a relaxing experience.

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer portrays real life events of infamous serial killer, Henry Lucas. He's played by Rooker, who did good in the unusual role of a psychopath. I think the actor for Otis stole the show though with the creation of true trash. Based on my readings the film is accurate and I enjoyed how it shows Henry's young life and contradictions. I didn't find it scary, but a few scenes were chilling. Especially the one that we see recorded. Also I love the opening to the film, hints so much, and says so little.

Truth or Die
Truth or Die(2012)

Decent low budget horror film, which doesn't cross the line to torture porn. The acting was alright. I thought the post card reveal was stupid, but the last twist was hilariously great.

True Grit
True Grit(2010)

I finally came to giving this modern day masterpiece another viewing, and I still hold it in the upmost regard. The Coen Brothers remake of the 1969 True Grit, is the greatest western I've had the pleasure of seeing. I haven't seen the original, so I can't compare the two, but compared to other westerns of any time I prefer this, always. As the Coen Brothers are great at doing, the setting in this film truly takes one outside of this world. I find this the most difficult thing for western films to accomplish, but True Grit has brilliant production design, and is convincing. Then we have the star filled cast of Bridges, Damon, Brolin, and the teenager who shined in her role Steinfeld. These four talented actors put on great performances, and put the characters to life. But even the characters that had a minute of screen time were unique, multi dimensional, creations. The brothers didn't just create a persona for a few moments on screen, they created a true character, no matter how small the role. I find this to be the greatest film of the duo, it's pure entertainment, and a future classic.

Rain Man
Rain Man(1988)

The 1988 best picture winner, was more than a worthwhile drama. The touching story of a brother (re)unification went from comedic to depressing in minutes, and then back to comedic. I felt like the manipulation only added to the realism that this film provided. I was never bored, and while the same things did happen again and again, I didn't find it repetitive. Then of course I must praise the awesome performances from Cruise and Hoffman, which were the core of this film. Without the genuine great acting the film would collapse upon itself, and I believe this to be the most powerful Cruise has ever been on screen. The ending was predictable, but still emotionally felt. I shouldn't have delayed this watch for so long.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City is the story of Lou (Burt Lancaster) who has passed his prime as the top dog of Atlantic City. We soon find out he has become a wanna be, and he'll do anything to look like the tough guy he once was. The film is slow, but in this case I found that to be a plus. In the whole film there is only one extended action scene, so overall this flowed slowly. The cinematographer Ciupka reminded me of the work of Russel Metty who worked with Welles in Touch of Evil. What you can see in the background, is just as important as what the camera is centered on. Also I thought it was funny that Wallace Shawn had a small role as a waiter in this film, when the next year he'd be playing a diner in Louis Malle's next feature. The problem I had with this was a lack of emotional attachment, I appreciate what Louis Malle did in creating a colorful film, much more than I appreciate the story and characters.


Naked is a sadistic vicious realist film which is black as coal. The improvised dialogue is the basis of this films acclamation, and it's well earned. This was in no way a comedy but the dialogue was wit filled. It sounded as if it was real lower class conversation. But the dark humor didn't distract from the mysoginistic theme. Nor did the philosophies of the main character Johnny, which just added to how deep of a character study Leigh created. The shocking thing about Johnny is despite him being a (borderline) rapist and sexists, he's the idle of the film. He may be despicable, but he's not the worse. David Thewlis himself put on a magnificent performance of Johnny, but the supporting characters of Louise, Sophie, and Jeremy also shined during their limited screen time. The soundtrack was centralized and efficient in creation of gloom. The whole slum setting was efficient in a pessimistic view. I mean for Gods sake the film opened with a sexual assault. The story which takes place in less than 24 hours feels like an epic, as if we've known Johnny for years now. This could well become one of the few films I'd award a 5/5, it's tremendously moving, and outstanding in craft.

The Purple Rose of Cairo

Woody Allen's The Purple Rose of Cairo has a highly creative and intelligent idea behind it. It wasn't just a simple the screen comes to life story, the witty dialogue made this far superior to a plain story. I feel the first half really did express and let this creativity flow. The second half which is more romantic was less down my alley. After about 45 minutes I became more and more out of tune with the film. Which is unfortunate since I was highly involved at first.

Mia Farrow is once again a great actress, and is sexy. In fact I'd watch the film just for her. This is one of Woodys films that he doesn't star in as well as direct/write. I think it would've been a good idea to have him play the director of "The Purple Rose of Cairo", but that didn't happen so after 28 years nothing you can do. It was a feel good movie, but unfortunately didn't have enough ideas to keep it running.

3 stars

The War on Kids

The War on Kids is amongst the greatest documentaries I've seen. It shows the problems of the public school system in an outspoken point of view. It shows how our schools are modeled after prisons, and children are treated as prisoners. It is biased, but I agreed with everything that was being said. Which ranged from zero tolerance to the myth of ADHD. As a student myself maybe in 15 years I won't feel this film as much as I do now, but I hope that I will always recognize this message. Unless this message would be out dated in the future, which would be a great thing. The film even got me enraged at some points, especially when talking about the whole guilty until proven innocent approach. It was also lively and entertaining, full of energy, and even humorous. The people interviewed were animated, and knowledgable. It'd be an interesting day if this was shown to every high schooler across the nation.


Metropia is a Swedish animated film which uses a style seen more in video games than in movies, in fact it's the first feature film that I've seen made in this lifelike animation. It was stunning in visual animation, and even hard to imagine that it's all animated. If it's worth nothing outside of these techniques, it's still worth more than most movies of this nature. The premise is that of the novel 1984, a uniform society, with no seasons, and television being a source of control. A huge weak point of this film was the awful voice acting. It was weak and not in sync with lip motions, it took away drastically from the feel. The plot and climax were mediocre, but I feel it still created some tension and dilemma. It's a one time watch, but I would love to see this animation be built on in the future.


The only other Cronenberg film I've seen is Videodrome, I gave that film a 2/5, but this makes it look like a masterpiece. Honestly this was utter crap all the way to its shallow core. It's nice to see Pattinson out of a romantic movie, but he picked up Kristen Stewarts technique of not acting, or showing emotion. The goal of surrealism was failed, and the indescribable pointlessness of scenes is beyond my belief. I'll be honest and admit I couldn't finish this, but I'm not willing to torture myself. The cheapness of how it was set up, and the fact that when there's a punch thrown it looks like how it'd be seen in a highschool play, made this the worst film of 2012. In one word it's unbearable.

Three Colors: Blue (Trois Couleurs: Bleu)

Blue is a phenomenal beginning to the three colors trilogy. The film surrounds a widow who lost her child and husband in a car accident, it shows her life after the event. The peculiar thing about the film, is we only hear about what she was like before the accident, and never see it. I'm not sure if this was the proper decision by director Kieslowski, because it resulted in lack of character development and a withdrawal of emotion from that scene. At the same time it kept the films focus on its purpose. The brilliance of Blue is that the director wasn't only concerned on the main characters, Julie's, suffering but also that of people that surround her. This includes an elderly woman and a hooker, the film is equally invested in the troubles of others. One thing I found questionable as something the character would do is Julie's decision on the house. It didn't seem fitting to make her seem so selfless. The film has an amazing score, and is visually stunning. One small scene that shows the visual excellence is the sugar cube sucking up the coffee. Emotionally difficult to watch, but in my mind an essential.

The Young Savages

Frankenhiemers' early film, The Young Savages, is a film I found underrated. The film opens with a gang, that look like they're straight out of West Side Story, attacking a young blind boy. A conservative prosecutor is assigned to the case, who has a closer connection than what meets the eye. What I found fascinating about this film, which was released in 1961, is how out dated it was. How is this a good thing? The film brought me back into the world of the 1960s, the traditionalism, the things that would be brushed off now were scandals in this town. I'm not a golden age person, but I did feel that I went into a time machine. The film doesn't only focus on the case, but the racial tensions surrounding it. Burt Lancaster stars in this film, and had a solid performances. The savages depicted weren't great actors, but they passed. The film did have scenes that I felt were dispensable , like the train and elevator scenes, which don't contribute to the story. I was hooked on the story line though, and despite the cheesiness, I was paying full attention to the faith of the boys.

Four Lions
Four Lions(2010)

Watching this in the wake of the Boston bombing might've been the oddest connection to life I've made from a movie.

Monsieur Hire

Monsieur Hire (played by Michel Blanc) is the protagonist and title of this film. The lonely middle aged bachelor finds a nasty habit in spying on his new attractive neighbor, who he falls for. She is Alice, an engaged blonde who has deception flowing through her veins. This is only the smaller portion of the story though, recently a murder occurred in the neighborhood. An unconventional detective is convinced that Monsieur Hire committed the crime. The evidence is stacked against Hire, and if we knew him, we'd accuse him to. That's where the story begins. The film treats this case elegantly, at the same time everyone continues to live their lives, the murder is in the background.

Monsieur Hire is eventually gently confronted by Alice, who has noticed him spying on her on two separate occasions. After this point the story has three twists. The first two shouldn't have caught me as off guard as they did, the final one was an epic scene. The film is under 80 minutes long, you realize at the end that most of this was leading up to the conclusion. Before this point I looked at this as a solid romantic thriller, by the time the end came my mood changed. It was possibly the most devastating scene I've ever encountered. It gave me goose bumps, and I remained silenced for a solid amount of time. I was left speechless, this alone made this film leave a mark on me. One of my favorite French films, elegant but unconventional. The rawness of this film, is not to be put in words.

4 stars+

Heavenly Creatures

My fundamental problem with Heavenly Creatures is the pure nuisance the existence of the main characters creates. I tried not to let this effect my rating but it was overwhelming. The fact that this is true, and is apparently written in Pauline's own words made me strain even more. I understand that they're supposed to feel crazy, but I was just waiting for Juliet to die from illness and then for Pauline to hang herself. The two were annoying and I had difficulties watching their two moronic lives take account. One thing that seems to be hailed above all in this film is the performances. It stars Lynskey (later Rose in Two and a Half Men) and Winslet. I felt that they exaggerated facial expressions at times, and didn't always feel professionalized. The acting wasn't bad, but I don't think it's above average. The film did well in creating tension, making it rarely dry. Even though one can argue the climax begins towards the last thirty minutes, I found it all equally engaging. The opening was creative, and automatically set this eerie tone. With Peter Jackson (LoTR) focusing purely on the two girls, and occasionally the family, this film brought out a feeling of isolation, without setting it in a deserted area. The film has its talents, but left a bitter taste on my mouth. My rating is biased, but it is mine after all.

My Dinner with André

My Dinner with Andre was a film that has previously caught my eye because dialogue in my mind is the most stand out part of a film in personal experiences. But this helped me realize on the contrary of what I thought it can't make a film. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy this film well enough, but it didn't meet my expectations. Just like in a real conversation I missed large chunks of the dialogue, and was zoning out. Despite the screenplay covering interesting talking points, with no music or anything it wasn't always enough. The acting was magnificent, using their real names in the film Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory seemed always genuine and like real people imperfect. Wally felt like someone coming out of a Seinfeld episode, in look and in talk. Andre is a movie character I would like to have a meal with, but it seems I already did. I do like the courage Malle had at attempting such an idea, it's almost ludicrous. It's not pure entertainment, but it's his most enjoyable film I've seen.

Spirited Away

Spirited Away is the first studio Ghibli film I've seen, and it's probably the most internationally known anime movie. It's from the highly acclaimed Miyazaki, but I must say I'm missing the hype. The animation is beautiful, and has many techniques I've never seen before. The pure atmospheric beauty of this film makes up most of my rating. I later encountered a set of stills from this, and it's like a two hour painting. So I will fully credit Spirited Away in its animation. The earliest flaw I noticed was the dialogue, the copy I had was the dubbed version, but the dialogue in it wasn't even on par with a Dreamworks movie. Those at least have social satire for the older crowds, here it was about on the level of a Disney channel cartoon. The screenplay felt set up purely for a kids crowd, which is why it shocks me how many adults have personally connected with this. The story is about a ten year old girl who stumbles into a world of creatures, and gets a job in a bathhouse for them. Some parts of what happened next felt like Miyazaki just BS'd as he went along. Went way to far into fantasy, and decided it can pull off any crap it made up. I strongly felt this when Haku learns his real name, which was a scene that frustrated me. While the story was not creative, the characters were. Miyazaki did have some lively ideas in the sense of character creation. The end of the line though is that I felt this was much more for kids, and while I can appreciate it, I believe it's over rated on a global scale.

3 stars--

The Five-Year Engagement

There's quiet a bit wrong with this movie, which I didn't want to see in the first place based on the trailer which was pretty much a shortened version of this film. The lowest down point was the ferociously awful editing, done by William Kerr. He also edited Bridesmaids and Superbad, but just did a sloppy job here. The film would jump nine months at a time without a single cut. I could never tell how far in advanced the film went, until Segal started growing facial hair. Segal and Blunt had weak chemistry working with each other, and felt awkward together. It was a predictable rom com, with a break up and get back together. It was just all laid out for you. It did have a few sexually oriented laughs, but not enough for the two hours it went on for.

Holy Motors
Holy Motors(2012)

Holy Motors is a film I've been highly hyped up for, and my expectations were not nearly met. The film has an eerie presence at the beginning, but slowly loses its surrealism in trying to be bizarre. The first forty-five minutes went by before my eyes, but the remaining limped itself along. I found it overly confusing, and a film that loses its magic. But I must say the song "Let my Baby Ride" was fantastic in this movie. A brilliant scene, but I'd just watch the clip on YouTube instead.

Cube 2 - Hypercube

The sequel to Cube, Hypercube, takes a new approach to the concept, and does it well. With a new director in Sekula, much is changed from the original Cube layout. The biggest loss is the lack of traps within the rooms. This film focuses more on the psychological aspects in time and dimensions. It's certainly a mind f*ck, but I feel the end went over board. The actors started weak, but got better as they adapted into their characters. The script isn't half bad and I absolutely love the Cube concept. I'm not sure if it's better than the first, but I'd give it the same rating.

Ordinary People

One year after Kramer vs Kramer wins best picture another family drama takes it home with Ordinary People. Out of fellow nominees I saw I preferred Elephant Man strongly, and I'm not sure about Raging Bull, but I still have deep respect for this film. It follows a family on the brink of a long built up crumble. I don't really like doing a synopsis, but what the suburban family has gone through was rough. A few scenes once the passiveness was over, had me on the brink of tears. I especially liked the dads performance, which I found like the whole film was genuine. The silent opening credits set a tone, and the film kept its heart the whole way through. The characters became more frank as the movie progressed and the character development was prestige. I felt some character confusion between Karen and the girl Conrad goes bowling with, but other than that it felt like a pure imitation of a family. Powerful family drama, and I'm glad I watched it.

The House is Black

Rating: 4 stars
Arthouse rating: 4 stars

The short documentary "the house is black is available on YouTube, and I highly encourage a watch. This touched on a disease I honestly never heard of, it's a disease that distorts and morphs the human body. This film didn't push information on this disease by telling sad stories, or giving statistics. It never asked for pity, it just showed the people who have to endure this day in day out. I can't imagine one giving this a poor rating, this could touch the most sadistic of people, brilliant


H is a gruesome Korean thriller, which "borrows" many ideas from Silence of the Lambs. A man who commits brutal murders of pregnant women is imprisoned, the murders keep happening. The detectives of the case then constantly interview the man trying to solve the puzzle. If SOtL never existed, this would be much more appreciated. I did predict the ending early on, and much of the acting was overdone, but something about this film touched me. I think the uniqueness was the tension between detectives, the back to backs got almost as brutal as the crime. The film was gory from the start, and not for people with a weak stomach. I wouldn't confuse this for anything good, but it was a worthy watch. The rating is generous, but I can't go lower.


Solaris is my introduction to Tarkovsky and it is absolutely everything I expected. Remarkable visuals, stunning atmosphere, and overly elongated as a film. But let me start off with the visual aspects, in the opening scene Kris is standing over a puddle, with wild surroundings, I could smell the fresh air. The film transfers from black and white to color, much like Von Trier did twenty years later in Europa. The scene that expresses this technique the best, is the freeway scene. The scene has little going on, but is hypnotic and the whole film feels narcotic in a sense. The film itself is deeply philosophical, bringing in ideas of Tolstoy and asks questions of the meaning of life. When this is asked the answer I took from it is, the happiest are those who don't ask these questions. I'm still pondering if I agree with this statement. The film runs for almost three hours, but personally I think it's more entertaining than a film like The Expendables. But I'm not saying it was a breeze to sit through. The full run time was not necessary, many scenes such as the tape being shown at the beginning could've been slimmed. I found part one more moving than the second, and I'm not exactly sure why Tarkovsky found the need to separate the two. The far ending was thought provoking, but I actually found the last fifteen minutes to be the droopiest of them all. This could possibly be because I was worn out by the previous 150 minutes. Solaris was visionary and creative, and while it's no 2001: A Space Odyssey, it is a strong psychological sci-fi, that makes me want to explore more from the Soviet director.

The Thing
The Thing(1982)

The Thing is a film I have long wanted to watch for, and I'm pleased by the overall result. The special effects were amazing, and there were plenty of creepy images. I found that the images though and eerie scenes were scarier than the actual idea. The film wasn't just about an alien, this film featured deep paranoia, and had myself asking, "what would I do?". After the movie I found out this was nominated for a Razzie, for the score. I didn't find the score was to bad, but I certainly can't say it was good. I would've wished for more character devolepmet, I ended not knowing any of the names or even characteristics of the characters. Most people probably like that it jumped straight in, but I wanted to be more attached. The Thing is still a successful eerie sci-fi, that movies quickly, but not always fluently.
3 stars+


Sisters is my official introduction to De Palma, and it's a damn hard one to top. The low budget psychological thriller was highly flawed. The sound was in poor quality, and not always in sync. The supporting actors weren't always believable, and there were times when the movie itself wasn't believable. But despite this all the film had me hooked from the opening scene where it's a view in the womb. Then the cheesy TV show scene dragged me farther in, and it kept me until the credits. The film is intense, and while it is an imitation of Hitchcock, it's not just some poser. Sisters had many distinctive unique qualities, and is on par with most of Hitches filmography. The dual camera scenes were fascinating. This is something most critics of the film can agree on, and it's perhaps the idea that stands out the most. I'm still not sure how I feel about the end, it was certainly hypnotic, but I'm not sure if it crossed the line. De Palma uses plenty of exploitation in the film, but I found this was a large benefit. Kidder and Jennifer Salt both went all in with their acting, and it paid off. This is a masterpiece, but it might be the most flawed masterpiece I've seen.
4 stars-

La Jetée (The Pier)

La Jetee is a phenomenal sci-fi movie, and Chris Marker inspired me with this. The story of time is told purely off picture stills and a narrator, but it is more powerful than most films with live actors. Sure this craft has been imitated, but it's never been made as lividly as Marker made it. With in the opening minutes I already forgot that these were just pictures. The story begins complicated, and the concluding made me contemplate everything I've considered to be true. At under thirty minutes the film wastes no time, but it doesn't feel rushed. Absolutely brilliant and memorable.

The Weather Underground

This Oscar nominated documentary gives a look into The Weather Underground anti-Vietnam radical group.It interviews members of the group and FBI investigators who were trying to destroy it. This terrorist group included the likes of Bill Ayers, who you might recall Rush Limbaugh speaking of when addressing Obama. This film is not for the close-minded, if you have a strong opinion on the issue you have nothing to gain here. It's really more of a documentary that would be shown in a high school history class, except for the orge tape. It never gave full facts though, just opinions. I didn't learn if the bombs killed someone, or any of the vital information. No one on either side is asked a difficult question, and they just allow the people to blab on.


I can't compare the original Scarface to the De Palma version, since I haven't seen that one, but I can say that I was underwhelmed by this film. It was one of the weaker gangster I've seen, which is a genre I typically enjoy. I felt that the acting got over the top at points, and the film had no consistency. At some points I was very engaged, while at others I was in my own world. For example the secretary scene was classic, I was wearing a big grin the whole way through. Then a scene not to long after, The Dance hall scene, had me bored as all hell. The ending wasn't touching for me, and I was always expecting more. It has its classic strong suits, but not comparable to later gangster movies.

The Master
The Master(2012)

Not overrated but certainly under accomplished. Hard to pass judgment upon first viewing, but there was a lot that felt invaluable to the story.

Review after another viewing.

As Good as It Gets

As Good as it Gets revolves around three individuals in Manhattan. Melvin (played by Jack Nicholson) a writer who suffers from OCD and puts on an ugly attitude in the morning. Carol (played by Helen Hunt) a Manhattan waitress who has an ill son and has her mother living with her. And Simon (played by Kinnear, who you might know from television) who is a gay painter who has recently been robbed and beaten. Evidently enough they all come together, in none other than a road trip. This is the main problem of this film, it's all so obvious. Just from the opening fifteen minutes and the poster I knew where this was heading. Nicholson and Hunt won Oscars for there performance, and as expected they do there jobs well. The screenplay has plenty of good quotes that are shot at you one after another. I still had many questions about Melvin after this was done though. Was he always like this, is Carol his first love, why does he have a need to act mean? None of these are answered, and while I understand why many find this touching, I didn't get enough out of it. I'm sure romance fans are on there knees when they watch this, but it felt predictable for me.

Angst Essen Seele auf (Ali: Fear Eats the Soul)

This is my introduction to Fassibender and I will be watching more of his films. Ali: Fear Eats the Soul revolves around a romance between an elderly widow and an Arab foreign worker. It's filmed and set in Germany. Much like interracial marriages were looked at in the US it was frowned upon. The story is simplistic, the film never moves out of a realistic view point. While the ideas were depressing I never actually felt any emotion. I don't know why, the acting was genuine enough, and the story had me gripped. Even during the family meeting I didn't feel anything, emotionally I wasn't present. While I liked what the ending thirty minutes did, I don't think it was executed perfectly. It was to sudden, I wouldn't have minded an additional thirty minutes of footage to make it more evened out. This is still a phenomenal film considering how little it revolves around. Tension was always boiling, and the story had me gripped. You don't have to be adventurous to enjoy this, so I recommend it to everyone.
3.5 stars+


Tampopo is a Japanese comedy about the art of noodles. It has plenty of funny scenes, especially the silent noodle scene. That brought some good laughs. But the movie loses all focus and has no concentration. This makes the film ultimately pointless. Also WTF was with the erotic scenes, this director would have a bright future in fetish porn.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

Yes this is the first time I've seen Forrest Gump, and the best picture winner is certainly enjoyable. I found though that the most famous parts, were the least significant from my eyes. I don't care for the two famous quotes at the beginning, or really the war scenes, I thought the political parts were the most enjoyable. The D.C. visit most notably, also the ping pong sequence is a whole lot of fun. I didn't find it emotionally strong, but I did laugh quite a bit. The greatest overall theme of this film was the social and historical references, those brought true laughs. I felt that it got somewhat repetitive towards the last fourty minutes, but overall entertaining.

Miller's Crossing

Miller's Crossing is the second best Coen Brothers film I've seen, following True Grit. It's comparable to The Godfather in style, but it's no cheap rip off, if anything it's better. I found the plot much thicker, and the dialogue was rich. But really much like the reason I love True Grit is the technical surroundings. The production design, makeup, costume, it's all brilliantly laid out. I especially saw this when Caspar's nephew came to visit. As I mentioned the screenplay is genuine, and there were plenty of twists. Great scenery and a more than unique plot, great film.

Raising Arizona

Raising Arizona is my second least favorite Coen Brothers film (after No Country). I mean what was so hilarious about this, I didn't find anything original and I didn't laugh once. A couple cool scenes stood out like the chase, and the motorcycle, but I preferred the action to the comedy. This is coming from someone who would defiantly pick a comedy over an action. Nicolas Cage was well casted, along with the man Coen Brothers love Goodman, but some actors felt awkward in there roles. The brothers tried to make this feel like a stylistic B film, but it had none of the laughs a B film would have.

Beavis and Butt-head Do America

Beavis and Butthead are Gods, and while the film may not be as laugh packed as an episode it's worth while. The best scene was in the airplane, which had a fun twist of words. I love how immature this whole thing is. It's the greatest dumb show ever and the movie ain't half bad.

La Haine
La Haine(1996)

La Haine is by far the greatest crime film I've ever seen. Three minorities in the French projects vow revenge on police after there friend is brutalized. The group of friends a Jew (played by Vincent Cassel), an Arab, and a black cause havoc where ever they go. Especially the Jew (Vinz) who has a new gun that he picked up at a riot. The film follows these testosterone filled characters for a mere 19 hours, and despite having no character development, you feel like you know them piece by piece. The film is true realism, shot in black and white, and never does more than it can handle. Yet it is raw to the core. I view this film as a more brutal version of City of God. The director and writer Kassovitz does perfect at both of his jobs. The film editing made this film heart pounding, and the movie never had a dry moment. Filled with anecdotes and witty conversations, it's successful in making you think. During the concluding scene I was sitting with my mouth wide open in shock with the excellence I just witnessed. In the wrong hands the whole movie would have collapsed right there, but instead I was mesmerized by it. La Haine was endlessly awesome, and is a film I will never forget. I don't give five stars much, but I'd be dammed if I wouldn't do it for this true gem. One of the greatest movies ever filmed, high in artistic and entertainment value.

A Woman Under the Influence

A Woman Under the Influence is a film I've been meaning to catch for a good while now. It's about a broken home, or perhaps the end was implying that this was a normal home, either way it's about a home. In this home there's a wife, a husband, and three kids. It couldn't be more normal, except the wife is coo-koo, and the husband is an abusive prick. Both had amazing performances, but especially Gena Rowlands. If you've seen the 2010 film Blue Valentine the style is incredibly similar. I think the main draw back of the film is that it tried to be too genuine. I was shocked by the realistic feel, but I was noticing so much that I never viewed this as a real family. It never left just a movie zone for me, which I think is contrary of the intent. I felt that the film could have been trimmed down some, but the length wasn't to big of a deal. The problem was the over kill of realism, and trying to show a regular family with there baggage, been better if Cassavates toned down trying to make it 100% life like.

The Imposter
The Imposter(2012)

The Imposter is a documentary I had my eyes on since the trailer was put out, and even after reading the story, the eerie feeling of this film kept me interested. A man poses as a missing child who disappeared three years ago and is found in Spain. The story is told in the eyes of the investigators, the family, and much to my surprise the imposter himself. The story is incredibly bizarre, but the film makes sense of it all. It's actually scarier then most modem horrors can try to be. I feel that the end was rushed and didn't match the pacing, but overall it's an interesting documentary.

My Left Foot
My Left Foot(1989)

Let me start off by saying, this film went above my expectation, and I have nothing (serious) to complain about. The film was about a boy (later a man) who was diagnosed as a mental retard for his early life, while really only having Cerebral Palsy. As a man he becomes an extraordinary painter and writer, this is based on a true story by the way. It was an extremely dramatic film that can make any man depressed, but light hearted enough to give you a few chuckles. Some scenes dwindled my mood, and then the next up lifts me to an inspirational moment. The performances were incredibly talented, Daniel Day Lewis was a solid lead, but Brenda Ficker stole the show. They both well deserved there Oscars, and from the other picture nominees I saw from the year (Dead Poets Society and Driving Miss Daisy) this would be my winner. The only problem I felt was that the protagonist Christy always felt to deep or to pitiful, I wish there were more times that we could see him as a regular man. A tremendous film none the less.

3.5 stars+

Four Rooms
Four Rooms(1996)

Four Rooms is a multi-directed film (which includes Tarantio and Rodriguez) that ends up being a failure of epic proportions. I mean as far as the segments they were all awful. The first one (The Missing Ingredient) had terrible performances, and was way to fantasy. The second was Room 404, which would probably be my favorite. It had a few moments, but still wasn't special. Then there was the Rodriguez one, room 316. I did laugh at the great reveal (while being disgusted) but I feel that it was over extended after that. Then Tarantinos The Penthouse, that one was way to long. It dragged leading to a stupid conclusion. But the greatest was Tim Roth, he had no place in that role. The character was to un-confident and famine for Roth, awful casting.

On the Waterfront

On The Waterfront is an intensely acclaimed classic that deals with serious corruption in the work place. And it's not money laundering corruption, it's murder. While the film has a more than an interesting concept it didn't embark on my emotions. I was wowed by the technique by director Kazan, but I never felt a feeling of sorrow or joy during the movie. Even the concluding scene, while this might sound sadistic, I believe should've had more cruelty to it. So while it's a good film, it didn't effect me so I can't call it a great film. Marlon Brando had a decent performance, but no fire works really bursted. Many believe it was his best though, so I might be talking out of my ass.

Trouble in Paradise

Just a couple sentences, sorry Lubitsch

A fine comedy with good dialogue, and really brought you back to the thirties. But I didn't find the story to grand.

The Passion of Joan of Arc (La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc)

The Passion Of Joan of Arc is an amazing film in the arthouse sense. I mean it was phenomenally made and flawless in technical senses. The performance by Fallconetti was brilliant, and has hardly ever been matched in the sound days. Despite being from the 20s this film used modern techniques in filming. So yes I applaud this film in its accomplishments, but I don't think I will ever watch this again. For one thing I never found the tale of Joan of Arc at all interesting. It's probably because my lack of any spiritual life, so while this might be a personal problem, but then again I am giving this a personal rating. If I would still award art house ratings this would be around a 4 star . But with with disinterest of historical hero Joan of Arc, a movie about her trial also served me little. I'd rather be watching Mulan.


Cube was a pretty good sci-fi thriller that is filled with twists. It's surprisingly intense despite its flaws, but it's always moving and adding something to the story. For a debut feature it isn't at all shabby. The greatest thing this film did was adding a mentally retarded character in the mix. He added a true sentimental value and questions of what goes in these cubes. Many questions are left unanswered, when we look at the big picture though.

The acting was highly flawed. And combined with a mediocre script I'm shocked that this actually worked. It's a film that did plenty with very little, well it's a low budget film after all. But it was an interesting idea and I'm intrigued on how another director handled the sequel.

Talk Radio
Talk Radio(1988)

Talk Radio is a decent independent drama from Oliver Stone, but it makes typical indie film mistakes. The opening 30 minutes was amazing, great dialogue, and automatically intriguing. After that it went down on a slope, an got dry. Once it got back to the radio though I was wishing for this to be longer. It's like Network for radio. The pacing was awful as I've already mentioned, but once it was up my heart was racing. The ending took out the realism completely. I liked the idea but not the execution. I do reccomed watching, well listening to the credits though.

Day of Wrath
Day of Wrath(1948)

Day of Wrath is an amazing Carl Th. Dreyer drama, and is my favorite film set in the medieval ages. The film is centered around two scandals, a cover up and a love affair. Both weigh equal value to the film just at different times. I think the greatest part of this film, despite being from the 1940s and set in the 1600s, is that I strongly relate to the family in it. Not a character, or even the situation, but I felt like I had something to share with all four of the family members. I felt all of there emotions, even the seemingly heartless ones. It's brilliantly filmed, and is technically flawless. Filled with depth and marvelous technique, this is undeniably a classic.

Safety Not Guaranteed

Safety Not Guaranteed is a sci-fi/rom-com and a good one at that. The two leaders of the cast were Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass, who are appearing more and more in films as of late. The story has depth and the character intrigue you from the start. It didn't have many laughs, but all of them were genuine. A laid back film that requires little attention and is made of enjoyment value. Despite having impressive ratings with critics I think this is underrated, one of the better films of 2012. To conclude Aubrey Plaza is fine.

Stardust Memories

This is easily the worse Woody Allen film I've ever seen, and my 2 stars are generous ones. I mean I even gave Allen's, Anything Else, a four star rating, but this was awful. It had a few good dialectical moments, when it was trying to be funny, but the romance failed. I understand it was some sort of early montage of Allen's career, but most of it was stuff only Woody himself could get. To add on I think Woody already used enough black and white filming in Manhattan. It was unnecessary to do it again and made the film dull.
2 stars-

The Element of Crime

From what I've seen Lars Von Trier either makes great films or mediocre films, this is the worse one though. The lay out was interesting, with an orange creme filter over the footage, and an intriguing story line. The film itself though quickly tried to hard to feel surreal. It made it feel phony. Then there's the performance by Elphick, who was just a dreadful lead actor. The film ended up collapsing onto its fancy uniform, the protagonist contradicted himself and the film failed.
2 stars-

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

Before I say anything of, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, I must credit this film with the greatest production design/ makeup I've ever seen. The restored version of this bursts with color. Comparable to The Tree of Life, filmed almost seventy years later, in the outstanding mixture of coloration. The film follows the three world wars that Clive Candy has been a part of, and what happens in between. I found the film was a bit too choppy at parts, and over extended the less important parts of a scene, and then kept the interesting part cut off. It was most certainly style over substance, but the style was near flawless.
3 stars +

A Canterbury Tale

A Canterbury Tale, while seemingly popular in Britain is a lesser known film of The Archers. In my mind for good reasons. The story follows three young adults, the woman of the crew is attacked by a wretched criminal. This criminal goes around and rapes innocent, actually no that's not at all what he does, he pours glue on people. Then a heart pounding man hunt begins for this criminal, well that's not true either. The manhunt was rather bland and moved slowly. I think it's sadder that there was a search for this man, then it is a pity that a man is so lonely he has to do this. If this film realized how ridiculous it was it might've been fun, but despite some puns it took itself fully seriously. All around disaster of a film.

Häxan (Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages) (The Witches)

Haxan, which dates back to 1929 is a phenomenal entertaining horror of the time. Based on mysticism, witchcraft, and Satan, this menacing treat is a must watch. It is one of the most entertaining and imaginative pieces of the period. With quite a few laughs through out, and a great score, it's hard to ignore the uniqueness that lies in, Haxan.
3.5 stars ++

Lake of Fire
Lake of Fire(2007)

Lake of Fire is graphic documentary on abortion directed by Tony Kaye (American History X, Detachment). It's journalistic reporting showing both sides. The interviews are with doctors, rednecks, and everything in between. It showed graphic images of legal and back alley abortions, that disturbs anyone on either sides. I'm still pro-choice and pro-life people will still be pro-life. It's more historical than scientific, which is fine, but I didn't learn many new facts. Also the run time is too long at 152 minutes, in that amount of time everything got repetitive and already said.

The Terminal
The Terminal(2004)

While The Terminal is an enjoyable Spielberg movie, it might be his most flawed. The film had good wholesome comedy, represented primary in the first twenty minutes. The drama in it withdrawed pity but not much sadness. While Tom Hanks offered a reasonable performance, I'm not sure if he'd be best fit. I think someone more European looking like Spacey would be the right guy for the job.The most dramatic flaw in this though was a huge lack of focus. It would leave a topic for forty minutes, then come back to it almost as if it was still going on. It didn't have anything central, or even, it would hop around un-evenly. So overall it's decent, but had much more potential.

Le Procès (The Trial)

Orson Welles, The Trial, is not at all a court room drama. It's a twisted dream like piece, in a poetic format. A film that's always on track, but that never makes sense. It's a study of human nature and us as a society. My favorite scene is when the protagonist Joseph, is being interrogated and asked almost as it it's obvious if he's victim of society. He responds in his highest form of confidence "I am a member of society". I think this isn't said at all anymore, everyone must be an individual and no one ever admits of being a contributing member of society. The basic outline of the story is Joseph is "arrested" with not charge, he then goes through an insane legal process. Comparable to the U.S. justice system in a way.

This is my second favorite Orson Welles piece, after Touch Of Evil. The director believed this was his most accomplished film despite the critics early hatred. I could certianly see why this would be viewed as his strongest. In adapting Franz Kafka, it always feels made for cinema. He once again uses shadows and beautiful cinematic shots. With bizarre imagery of elderly waiting for a court ruling that'' never come, or a group of what we can assume are prisoners standing in the cold with nothing but rags. I can't complain to say understood all the metaphors, but I connected with the drift of ideas.

Oliver who's played by Anthony Peck, still has Norman Bates characteristics. The queer like awkward man always feels nervous and uncomfortable. He strokes his hands along walls when he walks, and runs away from an awkward situation. He starts standing up for himself later on but is always much so of a coward. He critiques the others who are hopelessly waiting for there court result shouting "you don't see me doing it" while sub consciously trapping himself.

A scene that demonstrates a kind of serfdom to the lawyers, is when we see a elderly pathetic man pleading to his. On his knees and kissing his hands only to be shunned away. Oliver looks in disgust and pity, but the man will do anything to here a word about his case. It's a disturbing scene and the one that can describe the movie the best, other than prologue. In conclusion this film is mesmerizing. It's a nightmare, with no true logic, but actual ideas. Similar to Kubricks, Eyes Wide Shut, an exposure to the inside of the system. Orson Welles narrates the closing credits, almost as a dog pees on his land, I think this his way of separating from the Kafka novel and claiming as a personal piece.

Dead Snow (Død snø)

This is my favorite zombie flick! Straight out a Norway this gruesome and slap stick style humor film brings laughs in the least likely movie. The typical gang of vacationers, go to a typical cabin, and get a typical attack from a Nazi zombie clan. They then fight to the death, and there's a winner. This film also includes my all time favorite death scene, and it's the one where the zombies split a man in half starting from his face. Hopefully you're not like the protagonist who is repelled by blood, or else you can't watch this film. Also the opening scene had some great stupid sex humor.

For a trash film there's actually not much to complain about. The soundtrack was incredibly intrusive though. Just from the music playing you knew what will happen next. So I felt that was irritating, I mean building up is one thing, while giving away is another. It did stick to the zombie movie script, but what's wrong with that script? Especially when you add zombies to it.

4 stars-

People Will Talk

People Will Talk is a hysterical film, filled with wit and ingenious puns throughout. The screenplay by Mankiewicz ( who also directed the film) was filled with great dialogue. I wasn't only looking forward to what would happen next, but what would be said next. Dr. Praetorius is a new favorite character of mine, and as the epilogue suggests I wish he did exist, if he didn't of course. My favorite scene of the film was the train set. The miscommunication and childishness of it all brought loads of laughter. The informal trial scene was the second that stood out, and was a touching but still quirky scene. I loved this film, classy comedy and should get more recognition than it does.

Life During Wartime

Then there's Life During Wartime, the sequel to Happiness. All the questions I never had are more or less answered here. Some of the references actually did put a smile on my face, but for the most part I found it dull. It's not much worse than Happiness, but that's not saying to much. I felt it was to colorful for the topics at hand, and never really accomplished anything.


The first Solondz I watched was by far his greatest hit Happiness, if this is his best I can't imagine watching some of his worse like Palindromes. It's mainly my fault I don't like this though. I'm not a fan of dual stories, especially exceeding two, and this one has four plus. Films like Slacker, Nashville, and now this have never appealed to me. I love black humor, but I felt this films was even predictable. Most people on the contrary were shocked by what was shown, I just though it was stupid to make a film purely off being perverted. So no it didn't shock me, with an NC-17 rating, I thought it was even bland humor

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Beasts of the Southern Wild is a symbolic indie drama, that doesn't really feel complete. I found the narration of morals and survival interesting, and the majestic scenes. Wallis had one of the greatest childhood performances ever. The thing I didn't really like about this film is how exhausting it can become at times. Despite being surprisingly upbeat, many of the scenes didn't seem to be full force. It also never an ugly side to the life, yes alcoholism is a theme, and the weak education is showing, but over all it feels like a laid back lifestyle. The final scene felt to open ended for me, and while the movie acted as a poem, it followed to many stereotypes.

Hotel Rwanda
Hotel Rwanda(2004)

I look at Hotel Rwanda as a weaker version of Schindler's List, both handle a genocidal holocaust using images to draw out emotion. And this film was depressing, the scene that stands out is the bus driving away. With the pastors yelling "We can't leave the children". The music and scenery surrounding that moment resulted in deep sadness, the highpoint of the film. The scenery and technicality of the movie was consistent, and Don Cheadle for the most part brought an energized performance. I believe the films greatest weakness was the editing by Naomi Geraghty who also edited for the 2011 film Limitless. I feel like plenty of the scenes dragged and the timing was off. The thrills in this film were practically not there, due to the fact that it keeps repeating itself. It overkilled on the thrills, by doing the same thing over and over again. Overall though it's a fair drama, with its share of shocking scenes. I suggest this for fans of the genre.

Being John Malkovich

Review after another viewing.

Troll 2
Troll 2(1990)

Troll 2 is a god amongst trash films. Is it because the movie doesn't even follows trolls? Is it because it has some of the worse dialect ever? Is it because the average goose bumps episode has a better synopsis? Whatever it is when bad movies are discussed, this is mentioned. It's amongst the stupidest films I've ever seen.


Cache is a tight nerve wrenching, heart pounding, film. The greatest thriller of recent history. A couple with a near perfect life gets disturbed by video tapes arriving at there door of someone watching them. No character development lead into this, the film dived right into this. Smart decision in my mind, because this film never wasted a second. These tapes and occasional letters turned there lives upside down. There were no threats, no foul play, just the pure idea of being stalked crashed there lives to the ground. I was incredibly tense through out, I was always on the edge waiting for what's to come next. The editing by Muse and Hudeck was unbelievable, the pacing was spot on. The only thing I wish is that there would be at least some more of a conclusion. I'm not saying a give away, but a hint. The film can be interpreted many ways with the open end, I'm still pondering a few possibilities. No doubt in my mind though that this will be remembered as a classic with in the thriller genre.

The Piano Teacher (La Pianiste)

Rating: 2 stars
Arthouse Rating: 2.5 stars-

The Piano Teacher had one ginormous problem, it was the protagonist Erika Kohut. She's the most irritating character ever put on screen. Egotistic, naive, uptight, selfish, she just had awful qualities. Therefore even the final scene couldn't draw pity out of me. Was Haneke really trying to make the mother seem like the pest? Because if that was the intent he has it reversed. The cinematographer Christian Berger did a phenomenal job, no wonder Haneke had re-casted him for future projects. Also the film editing made this smooth in transition, not a single scene was over bearing for me. Technical wise this film was brilliant, but the characters and story couldn't meet these achievements. Therefore this film fell flat, and truly it wasn't that disturbing.

Empire of the Ants

Underrated B horror right here, I mean I expected more from the critics and audience alike. The cheap special greenscreen effects, were hysterical. The best part of the movie. Some of the supporting roles were pretty damn good, like the old couple. The plot is an inside job mission to let giant ants take control of the city. The concluding scene to wrap up the story was cheap and epic. An entertaining treat. One of the movies that's so bad, it's good. A new guilty pleasure of mine.

Cannibal! The Musical (Alferd Packer: The Musical)

Co-creator of South Park, did an absolute crap job at directing the comedy musical, Cannibal! The Musical. This movie was nowhere near as interesting as the title would imply. It dragged for almost the whole film, I'm not even saying cut it down, just don't make it. There were exactly two moments I got kick out of, other than that I was drenched out. With the fake mustaches and stupid ending, it felt like a middle school play.

Surf Nazis Must Die

"Surfers rule the waves, and Nazis rule the surfers"

Surf Nazis must die, it sounds just like a cheap 80s trash movie, and it's all of the above. While the movie was fun coming in, it actually seemed like it was pursuing out from its title. It was more talk than actual action, which is really different then what the title implies. Gail Neely was absolutely dreadful in her perofmance, while the rest of the cast was actually reasonably good. As the titl may imply, stay away from it.


I'll keep this review short. I didn't really grasp the hype, I think action packed films like these end up being the most boring. Special effects were great though, and not just for the time.

Funny Games
Funny Games(1998)

Rating: 4 stars-
Arthouse Rating: 4 stars+

Michael Hanekes Funny Games is a movie that fights violence in film, by putting extreme violence into a film. Maybe that's the only way to do it. Most regular audiences will be disturbed and shaken, if you've watched enough violent films in the past you'll sit through it while feeling agitated. It depends on the audience really, and while it's film that's incredibly self indulgent, it's sophisticated. Two sadists terrorize rich vacationers, for pleasure purposes. For entertainment value, which is the exact reason the viewers keep watching. And the villains in the film, they will call you out for it. Not always directly either. The acting by the four adults was authentic and true to itself, I honestly applaud the actors. The films pacing is some of the best ever, other than the concluding scene (which was intentionally offbeat), the film moves itself in an extraordinary tempo. Builds a load of tension coming in, and while predictable later on, still uses the filming techniques to keep the audience involved. While I do understand the underlying message, there's a difference between Tarantino violence and this, and I believe that must be understood too.

Putney Swope
Putney Swope(1969)

Putney Swope is the most acclaimed Downey Sr. film, and it's because it was one of the riskiest films I've seen. Hardcore satire here, the whole story is of a black man taking over an advertising company as a fluke. He then fires the white crews, hires stereotypical African Americans, and the film goes full pledged racism. The crew demanding watermelon breaks, instead of smoking breaks, and that's just average. I was laughing for the majority of the film, and the hilarious advertisements. I think some of the techniques were questionable, such as dubbing Putneys voice, but it paid off. It felt a bit like a publicity stunt, but stuck to the roots. Even has a Chafed Ellbows Easter egg in there. I think I'll probably re watch this with in the month

No More Excuses

No More Excuses paralleled the civil war, animal nudity, and the sexual revolution. What do you mean what do these things have in common? Isn't it obvious, psh. The first twenty minutes or so was interesting, but it became to repetitive, going over the same things again and again. It was enjoyable over all, but I thinking adding a couple more topics would make it a legit satire master piece.

Chafed Elbows

Chafed Elbows is my favorite of the Downey Sr. explorations. It was the story of a man involved in incest with his mother, and is a direct involvement in a murder. It was a hysterical piece, the dry humor therapist scene had me laughing my ass off. Just these wise one liners all the way through, and underground cinema inside jokes made it an extremely interesting film. I thought the dubbing was annoying though, and would be better just to make it a regular shoot.

Babo 73
Babo 73(1964)

The first Downey Sr. film I viewed was the political satire Babo 73. The film had a view good moments early on, such as the confession scene, but it quickly got boring and even predictable. I understood the satire of it, in fact I feel like the satire in this one was to simple. You don't even have to think about it, it's all laid out for you. As a directorial debut it's certainly not a great one, but it has a few sparks of energy.

Hail the Conquering Hero

Only the second Sturges film I've seen, following The Lady Eve, which I slightly prefer. The movie about a coming back from war guilt ridden "hero" who lied all the way to being nominated for mayor, has a few laughs, but isn't anything special. It's from 1944, and is unfortunately outdated with his beautiful America attitude. It was nothing more than Ok.

Los Cronocrímenes (Timecrimes)

Rating: 4.5 stars
Arthouse rating: 4.5 stars
I fell in love with the movie Triangle back in 2010, three years later I discover the movie from two years earlier from Spain Timecrimes. Let me just start off with comparisons of Triangle. Both have a similar setting, isolated characters, time loop, and a masked pro/antagonist. Both were being designed during 2005, but Timecrimes finished it first. Now time for the actual review, the first twenty minutes of this film was an absolutely thrilling ride. It was the most intense opening since When a Stranger Calls, insanely well paced. The following wasn't as thrilling, but still entertaining all the way to the end. It was well shot, and Vigalondo did a fantastic and attentive job directing. Compared to Triangle I think this was artistically better, but the Australian film was more fun. They are both brilliant films though.

The Joneses
The Joneses(2010)

*Major Spoilers*

The Joneses, an ideal family who just moved into the richest town in America. This family has a dark hyped up secret though. Are they there for witness protection after witnessing the murder of the president? No. Are they undercover cops tracking down an actor who run a sex trafficking program? Nah. They're sales men, undercover ones, what's so dark about this, I don't know. It was a spoof on advertising, not a particularly funny one though. Also a painfully predictable story, I wish it would be les typical. I can't imagine anyone loving the movie, it's definition of a mediocre film. The drama was weak, and had some plot holes to it. The casting was great though, the actors fit the roles amazingly. It was worth a tip of the hat. Altogether the film is just to average, to shine, I'm even a bit surprised it was shown in theaters.

This Is Spinal Tap

The 80s cult mockumentary This is Spinal Tap, doesn't have a striking appeal with me. Stylistically it's interesting for the films to satire rock stereotypes, and make the all around setting feel real. Interviewing to dope rock leaders, whose band is getting a "more exclusive audience". I actually never did laugh in this film, I lightly exhaled from my mouth making a "psh" sound, but I never actually had a real chuckle come out of this. It's not the most special of films, but it is decent. It's a film to watch midnight Saturday after drinking some red bulls, that was not the setting I was in.

Eyes Wide Open (Einaym Pkuhot)

Eyes Wide Open is my official introduction to Israeli cinema and I must say it's a weak start. While the film which is a directorial debut is well organized, it's to pessimistic. I felt like I was a watching a holocaust movie for Gods sake. The opening scene showed two depressing men in a gloomy raining setting, the whole film continued like that. It was a drama queen, and not a particularly entertaining one. As a drama it tried to hard to make the audience depressed, and based on the critical reception it worked, I didn't suck into it though.

Dancer in the Dark

Rating: 4 stars
Arthouse Rating: 4 stars+

Dancer In The Dark, is Lars Von Triers most accomplished work. It follows Selma a near blind immigrant who doesn't live on luxuries. Selma in theory is a great human being, she has a strong faith in humanity, trust worthy, and a joyful person. These just aren't the skills needed to survive though, because with these qualities she's naive, lives in a dream, and has no sense of priorities. This makes it a difficult watch, she gets the audience frustrated with her. For example dreaming that a court room turns into a musical when being tried for murder. She's to imaginative and has no idea how reality works, keeping a secret for a now dead man who betrayed is something no one would do. This is what made the film so devastating.

Everything came back during the trial scene, everything that was done and said had a meaning. Some scenes of dialouge might seem pointless, but it all did come back. I've never seen every single scene incorporated to have an impact. At 140 plus minutes, there was nothing that was worthless to the story. The musical scenes were all dreams, and enjoyable since they were well put together and spread out. Bjorks did not make my ears bleed, and she did give an unfeigned performance.

Von Trier created an absolutely brilliant picture, the best film of 2000. It felt like absolute reality, with a cheesy but fitting score and great camera angles. Like the scene where the camera was half in a lake and half above viewing a distant Selma, was one of the best shots I've ever beheld. All around a brilliant film and I certainly imagine myself watching it again.


Robocop is the Verhoeven that I was looking forward to most, but found it as the least entertaining. A struggling police department in Detroit creates a machine cop that raids the city with justice. Personally I would prefer the 2011 grindhouse epic in Hobo With a Shotgun which has a similar idea, but in my mind has a true meaning behind it. Actually a strong movie for the emotions, while Robocop was just more of a fun film. Cheesy with the search for Justice, and the seize of corruption. It had some good comedic moments similar to the anti-war campaign of Starship Troopers, but while it was passing I didn't feel anything special.

Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct is a sexual psychological thriller with twists and turns until the ending. It was undeniably intense, and explicit. It adds humor in unlikely places. The film revolves around sex, it's paced brilliantly, and you don't know anything about the two suspects true identity until last second. I'm not going to spoil it but I think the way the concluding scene is finished is smart, it leaves it to the viewer. All around a masterful thriller, that could almost be called a dirty version of Vertigo.

Hollow Man
Hollow Man(2000)

Hollow Man is actually a half decent film. I wasn't that fond of the special effects, but when I look back it's interesting. I thought the acting led by Kevin Bacon was pretty crummy though. A small group of scientists turn the leader of the project invisible. All he can think of now is sex and killing, while this has been criticized I think this movie would suck if he didn't go insane. It was actually sufficiently thrilling, the last scene had me tense. It wasn't the smartest plot, but I was a fun one. Maybe it did feel lacking of a true purpose or sense, it's odd that the Doctor went mad so quickly, but it was all around an entertaining treat. It seems like one of those movies to watch on a plane, nothing great but it'll keep your eyes on the screen.
2.5 stars+

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is an inspiring and lovely documentary on the determination of Jiro, the greatest sushi chef. A not so traditional Japanese, who has the typical work ethic but not ideologies. An intriguing and humorous character, who at 85 still has a need to work. The camera work was stunning, the score was perfect, and the dishes looked unbelievable. I had an instant craving to fly to Tokyo and eat that sushi. It shows the true craft and search for absolute perfection. It's amazing to see a group of people so determined to the lifestyle, that they sacrificed there lives for it. Undoubtably the greatest looking documentary I've seen.

Blue Valentine

Rating: 2.5 stars
Arthouse Rating: 3 stars+

The attempt to spray an intellectual cologne on what would other wise be a failed film, ended up being a strong attempt, but not a great one. It felt authentic, Michelle Williams and Gosling convinced me that I was watching a documentary on a failed marriage. Almost a scrap book going from present to past. But it was gruesomely slow, the entire movie was practically rising action. Climax, falling action, and conclusion only came at the concluding twenty minutes. It was a true shift from the normal style. It didn't touch me personally, despite the authenticity. The marriage wasn't that dreadful, and the characters weren't touching. What I noticed was that it only showed those two characters and elderly primarily. I believe this was almost an attempt to foreshadow onto the future. I didn't understand the ending, but it looked
cool I guess. The film was style over substance and it reflects.


When I saw the trailer I was amazed, but when I finally saw it I didn't know what I was coming into. One of the most emotionally devastating passionate films I've ever seen. I had to turn it off twice just to give myself a break. I came very close to tears in the animal abuse scene, which got me unbelievably angry. It was very dark and in your face. It was hardcore pessimism, but it's the only way it could've gotten its message across. Brody had his best performance since The Pianist, and it might be the saddest movie since then. Many arthouse characteristics, like chalkboard drawing and philosophy from Brody. Still not sure if it was scripted, or real. Very unique, an has a strong message. I think everyone needs to watch this.

Lost In Translation

I'm very mixed on this film, I love the lay back style. I mean you could've walked out for fifteen minutes and still got what's going on. Very relaxed and intimate with the viewer. It was also captivatingly beautiful, the city looked outstanding. I swear these are the people that make fast food look good in commercials. Especially the hospital scene, which was very plain, I was staring in awe.

I'll be in the minority and say I found both the characters annoying. I was focused more on how things look around them than the story. I usually like Murray and Johansson, but I feel they were giving irritating roles. Both passive aggressive, and too bitter at life. The dialogue was pretty real, but the only thing that really stuck out to me is how everything looked. It's not a phenomenal movie, but it is a reasonable one.


I wasn't a big fan of Jay & Silent Bob also directed by Kevin Smith but this was half good. I did like how it was spanned over one day, because it truly did make it miserable for the protagonist. I think filming in B&W was questionable though. This was far from a serious film and I believe in color, it could've treated itself like it really was, a stupid comedy. A decent stupid comedy, but it's not a smart film. The best scene is where Randall talks with Veronique and the bathroom sex scene. Those were truly hysterical.

Elevator to the Gallows (Ascenseur pour l'échafaud)

Rating: 2 stars
Arthouse Rating: 2.5 stars

Elevator To The Gallows is the only truly acclaimed work of Malle that I've seen. While it was unique, following two criminal couples with baggage in France, it wasn't particularly good. For one everything felt to coincidental, everything happened at the wrong time, or right time depending on how you viewed the film. I was viewing it rooting against the protagonists. All four of them, I was cheering for the police. Therefore the ending actually did bring some joy to me. I doubt this is how Malle intended to deliver the film though. I also felt like the female performances were amateur. The men did alright, but the woman didn't seem convincing at all. I feel like my rating is a tad rough, but honestly I didn't catch the hype. I'm not saying it's overrated, just not of value to me. I will say though, some scenes looked gorgeous.

The Long Goodbye

Robert Altman's "The Long Goodbye" isn't only in my mind his greatest achievment, it is one of the ten greatest film I've seen to date. It follows the private detector Phillip Marlowe who had had other appearances in film. This time around he was played by the amazing Elliot Gould, who fits his role like a custom made glove. If that even exists. Marlowe was a wise guy, everyone saw it, and everyone has an opinion of Marlowe. We seem him shocked once in the movie, it was the coke bottle scene. One of the few scenes of true violence in the film. It's a scarring and relentless scene, and Marlowe is visibly shaken. For the rest of the film he's wise as can be, and walks around as if he's invincible. No matter what's going on in the back of his mind, he's concerned with his cat who ran away. We never know the fate of his cat, and we can only hope it doesn't turn out like his other friend. Both of his pals are gone by the end, Marlowe doesn't sweat it though.

There's a lot to be said about the similarities between this and Polanski's "Chinatown", another one of my favorites. Both have a smart ass detective, who's sly but never boastful. In Polanski's film the detective is played by Jack Nicholson. Who in my mind has obvious similarities with Elliot Gould. Both detectives revolve around the woman who's involved in there case, and the woman in both films views them as puppets. Both women have a breakdown forced by the detective. The sexual tension is so familiar, and these films only have a year between one another. They both deal with corruption in the police force and cover ups. "Chinatown" digs much deeper, but Robert Altman exposes it too.

I believe Mr.Ebert described Marlow's character the best. He lives in the seventies but him mind is in the fifties. He's the odd man out in this film, he dresses differently, talks independently, and is the lone man in smoking. The only man similar to him is Mr. Wade, played by Sterling Hayden, with his shaggy beard and dirty habits. But even he the alcoholic is more blended into the crowd. The film has three scenes that stick. Three of the finest scenes in film history. The coke bottle, which I already spoke on. The public argument as drowning scene, which Gould, Hayden, and Pallandt show us true acting all at once. And finally the concluding scene, the wieght off the shoulder, the revenge. They were perfectly shot, and truly this was flawless in a technical sense. The camera work, the sound track, the writing, it was brilliant film noir.

The scenes were captivating picture of symmetry. We have the black and white Marlowe in the middle, then we flowery colors and trees forming a wall around him. I view this film a true craftsman ship. Everything fit, not a thing out of place. I feel like the elusiveness is what makes it great, we never know the true color of the main characters. They are covered with something outside them. We see there baggage, but not there thoughts. The audience doesn't know what the thought process behind these people are. Making anything possible, it all unwraps itself, with twists and turns. I've called Altman dry many times before, but this was far from boring. Despite having long in the title, this is an entertaining film, that I loved. It's amongst my ten favorites now, and I'm sure I'll only enjoy it more as time goes on.
4.5 stars++

The Usual Suspects

This is the first film I've watched in 2013, and I must say it's a hell of a start. My hype for this was positively met. It's an amazing designed crime thriller, comparable in quality to another movie Spacey stars in, released the same year,Se7en. After the first twenty minutes it was never easy to follow, this made it all the more intriguing. Like the large majority of people I strongly preferred the second half. Most notably the concluding ten minutes, which messed with your heart and mind. I only fully grasped the final twist the following morning. It was grade A quality. Spacey best performance by far, he deserved his Oscar. The story was pure genius, and while it dragged in some parts, I really can't say I was ever bored.


I watched the documentary Collapse today, and I'm still not sure what to make of this little beast. Michael Ruppert, is the only man of the documentary, which was pretty much just a self driven multi-media interview. Ruppert claims to not be a conspirator, because he uses fact. But it feels like he's so obsessed and paranoid, that he convinces himself of these facts. He talked about the Bush administration and Dick Cheney with such fear, that it's convincing. He states in one point of the film that "he's not messiah", but he sure acted like a prophet at times. Smoking a cigarette while talking about organics and the chemicals in soil, feels a bit contradictory to me. The words flowed out with such confidence and with an egotistic tone, it became hard to believe a word he said.

His ideas did match mine in some areas. When he was talking as a Malthusian, on oil and other natural resources, it was hard connect for me. It was to pessimistic when he would flat out state "it just will never work" on many of the solutions. I agree with the fundamentals, but to say buy seeds, invest in gold, get first aid books, sounds like a mix of Harold Camping and Glenn Beck to me. I did agree with him though on the sham that paper money is. Maybe some of what he says was true, but to think like he does, that every last thing he said was true, then we have a cult. The 100th monkey never came to create one though, and it's for the best.

Even with my displeasure these were fascinating ideas. I always intrigued, and even if you're nowhere a Cassandra, it'll make you think. The Titanic philosophy did touch me on a personal point, mainly because I'd be the one saying "it won't sink". It was always watchable and always strong. No one's gonna meet with the guys ideas on everything, most won't like him, but most will listen. It might've been random rambling, it might've been true studies and statistics. There's a cover up, there always has been, but we're still here. In a hundred years the atrocity of the Clinton, Bush, and Obama years will be released. Just like it was for Ulysses S. Grant and Harding. Corruption is there, oil is a problem, revolts may take place, but is it how Ruppert says it is? No.

Django Unchained

Django Unchained, Tarantino's first movie in over three years, has met the hype. After Argo this would be my favorite of the year, and it's not too far. It was a blood fest, and this time just as gritty as the trailer depicted. The closing sequence was non stop action and gore. The Kill Bill and Deathproof fans won't be disappointed.

The cast was full of familiar faces and stars. But no matter how familiar they were to you, they convinced you of there roles. It was expected for Leo Dicaprio to be the star villain. I think Christoph Waltz was the star once again, like in his Oscar winning role in Inglorious Bastards. Jamie Foxx was surprisingly mature, and also fit his role well.

The scenery, costume, and makeup are all worthy of praise. Samuel L. Jackson looked like a senile old man, and Foxx looked like a slave who has been soaked in torture. These were the things that made the movie believable, despite the outrageous sound track, and Tarantino having a role himself.

It was a long film at 2 hours 45 minutes plus, and while I can't say there were no over extended scenes, it didn't feel as long as the run time. This is mainly it was divided into two sections. Bounty hunting and search of Django's wife. All around it was entertaining, and another installment into the great career of Quentin Tarantino.

Belle de Jour

Rating: 3 stars
Arthouse Rating: 3.5 stars

Luis Bunuel created the colorful and seductive work of Belle de Jour. An emotionally but not sexually pleased woman, who goes into prostitution, and also has several bondage fantasies. The film opens with one of these fantasies, and similar to the opening suicide scene in Harold & Maude, we are informed it isn't reality. Everything does feel real enough though, the genuine development of the character "Belle de Jour" was paced professionally. The tension between her and an obsessive client brings a true turning point in the story.

The film had you sucked in the whole time, it played with your mind, and pushed the borders. While it did expose some taboos to the screen, I believe it didn't go to far, as to making the viewer turned off. While it was entertaining, I believe the end was unexplained. Bunuel had the potential to pull anything out during the full film, but the ending was delicate, and it ended up coming out of nowhere. I have no true explanation, while it did stick to you, I think it'll result in the movie being forgotten in the mind. The core of the film is toned, but there was no outer result.

History of the World---Part I

I'm still flabbergasted that my dad bought me this movie in my childhood. I think this was the sixth time I watched it, and the First time that I got all the dirty jokes. The film covers Dawn of man (parody of 2001: A Space Odyssey), stone age, roman empire, Spanish Inquisition,French revolution, and some biblical references. It's a laugh riot, and the genius Mel Brooks put in plenty of things to catch. I'm not sure if it's still my favorite Brooks film, but it's still a damn good one.

Simón del desierto (Simon of the Desert)

Rating: 4 stars
Arthouse Rating: 3.5 stars

If church isn't enough to convince you of the high absurdity of religious fanaticism, then watch Simon of the Desert. Filmed by Luis Bunuel in Mexico, the film takes religious text of bible, and shows it when worshiped as truth. It could've showed the more genocidal and hellish acts depicted as "good deeds", but instead it brings the parts that make the bible (or more the worshipers) a laughing stock. It's much more than a mockery though. It's a story of obsession, spirituality, and self inflicted misery. The film has been overshadowed over the years, but I encourage a watch of this satire. It left a surreal feeling on me, it's a great perspective on excessive spirituality.

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

The film transitioned from great scenes to highly mediocre scenes. Monsieur Bucket, Death, and school were all hysterical moments. War, rugby, and birth not as much. I typically like this kind of random nonsense, and this being my first Monty Python, I had high hopes. It ended up like "Airplane!" where they were half met. It's still a fun film, but I found it inconsistent, and some of the humor tried to hard

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

This was actually a fun film, by no means once so ever a good film, but I had some enjoyment watching. I mean "The Rock", Guzman, and Caine on the screen does equate to some good moments. The CGI had flaws for the high budget, and the slow-mo sucked. I mean they put it so often and in unnecessary
moments. The direction was poor, and some scenes (like the lizard eggs scene) made no sense at all. I tried ignoring the cheesiness, but it's overwhelming. It had it's moments, and I'm sure the kids will like it enough, but in technical measures it's crap

Girl on the Bridge (La Fille sur le Pont)

Rating: 3.5 stars
Arthouse Rating: 4 stars
The 1999 French film "Girl on the Bridge" was shot in Black and white, and adding color to it would be like dumping a bucket of paint on a beautiful Black and White photo. Much more than a romance, it's a character study of depression and search for love. Paradis and Auteuil were a great on screen couple, and the acting was genuine and smooth. I didn't really expect to like this, I expected a typical romance, and while the synopsis is truly as typical as it can get, the flow and setting made it much different. I believe this is for every crowd of movie watchers. There's something for everyone

The 400 Blows (Les Quatre cents coups)

Rating: 2.5 stars
Arthouse Rating: 3 stars
I have mixed views on Trufatts "The 400 Blows". While the French film has some great eye candy scenes, the story starting feeling repetitive and was like watching a dog chase its tail for 90 minutes. I didn't see anything fascinating about the lead character Antoine, and didn't fall in love with him as many have, but instead found him a pest. The writing was clever, but the plot it created truly wasn't. Didn't find it sad at all, gloomy at most, and it didn't meet my expectations.

Paths of Glory

Stanley Kubricks "Paths of Glory" was more than a war film, it was a deep drama that touches on a rich and solemn level. The reason it was so strong is because it brought a tone that deceives you for the better. Execution of innocent soldiers by the country they fight for, doesn't make sense, to the common sense people atleast. The amount of executions demanded went down from 100 to a measly three. This touches on something Joseph Stalin once said "one death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic". These executions touched me much more than the opening sequence of Saving private Ryan, because it was personal. The result wasn't taking three lives, but three dignities. Kirk Douglas had an outstanding performance and it felt like the screenplay was built for him. The ending was irrelevant to the story but fitting. Great film about the politics of war.

3.5 stars+

White Dog
White Dog(1982)

*some spoilers in review

My rating is lower than what the general consensus says of this film, and yes I understand it's making a statement about racism and isn't just about an attack dog. The dog is gentle and sweet around loved ones but a total monster amongst blacks, like many racists. That's a nice message and all, but the film itself doesn't add up. There were minor details that I'd be willing to wipe off, but after a dog kills a man, the dog will be put down, without a doubt. That would not be simply covered up, and it doesn't make sense from any side to cover it up.

Then into the more technical stuff outside the story, Kristy McNichols performance was painfully amateur, and the rest of the cast wasn't a whole lot better. Fuller as a director did a fairly impressive job, but as a co-writer he failed miserably in an attempt to make a realistic screenplay. The ending that attempted to be depressing, was predictable in a sense. It tried to hard in my opinion, but didn't let out enough.


The cult comedy Slacker was very interesting and high on entertainment, but it never really clicked with me. I found myself not watching but instead listening, to the conversations of want to be philosophers/politicians. All with there conspiracies and bar man logic of life, transitioning from one to another with no real strong connection before them. Some had fifteen minutes of screen time, and some had thirty seconds. I still don't know fully why I can't put over a 2.5 on this (which is still a decent rating), I just feel like nothing connected with me. I might as well have been ease dropping on people at Starbucks

The Acid House

The Acid House is a vulgar and perverted literary adaption, of three short stories, in the Scottish slums. It is loaded with profanity, and makes the viewer feel like trash, just by watching. Coming into the viewing I heard nothing of it, but judging it's negative critical reception, and lack of publicity, it's one of the most underrated films I ever encountered. It was hysterical black humor, and probably the best film I've seen from the nineties.

The first story follows Boab, a lazy lump of dirt, who looses everything in a matter of a few hours. After a bar man philosophical meeting with God, he is turned into a fly. The meeting was surprisingly deep, and asks the true question of "why don't we use our powers". As a fly he gets revenge, and sees with the audience a scene of incredible disturbance.

Then there's the most emotionally dwelling story "The Soft Touch". A truly caring but naive man, marries and impregnates a whore. Obviously enough she openly cheats on him, and everything goes down, for the man with no escape. The setting was tense, and while the ending was anti-climatic, it was the most well made of the shorts.

Finally there's the story that the film invests the most effort into, The Acid House. This was absolutely, the best midnight humor I've ever came across. Dirty, crazy, and makes Trainspotting, look like it copped out. A dope head switches bodies with a newly born baby, and while switch of bodies has become a comedy cliche, this one actually made it work. I laughed eccentrically and it really completed the film, if there's any reason to finish it, here you go.

In conclusion I can't explain my love for this film enough. The score and white trash setting put a mood. The small things like the graffiti and the bigger aspects such as the characters all had there contribution. I laughed and could still take the next scene with seriousness. The Acid House is not acclaimed nearly enough. I highly recommended to anyone who's willing to vitiate there brain, for two hours. I hoe all will love it as much as myself, though that's unlikely

Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Sink(2014)

Kitchen Sink is a disturbing and shocking short film that echoes many David Lynch works. The nightmare like characters were of Eraserhead, but the setting was a copy of his short film "The Grandmother". In essence it's a love affair of a young woman and a creature who was found in her sink. The way she nurtured it reminded me of one of those capsules we all had as kids, once you put it in the water it would grow into a foamy animal. She brought this thing to life much like in the novel Frankenstein. I'm still not sure if it's anything special, but if you got fourteen minutes, try it. Eraserhead had the gripping feeling to me, maybe this will have a similar one to you.

The Great Dictator

I've been a Charles Chaplin fan since I was a child, and watching this for the first time solidified my belief that he's the king of slapstick. Bean, Keaton, and The Stooges are all great, but this man is the klutz you can't rely on. The film parodied the WWII dictators, and life in the earlier ghettos. A lot of people seem to prefer one to another, while the scenes had more to follow, the dictator scenes had the laughs. The chair scene was comedy gold, no one can mock Nazis like Chaplin, well Mel brooks, but thats his main gig.
The end was so unbelievably beautiful and unimaginably relevant today. That was the greatest speech delivered in a film. Show this film and Duck Soup to the young people of the world, and we will have world peace.

Cidade de Deus (City of God)

Woot, 400th review!

City of God (Directed by Meirelles) follows a young boy (Rocket) in the slums, it's one of those stories that starts from the end and starts telling the story from the beginning. While I can't find anything significantly unique this is amongst the top 5 most entertaining and realistic I've seen. I've rarely felt something so real that I stopped analyzing and I just felt like I was documenting it. This virtually never happens when the movies being narrated by the protagonist, but it worked here.

The greatest scene was the night club which was a treat to the eyes and ears alike. Absolutely electrifying! The film was never boring even when thinks were getting "good" I was into it. It showed that life in the slums is like King of the Hill, and when someone has been getting to old (which means early twenties in The City of God) they shall be replaced. It's the circle of death and power. Phenomenal film

4 stars++

The Lady From Shanghai

Rating: 1.5 stars
Arthouse Rating: 2 stars

After recently being vividly impressed via Touch of Evil, and seeing this Welles film on Cinemoi, I was very excited. My expectations were absolutely shattered and crushed. The plot was plain out a plain noir story, with nothing to push it forward. The camera work was irritatingly cutting for the opening scene. The narration, with the cheap accent by our protagonist, was only essential because the images couldn't speak for themselves. I was falling asleep watching this, and it wasn't close to late.

The Invisible War

2012 Kirby Dick documentary "The Invisible War" speaks of sextual assault and rape in the US military that's been going on for over two decades. The strongest part of this film is that it has two ways to represent its views. First they have tons, and I mean tons, of victims telling there stories. This brought a personal touch, and showed how there lives were affected. Then they simultaneously show the truly shocking statistics, with proof for all of them. This part makes you frustrated at the higher ups, while your still mad at the criminal. I surely didn't know any of this stuff coming in, it was informative, and had a view military officials to show there side. Made me frustrated, I hope this gets nominated for an Oscar of best doc


This Kirby Dick documentary was passionate and strong but it made statements that it could not backup. Such as the media covering up gay affairs and hardly talking about them. That's highly unbelievable and the film showed contrary if anything. I don't believe in the method of outing, which is purposely trying to drag famous men out of the closet, this is actually conducted primarily by gays. I just ended up feeling more and more pity for the people that were outed the farther this movie went. The in compassionate list of politicians just kept going, and the Film makers didn't stay away from the rest of the family. These aren't criminals they're trying to destroy, just politicians they disagree with. It got so disgusting I turned off the film with twenty minutes left, this was also due to the horrendous film editing. But the stories will stick, and I'll remember it for awhile.


Irrelevant to this time, and lacking a meaning/a point. Felt cheesy, don't know if it was the dialouge or the acting that made it that:

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

For a very long time this has been my number one favorite/best film, while its not there anymore it's still in my top ten. I gave it another viewing recently and I'm reassured of how truly epic this physiological mind f**k, starring the Gylenhall siblings, Swayze, and Barrymore is. All the actors mentioned put up majestic performances . Frank the bunny is the most memorable character of the past decade, his bizarreness and oddity is a direct correspondination of Donnie's rebellious and demented ways. Grandma Death is the second pushing force with Frank, her only words are "every living creature dies alone". Franks most significant quote in response to why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit "why are you wearing that stupid human suit?". Those two sentences are perhaps the most significant to the physiological aspect of this heart racing thriller. The closing scene with "Mad World" playing in the background will always be a chilling conclusion, no matter how many times I've watched it on YouTube or listened to it on my IPhone. I always feel like I don't have enough to say for a film I love so much,in conclusion it's strong emotionally and has the most unique characters displayed in a movie, favorite movie of the 2000s, and one of my all time favorites out of any genre or time
4.5 stars+++


Last time I saw Polanskis brilliant Chinatown was about fourteen months ago. It was as brilliant and thrilling than as it was watching it last night. Nothing wore off, the few scenes I remembered vividly, were some how even better. Even though I knew the twist it was even more shocking. The Cinemetography and soundtranck were superb. The film direction and Townes screenplay are so hard to match. This is one of the six films I'd give the full five star rating to. Two other Polanski films have gotten beside this one, just shows the brilliance of his work. The most intense scene was when Jake (played by the always wonderful Nicholson) sat down and ate with Mr.Cross. It's near the most passive scene in the film, but the most nerve wrenching. A wonderful finale, and I felt like the film was just underway by that time. No movies perfect, but I'm not one who's able to see a flaw in this. The plot created a perfect film noir, one of the five finest films created

Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired

Roman Polanski is my all time favorite directors, his films while not always consistent, when they're good they're the greatest ever made. He could just be the most genuine person in the industry.The film did a good job telling his two most personal life events, murder of his wife, and the child molestation case. For the case of child molestation it brought in all parties, the victim, prosecuter, and Polanskis friends were all interviewed. All of them could agree on two things, the swine of the media, and the awfulness in Judge Rittenband. Even the prosecuter stated he would flee under those conditions. It's one of the all time lows of the American judicial system. The documentary told his stories, side by side with Polanskis films. Making it feel almost as if Polanski foreshadowed all of this. Deeply personal and informative, I loved this documentary


Wilder directs this 50s RomCom starring Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn played the woman in the title whose caught in a love triangle, Sabrina. Sabrina was obsessive and selfish, not attractive with her emotions, yet for an unexplained reason everyone loves her. I recall laughing three times in this near two hour film, and I don't think I really cared once. Plenty could've been cut out, like the opening narration scene. Not a classic in my mind, I'm shocked it wasn't forgotten.

Aguirre, the Wrath of God (Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes)

Rating: 2.5 stars
Arthouse Rating: 4 stars

Watching Aguirre, Wrath of God was more like watching a really well made play than a movie. The costumes, screenplay, and setting just felt more like you're at a theater with a green screen behind the characters. This is a movie you can just sit back and relax through, no twists, turns, or a complex plot. This had a large con to it though, this really had me zoning out. I was in Tellitubby land for more than a third of the movie. This is what caused the large gap between my rating and the arthouse rating. The abuse of the horse did piss me off, it's the only thing that set off a reaction from me. Most people will enjoy this, and everyone will appreciated the work put into it, but it just wasn't my movie.

Downfall (Der Untergang)

Rating: 3.5 stars
Arthouse Rating: 4 stars

The two strongest sequences were the opening twenty minutes and the closing twenty. This was when the movie took the risk of getting close and humanizing the nazis. The director could've gotten to compassionate and this film would be an epic failure and controversy. The director stayed in his reach, without playing it too safe, in the wrong hands that wouldn't happen.

Bruno Ganz played Hitler all to well, I felt like some of the supporting roles were weaker in an obvious way though. Never the less Ganz should've gotten an oscar nomination. It was running long at 150 minutes. Maybe 90 of those were entertaining or significant. If it was cutdown though you wouldn't feel the strength of the closing sequence.

Close to Germany, and it only shows Nazi Germnay. You never even glance at the Red Army shooting, this wasn't about the war. It was about the ruins of Germany and the chaos approaching the Nazi regime. Executed it's mission and stayed constant with timing and execution. Amongst Million Dollar Baby, Eternal Sunshine, and The Incredibles for the best of 2004.

Harold and Maude

Rating: 3 stars-
Arthouse Rating: 2.5+

Not really gonna say much I've never had more trouble giving a film an objective rating. There was a lot to enjoy but things I found distasteful. Not offensive but more to bright for the film. Had trouble finding a tone, an while the personalities were interesting, the love was not.

Touch of Evil

Rating: 4.5 stars+
Arthouse Rating: 4.5 stars++

Orson Welles contrived a truly fine visionary noir masterpiece in The Touch of Evil. I need to re-watch both but from what I've seen this kicks the hell out of Citizen Kane. The camera work in this has never been beat through all these years, or at least not by many. Always something going on through the windows or in the mirror, that's showing another view of the story. This almost gives the background a life of its own. Hank and Uncle Joe Grandi are two of the most memorable personalities ever. This worked so smoothly, and is something any generation can enjoy. Welles created one of the three best films of the fifties, a true masterpiece.

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

Yes I'll agree Fox news is an extremely biased news channel. But the problem with the documentary is that it ended up doing the same thing Fox news did. Same propaganda. It showed Fox news making a big deal of small things, like Kerry looking French. But this made the line "You decide" seem like sorcery in brain wash. The reason I loved Religelous so much is everyone got to defend there views. Watching outfoxed is like watching someone jab at an unconscious opponent. Not a soul good defend the station. I found the Jeremy Glick case interesting since I've seen Ive done some research on it before, but other than that this was hypocritical crap

Battle Royale

A group of students are recruited to fight to the death on a remote island, and no it's not The Hunger Games. It's a bad ass Japeanese film, with the most unique kills since Man Bites Dog. What I loved about this is you had to kill the people you went to school with for most of your life, the people closest to you, this could either make it really easy or really difficult. The nerdy pupils strike first, and many made alliances. The action was always active, and it made you ask "what would I do". I'd wish for some more character devolepment outside of just one student, but other than that I have no complaints.

The Dictator
The Dictator(2012)

"I'm Pregnant"
"Is it a boy or an abortion"

I read a critic comparing this to the Marx Brothers Duck Soup. Don't do that. It's not the familiar, and Duck Soup puts any comedy to shame.
The dictator relied on shock humor, but it is Cohen after all. Not for the easily offended, and it'll target most everyone. Making jokes of child molestation and every race, it's gonna be a hell of a ride.
Had many smart political jokes, especially in the opening fifteen minutes. Mainly sex jokes though, which were hit and miss. Compared to other Cohen films I'd put it over Ali G in da house, Bruno, and Talegada nights. Under Borat and Hugo though


Rating: 1 star
Arthouse rating: 1.5 stars

I'll be in the minority and say I could not stand this film at all. The performances were all over the place, I'd rather have the actors be consistently horrific than seeing a talented actor standing by a zombie on a move set. It was either to forced or to weak, and a few good supporting roles. The one that stood out was the Nazi officer closing the university.

The director pushed for accurate and strong scenery, but it was so grey that it caused a sleeping effect. I realize it's intended to be a drama, but even the bright colors (like a red communist flag) would be dark.

It seemed to be searching for a tone dialectal wise. The same minute one is celebrating she breaks down. The main character was annoying, and I honestly could not finish the film, which hasn't happened in awhile. I could care less how it worked it out, it had the passion, but not the result.

The Campaign
The Campaign(2012)

Ferrel and Galifinikanes in a tight political race, it's gonna come with its laughs no matter how uptight you are. Personally the political that tried to be smart, like the taking down of the slide, were to simple and obvious, not symbolic. The "late night" laughs and misfortunes were great though. It should of stuck with just that kind of humor. Constantly entertaining and it flew by fast. The happy ending came out of nowhere, but I shouldn't be judging this as a smart movie. It had its moments, and I'd call it the second best comedy of the year, so far (behind Jeff, Who Lives at Home)


I haven't watched a good ole Woody Allen for awhile, and while this wasn't a bad one, it doesn't compare to the likes of Annie hall and Midnight in Paris. I personally was a bit turned off by the black and white, since Manhattan is a colorful city, atleast some symbolic coloring like that in schindlers list would help. It was still masterful in its dialect, but the whole love triangle got old and was awkwardly paced. Woodys a genius no doubt, but I'll be in the minority and say this is just a decent piece.


Rating: 3.5 stars
Arthouse Rating: 3 stars++

Imagine a ghettoized version of Breaking Bad, that's close to what you have in Biutiful. Javier Bardem had one of the most memorable performances of 2010, and deserved his Oscar nomination . The camera worked uniquely and flawlessly, every moment and every reaction was eventually caught. The best Cinemetography I've seen in 2010 film outside of True Grit. It wasn't an original idea, and it was predictable, despite this though it was emotionally grueling and well played

Summer With Monika (Sommaren med Monika)

Ingmar Bergmans early but still mature film focuses on young love, and heartbreak, that's still relevant today. Lars Ekborg was extremely impressive for a young actor. Many (not including myself) find it hard to feel acting of foreign cinema, if this performance doesn't convince you it can be great, than you're trying not to like it. There were bland sequences here, and it didn't have a full Bergman spunk. That being said its still a hefty romance that can be enjoyed sixty years later.

Moscow On The Hudson

"I bought my first pair of American shoes, they are from Italy"

With my parents being immigrants from the Soviet Union "Moscow on the Hudson" strikes nerve with me. Lead by the always deep Robin Williams, and supporting roles from the Russian Rey and Kramorav. The film was playful in narrative but grief filled in story. The "blue jeans" scene and the whole
Store shopping scene were hilariously accurate. Not for everyone, but of this is a subject close to you, than you can't hate it.

The Hospital
The Hospital(1971)

I honestly couldn't even finish this film, the tone seemed confused on whether it'd be serious or satire. The dialogue was mediocre and sometimes frustrating. I found it hard to have any and all focus in the film, and I think the director had the same problem.


Rating: 3.5 stars
Arthouse rating: 4 stars

Network could just be to television what Cinema Paradiso is to film. A tribute, showing the wonders through background and a story. Network had many notable scenes, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore" could've just inspired "It's my money and I want it now". It had a sudden ending, like that in An American Werewolf in London, but a solid ending. The narration was there to help move the story,and was never intrusive to the film. Best consisting acting from a cast I've seen from the 70s, and just one of the most iconic films I've seen from the period.

Professione: reporter (The Passenger)

Rating: 2 stars
Art House Rating: 3 stars

Perhaps the slowest film I've ever seen "The passenger", the plot was extremely intriguing, but told in a bland way. So bland that I could care less how this all turned out. The scenery was brilliantly memorizing and one of the few eye candies of this film. Nicholson put up an excellent performance, which has always been consistent too him. I might've enjoyed this more of I was watching in an observatory mood. I still respect this, but it feels like a truly "film scholar" type of film. Stunning when you analyze it frame by frame, boring when you sit back and watch.


Most of the laughs I had during this were just out of pure shock. Bruno himself didn't say or do anything funny, it was the reactions, in Borat there were smart lines and political references. The Isreal Palestine scene was fairly decent. Probably the best scene in the whole film. The closing MMA scene and Hotel scene were plain out disgusting. Nor am I sure if some of these are real situations. Crap humor, I'd rather spend that time rewatching Borat

Cries and Whispers

The underlying color of this notorious Ingmar Bergman film was red. Red, as in the red associated with blood, anguish,envy,Satan, anyways it's not a blissful color. Ingmar Bergman concentrated on it, and planted it all around. Harriet Andersson who play the ill Agnes, put up a terrifyingly real and brutal performance. Her agony was always with us. The heavy breathing scene left me stiff to the inner marrow of my bones. The film was as gruesome as it was delicate, perfectly paced and raw to the core

Battleship Potemkin

Battleship Potemkin had without a doubt the greatest cinematography of its time, and for decades to come. The Odessa steps scene was so beautiful and artistic it truly felt like a piece of art. I hope to explore more Eisenstien in the future. This is a Soviet and a world classic, with limited propaganda. Short and always to the point. Magnificent film


I will hold off from a full review until a second viewing becaus I feel like I'm missing something.


I feel like this deserves a 3 but there's so little outside of a popcorn movie here. First off this was in no way that type of an Inception sci-fi, this lays it out for you, nothing to really figure out. Some audience might like it, but I prefer cinema that doesn't just hand me everything. The action scenes (and there's probably less of them than you'd expect) used decent CGI, not great though. I never realized how much JGL and Willis look alike, and the director Rian Johnson, tried to pay attention to detail, but missed a few. What I did like is it used the "In Times" look of the future, a dark place where the rich survive and poor are left for dead, it's been done before, but I think this is a more realistic way at looking at things. This is also much better and different than In Time, so don't think I'm saying it's copying. It's not gonna be a movie that messes with you're mind, it will be simple, one that a typical action fan will enjoy. No oscars here but no razzies either.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

The narrative style annoyed me for most of the first part of the film, but it slowly grew on me. Though this was in no mean a great film with this narrative, it added a certain flair. Swinton was dedicated to her role, but as far as the full movie, there wasn't anything outside of the trailer. A haunting a trailer, a trailer that got me intrigued, but intimately a trailer that gave it all away. To add on other than Kevin being an undiagnosed crazy, it seems like even the director didn't know the motive.


Imagine a less fart joke version of Step Brothers, that is what you have here. Cyrus is a calm comedy, not many laughs, but something you can enjoy. With similar dialogue to "Puffy chair" and earlier Duplass film. This dialogue either realistic or corny, depending on your looks of things. Funny, sweet, and simple.

Man on Fire
Man on Fire(2004)

Imagine an even cheesier version than Taken. At least Taken was a good popcorn films though, this was a yawn fest. If the whole movie went at the rate of the fifteen minute sequence of Denzel Washington being a bad ass, this would be a different story. But it was slow, and tried to create a new technical achievement, by writing down key factors on the screen. I think Don't mess with the Zohan did it better though, and that tells you something.

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet(1986)

This was the best film watching experience I've had in months. David Lynch (currently my second favorite director) brought in his usual mind twisting aspects and a solid dark Sherlock kind mystery. The villain in this film, David, stands amongst Lynches other surreal characters. The sextual tension (especially shown after Jeffery sees David) is similar to that of antichrist. Violently oriented and oddly seductive. Jeffery is comparable to Hoffman in "The Graduate", someone new to this world who shapes into it. Blue Velvet was intense from the opening scene to the closing sequence, true thriller this was. Odd, gorgeous, and tense, that's Lynch for you.


having a real hostage from this time period in the theater was really something cool. And I must say this is the best film I've seen this year. It went from tense, to comedic, and back to tense. Filled with dialouge that evoked laughs from all generations. This film also used news reels to tell the story of what was going on in the U.S. while the mission was going down. You felt the anger and frustration of a nation. The casting was superb, as you'll see by the end of the move. The crew cared about making this historically accurate. This was the best film going experience I've had in a long time. I recommend this to almost anyone who has the slightest interest in movies. Lovely score, star studded cast, and Affleck continues to impress as a director.


This is the first Godard movie I can say I was vividly entertained throughout the whole movie. A unique love story between a murderer and an American girl in France. Stuffed with memorable dialogue and every moment something was happening. Practically every single second was filled. I still hate Godard's cinematography style, it's annoying and confusing. Unlike the other Godard works I've seen though this one kept you into it, and started the French new wave.

Shotgun Stories

Jeff Nichols is a fine young director, this and Take Shelter (also with veteran actor Michael Shannon) are great. Mud could also be good. I planned to watch this over two day but I got sucked in. Its an amusing piece of work, with sub par performances, in this movie of family rivalry. The tension builds, and while both families are trash, you'll figure out what side you'll take early. The film tied to show both sides but it was certainly biased. That might've made it better though.

Killer's Kiss

I don't think it's fair just because Kubrick was a young director that's an excuse to over rate this film. Romero, Nolan, and Richard Kelly had possibly there best works in there debut films. This was just wasn't great, Kubrick used some intresting techniques, by just shooting street props for moments of time, but that's not reason to make it fresh. For a 67 minute film it sure is dry, and I for the life of me can't understand what was attractive about that selfish lady, she was just as bad as the one from The Killing. There were also some very clear plot holes in the screen play, ones that were easy to spot too.


You can tell how far into Brick you are by how battered Levitt's face is. The dialouge in this film was rich and unique. The props usage was woderful, and compable to that of Personas. Everything had a reason, even the pictures on the wall set the enviorment. Oh ya and Pins cane was awesome. Brick is one of the many films were everything gets added up in the final five minutes, it was done in a cheesy way, but it worked. Levitt played a similar role to his in Mysterious Skin, a troubled youth who resorts to illegal activities as an escape. Rain Johnson, who recently released Looper, made this what it is, and that is an indispensable phsycological thriller.
3.5 stars ++

Taken 2
Taken 2(2012)

Honestly, did anyone feel any thrills? Did anyone have another thought other than "this is so cheesy". I know I didn't, Taken 2 fell down way lower than the original, the acting was so forced along with the whole film. The camera during the fight scenes was going all over the place, making it confusing, and hardly even there. Even Liam's Neesons badassery wasn't all there. Unrealistic in the scene that he calls his daughter with three guns pointed at him, gives her instructions, and than the kidnappers are confused on where she went. The only way they could save the franchise at this point has to be a prequel to the original, they sure do need something to save it after this crap.


Melancholia was the story of a insane spoiled brats wedding and the destruction of the world. Whether that sounds intriguing to you or loony it doesn't work. Lars Von Trier uses his typical style here, the only difference I noticed was the camera was more distant from the characters than in most of his films. He really stayed away this time from zooming into the Rated R scenes unlike in his last film Antichrist.

This film also had some similarities to Tree of Life from the same year. They both had a scenes of captivating momens and then had a long problem family story. Tree of Life (directed by Terrence Mallick) put it together better though.

The cast led by Kristen Dunst were well selected and fit there parts perfect. I would relate Dunst performance to that of Theron in Young Adult. Neither film was anything near good, but the leading females did a hell of a job. It was an intresting concept but by the time the wedding was over I was already zoning out, and I had another one and a half hours to go.


I originally gave this film a fairly negative review. After giving it a second viewing I can admit my mistake. I called this film that most disturbing ever, I'd put it behind Irreversible and Mysterious Skin, but yes it's up there. You'll see some messed up things, and not things everyone can handle. I shall not go in detail this time around. I made a mistake and said Von Trier crossed the line of what you can put in a film. Well since this is a published film, obviously he didn't. It's an anything goes world, and it's a sick one. This time I actually felt the horror, my heart was racing. Beautiful artistic scenery and scenes. Great film that requires multiple viewings

The Killing
The Killing(1956)

The early Kubrick film noir that inspired Tarantinos Resevoir Dogs, goes out of the norm for Hollywood. While a flop at the box office this drew a lot of attention to the crew among which is Sterling Hayden. The film followed five different views of a heist. Showing family lives and the heist itself. Personally I only felt a connection with George, who had the most personal and seem story. It felt bland in its narrative, but this changed after the heist was done. The concluding fifteen minutes were pure awesomeness. Especially the concluding scene will be remembered by me for awhile


Of the little I've seen him I'm finding it very hard to enjoy a Godard movie. I can appreciate his directing style, but his films seem to very bland in my eyes. I still do have to see Breathless though. In this film, Contempt, it felt like Godard was trying to immigrate Fellini's films La Dolce Vita and 8 1/2. I didn't feel an originality, or anything to make me interested. Outside a wonderful use of colors and cinematography there wasn't to much in this film

The Artist
The Artist(2011)

Let me start off by saying this isn't all that original. Mel Brooks did something very similar in Silent Movie. Not only was it
Silent like this, it was a similar plot. So I wish people would stop calling this the most original work. I did enjoy how the film changed as the world of film changed, which was an interesting touch. This made it almost like a tribute, if you would like a true tribute to film though watch Cinema pardisio. It must've took a lot of studying to write a screenplay for a silent movie in this day and age though. So I'm impressed by that, also the dream scene was one of my favorite of 2011. But this shouldn't have been best picture in my mind. Out of the five other nominees I saw I would've proffered all of them, even a handful of films that weren't nominated. It was Oscar bait though, and not to much more

An American Werewolf in London

This film felt like a mix of many other prior and later films. The concepts and some scenes were similar to those in Fearless Vampire Killers. I actually enjoyed this one though. The scare tactics were much like those in the second poltergeist. And the humor was so similar to a movie I love the original Fright Night.

The credits to this film had campy fun music. This was placed right after a sad scene. Without a fade out or anything. Almost as if Landis didn't know what he was doing. But he did, and the credits even added to the tune of the film. I recommend this as a late night comedy, for almost every age group. This is (for a lack of a better word) a fun movie.

Broken Embraces

The only other Almodovar movie I've seen is "All About my Mother". While I enjoyed that one I would pick this one over it any day. This film had wonderful story telling. It put humor into dark areas, it was chilling and disturbing at the same time. Almodovar let you figure out the twists on your own, without making it to out there and obvious. And yes there were a lot of twists. Penelope Cruz was great, and Almodovars use of colors made this a beautiful and a never boring experience.


I'm split on the debut film of Stillman. I'll start with the good. It seemed like an accurate satirical view of the upper class of New York. With there socialist beliefs and there unhappiness in their successes and inheritances. It had a fun script with intellectual jokes.

On the bad side in the three years of portrayal the characters didn't change at all. Physically or mentally. Not even a haircut. If Stillman wanted to be lazy he could've set this over one night. That would also take away from the other con of the relationships between characters were confusing and indifferent.

The Pursuit of Happyness

True story or not this film accomplished less than half of what Kramer vs Kramer could. It relied to much on the lovability of Chris, while Kramer vs Kramer would go off heart felt emotions. To add on in the whole film after the mom left, the son (played by Will Smiths real son) asked about her once. Thats just not realistic. If you take out a witty script and Will Smith all you're left with is "Based on a true story".

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

You know, this was a good comedy by John Hughes but I'll say this in the large minority I thought the later Due Date funnier. Gallifinakines was more annoying while Caddy was lovable. Steve Martin was the better protagonist though. Anyways that beside the point of this John Hughes film. It was very will written with some unforgettable moments. The wrong way on the highway scene was one of the best. It was funny and had a touching ending. It was fairly entertaining and considered Hughes, Martins, and Caddies best. I think Martin was best in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels but he did good here too. A good movie to watch in a more matured family.

Man Bites Dog

This film is violent, nasty, and has some of the best black humor since Dr. Strangelove. The serial killer being followed by the documentary crew in this mockumentary is Ben. He is an expert in killing, dirty jokes, and probably majored in philosophy in college. Which is probably why he steals to pay the bills. While I wouldn't rank this near the most disturbing film like many have, there were sequences of violence that were hard to watch. Most notably the rape scene, which had an even more gruesome aftermath than the one in A Clockwork Orange.

Ben killed 34 people in this film, one of them a child. We only saw one man escape from him. All the kills were unique, the three directors didn't reuse ideas. We can only assume the countless amount of people he killed before this showbiz crew somehow found him. While the serial killer is enjoyable to listen to the cast made sure you didn't forget how bad he really was. That's a problem with some of the films that follow purely the villain, you start rooting for him.

There were a few plot holes I spotted. Why wouldn't the police seize the documentary footage? It didn't really take much away but it could be the reason this is refereed to as an exploitation film. Which is not what the directors intended. The movie could bring humor into dark areas. It was even cartoonish in a sense, Ben looked at killing as if he was animating Tom & Jerry. This made it a unique and powerful film.

Holy Rollers
Holy Rollers(2010)

I can understand why this film was poorly received, in some criticisms of it, but over all it's a solid drama. I think when you here drug smuggling you think of a violent action. Don't expect this, it was very timidly paced and didn't show the really bad side. It wasn't in your face, and didn't even hint at violence in the drug smuggling business. This took out a realistic feel for this film, but the movie intentionally stayed away from it. The point was a low key spiritual message, when you think drugs low key and spiritual usually don't come up. I think the problem was how the crew produced it and not the film itself. The beloved Roger Ebert stated that "(the Hasidic Jews) never seem to be anything but Hasidic Jews". I strongly disagree with this statement this film also showed there sexual desires and family life. It wasn't all set in a Shul like Mr.Ebert portrayed. The film has a clear message, and without ever saying it you know what it is. Eisenberg acted his heart out and developed the character well from start to finish. It was slow, but at the same time there was a lot to enjoy.

Food (Jídlo)

Another genius short film from Svankmajer, this time dealing with food Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. I actually wouldn't recomend watching this before or after eating. While most would think "Dinner" was the hardest part to swallow with a rich couple eating penises and other organs I thought the most disgusting was "Lunch". I'll let you see why. "Breakfast" had the most intresting concept, and even when using people Svankmajer insists on using stop motion animation. He loves to do it an he's great at it.

Darkness, Light, Darkness

Another Svankmajer short film and another impressive one. This was the creation of a human that started with one arm. It was clear where the film was going but still kept you intrigued on what body part is coming next. How will the other bod parts deal with it. And how can Svankmajer make something that's kinda disgusting look so beautiful. I enjoyed it and like most of his shorts it's free on YouTube so there's no reason to ignore it.

Moznosti dialogu (Dimensions of Dialogue)

Split into three categories this stunningly animated short film awed the mind. It was split into three sections and I can only imagine the patience it took to create them. The first section where the figures were made of pans, fruits, or clay would start mixing and creating new figures showed Svanmajers patience in making this fluent. The second where to clay figures start having intimate relations and end up destroying each other was very creative. Like the third section with two heads using there tools to help each other, at first succeeding and later hilariously failing. It was unique and to the point, thus far it's the best shirt film I've seen.

The Passion of Anna (En Passion)

If you make it past a very dull first 50 mins you should enjoy it. If it remained at the same pace as the first fifty-minutes this would've been more toward the 2 star range. There will be one scene in this first half that'll leave you shaken up, the rest will leave you yawning. After this the film builds up as you see Anna's darker side. She was always a weird one but we never saw the sinister version of her. Bergman style is very unique even using clips from past films of his and interviewing the actors for character analysis mid movie.

Ssaki (Mammals)

A very funny short that deals with the issue of getting out of work. When there is a delay there's different music then the tune played when one is working. In less then 15 minutes you could feel the characters feelings. I personally even began rooting for one of them. It ended up kinda being like Spy vs Spy from Mad comics. Exhibited Polanski's natural film making talents.

Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life

A cheesy but surprisingly good short film. The writer being portrayed is an uptight coward suffering from Writers Block. He is trying to find something that a regular man would all of a sudden become a ginormous version of. Distracting him are a bum looking for "his little friend", a party below him, and a vagabond costume seller. They all tie into the story at the end. While it seemed like something you'd see on PBS at two in the afternoon it just felt nice to watch. The humor was entertaining and the road to the end was filled with its moments

Some Folks Call It a Sling Blade

This short film stars Billy Bob Thorton, he is in a mental asylum and is having an interview the day before his release. I was worried that the talkative man would be picked to get interviewed because he didn't seem crazy enough, this was a psycho though. In the interview you expected to get shocked, with all the build up behind it. Instead you got a shoulder shrug. They were comparing this man to Charles Manson but this one while crazy seemed fairly calm. It just lead to nothing.

Un Chien Andalou

This silent short film dates back to 1929. It doesn't really show the violence all to often but it's guaranteed to make you squirm when it does. It's creative and every moment proves to have a significance. I can best describe it as a shorter an older version of Persona. And since I love persona I'm pretty much bound to like this one.

Master of the Flying Guillotine

Well it is a bit to bizarre with someone getting choked out with hair and extending arms but it was still pretty badass. The final fight scene was between an old blind nazi and a one armed boxer, so it's out there. Some great Kung Fu choreography and it's well made. And even though one guys a nazi murderer you really don't know who to root for. My favorite part was the tournament itself though, actually really cool to see everyone's reaction, it was a great set of scenes.

The Road (La Strada)

The main problem in Fellini's La Strada is the annoying main character. She was like an annoying Charlie Chaplin, I understand Fellini wanted a naive character but why annoying.
This is definently the weakest film of Fellini I've seen. The imagery was superb but the concept was not. A long sad story that ultimately led to something very disappointing. You'd expect Fedrecio to have a trick up his sleeve, but he just made you feel like he had one.

Wild Strawberries

Even though Bergmans Wild Strawberries had a "happy" ending, it was one that brought out pity. Just deep pity, sorrow, and curiosity about our protagonist. The protagonist is an old man by the name of Isak. He is going on a car ride back home to get an honorary award. With him his judgmental daughter-in-law and young hitchhikers caught in a love triangle. While 90% of the film was in the car ride only 50% of that was Isak actively in the car. We had many flashbacks and strange dreams which brought out David Lynches "Eraserhead" type of feeling out. The directing was almost perfect except I believe the camera work for the car crash scene was a tad off, making it confusing. It's still a good Ingmar Bergman film that I enjoyed. On the other I can't call it his best like many do, it was miles deep in some of the greatest foreign films ever but an equal amount of miles away from reaching Persona.

Man With a Movie Camera

The 1929 Soviet experimental Documentary explored many soviet lives. Later imitated in the documentary Life in a Dat the original was absolutely stunning. You didn't even need to watch, the soundtrack was so soothing and neat. It'll not be a ride of entertainment but something you'll see that really explored something new.

Diabolique (Les Diaboliques)

"Some things you can't swallow, and I'm not talking about the fish." Clouzot is widely viewed as the French Hitchcock, Diabolique is like a French version of Vertigo with a touch of Psycho. Not only was this a fantastic horror with a hell of an ending, this did much more than scare. It was wonderful story telling with superb dialogue, countless amount of quotes to remember. This film ended telling you to please not babble about the ending, which was later used in Hitchcock's Psycho. Looking back at this film Hitch borrowed quite a bit from it. Vera Clouzot played a believable sick fearful woman while her counter part Nicole played by Signoret was cool and relaxed. This made a wonderful balance. The film started playing with your mind, you couldn't wait to see the end, when you see it your jaw is open and you have the feeling of clapping to salute Clouzot. It's unique and revolutionary towards the genre and I'm glad it has lived on all these years.

McCabe & Mrs. Miller

I've never seen an Altman film I can say that I love. Including this one all his films are over extended and slow. Like always I have to credit the scenery and Altman bringing us into a saloon during the wild west, and as always I have to say the film is just irrelevant. It's pointless and bland. The soundtrack was played in much like "The Sound of Silence" was played into The Graduate. As in almost every Altman movie Duvall was in it playing an annoying role, that's already to be expected though. Also this film was not original, it did a lot of borrowing from movies in the 50's and 60's. Bonnie and Clyde, Terror in a Texas town, Butch Cassidy and a Sundance Kid, The Graduate are just some of the films I saw it borrowing concepts and plot lines from. The "Whore House" which was the center of the movie did greatly improve as the film went on, making it slightly more enjoyable. I'll admit that was a great improvement as the movie went on. Maybe the only thing that got better as the movie went on

Young Adult
Young Adult(2011)

Due to a lack of character development it took awhile to realize exactly how much of a psycho our protagonist was. Really it was nothing like the trailer depicted, this isn't anywhere near a romantic comedy like you'd think from the director of Up in the Air and the writer of Juno. This was just something that tried to create a completely demented writer that you'd pity. The pity part didn't work. You were curios how she was considered "popular" and not a mental hospital patient. The end sex scene was just messed up and really disgusting. I really don't see where the writer (Diablo Cody) thought up a pessimistic cripple and a sociopath having sex. The only think I can credit is how Thernon owned the roll, I can't imagine how she felt "getting in to character". Maybe they only filmed during her cycle. At the end the only character you felt bad for was the dog.


Cul-De-Sac is Polanskis favorite film an its truly a unique and Ironic one. It was shot so perfectly,every single angle was perfect. Polanski created a new world on this island. A new isolated strange disastrous world. This is what shows that he is the bet director, ever. The plot is simple, a man who gets in "trouble" holds a married couple hostage. He ruins there telephone, chicken ken, and there relationship. The wife seems to wear the pants in the relationship and the husband is a coward. It is something new but it's not something great. Good but not great, as I would call his films of The Pianist, Rosemary's Baby, and Chinatown. It's Black & White which gives it a mediaeval effect which is reflected in the beautiful character of the wife, who was casted at the last moment. I can see why some call it the best and why some hate it, I certainly don't feel either. It is enjoyable and is the first and last of its type, therefore as an art house film it gets a positive rating from me.


Perhaps Fellini's most personal film, Amarcord explores the traditions and day to day lives of member of Fellini's town. The boy who portrayed Fellini had just as much screen time as another character, even though the center of focus was on him you explored the lives of everyone in the city during the fascist era. Whether it was the large breasted cashier or the blind man you got a sense of everyone. There wasn't a story line just lives of Italians young and old. Featuring many scenes of Insanity and family conflict though it wasn't as bland as the similar American film Nashville. You didn't explore just the fantasies of Fellini but you saw other characters dreams, what other characters were dreaming of. This is because Fellini understood he wasn't the only person in that town.

Jungfrukällan (The Virgin Spring)

When his daughter is raped by a group of hunting and gathering brothers, the father seeks revenge, and it comes to him.
While the story isn't anything refreshing or extremely creative Bergman's directorial style makes it work. Whether it was the cinematography or the scenery in a directorial sense everything was perfect. The acting wasn't anything amazing or even anything good but the characters weren't really of strong focus to the film. It was more of justice in a 1300s small city, and it was delivered

Notre Musique

Godards, Notre Musique explores the Israel and Palestine conflict using Dante's Divine comedy to do so. Like Divine Comedy we go through three stages (Hell,Purgatory, and Heaven). In Hell Godard shows us five minutes worth of violence, mainly decapitation. In that opening scene there was no more then fifteen words of dialogue. The Purgatory chapter on the other hand was filled with dialogue. Don't come in here expecting anything entertaining, it's strictly art house, and offers nothing to keep you watching. But Godard wanted to give a message using late medieval/ early renaissance literature

The 9th Company (9 rota)

The Russian film the 9th company explores the Soviets war in Afghanistan. With nine soldiers you get a sense of what each one is like in it's superb character development. It has humor in the C4 scene and then it has an action scene for an ending. It was called Russia's Apocalypse Now, I wouldn't go that far, but I would say its a decent war film. In my mind a bit over extended with 140 minutes of footage, but on the other hand it had a lot to show. Like many war movies I preferred the boot camp part to the war part, but for me that's already to be expected.


It's from the director of Drive so when you come in you expect something weird unlike Drive when you come out you don't feel satisfied. Bronson is a loose biography of the infamous British prisoner Charles Bronson. It followed the violent path he picked up as a child and never let go of. It was made in an "artistic" way, which is fine, but in this case it lost its surreal effect. Tom hardy acted his heart out as he does in every role. He's one of the best actors of the past five years and he displayed it here. That didn't make up for the movie itself though. Not to mention camera shots that were focused very unfittingly making this film a bit of a mess.

The Dark Knight Rises

This is my first midnight premier and I'm grateful it was not I wasn't at the theater where the tragedy of Aurora Happened, may the victims RIP. Back to the movie

In acting the big question was will Tom Hardy out do Heath Ledger, I think unlike The Dark Knight the villain didn't steal the show acting wise. The police officer Gordon Levitt was the man who shined in this film. Hardy did good but with most of his face covered it was hard to see emotional acting. Over all the cast put up a hell of a show

The reason I don't think this is better than The Dark Knight is TDK was revolutionary, something new. The sequel just bounced off of it. The sequel had some big twists but it didn't have the feeling that this is something new.

Now for some spoilers, big ones
In the scene where Batman "Committed suicide" to save the city was beautiful. It would've been a beautiful end to a beautiful franchise. But due to agreements with DC Nolan couldn't do that, and batman was dead but Wayne was alive. This frustrated me. I thought I just saw the end to a great franchise, turns out I saw something built for a sequel via another director. Tis a shame, it would've been 4 stars if Wayne died.


Ingmar Bergmans Persona is one of the finest films I've ever seen. Before watching this someone told me that he liked it better the second time around, if I like it anymore the second time around then Ill have a new favorite film. The film began with a series of multiple ultra violent clips. Ranging from the slaughtering of a lamb to a tarantula. This strange opening got you ready for what's to come in this film. The basic plot is a young nurse who's taking care of an actress, who has chose not to speak for unknown reasons. They go to a summer house in the middle of nowhere together, that's where it all begins.

This film is a piece of art. It is Dante's Inferno of cinema. Its a gallery of Jan van Eyck in motion. This is one of the few movies that defines what film is. Especially when we go into the art house portion of cinema. Ingmar Bergman made it very clear that this is art. That this isn't real. He did this by reminding everyone it's a movie. Similar things have been done in the future, like in Grindhouse for example but no one did it like Bergman did. There was a shot in this movie of Bergman and his crew filming a scene. There was a moment when there was an effect of the shooting reel burning. To add on to the artistic effect, Bergman only used what he absolutely needed. Only five characters, and only props that were used by the characters were shown in the film. This wasn't just a movie, it was art at its finest point.

Potential spoilers ahead. As this film carried on it became clear that the nurse was gonna have the personality of the actress. Now what I loved is this wasn't really what happened. It was a physiological merge. At one moment the nurse is saying the actresses life story, the next she is yelling "No I am not you!". They never became one. This is what made it so Ming boggling. As mind boggling as Donnie Darko, Eraserhead, 2001: A Space Odyssey, it ranks amongst these great films. And I would rank it amongst my five favorites. It truly is a piece of art.
5 stars

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Best exotic Marigold Hotel is a British comedy/drama that follows seven retirees and an Indian Hotel owner. With eight different stories going on at once it was still easy to follow each one, and you could tell what the characters were like early on. A witty script, that while sometimes feeling unrealistic had some nice quotes pulling it forward. It is by the screen writer of Pride and Prejudice after all. There were something's that was left out, intentionally, most likely because the writer didn't have an answer, which made it feel more and more like a set for a movie. Not in a good sense. Yet it's a refreshing movie and something I could see myself rewatching. Judi Dench and Maggie Smith both put up Oscar nomination worthy performances and all and all it was a nice film. And unlike other criticisms it's not just for the older crowd. I'm 15 and I enjoyed it.

Todo sobre mi madre (All About My Mother)

All About my Mother is directed and written by the Spaniard Pedro Almodovar. Being a man who never shies away from controversy he tackles the issues of Organ Donation,hookers, AIDS, and transsexuals. It was a sad beginning, especially when the mother listens in to the people who got her sons organs. I felt like with the two week transition, 3 week transition, and months transition you lost touch with the characters. I'd rather see this without skipping of long periods with it being less filled with dialogue than it skipping through large time spans and filling the used time with conversations of a trannies life. I feel like that way it would reach its full level of dramatic emotion.

The Producers

Being a big Mel Brooks fan I used to be ashamed to say I never saw his most acclaimed film The Producers. But it ended up being one of my least favorite of his. Wilder and Mostel had great chemistry and the plot was intresting. I had a few chuckles and what was really holding it back was the predictable factor. It also felt a bit to awkward at times, and thats even on a Mel Brooks awkward level. It's ok, it's not awful, but I'd put it under his works of History of the world, Young Frankenstien, Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs, High anxiety, and most everything.

I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK (Saibogujiman kwenchana)

Straight from Korea, I'm a cyborg But That's Ok is one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen. Yes the directorial style is interesting and at first it was entertaining. It was actually enjoyable to explore the different personalities of the mental asylum. But then it just got way to weird. I mean with a title like this and watching the beginning you'd expect something weird, but I expected the Korean sort of weird. Strange things happening but still a nice story. What I got was a 70s Japanese B movie mixed with a Bollywood limited release musical. And you can see where that's unenjoyable.


Even in the future Woody Allen is an awkward klutz. in sleeper we witness Woody Allen compete in a beauty pageant. be a robot, and Hold a nose hostage. It was typical Woody. My only complaint is it felt to move to fast not really letting you soak in what's going on.

Moonrise Kingdom

There's not much that I an say about this awkward film that hasn't been said yet, so I'll keep it short. Norton, Willis, and Murray put up amazing supporting performances and while the kids have some work to do they have a future. It was a nice little story that anyone can enjoy, and I really like the obvious green screen effect. And if you've seen it, it's truly obvious at some parts. Best film of the year I've seen thus far.


"Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone." Oldboy is not just the greatest foreign film I've ever seen, it's one of the best films I've ever seen. Coming for South Korea our drunk protagonist gets kidnapped and imprisoned for fifteen years. When he is released he has five days to find out who sent him so he can the reason and the revenge. With Tarantino style directing (which you could really see in the scene where he finds the place he was kidnapped in) Oldboy was an entertaining thriller. Filled with many memorable quotes and twists and turn through out, it became impossible not to get sunk in. This wasn't a typical revenge movie, this was something I've never seen hit the screen. While i did predict the major twist, that doesn't take away from the movie. It was filled with beautiful imagery, most notably the scene where are kidnapper lies in the bed with the gas mask. That's a moment that I just can't forget. This movie really left its mark in foreign film.

Cinema Paradiso (Nuovo Cinema Paradiso)

Cinema Paradiso is a stunning Italian film, following the life of Toto, a young boy who always had a live for movies, and his much older friend Alfredo. Seeing posters for Gone with the Wind, Buster Keaton, and Chaplin really made you feel like you were in the 1930s Italy. All these people had were movies. As the theater was run by the church every kiss scene was cut out, and this film provided a wonderful anti-censorship message.

Bicycle Thieves (Ladri di biciclette)

Bicycle Thieves is a great neo-realistic Italian film. It's sad and you can't help but pity our protagonist. The performances were well played. And the acting of Bruno was some of the best I've seen from a kid.

La Dolce Vita

The stand out moment for me was when the two kids came down stairs after hearing the sounds of a storm, as hey come down the father explains that, the boy he sees beauty, he examines every pedal of a flower, while the daughter she's fascinated by combinations of words. I think this was what explained this movie, it was colorful despite being B&W and it had great dialogue. While at 2 hr 47 mins some episodes felt slow, but that was made up by the scenes of "The Madonna" and "The Orge". It was a mix of neo-realism and artistic filming. It showed how cruel and vulgar the lives of the upper class are, an how careless of human emotion the reporters were. They didn't give a damn how they get that photo, they'll capture that moment. Great film


Following, the early film of Christopher Nolan, really showed that he always had talent for narrative directing. Showing many qualities of his later film memento, could perhaps be (though not my favorite) the most entertaining Christopher Nolan film I've ever seen. The plot was very interesting and simple. A man who follows meets at man who breaks into homes both with seemingly the same interest "people". The twists were unexpected and shocking. Watching that last scene was like watching someone finish a 1,000 piece puzzle, except far more entertaining.

The Navigator

I think Buster Keaton is one of the more inconsistent actors from the silent film era. I really didn't like The general but I adored Sherlock Jr. This one I would say is ok. Buster and the woman who rejected to marry him accidentally both end up on a ship at sea alone. In this journey they encounter a storm, cannibals, and a scary painting of sailer. Now there were some nice laughs in here but at the same time for a film only an hour long I shouldn't have been bored as much as I did.

The Lady Vanishes

From what I've seen thus far The Lady Vanishes is Hitchcock's best film of the 30s. The intense plot follows a young lady who's new older acquaintance suddenly disappears with everyone who saw her come in saying they have no idea what she's talking about. In her tense search to find the lady on the train they were on new twists appear and everyone becomes the enemy. It was very entertaining and an a superb film. It was later remade, but it became clear that only Hitchcock could tackle this story.


Every single Altman film I see i get the same feeling. I haven't seen his full filmography but I've seen enough to pick up a trend. That trend is that his films are over extended. I'm fine with a longer movie, and even though his aren't the longest, they sure feel like they are. This applies to Nashville greatly. The first 30 minutes it kept me entertained, but as I moved on it got more and more boring. I like films that transition between multiple characters, in this case Altman made the classic mistake that happens in a lot of those movies, and doesn't give you enough to are for the characters. This film had to many useless scenes that could've been cut out, and since they weren't it made it boring, the film was beautifully shot and well casted. But it didn't give you enough entertainment value. Don't get me wrong I can see why it's a classic, but in my mind it's nothing special

A Night at the Opera

A 3.5 star rating for me means it's a good movie but it's still not as good as other Marx Brother films. Since most people put it between this and Duck Soup for there best film I'll compare those two. While there were funny moments in here it wasn't as consistent as in Duck Soup. In duck soup I laughed at every single scene, in here I thought some were stupid. The Scene where Harpo and Chico were playing the piano was actually annoying if you ask me, I was staring at the TV pondering why was it even included in the movie. Also this (while it was funny) relied more on physical humor like Harpo swinging on a rope, less than it relied on verbal humor. Yes Grucho had his moments but not as many as in Duck Soup. While it was funny and a good movie, it's not there best work.


I never saw any movie from the Alien franchise, I never read a full review for this film, or even watched a preview, so I came in here blind as a bat. There were two things that really stuck out for me in this movie. The first was the wonderful CGI that I haven't seen worked so well in a long time. It beats the hell out of The Avengers special effects. Secondly was Michael Fassbenders performance of the robot David. While he can not feel or show emotion he can have the same characteristics of Hal 9000. A confident robot who needs his way, and does what ever he needs to do, to get it. One big negative was the lack luster performance of Charlize Theron, the few times she showed emotion it was very unrealistic and made her look like an amateur theater actress compared to the rest of the cast. It was a very good sci-fi but nowhere near perfect, it had mistakes that could be caught by someone watching there very first movie. None the less it's enjoyable and phsycologocal and will mostly likely leave a mark in the 2012 in film genre.

Sherlock Jr.
Sherlock Jr.(1924)

Now I've been a critic of Keaton in the past, but to put it bluntly this was the best silent movie I've ever seen. I'll still pick Chaplin over Buster any day but if I ha to say who had the best silent film i'd give it to Keaton's Sherlock Jr. It was an extremely funny film and at only 44 mins we can hardly call it a full feature film. Never the less it was funny an beautiful, and to call a movie visually beautiful is hard to say for a Black and White film that's almost 90 years old. But yet in this special exception you can.

The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush is one of Chaplins more heartfelt films. This one wasn't just a slapstick fiasco but it did have emotion involved. It was a nice silent film and dating back to 1925 the oldest film I've seen.

The General
The General(1927)

I always thought Buster Keaton was overrated in the silent film industry. Plain out I just didn't see anything funny in this. I'd much rather watch a film of the marvelous Chaplin

Duck Soup
Duck Soup(1933)

This Marx Brothers film shouldn't have been the 5th ranked movie in AFIs 100 years 100 laughs, it should've been the first. This was slapstick gold, with such wit and quirkiness I found myself laughing at least once a minute, for all 69 minutes. It was a simple plot and really hardly any plot. It was filled with puns all over the place. This only the fourteenth movie I've rated 5 stars (and the first comedy) and it well deserves it.

American History X

The long history of racism in a family essentially in a school essay. That's something new. The obvious standout of American History X was the superb performance of Edward Norton. Somehow he didn't win best actor, but I'd put this performance in my top 5. Furlong also did greatand he is someone I've criticized in the past for his acting. They led this movie and they made it the masterpiece it is. It showed hate crimes that made your stomach turn even though they were only a quarter extreme of what actually happens. It's because our director could show the fear in the victims eyes and the terror they face with these racists. It showed how simple in the closet racism can lead to someone becoming a full on piece nazi trash with absolutely no respect to anyone. I'll admit I ALMOST cried at the end, because this was an emotional heart felt drama that you can't find in every movie.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

What Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid did was essentially make the villains the good guys and the good guys like the police the villains. And that's a tough thing to do. To make you root for the guys robbing trains and banks and go against the villains tale very good pacing and character development. It was an all round wonderful western and a beauty to look at. It wasn't the most unique story, but it was one that made the story work.

El Mariachi
El Mariachi(1993)

El Mariachi was a cheap corny Spanish speaking action which there are hundreds of other films like. But for some reason this is considered a modern day classic. The $7,000 budget gave exactly what you'd expect for a movie with that budget. I'm glad that this brought Rodriguezes career up because hes accomplished a lot, but I just don't understand how this got him there.

Vincent & Theo

Altmans Vincent & Theo really portrayed the life of poverty and the life of upper class. Down to the teeth of the characters it really transitioned between the two. Tim Roth was believable as the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh and the character of his brother Theo was also well portrayed. The problem was it was the SLOWEST movie I've seen. This 2 hour and 20 minute feature made you feel like you're being dragged through it at the 1 hour mark. If you'd like to watch, do not do it in one viewing session. It got extremely boring and stayed that way for a long period of time.

3 Women
3 Women(1977)

3 women is a rather strange film from Altman. It was well directed with beautiful scenery and spot on cinematography. While it tried to be mind bending it really didn't get quiet there. I mean when Altman himself doesnt know what it means why would I bother to care.

Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes wide shut is a movie I have mixed feelings about, and the general consensus is fairly mixed. People even have mixed opinions about what Kubrick thought about it. It was the final chapter of the Kubricks contribution to film, and it was as weird as the rest. This left it as a mystery until the end. Usually Kubrick gives you enough to understand it, this time he pretty much took it all away. I wasn't fond of the ending, Kubrick often does end very suddenly, but this was almost as if someone took the actual screenplay an just plopped "The End" just randomly in there. There were many things I liked. When the 2 hours 45 minutes was over it felt like one and a half. It was very suspenseful and sextually intense. It was as graphic as any other Kubrick film and you could feel the tension rising. It was well shot with beautiful music adding to the surreal effect. So at the end of the day I can't complain.
3.5 stars

Animal Factory

I will never understand why this film got so much critical acclaim. Yes Dafoes performance was absolutely stunning everyone else was very rubbish especially furlong. I felt zero emotion from him whatsoever his character was annoying. Another major problem is that they make this sound like a very corrupt and Bad prison but yet they didn't show it. Yes there were scenes of violence and a scene of attempted rape but they didn't get in detail enough to make you feel it. All that Dafoes performance offered was to point out how bad the other performances were. It was plain and boring and I can't think of more than one thing I liked about. This movie does not get my recommendation.


One thing that really stuck out for me in Cloverfield was the go it was the most realistic dialogue I've seen probably since 12 angry men. It's not because it had many memorable quotes it's because it felt like a real life conversation in a going away party. It didn't feel like the actors were acting it felt like someone was documenting the party with the camera. And up until then I loved it but then came the so-called scary parts. For me personally glimpses of a monster attacking New York City just wasn't that scary. Movies that show isolation and no escape usually do hit the spot with me this one just didn't. I knew that that cameraman couldn't die until the and so you weren't scared for their lives and with such a broad cast you weren't really scared for anyone's. Even though it didn't deliver the scares it was an enjoyable enough movie it wasn't scary, but it was watchable.

Seven (Se7en)

David Fincher put up the best phsycologocal thriller I've seen in a long time. Kevin Costner played a great villain and Freeman played along side Pitt very well. I'd like to see these two co star in more films together. It was very chilling, I was chilled for a large majority of the movie. I don't remember being so scared by a movie that's not listed as horror. The plot was terrifying and I was really waiting for "the big suprise" even though it was a bit predictable. The film editing was great along with most everything else in this fantastic film.

A Clockwork Orange

"Stanley Kubricks a clockwork orange did not live up to the hype IMO. It wasn't a bad movie but it wasn't good. Slightly disturbing but not that scary"
^That was my original review when I saw this back in 2011. I didn't think I would watch it again but in my second viewing I really enjoyed this movie. It was so surreal with themes of violence, morality, and vengeance. Wherever you would there was violence and nudity. In this movie are narrator Alex brought up how you never truly see color until its in a film. If there's any movie this applies to its this one. Stanley Kubrick is a genius director and I wish I fully appreciated this movie on my first viewing. Never the less I really enjoyed this time around, and truly saw that this movie wasn't a horror to
go and frighten you, but a work of psychological art.


Hitchcock's early work of "Murder!" had potential to be among one of his bet films. The time spent in the jury with the 12 individuals was vigorously entertaining. When it came down to the private investigation though it became very slow moving. It felt like the movie was way over stretched. The ending became obvious about 25 minutes beforehand. It's not one of his great works but it's not awful. I really do have mixed feelings on this. On one hand it had a lot of great moments that I'll remember on the other it was very boring for the second half of the film. So I'm going 50/50 and giving 2.5

Marvel's The Avengers

Personally I'm not a huge fan of the superhero genre but after all the High ratings I figured that this could be really good movie. Well it started off like the cheesy superhero movie some other planet is trying to take over the world so Nick fury goes and gets a group of superheroes. Hulk, Captian America, Iron Man, and eventually Thor come to fight this evil. During the rising action it actually felt like something different. Ruffalo and Johanson were putting up great performances, and then it went into just a slur of special effects. Over one hour of this movie was a single action scene, one full hour. Made it feel like a Transformers movie without a hot girl running in slow motion. At the end of the day it wasn't anything different than a typical action movie. Yes the special effects were great along the performances, and that did to an extent make up for the obvious ending and hour long of nothing but explosives. It's overrated, my 3 star rating is pushing the envelope. If you ask me there'a very few significant differences between this and a film like The Green Lantern.

The Graduate
The Graduate(1967)

The graduate was wonderful film and undoubtedly deserves to be acknowledged as a classic. The young Dustin Hoffman put up a hell a performance along with the rest of the cast. It was a melodrama that you could just sink into. It was a lot of fun Watching Hoffman's character go from a naive akward college grad to well, a naive akward college grad. It was a great movie just to sit down watch and absorb, it'll be remembered for many more years to come.

In Time
In Time(2011)

In Time was a dull, dull, dull movie. I think I was watching the time more than the characters. The romantic scenes were crap and with so little depth in the characters you couldn't help but to not care. Timberlake played a typical Timberlake role, whicth means he's there for a star power and not acting abilities. The only reason I gave this more than 1 star is I liked the idea a lot. I think it was an interesting enviorment in the film, the plot wasn't even close to interesting


Rampart is the story of a corrupt and abusive LAPD cop. The cop (Dave) is played by Woody Harrelson who's put up the best performance of 2012 thus far. Down to His face expressions he played this role perfectly. Even though for a good half of the movie Dave was poker faced you could feel all his emotions stirring. Despite the great performance I feel like the movie could've been so much greater. Don't get me wrong it's a good movie, but it could've been one of the best. If this movie gave you more of a connection between the supporting roles of Dave's family for there perspective and not Dave's this could of been one of the most touching movies ever. If the family put up roles as equal to Harrelson's and the director made them look less like a freakshow and more like a normal struggling family, this would've been one of the bet dramas. Despite this I thought well in depth and the dialogue was great. Even though unlikely I hope they'll make a sequel to get into what happened next, as this movie was cut off without a conclusion.

Barton Fink
Barton Fink(1991)

Barton Fink is a peculiar movie by the Coen Brothers. John Tuttetro had a wonderful performance and as in all there films the art direction was wonderful. Everything felt as to the time it was set in. The lovely part about this film I felt it was Impossible not to sink into it. For the better half of this movie it was twist and turns free just a simple story of a writer suffering from writers block and his friend later on though it turns into a twisted story where everything is opposite as it was in the beginning all leading to a Coen Brothers piece of organized chaos.

The Woman
The Woman(2011)

(Contains spoilers)
In a film that raised a lot of controversy at Sundance we follow a family whos main man Mr. Cleek captures a woman who they are trying to civilize. As Mrs.Cleek questions this decision Mr.Cleek slaps her and casually goes back to bed. You'd think this would be a first warning sign, or maybe a second the first being that he captured a woman. Later in on the film the son of the family takes a peek at the woman inside the cellar to see his father raping her, the next day the son takes the same action while masturbating to himself torturing the women. The wife snaps after Mr.Cleek makes it seem like it's perfectly fine and "boys will be boys", after she announces shes leaving him he bets her and directs his oldest daughter Peg to get her a cold towel. When it gets really weird is when the teacher comes, and I'll let you watch that scene on your own. Lucky McKee takes risks and I respect that, it was controversial and well rightfully so. He wanted to shock us and he did.

The Birds
The Birds(1963)

"I hope you all figure this thing out"
"it's the end of the world"

The Birds is one of the few Hitchcock's works I didn't have high expectations for despite the high rating. Just the plot of birds attacking humans didn't seem all the scary. I'm not saying it was one of his scariest works but it kept you on the edge and the later attack scenes were pretty frightening. It was also one of his more graphic films, though not at all graphic compared to movies today. With everything said and done this is a great movie

Everything Must Go

Everything must go. Is a decent enough movies for you to sit there and enjoy but its not one that you will be laughing the whole time threw. Even though the story itself was pretty set the movie was feel good. It was the most serious roll of Ferrels career and he fit in well. There's really no twists and turns its just a calm peaceful movie, and that's enough for me to give it a positive rating.

Number Seventeen (Number 17)

This was one of Hitchcock's early works and was one of his worse. It was very hard to follow and despite the film being only slightly more than an hour it was boring. There was one thing I liked a lot though. The klutz humor that Ben brought to the table. Without that this would be one of my least favorite movies, which I would hate to say for any work of Hitch. This is defiantly the worse film I've seen of his but he was still a young director who had time to learn, and he certainly did.


Tarantino and Rodriguez come together for an awesome kick ass grindhouse double feature. The trailers were hilarious and inspired later films like Machete and Hobo with a Shotgun. The first feature was Planet Terror which I think was the better half of this film. It was as funny as it was action packed. It truly was a typical grindhouse. It was followed by deathproof. Which is a man with a deathproof car killing teenagers. It was a little slower moving but still a lot of fun. I watched this on a late Saturday night and I truly felt like I was in a drive in 70s theater. I highly recommend this.


This film being from 1929 is the oldest movie I've seen in my life. It was one of Hitches early works and it was pretty good. Yes it was hard not to be bored at times but with an old movie like this you have to accept that if it happens. The story was mediocre but it was still so well paced it could give you the chill, especially that final scene.


I don't know why I couldn't really get into this movie, maybe it was because I'm not a math buff. Maybe its because the style is so familiar. All I really know was it was hard for me to get into the story.

The first Arnofsky film reminded me a lot of later film Memento except a lot less entertaining. The biggest problem for me was that it had all this crazy stuff happening at the end that it felt like this was all leading to something, well it wasn't.

Yes it's a chilly dark film. The main performance was good. It was well directed. But the story and entertainment value weren't there.

The Lincoln Lawyer

I'm not one of those books were better people, but in this one it truly was.

2001: A Space Odyssey

I have high expectations for this film and they were met. The special effects were amazing and way ahead of there times. The score was awesome and blended in right into the movie. It was truly a pioneer movie, this 1968 film has been setting the tracks for many other films to follow. This is not just a cult classic, this is a classic that will be for ages. I think even in 200 years when films become something completely a different things this will once again be remastered and watched. I don't have a list of movies you must watch before you die but this would be in the top 10. I'm not saying this is in my 10 favorites but I understand what I was missing by not wacthing this film for so long. Kubrick is a master of film. I ranked this film below The Shining but not by much. If you're a movie fan you must watch this, because without this one movie, there be a countless amount of movies that were never made.


It was one of the stupidest plots I've seen, and I mean even for an Adam Sandler movie this is just stupid. Most the jokes weren't funny and comedy wise there just wasnt much to laugh at. I wouldn't be shocked to see the same jokes in a modern day Cartoon Network sit com. Now I will give it credit the scene where he goes back to see his dad was very sad for a comedy film. The acting was better then most comedies. But overall as a comedy it's not a good movie.

The 40 Year Old Virgin

Why is this so critically acclaimed?
I laughed maybe twice, it was predictable, old jokes, and stupid story. This is the worse comedy since The Informant. Just awful, I don't have much to say other than that.


Alfred Hitchcock has done it again, in not his best but his scariest movie. My heart was racing waiting for the infamous shower scene. The last zoom in to Anthony Perkins face will haunt me for nights to come.

Perkins put up a great performance as the villan, the only one that compares is Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs. The only problem was there was no personal emotion when ms.crane died. For me it was she got what was coming to her, but still if a B&W moie can scare me i know it's a great film

Jeff Who Lives at Home

This movie had all the makings of being 5 stars if it stayed simple. With the name Jeff, who lives at home I expected a fun simple comedy. At first it was but then they had to make it more complicated. (Spoilers ahead) I think the whole saving the dad and daughters scene could have been cut out. Yes it was the most symbolic scene but it could've been taken out. Then the scene where the mother kisses her coworker was completely stupid. The directors probably just put that in to send a message and it didn't work, just made you pity them. Now I haven't said anything positive about this movie despite my positive rating. don't get me wrong there are a lot of great things about this film. The cast was great and I laughed plenty, this might sound stupid, but they should've made it a film with really no story.

Mulholland Drive

This is the third David Lynch film I've seen and the third one that I absolutely loved. It was mind boggling but yet for a good part of the movie it had a stable story to follow. It was dark and creepy and though not a horror it sent chills through my spine. David Lynch also didn't let anything out. Two scenes of lesbian intercourse, a masturbation scene, and a very detailed corpse. Except for David Lynch to this day no one knows what this film was meant to symbolize, that is up to you


Can someone please explain what was scary about this movie? I mean I love the slasher genre the only horrors that scare me but this was just awful.
There were many plot holes
When Michael Myers was chasing people on the streets, really there was no one outside on Halloween night?
A grown man walks all day in mask in the open and know one suspects anything?

I mean despite that the movie just wasn't scary. But I didn't find a lot of main stream horrors scary e.g. The Excirsist and Nightmare on Elm Street. Maybe it's just not my film.

The Fearless Vampire Killers

First off Polanski is my favorite director yes three movies in my top 10 but this would not even come close to one of his great works. . I heard some critics say it's the perfect mix of comedy and horror, but really it's not either one if you want a vampire movie that has that perfect mix watch the original fright night. Now it wasn't completely dull yes I did laugh a lot at the beginning, but then It just went down. mainly because since you didn't care about the characters at all it was very hard to get into the story. This is definitely my least favorite Polanski film

North by Northwest

North by Northwest is Hotchcocks most entertaining film. It's not his best ill put it under Rear Window and Vertigo but it's his most entertaining. There was a lot of humor despite the serious situations and plenty of twists to go around. And while it was great I felt like this one was a bit more obvious. They gave you a bit to many clues this time, yet it still kept you into it


"I have a gun pointe right at your heart"
"that's my least vulnerable point"
Considered the greatest film in American theaters history, In my opinion was no more then pretty good. Unlike most I thought the first half was awesome, I felt like I wanted to be there, but after the 45 min point when the story began i was dragging my self through it. It's not that it wasn't well executed just not an interesting plot. All in all it's good but not close to the best.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Wow, there's just so much to say about this film. Now when I heard they were remaking it I thought David Fincher is just remaking a movie that doesn't need a remake, but after much positive critical reception I thought "why not?".

One of the shining points in this film is Roony Maras role as Lisbeth. It was one of the finest female performances of they year. She was casted so perfectly for the role. With out her it would be like a missing piece in a puzzle.

The adaption I can't really judge it as I was never able to finish the book. I just couldn't get into it. Based on the beginning though it moved much faster whicth is understandable as you can't make a 4 hour film. (Unless Fincher remakes Once Upon a Time in America).

One controversial point in this film was the rape scene. While yes it did shake me up I must say after watching Good Neighbors I could call this one subtle. But then again it's not a competition.

Another great part of this film was the film editing. With over 150 minutes of footage I was not once bored. It felt like you were swing through it while some long movies make you feel like you're dragging a boulder the whole way through.

When I give such a high review with no perfect rating the first question is, "why didn't you give it 5?". Well the music at the beginning was so loud I couldn't hear the dialogue. I even had to turn on subtitles. Would it get 5 stars if not because of that? Probably not since a perfect rating is very rare for me. Its like getting a piece of bread in 1840s Ireland, but of you want a reason there you go. And speaking of music the score it self was wonderful, If only they turned it down a level.

4.5 stars

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

Now this is the first Harold and Kumar movie I've seen and I was fairly impressed by it. The movie was a load of racist fun. I can't say I wa cracking up the whole way through but all the jokes and stereotypes put a smile on my face. It was a fun cast and it was fun to wacth. It wasn't the best comedy of 2011 but it was still good

The Negotiator

(May contain spoilers)
Samuel L Jackson and Kevin spacey did great in this mystery/suspense film. A lot of people complained that it was to long but I can't say I was ever bored in the 2 hours 20 mins it lasted. I loved all the twists and action. Now there was one large plot hole though. The wreckage caused and crimes committed in Omar's pursuit to prove his innocence there were more crimes committed then the one he was put up for. Vandilization, voluntary man slaughter, involuntary manslaughter, holding people hostage. No matter if he was innocent Or not it was still illegal. There were innocent people who he was hurting. But since he did it to disprove another crime it's alright. That's just not how it works. Despite this though most audience members will enjoy watching this movie.

My Week with Marilyn

Before anything let me say playing Marliyn Monroe is one of the hardest parts, and Michelle Williams did it flawlessly. She played all her personalities to the last detail. It was beautiful. The movie itself though wasn't all that great. It had a lack luster script and really it left me with a so what feeling. After the 1 and a half hours, when its all wrapped up, it kinda felt like so what. What now? I think Michelle Williams could've done so much more with the role an played in a more interesting part of Marilyn's life. The cast pulled this movie up as much as they could, but it just wasn't enough.

Jesus Camp
Jesus Camp(2006)

Jesus Camp is a film that really can disturb many people. Most will refuse to view it due to there faith, but really along with Deliver is from Evil this is one documentary you must watch. It makes you just feel so bad for the children, and it really is a form of brainwash by evangelicals among us.

The Twelve Chairs

I'm a big Mel Brooks fan and have loved all his movies but this one. I understand why the critics loved it but for audience it was missing the entertainment value, there was nothing there really to keep you intuned.

Blazing Saddles

It's the movie tht got Mel Brooks famous and anyone can see why. It's hilarious and offensive, it held nothing back. From start to finish you were laughing and following the actually very decent plot.

Young Frankenstein

This whole movie is filled with these cheesy and stupid puns an that's what I love about it. The humor was so damn stupid it was actually intelligent. Other then Space Balls this is his best satire film.

Silent Movie
Silent Movie(1976)

Despite the very high rating this is not my favorite Mel Brooks movie. It just wasn't the funniest think he put out there. I loved the originality, which the 2011 Oscar winner The Artist stole from it. But this movie wasn't laugh out loud funny

High Anxiety
High Anxiety(1977)

High Anxiety is a wonderful Mel brooks film. It wasn't one of those where you were cracking up the whole time (which people expect from a Mel Brooks movie) but it was one of those that had a lot of witty quotes and one of the best Story lines you've seen in a Brooks film

To Be or Not to Be

Besides 12 chairs this is my least favorite Mel Brooks movie. It just didn't have that Mel Brooks spunk in it. Yes it had some funny quotes, e.g. "are they Jews or are they rabbits". But there were many recycled jokes from old films. It was still an OK movie


The greatest satire film ever put out there, Mel Brooks made it so perfect it was just hilarious. There are a lot of unobvious jokes that you catch on the second,third, or fourth time around. I've watched this at least ten times and was laughing my ass off each time

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

No it's not the bet thing that Mel Brooks has put out but it still brings out a good amount of laughs. Yes the humor was stupider then even the typical Mel Brooks film, but it still worked

Kramer vs. Kramer

I came in to this movie thinking that no way it'll beat out Apocalypse now for me, but it came very damn close. It was just so sad and genuine. It also showed one thing that I've noticed for year, in custody case the women all most always wins. That's BS! Back to the movie, Hoffman did great and it was filled with real-like performances. The final French toast scene tied in so perfectly despite being sad from past parts it brought a smile to my face. Amazing drama

Deliver Us from Evil

The greater documentary ever made and I'll try to leave personal views out of this but it'll be hard to with the strong opinions I have on the catholic churches handling of child molestors. The statistics in this film were shocking. For example one of ten priests graduate from St Paul are registered pedophiles. The stories are chilling. A priest inserting his gentile inside 9 month old infants vagina among dozens of others and bishops knowingly sending him to different parishes with children a shocking four times. The way Amy Berg flows through this movie leaving nothing out will hurl your stomach inside out. And at the end you still feel like justice wasn't served. This movie has solidified my idea that the high anarchy of the catholic church are just corrupt executives who will do anything to make there business look good.

Diary of a Country Priest (Journal d'un curé de campagne)

I was extremely dissapointed. The biggest problem was the voice over. I mean I'd she motions for you to sit, you don't have to tell me I can see it. I can when you're having a meal, it felt like an audio book. While yes it was entertaining and fairly sad that voice over just ruined the whole thing for me


Now coming into this film I expected like everyone said the best comedy/drama of 2011, coming out I know that would definebtly be The Decsendents. The formula just didn't work, the drama took away from the comedy and free comedy take away from the drama. I do admit though the last surgery scene was very sad. The therapist and GF looked to alike makin it hard to distinguish, and the romantic part of the film was incredibly predictable.


In one o Hitchcocks greatest films, we explore the life of a recently retired detective who takes one last case after a traumatizing fall. With some great twists and thrills. Hitchcock did it once again. I loved this film

Take Shelter
Take Shelter(2011)

In Jeff Nichols second film he once again casts Michael Shannon. It's very well paced and is tense. Shannon plays the perfect paranoia as he's already done in Bug. I think the cast is perfect and its just a great movie.

Rear Window
Rear Window(1954)

The first time I saw this, i really liked it gave it 4.5 and scracthed it off my list of classics I must see. The second time I wacthed it I really fully grasped how elgently beautiful this Hitchcock masterpeice is. Exploring the lives of a ballet dancer, a pianist, a lonely woman, and of course our antagonist Mr. Thorwold was so entertaining and suspensful that it rocked in to my top 15 films. It's a great movie from a great director.

The Change-Up

A terrible film, unoriginal plot or jokes. It had nothing to like, about 10 re used jokes and an over recycled plot. The whole meaning was stupid, and every single moment was predictable. Had trouble finishing the film

Blades of Glory

One of the funnier comedies in the 2000s. I saw it at least 10 times and enjoyed it every single time


Bug is a very strange film from the director of the excorsist whicth can and will be interpreted in many ways. It was scary but left many unaswered qestions. WHat were the phone calls? Who was Dr.Sweet? And many more. During the credits it shwed first the toys of Agnes's son and then the body of Sweet in a house that is not burned. How wiki interpreted it as isthat the suicide of the two main characters by fire was only a hallucination. I look it as that he actually was a robot and didn't burn. Either way intregin g film that most audience members won't enjoy fot the pure reason that they can't understand it.


Drive is a beautifully well played film. It is very graphic and let me tell you I've never seen such realistic bloody kills like that. The bathroom headshot was one of the bloodiset in awhile. The storyline isn't the best, but I don't think that was the point of the film. Definently think Brooks should've been nominated for S. Actor at the Oscars and that this was also snubbed from a lot of other smaller awards. Great Movie

Weekend at Bernie's II

When I read the plot I thought this would slaughter the greatness of the first film, ended up being a pleasant surprise

Weekend at Bernie's

A really funny stupid comedy


What was good about this movie:
-Visually it was beautiful. It felt like you were there. Sometimes you didn't want to be there
- Great attention to detail. It's amazing
Neutral things
- Very graphic!!! Not for kids, I mean it shows everything
- seldom blinking in characters. Just something I notices
Bad thing
-Very week story!!!! A 2nd grader made it for all we know.
Overall: I think Mel Gibson accomplished what he wanted. You felt like you were amongst the Mayan civilization, and it didn't feel acted out, very genuine

The Ides of March

Ides of march is an amazing political thriller whicth involves 4 of the things I love. Great cast, politics, a twist, and the bengals. At one point you find Stephen in three dual storylines. It's great, and I reccomend it

I'm Still Here

when I first saw the cover of this film I thought it was gonna be a Stand up comedy show of Zack Galifinikanes. Nope it's a documentary of the fall of the legendary Jauquin Pheonix. It's a hard documentary to wacth. Ecpecially with the things a formerly normal man would do. At times it was like watching a movie with the Jackass crew, with all the unnecessary male nudeness. Here's what you'll see in the film: Pheonix being unbelievingly abusive to his assistant, Pheonix getting shitted on (figuratively and literally), among other things like snorting of cocaine and oral sex. You couldn't stop to ask: why would Casey put his brother-in law out like that? Now it's hard to explain why I gave this 3.5. It's because of the risk they took and the little censorship. Publicity stunt or not, there's no way to not be shuddered up by this movie. Would I reccomend it? NO! Do I appreciate it for what it is? I do

The Crush
The Crush(1993)

What a pathetic movie. It was predictable form start to finish. There was nothing that scared you or even give you any chills. It's nit a mystery, i don't even know what genre it belongs to. The final carrasel scene was purely pitiful. Theonlyreason it got 1.5 is the acting and somewhat spooky end. Don't waste your time on it though

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

In one of the most underrated crime comides Pryor an Wilder team up for another great comedy. I laughed just as much as I did in Stir Crazy and they had no holes in the movie and it genuinely felt like it was a blind man and a deaf man. Don't listen to the critics on this one, this was a great movie

Snakes on a Plane

I actually saw this film on a plane and it was decent, yes it was cheesy but it had a lot of funny moments. Samuel l Jackson was a bOss, and if you look past it's thin story line you can enjoy it

The Tree of Life

The tree of life is a beatiful film with a great hidden message. While some would say the scene where it was just exploring nature was boring I call it the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It was different then anything else I've seen. Here are the reasons it is only 3.5:
In many scenes the music overpowered the dialogue making it hard to hear.
Theres also no denying that it was extremely confusing for the first hour, you need to make it through that though.
There was no character distinction between kids. When they were in large groups you couldn't tell which ones were the O'Briens. All in all though it was a beatiful film and is my fav 3.5 star movie beating out Ragung Bull, One flew over a Cuckoos Nest, and Fargo

The Roommate
The Roommate(2011)

What can I say, should've listened to the reviews

Rosemary's Baby

Another Rowan polanski classic. This I the 3rd five star rating I've given to a Polanski (Along with Chinatown and the Pianist). It's a sick and twisted film and I would put it alongside Eraserhead for the most fucked up film. It is great and Is directed by the greatest director ever Rowan Polanski

Horrible Bosses

Best comedy of 2011 I've seen thus far. It's the perfect everything goes wrong until the end film. Laughed pretty much the whole time and the Wet Work scene is one for the archives. Not to mention great music and cast. This is the comedy of 2011.

An American Carol

I thought this was a really funny movie, why all the criticism?

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher(2011)

It was actually decently funny it just didn't feel life like. I mean if she was such a bad teacher why did they re hire her. If you're looking for a few laughs go ahead if you're looking for something more don't bother

Paranoid Park

Paranoid park is a decent independent film. It was boring but beautifully coordinated. I really like how it didn't go from start to end or else it would've been a complete wreck. It had good acting for an indie film but the plot was not anything new or unique. I wouldn't make time to watch it but if youre in the mood for an indie drama then go for it

The Hurt Locker

This should have not won best picture. Avatar, Inglorious Basterds, and Up in the Air were all better. This will not be remembered as the best movie of 2009, it's not even the best movie of 2009, Brothers was 100 times better. The only thing I'll hand to this movie is screen play. I just think its wrong that Saving Private Ryan and Appocalypse Now lost to worse films then the ones that this one beat


Very physiological and scary


Hugo is a visually stunning film, it felt like Avatar except well real. It's good for pretty much all ages. It has an interesting switch in story and flowed very well. Kingsley did great as well as the actor of Hugo. The reason this is not 4.5 or 5 is I found myself bored on several occasions in the middle of the movie. Some of the scenes also didn't feel very life like, for example when he found the key and thought the robot was still borking or (SPOILER ALERT) when the dad was burned up by the fire. All in all though it was a good Scorsese film, 97% might be a bit of a push though.


Pretty much a poltergiest remake but still scary

Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity

Some of the best stand up comedy ever


Really boring bad plot

Driving Miss Daisy

I think this is one of the weaker best picture winners, it wasn't a robbery like Shakespere in Love, English Patient, or Kramer vs Kramer, its just a weak movie for best picture, probably because 89 was a week year for films. It definentlu deserved best actress and was a feel good movie just a simple plot and got boring at times. Still an OK movie though

The Descendants

The greatest movie of 2011.
A great mix of comedy and drama, Alexander Payne did amazing as usual. In the academies i think this will win Adapted screenplay, Cinemetigraphy, Actor, and picture I also believe it'll be nominated for Supporting actress and Director
Really funny and emotional, great movie

Stranger Than Fiction

Very unique. Nice to see Ferrell in a more serious role and still have a funny movie

Dante's Peak
Dante's Peak(1997)

Pitiful acting and dialogue. Just pitiful

About Schmidt

Felt very real an was funny yet sad. It was very slow at first but if you make it pay the first 45 minutes you'll like it

The English Patient

How did this beat Fargo? It was boring and predictable I was falling asleep

Starship Troopers

One of the greatest cult movies of all time


In a typical alls well that ends well ending vacancy disappoints. Typical slasher movie ending. It's just not unique in any form, still somewhat scary though

The Third Wheel

Sad to see such a good cast in such a terrible movie.


A funny comedy with plenty of laughs if u make it through the boring scenes. Kristen Wiig had a good performance. 4 stars


Woodey Allen you are a genious.

Apocalypse Now

The greatest war movie ever made. One of twelve of my 5 star movies. How did this not win best picture?

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

The original and the best

Reservoir Dogs

Tim Roth did great in a classic of Tarantino.

Gosford Park
Gosford Park(2001)

Good character devolepment just for to long.
Good music.
Terrible kills.
To intense leading up to nothing

Paranormal Activity

Scary but the end was cheesy

The Others
The Others(2001)

Scary and very physiological.
One of the greatest twists of all time, it's up there with The sixth sense and Fight Club for biggest twists.

There Will Be Blood

1st half was boring 2nd half was filled with emotional scenes.

Scream 3
Scream 3(2000)

It had it's fair shares of screams, laughs, and the always fun unmasking of the killer.


Kick ass cast
Kick ass movie
The best action film of 2010 better then Expendable, A-Team, and Red, this is the action movie that represents 2010.

Dr. Strangelove Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Greatest dark comedy ever made. Well done Kubrick

Manhattan Murder Mystery

It does just enough to keep you into it, no more no less.

Session 9
Session 9(2001)

Session 9 is a very disturbing film, and just because of the 4 star rating doesn't mean I liked it or would recommend it to anyone. It'll fuck with your head, and it's not really in that huge twist like Fight Club or Triangle, no it fucks with you in a way with how could someone have such a disturbed mind. I'm sleeping with my light on, if I go to sleep


Wow, amazing twist. Huge MINDFUCK. Good work the two Nolans and the entire cast


Misery is one of the best horror movies ever made. It's creepy from start to finish. I've been having trouble getting scared from horrors and I've been watching "good" ones like the original Excorsist, Childs Play, clockwork orange, and more so called classics. But this, this reminded me why I love the horror genre. Its play instantly on Netflix or currently $1 to rent on ITunes, just watch it, it's a classic.

Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris is completely different movie from anything I've seen. It has a very talented cast and a great story behind it. Well done, Woody Allen, I think you just one of the best movies of the year

The Man
The Man(2005)

I can understand why people don't like it but IMO it was a really funny movie.

Due Date
Due Date(2010)

No it's not the hangover but it's still damn funny.


I actually really liked the design of the film and the acting but the rest not so much, some of the scenes such as the ice skating ring were really badly put together, and the cinematography made the movie confusing at parts. 2 stars


Moneyball is a great movie, Brad Piit, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Jonah Hill all had great performances. It has great cinemetography and film editing. And you know its a good movie when the people in the theather are cheering when theres a homerun. It was funny and still a good drama. I think this will be nominated for Cinemetography, sound mixing, film editing, best adapted screenplay, supporting actor (Jonah Hill), and possibly even actor and picture. Great fiml, good job Bennett Miller.

Attack the Block

Its a pretty good movie. Escpecially for a low budget sci-fi movie

Hobo With a Shotgun

One of the most gruesome and best movies I've seen in my life. I've only given 11 movies 5 stars and this is one of them. It is hard to watch because I've never seen that much INICENT blood in a movie

The Expendables

Best cast ever, yes. Fun movie to watch but just another movie that ruins it all by putting a romantic twist.

Win Win
Win Win(2011)

A good small release movie with a good cast who all put up great performances


Not a Michael Moore fan but this is a great documentary

Paranormal Activity 2

Terrible and predictable sequel. It started getting creepy at the end but it didn't even come near to the first.

Raging Bull
Raging Bull(1980)

A great boxing movie. I would give it higher but let's face it it's just another boxing film. Better flow then another boxing movies then Rocky and The Fighter so I'll give it a high 3.5

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

An unexpected surprise. Rise of planet of the apes had a lot to go around.you had pently of drama and a couple good action scenes. You had a great performance by James DeFranco and just all around this was a good movie

Winter's Bone

Winters Bone wasn't a terrible film,but it didn't deserve a nomination for best picture.Jennifer Lawrence did well and the film had good attention to detail, but the plot and movie itself wasn't all that great.

The Machinist

The Machinist is an interesting physiological thriller. Christian Bale was a perfect fit. It got a little boring from around 45 mins to the 1 hour 10 minute point, but during the beginning and end you were on the edge of your seat

When a Stranger Calls

terrible remake to an amazing film

Just Go with It

its a predictable comedy. Its hard to call it a romantic level unless you find hall pass a romatic comedy. its just stupid humor with a few half forced laughs

Cedar Rapids
Cedar Rapids(2011)

One of the funnist movies of 2011. With a great line up for main actors including Ed Helms, John C. Rielly.,Kurtwood Smith, Stephen Root. andstaring Rob Conndrry. Really Funny, highly recommend

Hall Pass
Hall Pass(2011)

An ok comedy. I laughed a lot but storyline and everything else wise it's just average

The Elephant Man

The elephant man is probably the saddest movie I have ever seen. It is David Lynchs second best film (after eraserhead) and it isn't much lower then eraser head. It is a very hard movie to watch and is a masterpiece

Epic Movie
Epic Movie(2007)

Not funny at all. But you can say that for any parody movies (except Mel Brooks films of course)

The Godfather

A good gangster movie but it was slow at parts and had a couple of confusing parts

Kill Bill: Volume 2

A good sequel to a good movie. Tarantino never fails to impress.

Kill Bill: Volume 1

Kill Bill is a t Tarantino classic that makes you immediately want to see the second

Poltergeist III

Easily and obviously the worst of the three. But not as bad as people make it seem

Poltergeist II: The Other Side

Maybe not as well directed and played as the original but I found this one even scarier then the first


Poltergeist is a classic. Truly one of the scariest haunted house movies

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

Fight club is a piece of art. Its David Fincher at his absolute best. It's genius, one of the biggest twists a movie has seen.

The Men Who Stare at Goats

For a movie that takes place with primarily one place and with primarily two characters it's not half bad. But as a comedy it isn't that funny

The Exorcist
The Exorcist(1973)

Well directed, yes
Good acting, yes
Scary, not really

Mystic River
Mystic River(2003)

With a star studded cast Mystic River doesn't disappoint. A good thriller with an unexpected twist. You'll never expect who the murderer really is.

12 Angry Men (Twelve Angry Men)

12 angry men is the greatest courtroom drama ever made. Amazing, the whole movie took place in one room with the same 12 people and I wasn't bored once. I kept wondering who would be next to vote innocent? Why did juror 10,I believe, so convinced that the defendant was guilty? Where were they getting at this argument? It all tied in perfectly at the end. Henry Fonda did great in the masterpiece.


Strange but still pretty good


It was boring at parts but the ending scene made it all worth it

Apocalypse Now Redux

Best war movie ever. Martin Sheen is great and Capolla delivers as usual. I don't see how people can complain about him "re-creating" the movie. 49 extra minutes of a kick ass movie never hurt anyone. Great movie number 8 on my list

Gone Baby Gone

A good drama with a good twist. 3.5 stars

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

A great classic by Tarintino. With a star studded cast inculding Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Thurman, and Willis. 4/5

Prison Break: The Final Break

A great ending for an amazing show

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

It's a great physiological thriller.


Nothing special. Too long and the characters didn't really have personalities. Good cast but nothing else.


A lot better then I expected

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

Super 8 had great action scenes throughout the whole movie. What it didn't have was any turning points. No surprises. So for 90% of the movie you knew exactly what would happen. Had good action scenes but nothing to keep you on the edge of your seat.

No Strings Attached

Not good. I had a few laughs but like most romantic comedies it is extremely predictable

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I didn't really like it, nothing special


Not a bad movie. Some pretty cool action scenes but gets boring. 3/5

The Fighter
The Fighter(2010)

I expected more from the fighter. The acting was great probably some of the best of 2010 behind the kings speech. But it wasn't that original of a fighting movie. The trailer gave everything away. 3/5

Yes Man
Yes Man(2008)

Not bad and not great.

Gangs of New York

Nothing like what I excepted. The effects were terrible, very cheesy fight scenes, and overrated acting.


This was my favorite movie of 2009. It was really good. 6th favorite movie

When a Stranger Calls

" Did you check on the children?"While I do have some horror movies higher then this, this one is by far the scariest. The 2006 remake is BS! But this one is great. I don't give a damn that it has a 40% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I like horrors a bout phsyco killers. Because it can actually happen. Not like all these zombie movies. I was terrified during the whole movie. "I want your blood all over my body." God how does that not give you the chills. Seeing John Clifford's body covered in the children's blood. The phone call in the restaurant. And of course the end. The weird and chilling ending. The only thing I did not like was the acting of the teenage baby sitter it was just to fake. But wow what a scary movie this is.

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

Terrible like all Big Momma movies

The Kids Are All Right

What a phenomenal drama this was. For the first 30 minutes I was skeptical probably even more then skeptical. I was thinking why the hell was this crap nominated for 4 academy awards including picture, supporting actor, and actress. It was just a bunch of sex scenes. The at midway point this movie grasps you. You slowly and accurately feel the resentment between the family. You feel that moment when Laser realizes Clay is an a**hole. You feel the growing desire between Jules and Paul. And you feel Nic's emotions when she realizes what's happening. Annette Bening was stunning as Nic. And Mark Ruffalo was perfect for Paul. It is listed as a drama/comedy and even though I had my laughs this is a drama. A near perfect movie with perfect acting.

The Killer Inside Me

A truly terrible unwacthable movie. Second worst movie. Purely terrible


This is truly the worst movie ever made

The Adjustment Bureau

Amazing trailer, pretty good movie.

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

Great movie and the best cast

Land of the Lost

I thought it was really funny. I laughed out loud a lot even after the third time. But requires multiple viewers


Just beautiful.
I wanted to live there when I watched and I still to this day want to sleep in those things that they were sleeping in

127 Hours
127 Hours(2010)

127 hours is a great film about an inspiring true story. James Franco does great and makes me feel the characters pain emotionally and physically. The scenery is beautiful and the music is great. The exhilarating blood pumping moments all make it worth while. Yes youll get bored and it'll feel like a slow moving experience at times throughout the visions and rock banging, the director makes sure you don't feel bored for long

Grown Ups
Grown Ups(2010)

A pretty funny movie with some good laughs and a star studded cast. Some parts were just not funny though just stupid. But all in all a good comedy

The Social Network

I expected more. The conclusion was dissapointing and it made me feel like Zuckenberg is a dick

Inside Man
Inside Man(2006)

Directed by spike lee and has Denzel and foster. What's not to like


Not Denzel at his best but good. If you like taking of Pelham 123 you'll like this


Not bad. Jodie foster did good

Drillbit Taylor

I remember watching it a while back in theaters and it's a good teenage comedy


Hilarious. Best comedy cast ever. Amazing only way to describe it


Actually not half bad

World's Greatest Dad

I don't see why it is 88% I hated every single character. At first I just hated the son. I understood the note but then the journal I started hating the dad then his girlfriend was so f*cking annoying. The African american teacher became annoying after getting jealous the sons friend was so annoying. I just hated everyone I didn't know who's side I was on

The Informant!

Boring and confusing. Didn't laugh once and didn't understand it after 20 mins in

Above the Rim

Pretty good. Great music I love how they followed 2 stories.but the end was pretty predictable and it probably wouldn't be poepular without tupac

Schindler's List

10th favorite movie amazing


Favorite movie of 2010. Makes you think for a good week

The Town
The Town(2010)

Really good. I thought it would get boring but i never looked at the time or yawned. Kept me entertained the whole time

The King's Speech

Great movie. 5 stars the acting was brilliant

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

Way overrated 90% really? It was ok but nothing great

The Silence of the Lambs

fourth favorite movie. wasnt slow at all acting was near perfect and like
Mike Ryazantsev it gives you the feel that phsyco paths are qeniuse.
must see

The Other Guys

Best comedy of 2010 by far.

The Infidel
The Infidel(2010)

it is ok. if your a constant movie wacther its worth seeing but nothing special