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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Prestige

The Prestige(2006)

One time or the other all of us have thought about Wolverine and Batman teaming up. And Christopher Nolan brings them to you as rival (wait what??) and as magician (Aren't they already??)

Set in the last turn of the twentieth century London, The Prestige centers around the two young and ambitious magician apprentices Robert Angier (Hugh Jackman) and Alferd Borden (Cristian Bale). On one hand where Angier is more flashy, charming, easy going and also abetted by his aungineer (MIchael Caine) and on the other Borden is creatively gifted but is less extrovert. And what these two men share is more than mere rivalry, their journey continues as they cut each others path more than once just to come out on the top.

Like Nolan's other movies the prestige follows a fractured chronology. Jackman and Bale have proven themselves to very impressive duet partners. Their characters extending out of their personalities into their stage acts, with neither them being wholly sympathetic or villainous. And to refresh you of the memories of the Dark Knight trilogy Michael Caine has done a marvelous work in front of the camera once again. Scarlet Johanson and Rebecca Hall have done justice to their character.

Other critics might want to compare this movie with the Illusionist but believe me when I tell you that this is movie is much more than just the mere illusion or a magic trick. It might be centered around a magic trick but the movie is much more than that. It is like a Shakespearean tragedy with tormented lovers, murder and betrayal. Two men fighting driven by vengeance, who have long forgotten what they were fighting for. And their are more than just one metaphor. The prestige is itself is divided into the three parts which a magic trick consists of(watch the movie and you will know). The cold and devious chill of the magicians is able to permeates through the entire picturing of the film and to top it off Nolan brought in a real time rivalry to prove the possibility of the two characters.

The Prestige is an engaging masterpiece that is able to hold the audience till the very end. Sadly, the end itself is "very out of the character" and comes out as a shock which may make you forget the brilliance that has been showcased before it. It is one of those flicks where the actual suspense is not up to the product presented before it.

And all of who have seen the movie once, take my advice and watch it again because its real value lies in its re-watch. With the mystery no longer being "shocking" (kinda disappointing), the quality of cinema preceding it may be better appreciated.