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Awesome movie. a must watch for everyone. direction was cut to perfect and all the actors played the characters brilliantly . i was thrilled and was sitting on the edge of my seat for the most part. too good.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

impeccable and awesome are the two words I will use to describe this film. loved it to the core.

Schindler's List

to showcase the authenticity of the subject , movie was shot completely in black and white frames. steven Spielberg left no stone unturned to the subject of the film. the cruelty of hitler's Nazi's and suffering of the jew's was felt. hats off to steven Spielberg.
not to mention the sterling performance by liam neeson. I could not hold back my tears during the climax scene. one of the best of this genre. kudous to the entire unit of this film.


sensitive topic very well handled by director. meryl streep was too good in the film. amy adams was good too. subject alone was gripping and kept me interested throughout.

Notting Hill
Notting Hill(1999)

Another sterling performance by my favorite star 'Julia Roberts' . what can I say. I am one in the millions who wants to meet this beautiful actress. the dream which I might never be able to fulfil. the only star that I want to meet. sometimes I wish that I had cancer or something so that ' make a wish foundation' could help me fulfill my this dream of meeting this wonderful person. never the less , notting hill is one of Julia Roberts best film. a must watch for every soul. :)

Erin Brockovich

Being a huge fan of Julia Roberts , I simply could not afford , not watching this film. she won Oscar for this and I always knew that it was a long coming. there is this some quality about her and the way she portrays her characters. I always fall in love with her. she is "the" actor for me. my all time favorite and I hope that she wins more Oscars as she is well deserving and very dedicated star.

The Fault In Our Stars

one of the most beautiful , romantic , emotional and realistic film that I've ever seen. I would not get into technical side of the film coz everything about it was brilliant , writing , directing , cinematography , background score etc.... everything was brilliant. shailene Woodley , hats off to her. she actually went under the skin of the character and played it beautifully. I smiled when she smiled and my eyes went moist when I saw her cry. beautiful film . a must watch for every soul.

A Few Good Men

one of the best film of this genre. demi moore looked scintillating and tom cruised delivered a fab performance. film was flawless. hard to argue with the script or
the characters. everything was well placed and believable.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Leonardo DiCaprio , Jonah hill and Margot Robbie cracked me every time. Leonardo DiCaprio has given numerous brilliant performances in his various films and this one is just another feather to his hat. also hats off to the magic man himself , director martin Scorsese.


I was anticipating a bit more from it. din live upto my expectation at all.


Probably Angelina jolie's best film and best performance ever. The film was a complete treat to watch.


gr8 film.... for long now , I've been waiting for some sensible and not so predictable Animated film and frozen just delivers that.... UP and The Incredibles are still my favourite 3D Animated film and now I can Proudly add 'FROZEN' to that list... loved the film , very well made.... Packed with some surprises... worth watching again and again.... and again... :)


I am glad that I survived it. probably the worst film of this genre.

Step Up: All In

I don't care who thinks what. I loved the film. it was treat to watch Briana Evigan and all the SYTYCD stars Twitch , Philip chbeeb , comfort fedoke and others not to mention moose... :)

Lone Survivor

one of my favourite American war film. saving private ryan and black hawk down was awesome and lone survivor is gr8 , loved it. love War based action films. Band of brothers is my favourite tv series. Respect to all those five men and every soldier who are fighting for good. :)

After the Dark

Fresh concept and a beautiful film. it keeps you interested till the very end. you are left wanting for more. I was thoroughly entertained. a perfect weekend film. :)

The Illusionist

Thoroughly entertained. The film was really very well written and beautifully directed. Though I feel that the motive was achieved way before crown prince leopold kills himself. He believed that the sophie is murdered so what was the point of dragging the situation till 'leopold' kills himself is not understood. still I would say that its a gr8 film. remarkable one. :)

The Armstrong Lie

I had a very little idea about the film. I never thought that it is going to be a Documentary I was expecting it to be a regular film. I usually don't like Documentary's but this is an exception... loved it to the core... I don't know about anyone else but I've tremendous respect for this man. every top cyclist dope or let me put it this way... every single athlete use performance enhancing product to edge out their respective competitors... Armstrong did the same only he made too many enemies on his way up...



Escape Plan
Escape Plan(2013)

Not Bad.... one can watch it when there is nothing on the TV and you absolutely want to watch something for timepass.... :)

Captain Phillips

Knowing 'tom hanks' is starring in the film I knew I want to watch it. he never disappoints with his film's. love him.

Closed Circuit

I expect a lot of action and drama in this particular genre which was surprisingly missing. director wanted to keep his audience interested but at the same time he wanted to keep it real and believable. climax did not do it for me either.


1hr and 51min of pure entertainment.


It was a good watch. Natalie portman looked very earthy and very beautiful in the film. when ever she was in the picture my eyes were on her. extra half star for her :) .

The Eagle
The Eagle(2011)

The start was good but in the middle, film lost the plot and climax was bad, very bad.

The Muppets
The Muppets(2011)

Watched it for Amy Adams, movie was okay. not my kind of a film.

The Hurricane

loved this film to pieces. great story, wonderful acting and very well directed.


It was fun and entertaining for first 1hr or so. climax could have been a little better but never the less. I enjoyed watching it.

War Horse
War Horse(2011)

only steven Spielberg could have done this. the film is very intriguing. a master peace. loved it to pieces.


I wanted to give this film an average rating of 2.5 stars but just for matt damon I am adding another half. matt damon is most definitely one of the greatest star of this era. hats off to him.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2)

A Great film. Anxiously waiting for the news of its third installment. after watching hellboy : the golden army I was so impressed with the makers that I know it for sure that if they come up with its third installment it would be HUGE.


a very good film. it had all the ingredient of a perfect entertaining film. action , drama, romance and humour.

Undisputed III: Redemption

Did i enjoy it?????? offcourse I did!!!!!!


when nothing is on TV one can watch it. its a complete timepass movie.

Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown

Disappointed... considering the original I was expecting it to be a grade higher or at-least a match to its previous installment.

Never Back Down

I love action genre, specially when its related to mix martial art. I was entertained and also I was motivated to hit the gym next day. all in all a good entertainer.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

new and improved superman. The legend is born again. the story was slow and there was no edge of the sit action sequence in the film. after watching "the dark knight rises" the expectation automatically grows for 'DC' comics super hero and legend 'superman'.
never the less it was entertaining. superman was my superhero when I was a kid and he will remain so.

Superman Returns

marvel characters rules but nothing can beat superman. superman is not just a character but a legend. a delusion legend offcourse but still a legend. story was so so.... still I would give it a 3 star simply coz its a superman movie. :)

Monsters University

I can never afford to miss a "PIXAR" movie. story,humour and animation were simply mind boggling. loved it.

Moonrise Kingdom

The movie is very different. hats off to Anderson.

The Croods
The Croods(2013)

almost 81% of people liked it but I've to admit that i did not like it. may be I belong to that other 19%.

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

Katherine heigl as Alison scott did a splendid job. loved every minute of her presence on screen. There is something about her which makes me go all crazy. I don't know what it is. ooohhhh oohhhhh and movie is awesome too.


movie was flawless and I loved all the short stories Lincoln narrated. Daniel day lewis killed it. not even for a minute I felt that I was watching a film , it felt so real. awesome awesome awesome.

Trouble with the Curve

I loved the film... amy adams looked so cute and acted brilliantly... I hope that she gets some meatier role in her future projects because she is Oscar material...


i love movies inspired from the true stories and to top it all its about the horse. a great film... very well directed.. not even for a minute the movie lost the plot... :)

Seven (Se7en)

i would love to describe this film in one word. "awesome".

Gridiron Gang

dwayne "THE ROCK" johnson fan.

The Game Plan

i'm a dwayne johnson fan and for me it was a treat watching him on the big screen.


very inspiring... loved it.....

The Blind Side

its a gr8 film... very inspiring... :)

Sleeping with the Enemy

i love julia roberts... every character she plays , i dont know what it is but she makes me fall in love with that character... pretty women, my best friends wedding, runaway bride, step mom and tess from oceans i lovee al of them... she is a magician... no one can do what she does... i also dream hoping to meet someone like the character she plays and it takes days and sometime months to recover from it.... she is amazing. :)

My Best Friend's Wedding

i love julia roberts... every character she plays , i dont know what it is but she makes me fall in love with that character... pretty women, sleeping with the enemy, runaway bride, step mom and tess from oceans i lovee al of them... she is a magician... no one can do what she does... i also dream hoping to meet someone like the character she plays and it takes days and sometime months to recover from it.... she is amazing. :)

Matchstick Men

i first happen to have seen the hindi remake of this film 'bluffmaster' and i was really impressed with the concept and the stroy not kowing that its a remake.... after watching 'matchstick men' i was speechless... nicholas cage sure knows his craft.... :)

Scent of a Woman

awesome awesome awesome. al pacino, hats off to him...

My Cousin Vinny

Had a laughing riot.... crazy.... one of a kind... loved it to bits.... :D

Meet the Fockers

it was funny and a gr8 sunday film. :)

As Good as It Gets

it perfectly justifies the title... 'as good as it gets' ; loved it to bits....

The Other Guys

ferrell takes the cake.... mark wahlberg was awesome too.... i'm a big fan of dwayne johnson and so it was a treat to see him in action.... all in all a good action-comedy film...

Death at a Funeral

its a fine sunday film... if you got nothing to do... and there is nothing on television... you can sit back and enjoy this film... its a black comedy and as the movie presses on you might find yourself laughing on one or two situations...

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

little dissapointed with the climax of the film. i was expecting a full fledge action. which did happen but only in alexe's head and not for real. which left me aarrggghhhhh.... kid(mackenzie foy) was really cutee though. :)

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

little slow but i enjoyed myself. :)

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

hhhmmmmmm... not bad.... complelty smitten by kirsten stewart in this edition of the film...

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

again book was way better but the character played by taylor lautner steals the show completly away from both the center character. for me the 2nd instalment did it. :)


after reading the book i was hugely anticipating this film but was a bit dissapointed as book was way way better then the film.

Ocean's Thirteen

after watching the first two edition of this instalment there was no way that i could have missed this one. man i'm so glad that i did not miss it. a complete entertainment. :)

Ocean's Twelve

i can never forget this film... more or less cause of julia roberts... tess (julia roberts) pretends to be julia roberts. the way she tries to conduct herself as tess and trying to be herslef at the same time is crazy. the sweetest moment of her is when she actualy bump into julia roberts. no doubt that the movie is gr8 but 4stars are only for julia roberts.

Django Unchained

movie is about entertainment entertainment and entertainment. i was thouroughly entertained and so without a daubt in my mind im rating it 5star. loved it.

Ocean's Eleven

it simply brings smile to my face. one of the best film. in the end of the film you leave with a huge smile on your face. guaran"darn"tee entertainment. :)

Blood Diamond

one of the best that i've seen of this genre.


vin diesel killed it... only after this film that i started following him....

Casino Royale

i had only seen previous four instalment of the film 'tomorrow never dies , goldeneye, world is not enough and die another day' and somehow i felt that the bond thing is nothing but a hype untill casino royale happen... thourougly enjoyed the film a must watch... if you are not the bond fan, belive me, after casino royale you will become one. :)

Quantum of Solace

after casino royale my expectation was soaring high but somehow it did not live upto my expectation. still it is a good film. :)

The World Is Not Enough

i have a huge crush on 'sophie marceau' and so i wasnt following the plot as much as i was following her... i had a blast watching the film. ;) :P


i think that the only film where pierce brosnan mada a mark as a secret agent bond is golden eye.

Jurassic Park

awesome film.. havent seen it in 3D yet... wil definetly want to see it in 3D soon.

The Hurt Locker

i literally lived the experience. :)

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

i'll describe this film in one word "awesome" :)

The Dark Knight

i accidently came to this page and was amazed to learn that i havent rated this film. it happens to be one of my favourite film. i own both DVD and blueray print of this film.

Zero Dark Thirty

movie is awesome. loved every bit of it. americans are the one who solve the hardest problem in the simplest way possible. take "argo" for example. i wish i was born american.only thing that is bothering me is that movie info below. admin please change "the worlds most dangerous man" to "the worlds most wanted man". any person holding a gun on any given time is the most dangerous man on earth.

Let the Right One In

i admit that it scared the freakin hell out of me. loved it.


very well directed with simplicity. i was on the edge of my sit through out. honestly i wish that i was born american. no country in this whole world can harm america and if they even try doing it. they wil right fully get back what they deserve. i believe that its because of america that the world is balanced. god bless america.

Rise of the Guardians

animation and everything was good but the story line was slightly off.

Wreck-it Ralph

i love the concept of this film. it was fresh and very creative.

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

one of my most favourite animated film.

Shrek 2
Shrek 2(2004)

in my opinion skrek 2 was better than shrek. :) beautiful film with beautiful concept. and animation was par excellent. :)


animation was very smooth and almost unbeliveable. loved it.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

after 1st edition my expectation for the film was very high and it did live upto it. :)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

book was awesome but film could not keep up with all the details in the book. still it was very well made. loved it. :)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

have seen this one atleast 7 to 8 times and every time it got better. loved it.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

J.K.Rowling took us to her world of fantasy through her writing and her books. filming of harry potter got all the attention in the world. readers were highly anticipating for the series of this book and people like me were anxiously waiting for next potter film.


such great idea only hollywood can come up with..... love this film and can wathc it over and over again.....

Step Up 2 the Streets

a great entertainer and dancing in the end was just mind-boggling. loved it.

Step Up 3
Step Up 3(2010)

good but i find step up 2 a complete package.

Step Up Revolution

i regret even watching this edition of step up. in my opinion the franchise declined to is all time low and there aint going to be any anticipation if they decide to come up with another edition of this franchise.


a good entertaining film.


arjun rihan is the technical director of this film. he inspires me a lot as he belongs to my country (india) and to my city (pune). we are losing the script. the film is awesome. s must watch. :)

The Guardian
The Guardian(2006)

honestly i was in shock to see the tomatometer rating for this film. i must confess that i enjoyed the film the only scene which did not go well with me was the scene where ben randall takes his student jake fischer to the navy place where he was beaten up black and blue. otherwise the film was good i think.

The Pursuit of Happyness

The film takes you on emotional ride and teaches you so much. will smith acted so well that i did not lose the connection even for a second. love this film and i often recommend people to watch it if they have not.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

one of my most favourite action film ever.... i must hve seen this film 100 times and will continue watching it till the end of life.... love this film.

Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman(1990)

awesome is the word.... my most favourite romantic film ever....

Resident Evil: Retribution

movie failed in every department. a huge disappointment.

Taken 2
Taken 2(2012)

movie did not live upto my expectations...

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

epic, undoubtedly the best series of film ever... my anticipation was always served throughout the series of the film. i still remember this dialogue between frodo and sam. FRODO : why do we figth SAM : there is some good in this world and its worth fighting for. i rate this dialogue as one of the best dialogue between two ppl.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

epic, undoubtedly the best series of film ever... my anticipation was always served throughout the series of these film. i still remember this dialogue between frodo and sam. FRODO : why do we figth SAM : there is some good in this world and its worth fighting for. i rate this dialogue as one of the best dialogue between two ppl.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

epic, undoubtedly the best series of film ever... my anticipation was always served throughout the series of these films. i still remember this dialogue between frodo and sam. FRODO : why do we figth SAM : there is some good in this world and its worth fighting for. i rate this dialogue as one of the best dialogue between two ppl

The Incredibles

one of my most favourite animated film.

The Longest Yard

i dont care about its tomatometer rating above. for me the film should be entertaining and i was entertained.


super entertaining and being a fan of will smith i simply loved it.

The Dark Knight Rises

loved it loved it loved it... awesome film... better then "Avenger" at any given day. raw action and everything about the film was simply "awesome". havent seen such action in a long time. loved it and definetly in the list of my most favourite action film ever.

The Hunger Games

seen the film and it was okay. it got the simlar kind of action like one in "The Condemned" i wasnt amazed or on the edge of my sit anytime while watching the film. a decent film but nothing so wow about it.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The girl with the dragon tatto.... if i could describe it in one word it would be "awesome" but hey hey hey... i dont want to describe it in one word cause i loved it so much... truely entertaining... david fincher rocks...

Eight Below
Eight Below(2006)

one of my favourite film of all time, loved every bit of it.

Apollo 13
Apollo 13(1995)

awesome.... movie is worth watching..... simply wow....

The Adventures of Tintin

steven spielberg proves it again............ it is complete entertaining and me being a big fan of tintin comics , was sittin on the edge all excited till the end of the film..... definetly a one time watch but also a "must watch".

French Kiss
French Kiss(1995)

before watchin "french kiss" i saw " pyaar toh hona hi tha " i was realy in love with the concept and thought it was original untill i saw the original one called "french kiss"..... "meg ryan" did a fabulous job and "kajol" could not even match the dirt of meg ryan...... in two words " super film"...


one of my favourite film of all time and it was gr8 to see it in 3d...... movie talks in volume for love. this movie is not for the ppl who give up on love...

Cinderella Man

it was a gr8 film...... i was touched.... simply loved it....... there was no unnecessary ka masala... movie was straight and i could accept every character in the film ..... james wife played the perfect wife... how i iwsh i could marry someone like her.... :) :) :)


i m totaly in love with this film and i loved "hectors"(eric bana) character over "archilles"(brad pitt). a must watch for every soul on this earth.

Deep Impact
Deep Impact(1998)

this movie did manage to leave a deep impact on me!! nice movie..... hve seen it almost a decade bck but it still manages to get into me when i tlk about my favourites.

My Sister's Keeper

i loved it........ its a serious film and very emotional 2. "rabbit hole" and "my sisters keeper" are the two films i...................... aaarrgggghhhhh...... watch it ppl. i bet you guys will love it. :) :) :)

Resident Evil: Extinction

fultu entertaining... loved it. :) :) :)

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

din live upto my expectation.... i simply din wanted to rate this film at all but kind of impact the 1st part left on me i opted to rate it.

Resident Evil

movie is gr8 and i can watch it again and again even today. i rate this part above all its sequels... :) :) :)


movie is great and director din force charaters into good or bad skin. both the characters were nice and beliveable. characters stood for ethics and respect. loved it. :) :) :)


one of my most fav 3d animated film....

Million Dollar Baby

awesome is the word for the film......

Vantage Point

class apart.... movie full of twist and turn.... one of a kind.... i would rate this film 4 out of 5.

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

wow!!!! i mean WOW!!!!

Black Hawk Down

i hve seen this film over 10 to 12 times in theatres.... simply love this film!!!

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor(2001)

i own vcd, dvd and blueray print of this film..... micheal bay is simply awesome and so is the star cast of this film.

Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story

after this film tht i become a big fan of this super young talent... "dakota fanning"

Enemy of the State

one of the most entertainin film ever!!!


very sweet film and very well directed...... loved it and it is definetly in one of my most fav film list ever. :)

Hachi: A Dog's Tale

awesome film... i cried like hell watchin this film. i got a little more closer to my dog after watchin this film. a must watch for everyone.