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The Scorpion King 3: Battle For Redemption

Such a fantastic movie rarely do you see films with such adventure and action as this one the only realy problem i had with this movie was the acting good lord the acting was horrendouse on this movie ,but really that was the only problem with it because other than that the movie kept up with the story of the scorpion king, I liked how they incorrpirated the book of the dead into this one that was a nice suprise also the character Vistor Webster played the perfect scorpion king he actually looked like the Dwayne Johnson. But in combination with all that on top of the fun action and adventure this movie had i would say it at least deserves a 50% plus or so on the tomatometer because you have to take into consideration that this was a movie that whent straight to theaters so of course in may not be like some of those other millions of dollar films but for a cheaply made movie this one was fantastic.

3:10 to Yuma
3:10 to Yuma(2007)

A very good ,but differnet approach to a western film which makes this movie so great well with the acting from russle crowe and christian bale certainly made this movie much better as well but what made me like this movie was how it was completly differnet then your common cowboy movie so everybody knows a common western film is some new guy comes into a town with the bad guys taking over and saves the town from bandits which we all know is how most older westerns whent, but 3:10 to Yuma changes that dramatically in 3:10 to Yuma the good guy (Christian Bale) actually dies and the bandit leader (Russle Crowe)winds up killing the bandits which is certainly a good change from the common western movies but this is just one of the reasons this film is so great. You have of course amazing actors in it, a very good setting this movie had a real western feel to it, and finally just had a fantastic plot it also had a strange affect on my emotions. First im fealing sort of angry towards russle crowe and i didnt really like his character at the begining of the film ,however towards the end I really like him for helping Christian Bale and killing the bandits, but with that being said all the things i metioned come together to make this such a fantastic film a recommend anyone to see and leaves me saying this movie well deserves a 90% plus at least but of course i believe it deserves a 100% because its such a fantastic movie it also well deserves certified fresh on the tomatomater.

Rambo III
Rambo III(1988)

I believe this movie is way underrated many people say this is the worst of the rambo franchise ,but frankly i belive it to be one of the best why you may ask well for severaly reasons one it had the same or more action than the other secondly it still had Sylvester Stallones cheesy remarks that are slightly humorous in it and finally it just fits perfectly in with the other movies and on top of that they kept the same actors playing the same roles like obviously sylvester stallone playing rambo and richard crenna playing colonel Trautmen but i truly believe this movie deserves no less than a 50% on the tomatometer.

Kindergarten Cop

I actually just saw this movie on spike and it was alright not great bot not bad either it had a decently good plot and an average story that has some action some humor and some drama a pretty good mixture when it comes to Arnold, however what really made this movie ok was Arnolds cheesy humor that hes had in all hes other Comedy movies but i would say this movie probably deserves at least a 50% plus or so on the tomatometer

28 Days Later

Fantastic movie one of the best zombie movies out there however this is not like other zombie movies first of all these zombies are incredibly strong and fast also another thing that makes this zombie movie unique is that hes not just fighting zombies he fighting people as well its a fantastic movie that anybody would probably like even if you did't like zombie movies this one is truly unique and definetly deserves a 80& plus on the tomatometer and really the only thing bad about this movie was the cheesy special affects and the zombies for a movie made in 2002 i would think they could do slightly better on the visual affects however this movie is still fantastic and one of my favorite zombie movies out there

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The entire series of lord of the rings is fantastic they have amazing plots, great actors, and just really everything from the setting of the movie to the adventure itself these movies are spectacular this movie however i believe to be the best of the series which is an extremly tough decision considering there all amazing films and the movie is osme waht close to the book of course they cant copy the book exactly or the movie would be like 3 days long but a really good adaption from the book this movie obviously deserves a 100% and well deserves certified fresh.

Terminator Salvation

This movie is not near as bad as the critics rated it to be i thought anyway this movie was pretty good for several reasons for one, it had some cool actions scenes in it secondly, at least they have kept up with the plot from the other terminators they kinda skipped how john connor created the resistance but they still have kept up with it pretty decenetly and finally, it had some pretty cool special affects to it.It also had a pretty cool post apocalyptic setting to it so with the combination of all this on top of the decent acting from Sam Worthington and Christian Bale this movie was alright not near as strong as the other terminators but not bad by any means so with that being said i believe this movie at least deserves a 60% or more on the tomatometer.

My Bloody Valentine 3-D

Everyhting about this movie was bad there was no scary about this movie i seriously don't even know how it got a 58% by critics this movie is horrendous.It's the combination of cheesy visual affects, horrible acting, and a ridicuously lame plot that makes this movie so bad and the fact that it's in 3-D is just worse the only reason they put this movie in 3-D was to take away from the awful film its self.I truly belive this film only deserves a 30% minus and thats even pushing it.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Probably the best of the Indiana Jones franchise i thought anyway but everything about this movie was great had an awesome action packed adventure and pretty good acting as well but this movie is just a fantastic classic that well deserves the rating it got.


this movie is fantastic has enough action to keep things interesting and then it has some drama in it as well and this movie really is good when it comes to keeping you interested in it because i have to say i just could not keep my eyes of the screen especially when troy and prince hector were about to fight which i must say was sad because hector was my favorite but anyway this movie was great and a must see well deserves a 100% i think anyway


Really loved this movie had fantastic action and some pretty interesting visual effects also it is slightly historically correct as well they also got the perfect people to play this role a fantastic movie a must see and well deserves at least a 80% plus on the tomatometer.


Ok were to begin with this movie literally everything about this movie is fantastic you have a fantastic plot, not a ton but sufficient action and drama mixture that makes this movie great and im willing to bet this is one of Russle Crowes strongest characters hes every played and this is certainly one of his best movies i believe ever and honestly Joaquin Phoenix played the perfect king for this movie so with the combination of all that this movie is truly spectacular and is and still remains one of my favorite movies of all time and is my favorite russle crowe film i truly believe this movie deserves a 100% on the tomatometer also this movie was powerful on me it actually made me feel really sad at the end of the movie would truly recommend this movie to anyway and it is a must see well deserves what i believe a 100% great movie!

Dawn of the Dead

As of now i would consider this to be the best zombie movie of all time as of now anyway of course it does not compare to the walking dead but that is a t.v show but anyway back to the movie its has a great plot and is really enjoyable to watch its certainly much better than the remake but do not get me wrong the remake was pretty good but still does not compare to this one this film is truly a magnificent movie well deserves the rating it got

The Vanguard
The Vanguard(2008)

Wow this movie was horrendous and unfortunately i was excited when i first saw the trailer and knew it was about zombies because i love zombie movies however this movie was simply dumb it did not make sense everything was cheesy about it acting was wow you know i do not even know were to start on the acting considering the guy could not talk and on top off all that the plot was shitty and this movie was completely disappointing and i am willing to bet this is the worst movie i have ever seen it was painful for me to finish it


This film was great however it got slightly confusing at times but still had a fantastic plot and was really suspenseful fantastic movie well deserves the rating it got

The Scorpion King 2

This movie was interesting it was not too bad when it came to the fight scenes and action parts but its too bad the movie did not have the same actors in it but i still really like the series and its kinda sad to see these movies becoming b-rated movies however this movie was not bad and had some really fun parts in it


When i first saw the trailer for this movie i was not sure how it would turn out i thought at first it kinda looked cheesy but once i saw it it was amazing ecspecially the special affects wich were awesome and on top of that it had a great plot and you couldent of gotten a better Thor with Chris Hemsworth playing but this movie was fantastic and well deserves certified fresh

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

I do not really understand why this Transformers got a worse rating then the first one i belive this one was way better, at least when it came to the action, i really enjoyed this trnasformers as well as the thirs one to but i believe this movie should at least have gotten 50% and up on the tomatometer

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

One of the funniest classics out there a great cheesy and hilarious film that well deserves the title of certified fresh

The Lion in Winter

This movie was fantastic and was a great drama that actually kept me intrested threw out the movie which is pretty hard to due this movie had a great plot good actors and i would say its pretty decent compated to the classic but overall this is a fantastic drama i would recommend to anybody and suggest anybody to watch it i belive it deserves at least an 60% plus on the tomatometer

The Blue Max
The Blue Max(1966)

This was a great film of a foot soilder who eventually becomes a pilot and one of the best there is this movie has a great plot and has pretty decent action scenes and can get pretty suspensful at times overall this was a great movie and i also like how it was shown from the Germans side which is not too common in movies

The Scorpion King

This movie was alright nothing really grand when it comes to the plot and certainly nothing great with the acting but this movie is fairly pleasing and fun when it comes to the fight scenes which were intense this movie is definetly great when it comes to the action and you couldent get some one better than Dwayne Johnson he was the perfect person for this role though hes not a great actor you do not really need to be one for an action movie this movie resonably deserves a 50% plus or so on the tomatometer

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

This pirates movie did not seem to do near as well as the others but i honestly think it was better you had some pretty crazy visual affects that were amazing great fight scenes and at least they kept all the original actors as well i actually preffered this pirates more than the others however i will not lie the plot may get confusing at times and slightly drawn out but the action well suffices for that which is why i gave this movie a 70% however i would see it fair to give this movie at least a 50% plus on the tomatometer

Remember the Titans

Really great movie that was not actually all about football this movie had a fantastic deeper meaning plus had a great plot wonderful suspense and on top of all that you got a great actor like Denzel to just top off this film loved this movie and it well deserves at least 60% plus on the tomatometer

The Shawshank Redemption

A really fantastic film had a great plot fantastic actors ecxpecially morgan freeman but this movie really made me feel sad at one moment and really happy another also this movie had probably one of the best endings of anyother movie i have ever seen fantastci movie well deserves certified fresh and i would say deserves at least a 90% plus

The Odyssey
The Odyssey(1997)

I really love rating and reviewing movies like this because its not a very well known movie so i can spread the word but anyway back to the rating this movie was great as cheesy as it was it was really fun though had a great story and generally followed greek mythology this well deserves an 60% plus and would recommend this movie to anyone who like a good old fashioned adventure


this movie is really great it had some decent suspense to it and pretty historically accurate as well watched this in my history class and it was fantastic reall enjoyed it this movie well deserves a 50% plus at least

Fast Five
Fast Five(2011)

Fast Five was great to the fast and furious sequel and i must say its good to see ven diezel back in them too plus Dwayne Johnson played the perfect bad ass for this movie but anyway back to the movie it had a lot of great action scenes and a pretty decent plot with some great action actors in them its good to see this series take off again because it kinda ended with the The Fast and the Furious wich was the last one before this one that had Vin diesel in it but now there starting back up again and with a pretty bad ass start at that but anyway i belive this movie well deserves a 70% plus and also deserves the title of certified fresh


platoon is a fantastic movie it really shows how the vietnam war was and gave us a lot of great action scenes i thought the ending was some what lacking for the rest of the movie but most endings are not very good but the ending of this movie dosent effect the fact that it was a fantastic movie whith some pretty big names in it as well the movie well deserves cand 80% plus on the tomatometer and definetevly deserves the title certified fresh

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2 is without a doubt the best of the terminator series plus i like seeing arnold play the good guy rather than the bad but anyway this movie has a ton of action a fantastic plot and of course give a hand to james cameron for being a bad Ass of a director but combine all this and this is a fantastic action movie this movie definetly deserves 80% plus on the tomatometer and well deserves certified fresh

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

this movie is great a real good sequel to the other legendary films its got adventure action and even better it still has Harrison ford in it plus its a great plot and is just a great movie definitively deserves a 70% plus on the tomato meter

Cheech and Chong's Next Movie

not really that great of a movie first one was hilarious this one was kinda stupid had its moment but does not really deserve anything more than a 40% on the tomatometer

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

before i tell how bad this movie is i have to get this off my chest why the hell would you choose Johny Depp ,someone who usually plays dark roles, for charlie and the chocolate factory hes probably the worst person for this role but with that being said the movie does not even come close to comparing to the original it was just a bad movie i thought


pretty good movie way over hyped i believe but still good plot very good visual affects but definitively not a bad movie


this movie is pretty funny not going to lie however i didn't like how its like all other comedies they start out all funny and then they get into this serious mode and there's barely any funny scenes so i would say about an hour of this movie is funny and the rest is the dumb serious part all other comedies have

The Terminator

this movie is great and all but honestly i didn't really like it i like seeing Arnold as the good guy rather than the bad but no matter my thought on the movie this movie definitely deserves the rating it got and well deserves certified fresh

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

im a huge star trek fan and let me tell you this definetly fullfilled my expectations this movie was great they had the great plot good actors bad ass special effects and on top of all things we got to see the original leonard nemoy play spock plus on top of all that all the actors resembled the originals very well this movie is defintely certified fresh

Captain America: The First Avenger

this movie was a real suprise to me i truly thought it was going to be terrible ecspecially when i saw his outfit and all that i thought the movie was going to be dumb however this movie was fantastic lots of action cool plot and tied it into the avengers real nice this movie definetly deserves certified fresh on the tomato-meter

The Guns of Navarone

such a fantastic move slgihtly cheesy but come on now it was made in the 60s but a fantastic action movie much better then the second but hey the second one is not that bad but this is definetly one of my favorite war classics

Apocalypse Now

this movie is amazing though it get slightly weird and disturbing at times its truly a fantastic movie would definetly say i deserves a 90 plus rating

Rambo (Rambo IV)

this movie was bad ass i dont really understand how critics can give first blood an 80% and then give this one a 30% its well over a 30 and plus there basically the same story lots of killing lots of blood and bad ass shit and if its too violent well thats sylvester stallone for you but this movie was legit and definetly continues the rambo franchise very well with all the action

First Blood
First Blood(1982)

this movie is the begining of a legend and well deserves the 80% this has to be my most favorite movie to watch over and over again the action is just too good and is just an amazing movie overall

The Tooth Fairy

this movie is terrible frankly i really do not understand why a massive buff wrestler would play such a terrible and unfitting role dont get me wrong Dwayne Johnson is one of my favorite actors but this movie is just a joke its terrible and dumb i wouldent see this movie for shit


this movie well deserves more than a 36% its a fairly decent movie true the plot can get sometime overbarringly boring but overall the movies action and visual affects well out do the movies lacking plot i say this movie deserves at least a 50 plus on the tomato-meter

Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines

even knowing the movie got a 70% on the tomato-meter this movie gets a lot of bad ratings and reviews but honestly out of all the terminators this is probably my 2nd favorite i mean you have great action a pretty decent plot and at least arnold schwarzenagger is still the terminator unlike salvation this one definetly deserves an 70% plus i believe

King Kong
King Kong(1933)

such a cheesy movie however for 1933 this movie is legendary and still is this movie is probably one of my favorite classics

Gone With the Wind

probably my favorite drama a great classic everyone must see

Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane(1941)

really nice movie probably not the best film of all time but definitely worth watching a great classic

Inglourious Basterds

well you know this movie was crazy popular but honestly i thought it kinda sucked i mean im reading the subtitles most of the time plus i thought it was rather boring

Clash of the Titans

this movie really seems to get a lot of hating on it i do not believe its that bad i mean good visually and pretty decent action i think this one is better than the original

Force 10 From Navarone

thought this was a really good movie especially love the part were they blew the damn lots of fun in this movie of course its not better then the original most movies are not but hey this ones pretty good


i truthfully do not believe contagion deserved certified fresh on the tomato-meter it was really long and drawn out very boring

John Carter
John Carter(2012)

looks decent the fact disney making an action movie is concerning but looks alright

The Dirty Dozen

amazing film great and cheesy action but pretty big names in it as well awesome movie


this movie is unbelievable it was constantly attacking my emotions one moment i am sad and feeling bad for the kid then i am angry and then one moment i am happy the kids getting revenge this movie is amazing

Safe House
Safe House(2012)

obviously Denzel and Reynolds had a great performance but this movie definitively lacked the plot to support two great actors

Act of Valor
Act of Valor(2012)

i really thought this movies was great for what it is an action movie if you go in there suspecting a great acting and a fantastic plot well then of course you will think its bad i mean trust me i know Navy SEALs are trained for everything but lets be honest they cant act very well

Rambo V: The Savage Hunt

This might be ok if its like a predator like thing but it sounds gay.

The Expendables 2

hopefully Arnold will have a bigger part,but this will probly be just as good as the first one

The Expendables

this movies is nothing but action in an action movie no one cares about the bad acting or the bad plot its just about the action this movie is bad ass

Saving Private Ryan

every thing about this movie is amazing.

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

awesome movie good acting and good plot and everything however i hated his dog dying and the end sucked too.

The Road
The Road(2009)

before people give this movie a bad rating for not being an action packed movie its not meant to be if you read the book...that being said this is a fantastic drama movie that really shows what a wasteland looks like


fantstic movie that really brings back the original series

Lock Up
Lock Up(1989)

A fairly good film its got suspense, action, and some drama


A great action film for its time.


on the edge of your seat the entire train ride excellent movies i wouldent watch it over and over again but certainly a good suspense movie