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The Rum Diary

The Rum Diary(2011)

Much like the last hunter thompson film, the cult film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the Rum Dairy is a trip though a turbulent time in the world and it is only made to seem worse by the use of drugs, or for most of this film, alcohol. Depp shines once again as the Thompson character and if you are wondering if he goes as far as he did in Fear, you may be relieved, or disappointed, to know that he is much more reserved than before. That doesn't take away from the craziness that does happen in the film though. It is crazy. In terms of a story, it's pretty loose. Depp's Paul Kemp does get involved somewhat in a shady real estate venture with Aaron Eckhart's Sanderson character. amd i think that Eckhart does seem to shine a bit as this really cool character on the surface, he wears the nice clothes, has a smoking hot girlfriend, the young Amber Heard, and is very well respected, but in a few scenes, one in particular with the natives of Puerto Rico, he is incredibly menacing. As i said before the story is a bit thin, but it is the characters you have the most fun with, every time i saw Giovanni Ribisi's character, i just had to let out a little chuckle. It's a fun and trippy adventure and from coming from the mind of Hunter Thompson, i expect no less. 3/5, B