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The Social Network
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

When I first heard about "The Social Network" with David Fincher attached to direct it, I wasn't thrilled. The Fight Club, Zodiac and Seven director and last job being Benjamin Button, I found it a bit of a waste of an other movie that could've been done and the feeling it will be a so-so movie because the story simply didn't awake any interest in me. Time went by and I saw the film earn more and more awards, specially the NBR. 'Well.' I said. 'This maybe a good movie after all.' Conclusion: I ended up seeing it.
I walked out of the theatre completely berserk. I couldn't understand that everyone is hailing as the movie of the year. It isn't a bad movie, don't get me wrong. It has its moments like Andrew Garfield's performance towards the end of the movie and David Fincher's direction which wasn't his greates by far. I didn't thnink Jesse Eisenberg's was that great for that he, in the majority of his filmography, he plays the nerdly type and in "Network", he just was another one, even being his best nerdly role. All the other supporting characters went past unnoticed given the premise of the movie.
The reason for my protest is that, although it is an OK movie, it doesn't have the caliber for the awards its being given. I came out feeling absolutely nothing, not like Biutiful, Inception and Toy Story 3 which all moved, thrilles and made me laugh. "Network" has no artistic value for being the headliner for Best Picture. It could have had SOME nominations, but not all of it what it has been given. The reason that people certainly identified is that it's a popular thing, Facebook, and a realistic view of modern day teenagers and early 20's people of this generation, but worhty being all of this buzz? Don't think so.