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The Fate of the Furious
44 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The Fate of Furious is another Fast and Furious movie: fancy cars chase, family-family-family, (less) booty and hip-hop music. If you like the previous ones, go head and watch it. Otherwise, it's just okay.

The Boss Baby
The Boss Baby (2017)
47 days ago via Flixster

Boss Baby is too long for kid, too boring for adult. I have a few laughs. Well, not my type.

Aftermath (2017)
51 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Aftermath is a just-okay movie. It has a good story but everything should have been better. The pacing is too slow and pretty clunky. The acting is kinda meh. Arnold was serviceable?, i guess. Despite of its flaw, i kinda like it. It had the brave for showing that everybody had flaws and petty (more or less). Yes, no airline company's name was mentioned. This film makes Sully look like an advertisement for American Airlines. (Ironny, i like both).

Ghost in the Shell
57 days ago via Movies on Android phone

This live-action of Ghost in the Shell is what i call 'a (not quite) boring beauty'. Yes, it has great cinematography but it didn't add much to the world-building. The city is not a living body like original film's. It's shallow and grey. The plot is just good enough. Character development is part good, part cliche. The storylineâ?? is kinda like a female version of Robocop (without the violence, bloody and well-done action scenes). The editing is a little clunky and should have been better.