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Kingsman: The Golden Circle
29 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Well, Kingsman: The Golden Circle tried what most sequel always try to do: be bigger, louder and yet more complex. And by that merit, it hit all the marks...but that doesn't mean good in this case. Matthew Vaughn's last action flick is overlong, quite convoluted with more than enough stupid choices. And the worst part to me is jarring action scenes. Yep, stylish but half-ass stylish with dumb CGI work.
Still enjoyable with little alcohol required.

First They Killed My Father
34 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

At this point, i have no faith in Angelina Jolie's directing skill. She made a tragic and brutal story become boring and slow. This movie is overlong, slow just for the sake of slow (and quite beautiful cinematography, i guess?). She and co-writer Loung Ung didn't make the story and its characters compelling enough, far from enough. There's almost no punch or impact. Not recommended.

Logan Lucky
Logan Lucky (2017)
34 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Logan Lucky is a proof that Steven Soderbergh hasn't lost his touch. The movie is exactly what he want it to be: fun, smart and entertaining. It's not a serious movie with political message or some pseudo-philosophy bullshit. Highly recommended!

It (2017)
38 days ago via Movies on Android phone

IT is not good, much worse than people said. I find it too long, repeative and not scary at all. This is not 'Stand by Me' with horror, not even close.