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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride(1987)

Personal Score: 10/10

Why, oh why can't all romantic tales be like this? The Princess Bride is a fantastic fantasy tale about true love, and the power it possesses. It is also a hilarious farce with brilliant lines and excellent characters.

The film opens with little Fred Savage at home, sick in his bed. His mother tells him, much to his displeasure, that his grandpa has come over to cheer him up. Grandpa comes in with a story to read to the young lad ("In my day, television was called 'books'). The boy isn't too excited, but agrees to hear it all the same.

From here we are taken to the world of Florin, and told the story of Westley and Buttercup, who have found true love in one another. This tale has it all: pirates, a giant, conspiracy, a poison-drinking contest, miracles, sword fighting, revenge, everything! And it is all told with such light-hearted affection that it's impossibly charming and funny.

Few films make me laugh so often as this does. Its silliness is only matched by its dedication to the characters, who are all wonderfully realized. Even Andre the Giant gives an excellent performance as the massive man Fezzik.

The film doesn't dwell too long on anything, having a running time of roughly 90 minutes, but never does it feel rushed. Its pace is brisk and fun and by the end you feel as delighted and satisfied as the little boy, and just as he asks his grandpa to come over to read it again sometime, you'll want to see it again as well. As far as comedies and fantasies go, The Princess Bride is simply one of the best.