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Schindler's List

Schindler's List(1993)

Personal Score: 10/10

There aren't proper words to express the experience of watching Schindler's List, and it is much more an experience than a mere film. Steven Speilberg, who's other films are works of great art and/or entertainment, has crafted here a work of such immense passion and beauty, that it feels nothing like anything else he has directed, and it is better than all of them.

Liam Neeson's plays Oskar Schindler, not as a hero, but as a man. A man with luxurious tastes in all aspects, particularly women. WWII has begun, and in it he sees an opportunity for profit. He is a member of the Nazi party, but by no means an idealist for their cause. His cares for or against the Jews do not exist. They are an opportunity for him, and he takes it.

Ralph Fiennes plays Amon Goeth, a man of terrible cruelty and evil, who sees this war as an opportunity as well, but it is his wickedness that receives its satisfaction. He is a monster, a murderer, and yet he is strangely not portrayed as a gung-ho Nazi. The impression one gets of Goeth is that if any other type of person were being brought into the Nazi death camps and Goeth was allowed to kill them, he would do so with equal relish. He kills not from hatred, but from a personal lust for bloodshed.

Eventually, Schindler's changed. When the Jews in his factory begin to thank him and talk of his factory as a haven for safety, he at first is horrified by the notion because of the trouble that may cause, but his heart opens up to it. No great personal revelation comes to him, he is simply compelled by goodness. It isn't until the end that he truly understands just how good his deeds are, and yet how much greater they could have been. This scene I speak of is one of the most, if not the most powerful scene in a film I have ever witnessed.

Schindler's List is a powerful, epic, tragic, poetic, heart-wrenching work and a magnificent film. It is handled with such care that one cannot help but admire it. Speilberg has always been a great director, but this transcends anything else he has or is likely to do. Liam Neeson's performance as Oskar Schindler is incredible, and for it not to have earned him Best Actor over Tom Hanks (Philadelphia) is criminal. This is simply a film that no man or woman should miss.