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Personal Score: 9/10

Disney takes an interesting turn with Enchanted, a loving, live action jab at its own lovey-dovey animated fairy tales of the last 70 years.

The film begins in the animated land of Andalasia, where the lovely Giselle (Amy Adams) awaits the day she will meet her true love and with him, share true love's kiss. She is quickly swept off her feet by Prince Edward (James Marsden), who declares, not two seconds after they are introduced, that they shall be wed the next day. Unfortunately, Prince Edward's evil stepmother, Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) will stop at nothing to keep another away from her throne. She deceives poor Giselle and sends her to a land "where there are no 'Happily Ever Afters'." We call it New York.

When Giselle arrives, she is eventually helped by a divorce lawyer, Robert (Patrick Dempsey) and his little daughter. He thinks she's obviously crazy, but the daughter is convinced she is a real princess and begs her daddy to help her. At first he refuses, but for reasons he seems uncertain of, he decides to help her.

What results is a hilarious mix of reality and fantasy, with Robert trying to reel in Giselle's romantic view of love while Giselle teaches him that dreams really can come true. It goes without saying, these two eventually find themselves meant to be together.

This is truly a delightful Disney tale, and the fact that they were willing to allow themselves to be made fun of really gives this film some truly funny charm. The actors are excellent in their roles, particularly Amy Adams as the fairy tale girl in the real world. Seeing her sing and use her "enchanted" influence over people and creatures alike is a lot of fun. The only thing that brings the movie down a notch is the way too over-the-top ending when Queen Narissa arrives in the Big Apple. Not to say the ending is bad, but they do, perhaps, go a bit too far. All the same, it does nothing to spoil the overall experience of this fun, funny tale of true love and true love's kiss.