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Mr. Brooks
Mr. Brooks (2007)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The first movie to have ever had me thinking compassionately about a serial killer. A first rate thriller which had me guessing.

The occasional pipsqueak of gratuitous violence seemed unnecessary, and Demi Moore was unconvincing as the cop (I found myself keeping myself amused by analyzing the cut of her suits).

This was a mostly wholesome thriller directed with gratifying originality.

The American
The American (2010)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This movie leaps forward like an ailing toad.

Every now and then, there are moments where its nature is curious. I could take it in such measured amounts that it took four sittings to get through the hour and forty five. People comment about its understated style, but really - the characters are emotionally untouchable and threadbare.

As someone who adores thrillers, George Clooney, classical / piano based soundtracks, subtlety, well conceived cinematography and Ambruzzo, this movie should have been exceptional.

In a way, this is excellent acting. George is completely removed from any resemblance of himself. He becomes so ugly that the smiles toward the end appear uncharacteristic and staged.

The prostitute and George's character Jack do not weave together. Each requires a displacement of themselves so vast that the love theme triumphs as a cheap promotion as this film's a causa di essere (raison d'etre). It's like watching television and becoming aware during the commercials that nothing on television exists solely as an artistic expression, but all has been constructed in timeslots for the sole purpose of enhancing consumerism. This film felt a bit like that.

I guess not all stories translate to a European landscape, though some points for the director trying. I'm left feeling hollow, perhaps that's somewhat valid too.