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Man of Steel
Man of Steel (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Man of Steel is the best Superman film ever made. It is much better than the 1978 Superman. And this is the definitive Superman experience.

Writers David Goyer and Christopher Nolan craft an excellent Superman story that strays more into science fiction than is does super hero action. This is a story of Clark Kent wanting to be accepted as a normal human, and doing everything he can to hide his true self. And Clark's struggles are easily relate-able for most movie goers. His discovery of him true self and his past brings Clark forward to becoming what he is really is. The most impressive thing about the movie, for me, is making Superman a believable hero. Goyer and Nolan give quick and acceptable for all of Superman's powers, his costume, and even the Fortress of Solitude. They don't give the typical, he is an alien his world is like this explanation and I really enjoyed that aspect.

Henry Cavill is great as Clark Kent, though he seems to be a bit too serious throughout the movie (I'm pretty sure even Batman would tell him to lighten up). Amy Adams is a great Lois Lane, thankfully, her and Cavill have great chemistry together on screen. Michael Shannon is very intimidating as General Zod, though his lisp took some of the intimidation out of his dialog. Kevin Coster and Russell Crowe are the stand out performances in Man of Steel, and it was excellent seeing more of Jor-el scripted into the story.

Man of Steel strives for a lot, and I think, it accomplishes it. Exciting and suspenseful, it keeps for attention for the entire show.

4.5/5 Stars
9/10 Overall

Gangster Squad
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Gangster Squad is stylish, and that is about the only positive thing I can say about the film.

Such an excellent group of actors had my hopes high for this mob flick, but the script and direction really do not do justice for the cast. Ryan Goslin, Josh Brolin make good of their screen time and keep the movie watchable. But Sean Penn's over the top performance as Mickey Cohen is boarderline annoying to watch and really detracts from the film. The rest of the cast is terribly under developed, leaving the viewer with no real emotional connection to the characters as they move toward the conclusion of the film. So, so much potential here, but such a disappointment.

2.5/5 Stars
5/10 Overall

Silver Linings Playbook
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Absolutely fantastic. Thats the only way to describe the work done by director David O. Russell, and the spectacular cast of Silver Linings Playbook.Bradley Cooper shines in the best performance of his career as he continues to separate himself from the Hangover series that made him a household name. Cooper shows he has dramatic skills and can step up when the cast around him is so strong. Jennifer Lawrence delivers an Oscar winning performance worthy of much praise. She is the definitive shining star of a movie that had 3 performances worthy of Oscar nomination, along with Cooper and Robert De Niro. The special thing about the cast in Silver Linings Playbook is that there are truely no weak spots in the casting, even Chris Tucker is great in a role that is out of his norm. David O. Russell does a spectacular job of giving this rom-com legitimate drama and fills it with laughs, but he never crosses the line into too much of either. This is the best romantic comedy work in years, with a plot that is beautifully adapted from the book of the same name. In a time where Hollywood relies of remakes, sequels, and book adaptations this movie makes you forget about the fact is it an adaptation. All you know when you watch the connection between Tiffany and Pat unfold is that something special is happening. And the ending of the movie gives the audience what we want, but does it in a way that makes the entire movie feel so much more alive. A movie that can be enjoyed by everyone. Young, old. Man, woman. 5/510/10

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3 (2013)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Iron Man 3 is funny, dark, and very entertaining. But it falls short of the lofty expectations that have been set by Marvel Studios following The Avengers.

The film has an excellent cast, led by Robert Downey Jr., who gives his best performance yet as Tony Stark. His witty comedy and ability to bring the Tony Stark character from the comic book to life is amazing, and he surprises in action scenes without the suit. Guy Pierce was a risky casting decision that paid off well, he turns in his best performance since Memento and was excellent as Iron Man's most formidable foe yet. Don Cheadle and Gwyneth Paltrow give predictable solid performances here, but I would have definitely like to seen a bit more of War Machine and Iron Man together. Sir Ben Kingsley does the most with his material, while being the tremendous actor he is, not even he could save his character.

The story and plot of Iron Man 3 is good enough to carry on the Iron Man canon, Tony is forced to fight through much adversity and show his strength without the suit. Despite being deeply troubled by the events that have taken place in New York, Stark finds his motivation through Pepper Potts. And while the story plays it pretty safe overall, it has its high points.

The real misfire of this film is the mishandling of The Mandarin. I cannot express enough my disappointment of how the character was treated here. I have no issue with the character not being Chinese as he is written is the comics, as he was written well for the first half of the movie, but the twist with Killian controlling The Mandarin who is only a screen actor was just horrible and seems like something that M. Night Shyamalan would have thrown in here if he were directing.

Overall, I still really enjoyed this movie. I laughed a lot, was intensified during the action scenes, and felt for Tony when he showed the trauma from New York. I enjoyed the climax, and the final scenes were nice. I am glad to see Marvel move into phase 2, and hopefully they can keep the momentum going into Thor: The Dark World.

3.5/5 Stars
7/10 Overall