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Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Can't help but feel this is a somewhat glamorized view of his life, He was responsible for many hundreds of people's deaths by ordering them to be killed, but this area of his life has been played down, opting for a more fairytale style biopic, very disappointing boring and flat film.

The Class Of '92

I'm so sick of Beckham, You would think he is the only footballer in the world.but yet again his big head is out in force, Instead many other footballers should be centre of attention, not this media queen!


This is a really good story, a drug company give out free drugs for depression, but end up infecting those that take it, turning them into Zombies, It has great filming, but some of the acting is poor, It's enjoyable, lots of gore, and I'm sure it will be a cult classic. Nice to see Malcolm McDowell , great classic actor, on the whole it's very enjoyable,and story behind it, which is more than most in this genre do.

2 Guns
2 Guns(2013)

The film is very predictable, and has a story that fits , every tv detective episode in some way or another, a box office flop, and its easy to see why.

On the Beach
On the Beach(1959)

This film does not start to get really interesting until well over 50 mins into the story when the submarine goes to find a signal from San Francisco, to look for survivors following a nuclear fallout, leaving only Australia free from the radiation, but it's due to hit there in a month or so, but people there just go on as normal waiting for the radiation.
The scene when the sub goes to to San is sad, as they can see no signs of life through the periscope, but it's one of the sailors hometown, so he escapes to see if his family is still alive, in the morning he is on a boat by the sub, explaining all his family and all the people are dead, but he wants to stay and die in his hometown, so he is left. Also love the guy in his radioactive suit walking around the power station, the suspense and tension is fantastic, you really want him to find a survivor.
Although it's a slow paced movie, it does send a shiver down the spine, at the end when the 1st sailor shows symptoms, it gives you a jolt, and really makes you think. The conversation in the sub also makes you think as they discuss why it happened,This is a very powerful movie,Cant understand why Peck did not take Eva with him on the sub, but left her on the beach, it's not as if rules mattered anymore!
All of the cast is great, Fred Astaire is as never before, this is an enjoyable film, It is a great story, and pioneering for its time.

Holiday on the Buses

Some vintage comedy is fantastic, however this is dull, boring, unfunny,cheesy, with some bad acting, with actors that really were not funny, I could almost describe some of the actors as creepy,the story is
Three of the company's buses are wrecked due to Stan's negligent driving, which means dismissal for Stan (Reg Varney), Jack (Bob Grant) and Inspector Blake (Stephen Lewis) are sacked. Stan and Jack get a job as bus crew at a holiday camp, only to find that Blakey has also got a job at the camp, as security inspector. Meanwhile, Blakey attempts to teach the guests old time dancing.As per usual sex and insults are throughout,and of course they lose their job at the camp due to driving a bus on the beach that gets stuck in the water,
nothing else really happens, a box office flop at the time.
It was filmed in Prestatyn in 1974 when it was still a popular tourist resort.

Outpost in Morocco

George Raft is badly cast as Capt. Gerard, the greatest lover in the Foreign Legion, is assigned to escort an emir's daughter to her father's mountain citadel and find out what he can about the emir's activities.
Sadly Raft is void of emotion throughout the film, almost to the point of being laughable, although at the latter end of the film he relaxes a little. He is just not suited to the role,
Some of the acting in the beginning is poor, and at time's the script and music give it a comedy feel.
Raft falls in love with with the The Emir's daughter, causing problems, and a lot of deaths, real legionnaires were used in the film, some ex german soldiers who surrendered and joined, For me the film flows poorly, bad casting, bad acting, and a poor ending, It's hard to think that Raft was once a dancer and lover of Valentino, yet on screen his acting talents were limited, Marie Windsor, Akim Tamiroff however were excellent throughout.

Strangers on a Train

This is a fantastic, classic Hitchcock, the story builds and build and the funfair scene is great, The pond/ boating lake, this just magnifies the brilliance of the director,
No matter how many times you watch it, you will just love it more. It, s the creepiness of the film , that creates the suspense, each actor plays the role so well, you almost are drawn into the film like a magnet,
The black and white works so well, color would somehow destroy this.
The cast is great, a very enjoyable film another, This classic is great, it must have been a wonderful experience to watch it in the cinema when it was first released.

Ride Lonesome

Randolph Scott , Pernell Roberts , James Best , James Coburn leads the cast in this Cowboy epic,
Randolph Scott is a bounty hunter who sets out to capture A wanted murderer, Billy John, however all does not go to plan, soon he is joined by two outlaws he enlists the help continue his journey to Santa Cruz to take Billy John to be hanged.
Brigade stops at a staging post, where he saves the life of the stunning Karen Steele,Mrs. Carrie Lane from an Indian attack,
Indian attacks contiue, and they offer a horse for Mrs.Carrie Lane , this is refused so the Indians persist, also Billy Johns brother it following them to rescue his younger brother.
On top of that Pernell Roberts has fallen for the stunning Mrs Lane, a very enjoyable film,well acted and enough going on to keep the weakest western fan happy.

A Christmas Visitor

This is a lovely film, a family loses their son in the Persian Gulf War, Due to this the family don't celebrate Christmas for 11 years, However a young man turns up the same age as their son, and changes everything,
This is a television film, but has a warm caring story about a family suffering with the past, whilst fighting to look to the future.
William Devane, Meredith Baxter, Reagan Pasternak gives outstanding performances, and it really is a very touching film, the flashbacks are a lovely added touch, giving the viewer a picture of their lives before tragedy struck.

20 Million Miles to Earth

The film was developed using stop-motion animation talents of Ray Harryhausen.
Starring William Hopper as Robert Calder
Joan Taylor as Marisa Leonardo
Frank Puglia as Dr. Leonardo
John Zaremba as Dr. Judson Evans
Thomas Browne Henry as Lt. Macintosh
Tito Vuolo as Police Commissioner Unte
Jan Arvan as Contino
Arthur Space as Dr. Sharman
Bart Bradley (later Bart Braverman) as Pepe
Ray Harryhausen cameo
The story is a spaceship crashes to earth, however along with it is a capsule containing an alien.
When this is decovered and it is sold to Dr. Leonardo, a visiting zoologist who is studying sea creatures, the jelly-like glob within the capsule hatches and an alien is grown, whilst this is all going on, the creature grows at an alarming rate,and escapes, later to be re captured and kept sedated at the research lab at the Zoo, the creature is kept subdued due to electric, and of course this fails and it breaks free, going on a killing spree.
It's a not too be taken too seriously horror film, that was in the early days of animation, Enjoyable, but laughable at the same time. Felt sorry for the poor elephant though!

You'll Find Out (Here Come the Boogie Men)

Billed as a Comedy, but more of a black Comedy,A young girl who is about to celebrate her 21st birthday has had 3 attempts on her life, for no reason, she has a birthday party at the family mansion,where another attempt is made on her life,her friends who are musicians try to remove her from danger, but the bridge which is the only way on and off the island is hit by Lightning, leaving the poor girl stranded with the killer, with only her friends and psychic Aunt to protect her, It's a good story, mixed with musical numbers,and bad guys, an enjoyable period piece,
Helen Parrish sadly died of cancer age 34, who stars in the lead role.

Guadalcanal Diary

Above average war film set in Guadalcanal, as the army take over a deserted Airfield and village, however soon they are under attack, and the story includes diary events of the soldiers,which are read out,One of my favourite actors Preston Foster is exellent,
Preston Foster as Father Donnelly
Lloyd Nolan as Gunnery Sgt. Hook Malone
William Bendix as Corporal Aloysius T. "Taxi" Potts
Richard Conte as Captain Don Davis
Anthony Quinn as Private Jesus "Soose" Alvarez
Richard Jaeckel as Private Johnny "Chicken" Anderson
Roy Roberts as Captain James Cross
Minor Watson as Colonel Wallace E. Grayson
Ralph Byrd as Ned Rowman
Lionel Stander as Sergeant Butch
Reed Hadley as War correspondent / Narrator
John Archer as Lieutenant Thurmond star,
The majority of the film was shot on location at Camp Pendleton, near Oceanside, California. Many of the Marines stationed there were filmed while on maneuvers and a substantial number appeared in the picture in small speaking parts or as extras
Its an enjoyable film,with original film footage, and loss of life, but gives an historical insight into war at the time

Winchester '73

Great early western, with, James Stewart, Shelley Winters,Stephen McNally, The story i is about the journey of a prized rifle from one ill-fated owner to another and a cowboy's search for a murderous fugitive, Im not a lover of cowboy films, but this has it all, Robberies.Injuns,Kidnapping, a great story, and a very impressive cast Shelley Winters is great, she has a real warm screen presence.,James Stewart and Stephen McNally are great also, watch out for Rock Hudson as the Indian, This film has aged well, and every wester lover will love this classic.

Ghost Patrol
Ghost Patrol(1936)

Enjoyable, vintage period piece, although some of the film has suffered damage, Made in 1936, a scientist develops A Radium tube that controls all electrical impulses, and so controls planes that are carrying Money and bonds causing them to crash, and criminal cowboy race to the crashed plane to collect the loot.
However the good guys of course fight back, and capture the criminal gang.
A good story, mixing, Sci Fi, Cowboys and crime, this was a new idea at the time.
An enjoyable early Sci Fi themed film from the early days of cinema.stars Tim McCoy,Claudia Dell,Walter Miller and other 30s classic stars

Creature With the Atom Brain

An ex-Nazi scientist uses radio-controlled atomic-powered zombies in his quest to help an exiled American gangster return to power. That says it all really, and what a title!
Not a classic by any means, and some of the acting and props are poor, but it's a really good story. One by one the Mob gangster kills off his enemies, until the police can find a way to stop him using dead people to kill for him. It stars Richard Denning, Angela Stevens, S. John Launer.

Donovan's Brain

This is a very stylish, horror/thriller, It starts off that a Scientist and his wife and friend have been killing monkeys to try to keep their brains alive outside of their bodies,a young monkey is killed,and the brain is kept alive with the brain functions being monitored, however the doctor is called to a nearby plane crash of a millionaire,One of the passengers is still alive, but in bad shape, so he is taken to the doctors home to the lab which is nearer, sadly the millionaire cannot be saved, but the doctor decides to remove his brain, after picking up signs on the monitor that his brain is still alive.
Despite please not to do this, he does, soon he believes he can communicate with the brain, however his companions think he is making it up, but soon learn this is not the case. The doctor starts to take on the behaviors of the late man, and goes out to settle some scores, the problems that confront him,
Is a nosey reporter who starts blackmailing him, and the brain begins to take him over completely, until he plans to kill his wife and friends as they know too much.
It's a very enjoyable film, and keeps the viewer interested throughout.

The Last Days On Mars

I really loved this film, and was shocked how good it was, The film is gripping from beginning to end, and tells the story of a team out to do a number of tests while based on Mars to discover life, but are due to return to earth, However one of the crew breaks procedures and goes out to examine a life form he has found,
With dire results, One by one various crew members fall victim in a variety of ways, Including a scout ship from the main space vessel, It's difficult to say too much without giving the story away, It's a simple plot, but the personalities of each actor shine through as tragedy grips each of them, in some way or another. It is what it is, a fast paced horror film, set on the moon, The story is convincing, and has some edge of the seat moments.
This is all very well done, although not a new formula, it works really well, Check it out, the low scores on this are beyond ridiculous, It is a well acted, scripted film, with non stop Sci Fi , Horror action and an ending that will leave you wondering.

The 4D Man
The 4D Man(1959)

This is an enjoyable film, with a Sci Fi theme, about two brothers who are both scientists, However the older one is stable, the other immature and reckless, and loses his job, so his brother gives him a job at his lab, However the younger brother pays him back by stealing his girlfriend.
The younger brother however found during an experiment he could make solid objects move through solid matter, but cannot repeat the process despite trying, The older brother steals his records, and tries it himself, however doing so becomes tainted with power as a man who can move through solid objects himself. At first he is traumatized, but soon relishes the power. The visuals are great, and of course the emotionally hurt brother seeks his revenge, enjoyable, although the beginning of the film does drag, but once the action starts it's great.

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure

This sequel came out 7 years after the original, and had this been a commercial success then a third was planned with the survivors ending up on their way to a hearing, but get trapped in a train tunnel on the way, but it was never done, but later adapted for a Sylvester Stallone film, This movie is very different to the novel but The boat manages to stay afloat despite a huge hole in both ends, despite this a tugboat find the ship and set out to claim salvage rights, [what no Army or Navy? To check for further survivors? Also a group of bad guys who want to get the plutonium! Off the ship, whilst pretending to be Greek Orthodox medics. Although there was no mention of plutonium in the first film, and just why would a Passenger ship be carrying it, I have no idea! Also other people still alive try to fight their way to to surface. I always hated Veronica Hamel being stabbed, but there is a lot going on in the film, it has aged well, and is far from bad, The cast is great with some really big names. But it is a ridiculous story,but if you can put that all aside , it's enjoyable afternoon viewing.

The Poseidon Adventure

Yes this film is crazy beyond belief, yes it's a typical 70s disaster film, and yes it has all of the ingredients that make a great movie, there are plot holes, but basically the ship turns upside down in a freak wave, and a group of survivors make their way up to the hull, to be rescued, sadly not all of the passengers agree that this is a good idea, and remain in the ballroom to meet their fate, The film then follows the survivors in their struggle to get out of the ship, meeting other survivors and losing some of their own team. Gene Hackman ,Ernest Borgnine,Roddy McDowall,Leslie Nielsen ,Carol Lynley ,lap up this great movie,bringing in a variety of emotions for every actor or actress to challenge, and Shelley Winters screen actress(August 18, 1920 - January 14, 2006) steals the show with the swimming marathon, as she swims through a flooded corridor to unblock a door ,only to suffer a heart attack following her ordeal,Shame she should have lived!But it's a great film, enjoy it, for what it is,A 70s Disaster film,which is done well

The Uninvited

Gail Russell who starred died at the age of 44 due to alcoholism,During filming she suffered with severe anxiety, and was often drunk, however watching the film you would never know,Also the film was shot in California,and the house was a set,
The story was the first to actually feature a serious ghost and ghost story,
A brother and sister come across an empty house by the sea, and trace the owners to buy it,The owners grand daughter objects as she once to live in the house before her mother died there,Eventually she falls for the brother, Ray Milland, but things start to happen at the house, and the story unfolds from there. It really is a very good horror for its time, The ending has a great climax, but I won't spoil it.
I'm sure the squirrel at the beginning must have been someone's pet though!

Curse of the Demon

This is a classic cult horror, a fantastic cast and story, why were films so much better then ?This film starts with the death of a man who has a curse placed on him which is written on a parchment and given to a victim, who will be killed by a demon at the given time.However to escape the curse the intended victim must, A, Plead with the bad to remove the curse and agree to his demands or pass the curse back to him without him knowing,This really is top class, not a dull or boring moment,Great effects,top notch acting and a captivating horror story

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Sadly the usual CGI give's the visuals the usual thing, And as all films of this genre are released in school holidays etc. To kill a few hours for the parents or guardians, The story is of a young inventor who no one has faith in, and of course causes mayhem with what he tries,And the story is somewhat predictable throughout, but dumb enough for children, Also wondered why a black policeman is cast to talk in the way he does, Do all black people talk this way? The action and story is also far from simple, and has so many different things going on at once I'm surprised a young child could keep up.

Machete Kills

Lady Gaga in any film will kill it dead, What were they thinking? Low level humor, does nothing to save this Turkey, The a list starts [except Gaga] should have read the script prior o lending their names, And Gaga who's career is on the wane, clearly will do anything to get noticed ,and this clearly shows, this film is a poor sequel, and has bombed at box office, If you watch it, you will see why. Dire


Charlton Heston in yet another 70s disaster movie, some of the film, especially the rescue from the tower block after the shock is very Towering inferno, but the special effects are very good, Must have taken quite a bit of work to build all those sets, Ava Gardner is an added treat as is Richard Roundtree, Even if his acting skills out number his clear ego, enjoyable film built around the cast, And will that Dam burst? Nobody does 70s like this , it is a genre piece to cherish

X: The Unknown

Classic Horror about a group of soldiers in Scotland who come across a gravel pit which emanates an unusual amount of Radiation, many deaths follow,and of course the team must find a way to stop this radioactive horror. Lots of well known stars, good acting and a good story, make it a compelling budget thriller, The special effects are well done for the time,Look out for Johnny Briggs, I think, But he was later in coronation street

The Angry Red Planet

A b picture that does not take itself too seriously.
Yes some of the sets and props are cheap but it's great fun. While exploring Mars one of the crew was attacked by a carnivorous plant. A variety of events occur in the attempt to return to earth, including monsters that attempt to kill the crew, Great giant Bat spider! However
When all of the data brought back by the expedition is examined, the mission scientists find a recorded message. An alien voice announces that the crew were allowed to leave so they can deliver a message to Earth. The Martians are watching human development and believe its technology has outpaced cultural advancement. They warn humanity to never return to Mars or Earth will be destroyed in retaliation.Great fun

Walking Tall
Walking Tall(1973)

A much underrated actor Joe Don Baker plays ex boxer turned sheriff who decided to stop, drugs,crime and prostitution in his own town, Based on a true story, On Sherriff Pusser, who; s daughter has just written a book about him,Some people viewed him as a lawless thug, others a hero, but Baker takes you back in time to live the gritty story with absolute relish.A classic in every way, Though several attempts were made on his life,Pusser's death was never explain and foul play was suspected. It's a great story actions by a sheriff that could not be gotten away with now, but then it was a different story.

Walking Tall
Walking Tall(2004)

Anyone who knows the true history this film is based on will know how much of an insult this is to Buford Pusser's memory, not only that but the original 70s version is fantastic, how anyone in their right mind could have thought putting Johnson anywhere near this film was a good idea. A, He can't act, B,He is the wrong race, Imagine if a true story ie the What the butler saw was swapped for a white man? Or a mixed race one? But in this film, truth and history have no meaning,but the 25% says it all

Beyond the Time Barrier

Classic Sci fi film from the 1960s, set in the future of 2000 plus. Basically he gets up in his jet but gets caught in a time rift which sends him from the 60s into the future where the world has been ravaged by a virus, caused by nuclear dust that has damaged the ozone.
Leaving mutant humans on the surface and sterile humans in an underground city. There he meets 3 others scientists that have experienced similar, they plan a return back in time to prevent the damage happening, but when he returns it's not as it was.
Love the empty Airfield scene in the beginning,and the story is excellent,some shaky sets but on the whole a great retro 60s movie

Island of Lost Souls

Charles Laughton stars as Dr.Moreau, a man who decides to meddle with nature and cross breed species with humans,He controls the creature's with fear and brutality, however things begin to change when a stranger stranded from a shipwreck turns up and Moreau starts to lose control and everything starts to crash,This is the original and the best.

The Bedford Incident

Sidney Poitier, and Richard Widmark star in this tense Nuclear Submarine thriller. The story centers around a tough Captain of the vessel and a Black reporter who is viewed with great suspicion. The acting is superb, and attention to detail in the relationships between the men and the drama's that unfold are great.all whilst trying to hunt down a Russian submarine.It's the arguments, and relationships of the men that make this film,the story is really secondary .A well made classic .

The Anderson Tapes

Stylish thriller, with Connery in the lead, Many of the aspects of the film are years ahead of it's time, but some are very dated including Connery's gay friend that plays a very camp and dated portrayal of a gay man,however Connery greets and supports his friend in a very supportive and no discriminatory way, which a similar theme was used in the most recent bond film.
Connery leaves jail and plans a major robbery of a block of wealth flats, and the mob are funding it, however the whole plan is being recorded on tape. It's enjoyable,Gritty and raw, it's dripping with big cast names, But the main action starts at the end of the film.

Bear Island
Bear Island(2000)

Burning hot cast, Vanessa Redgrave , Lloyd Bridges , Christopher Lee , among other stars, Redgrave's accent is dire, The story is based on Maclean novel, but differs greatly,
The plot at times is confusing, but it's a not a bad spy thriller, set in lovely scenery, but far from a classic by any means. The story is basically, A UN expedition of scientists from different countries come to the barren arctic Bear Island, between Svalbard and northern Norway, to study climate change. However, several of them turn out to be more interested in the fact that there is Gold in one of the submarines than studying climate change, during all of this a number of deaths and accidents occur.

No Pain, No Gain

A lot of pain and no gain, just a loss to your frontal lobe as the Rock acts more badly than the ground beneath is talentless feet, Film is somewhat wasted on this dull and lack Lustre effort

Bugles in the Afternoon

Civil War drama,with love and an old enemy thrown , causing a long running feud between old friends to come between fighting the war and bad guys,A long film with some interesting moments,Interesting background afternoon viewing

British Intelligence

Hooked on Karloff,Great spy thriller,Double agents,great angle for an early spy film.You get led in one direction by this film,Only to be taken in another,Without spoiling the plot, It is difficult to explain in depth, but the bad guy who is the main spy (Karloff) lulls the viewer into a false sense of security,Also in the film is a plot to blow up British Government boys,and a love story in there too, it's very well written, and acted,And filmed,Very Atmospheric,for a film made 73 years ago. Really well done.

Only the Valiant

Gregory Peck stars in this Western as Apache try to take the fort, But of course there are bad guys in the Cavalry, and a love story thrown in. Gregory is as solid as ever, But how many men will remain standing? Classic action movie.

The Magnificent Seven

This is really one of the best cowboys films ever, The story is about a gang o drifters with hearts get together to stop a group of outlaws and murderers from killing and robbing a poor village,Legendary performances, Great stuff.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

The 2008 remake was a poor reflection on this classic, The story is around an alien that lands to warn Earth to stop nuclear testing,If not they will have to destroy earth, Its a classy film, Great cast,music,suspense,And will never be bettered.

Airport '77
Airport '77(1977)

A great 70s disaster movie, A jet crashes into the sea, and the survivors try to stay alive within the plane, threaded through the film are various personalities, and of course all the bad one's die ,Attempts are then made to re float the plane long enough for the people trapped to get out, but it starts sinking quickly, It's an enjoyable disaster romp.

The Black Knight

Quite a shocking and Goreish film for it's time, especially The killing and burning of the monks, and Sacrifices at Stone Henge, Alan Ladd is spectacular,and Peter Cushing shines in yet another evil role, in all a very enjoyable film,

Thanks For Sharing

Dire, Dire, Dire and Dire , flop at us box office and no wonder why!

Siege of the Saxons

Classic historical romp,963 British film directed by Nathan H. Juran and released by Columbia Pictures. Starring Janette Scott and Ronald Lewis, the film is set in the time of King Arthur but the sets and style are from medieval England. Protecting the future queen after her father is killed, only to end up falling in love with her,whilst protecting her life from the nasty Saxons.

Green for Danger

Alastair Sim ,Trevor Howard ,Rosamund John ,Leo Genn ,Sally Gray and Judy Campbell is a film about a murdered patient, and then the nurse is killed leaving the remaining team under suspicion of being the killer, Alastair Sim investigates,Billed on the tv guide today as a comedy, but more a black comedy, very enjoyable classic

The Body Snatcher

Early Grisly horror with Karloff, great film. Boris haunts an old friend who buys bodies from him, to further his medical research, Karloff really does come across as vile, The carriage scene at the end is fantastic, Even I was wondering how Karloffs body got there, Classic horror stuff, one of the best.

Evan Almighty

What an absolute pile of Biblical crap.

Invasion of the Saucer Men

Love this camp 50s Sci Fi horror,Although some of the constant camp comedy does destroy some of the film,

The Purge
The Purge(2013)

Odd film, but pleasing in a strange way,Basically the Law is changed and allows, murder,rape etc, but the government remains protected,it's nice to look at a horror film from a different angle,It's well worth watching

Time After Time

A forgotten classic, starts off with The Ripper being found out and escaping in the time machine to the 1970s, and is followed by his friend who tries to stop him killing anymore victims,very enjoyable

Runner Runner

Justin Timberlake , another flop then?

Fierce Creatures

I have seen this film about four time's and have loved it,It's a gentle comedy about All of the workers at a failing Zoo trying to save the Zoo from being closed,It really is heartwarming, and the cast work so well together, highly enjoyable

The Devil at 4 O'clock

Frank Sinatra is about as emotional as a brick in this film, however Spencer Tracy,Cathy Lewis,are great, BarBara Luna is excellent as the blind girl, but the bridge scene is so bad,at the end Sinatra goes back to rescue Tracy, but drives there in minuets, despite taking all of the children over a dangerous bridge, Why not use the safe road to start?Also the beam that hits Charlie is so large as it crushes his chest, yet only small scratches are visible, a huge piece of the bridge hitting him, would have killed him instantly

The Omega Man

Charlton Heston really was king of early Sci Fi movie's,These days we have the bland and dull Tom Cruise, I have seen this film about four times and really love it, yes some of it is dated,but it has a classic noir feel about it, The post-apocalyptic story of a man who survives germ warfare,but battle's the mutants on a daily basis, before eventually meeting a small band of survivors, The film with Will Smith I am legend was based on this, It's a very enjoyable film, Keep your eye out for a mistake in the beginning of the film,Heston is meant to be driving down deserted streets, but just as he puts his radio on he passes a man walking,

Robinson Crusoe on Mars

Adam West is just fantastic in this, lost in space style classic,Shot in Zabriski Death Valley, the scenery and sets are breathtaking, Sadly Adam West is only in it briefly, but Paul Mantee is excellent, It's a slow paced Sci fi story that follows the survival of a man and his monkey on Mars, a classic.A sequel was also planned but due to this performing poorly at box office, it was shelved, however since it's release it has become a much loved cult classic

Quatermass and the Pit (Five Million Years to Earth)(The Mind Benders)

Fantastic Hammer film,whilst digging a tunnel, It's not just earth that is uncovered, but a space ship and nasty Aliens

Red Lights
Red Lights(2012)

Very enjoyable film,Great twist,does not deserve 29% ok it is a bit shaky in parts, but executed well by a great cast, And the twist at the end was not easy to see.

The Scarlet Coat

Great Lavish vintage drama, based around the Benedict Arnold affair.


Heavy Leiden cast of great actors,tell the tale of The English and Scotish,and a young mans belief that an innocent man should not die,so he puts his own life at risk in order to free him, something like that anyway, Any enjoyable film, if you can get past the bad scottish accents

This Island Earth

Lavish horror,Sci Fi from 1955,One of the first to be in Technicolor,One of the best early films of this genre.This is a great story,some very early Si fi Teck Stough, its very well thought out, and quite gripping,The scenery in the Invasion is great,But it has some sadness in the ending,

Sands of Iwo Jima

John Wayne Murders yet another war film, with his lack luster performance and momotomous tone, however John Agar ,Forrest Tucker ,Wally Cassell ,and Adele Mara make up for Wayne's bad acting, the film real war footage ,which was often the fashion at the time. This real life story tells the tale of recruits and their journey through the War

Phone Booth
Phone Booth(2003)

Colin Farrell plays the arrogant cocky shit, who is dealt a punishing few hours by a gunman who is out to teach him a lesson for his wicked ways,It's a shock to think that the entire film can survive with a story about a man stuck in a phone box, but it works as various scene's lead off, and the police are involved etc, It's better than it looks, but you'll only want to see it once.

You're Next
You're Next(2013)

Great creepy,Scary American slasher/horror film, This should have been a far bigger box office hit,There are some scene's that make you jump,and lots of tension.A new way or angle IE murdering a family who have all got together in the family home, really give's it that sick twist, If you love this type of genre this is for you

Invisible Invaders

High camp horror,classic Stough, An early Zombie style film as Aliens take over dead human bodies,and seek to kill the living,will they find the cure in an underground Lab?

It's a Grand Life

Diana Dors is great in this but some of the ott comedy spoils this gentle wartime drama


Loved the First film, The second was boring and too up its own arse, Which leads us in this effort,
This feels more like a horror channel low budget movie, Pumped up Vin, is getting more than boring, along with his tight vest, The script is full of hole's , The film drags, The nudity serve's no purpose, one wonders if the Scriptwriter was a fan of the First film? If so why ignore all of the things that made it a cult favorite.But the film starts as Riddick is hurt in the desert,His perfectly shaved head glistening with blood, He snaps his broken leg back into place, later boring metal bolts into his skin to hold the armor on, The CGI dog he fights off by throwing it a toy which distracts it, He then encounters an Alien in the cave and breaks it#s horns off, so the monster retreats, he then throws a heavy metal stone over a hole which breaks in half, he climbs in the hole for the night, and wounded Riddick pulls the stones together over the hole to protect him, despite his weakness he moves the heavy slabs of stone, In the morning he awakes refreshed,Again with a perfectly shaved head, You are then treated to some flashback scenes as to how he got there, and witness some Matrix style action, before Riddick is shot off a large cliff [cliff collapse due to bad guy shooting weak cliff point with Riddick on] and he lives, but wounded of course. Wow.

The Battle of the River Plate (Pursuit of the Graf Spee)

This film is dripping in classic a list starts, It tells the true story of In the ensuing battle, Exeter was severely damaged and forced to retire; Ajax and Achilles suffered moderate damage. The damage to Graf Spee, although not extensive, was critical; her fuel system was crippled. Ajax and Achilles shadowed the German ship until she entered the port of Montevideo, the capital city of neutral Uruguay, to effect urgent repairs. After Graf Spee's captain Hans Langsdorff was told that his stay could not be extended beyond 72 hours, he scuttled his damaged ship rather than face the overwhelmingly superior force that the British had led him to believe was awaiting his departure, but also brings in personal accounts of the crew, this is considered one of the best and most factual of the war films at that time.

The Professionals

Great western,Burt Lancaster ,Lee Marvin ,Robert Ryan ,Jack Palance and Claudia Cardinale make up this tale of a motley crew who attempt to rescue the kidnapped wife of a wealthy rancher ,very harsh and honest western.

Father Goose
Father Goose(1964)

Cary Grant is well cast as the alcohol loving self centered bum, who ends up being a hero and supporting the children and their teacher who have crashed on the island, whilst rebuilding a damaged boat to get off the Island,The Japanese are poised to discover them, As per predicted he falls in love with the school teacher,but will they survive?

Land of the Lost

I like Will Ferrel, but this would have been far better not trying to be a comedy, but a serious adventure,As it stands some of the sets are good, some good idea's but it lacks lustre

The Nun's Story

Audrey Hepburn is brilliant in the story of a disillusioned nun, The part that haunts me is the killing of the nun to cleanse the spirit of a man whose wife has died, hated that part when I saw it years ago, Its a dark film in many places,but has a good story and a great cast,Will Sister Luke remain as a Nun? or will she leave the order?

The Time Travelers (Depths of the Unknown)

Great B movie shocker years ahead of it's time,A sort of Stargate in the 1960s, some shaky sets, but a really good story, great idea's would put many modern films to shame.
Scientists invent a Portal, but become trapped in the future, and meet humans in an underground colony, trying to fight off mutant humans, and are building a rocket and are preparing to leave a decaying earth after man has destroyed it following a Nuclear war,The problem is that there is no room on the rocket for the time travelers so they have to rebuild a new Portal to get back to earth or die,but nothing goes as planned but when they return to earth all is not what it seems,

The Black Cat

Fantastic and the remake too, Very enjoyable, but could have done without the bumbling sidekick, which tainted this horror story, basically a rich cat owner dies, and all her family wants her money, she leaves the home and cats the house, and the family only gets the money when they die, and people soon start to die, But who is the killer?


This film is nowhere near as bad as stated, It's very 80s style Computer film, with Corruption,with various twists and turns, Harrison Ford is as great as ever,In this interesting thriller

Mask of Diijon

With a title like the Mask of Diijon, how can you go wrong, and yes this silver screen classic is a visual feast,Erich Von Stroheim' camps it up, A as magician who returns to the stage after retiring, but with a macarb twist,This is a great treat,a rich cast,tight script,and well acted throughout, a classic of it's time,The sets look great, such a decadent and stylish era, very enjoyable, Love the Guillotine at the end, enjoy this vintage horror tale.

Pain & Gain
Pain & Gain(2013)

The pain is watching this and that it was ever made, Also That Dwayne [boring] "The Rock" Johnson ever took up, or was given film role's.
Do not waste your money.
The gain is that this will not be in Cinema's for very long, and sadly will be a stain on Ed Harris's fine acting career.

Springfield Rifle

Gary Cooper goes undercover to find a corrupt goings on within the Calvary,And of course Gary stands against this,The film was a run of Westerns Gary Cooper starred in at the time, but this is one of the best,Plenty of gun action and chase scene's Enjoyable cowboy movie

The Riddle of the Sands

young Simon MacCorkindale ,and Michael York are is a movie based on One of the earliest English spy novels, The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers,The two uncover a plot to invade and conquer Britain,It's a nice gentle film and the two actors are well paired in this thriller,It has great locations,and moderate suspense .
enjoyable film,

Nim's Island
Nim's Island(2008)

Light hearted children's story about a child and father that live on an Island ,and a Writer of adventure stories who is agoraphobic end up all involved as the story takes various twists and turns, but holds a happy ending,Jodie Foster is great

Warning Sign
Warning Sign(1985)

Great 80s Sci fi, horror,Lots of films following this have a similar theme,Basically Evil Scientists decide along with the government to develop chemical/biological weapons,and a virus leaks out, so everyone gets locked inside the plant[Resident Evil]also The virus causes people to come back to life with Rage[28 days later] So in many case's this film was ahead of it's time.

Fly Away Home

Based on a true story, this delightful tale will melt the hardest of hearts,as a little girl find and rescue's some wild geese eggs from a ruthless property developer clearing land,she then rears them and tries to return them to the wild.Anna Paquin has gone on to star in X men, and of course Jeff Daniels is exellent.

In Which We Serve

Outstanding wartime drama, with Noel Coward ,John Mills ,Bernard Miles , and Kay Walsh is a haunting British war drama,That portrays the horrors of war, The most famous and haunting scene is the final sinking of the Torrin as the men are in the water,some dying, but capturing memories of their loved one's.It's scary to think that many men ended up in the water praying for rescue,and often not making it back alive.This film gives a glimps into people's live's during war,a classic

The Colony
The Colony(2013)

Really enjoyed this Sci fi / Horror, lots of scene's that make you jump,no real plot holes, although it does not explain what happened to Earth,
Some bits to question,Sam's girlfriend, Died hair,and heavy makeup,but they have no food? Also at the end all the animals are left to burn to death,but should have been rescued for the thaw,And those air vents,very large,and very clean,Also why kill people with flue? Unless they build up an Immunity everyone will end up being shot? Despite all of this it's still enjoyable. Nice to see Bill Paxton in a bad guy role.

Magic Town
Magic Town(1947)

James Stewart ,Kent Smith ,Jane Wyman ,Charming comedy set in a small town in America that gets hit with media attention,causing a variety of problems

Ghosts of Berkeley Square

Great Comedy tells the tale of Ghosts trapped inside a house, and tells the tale through the various ages of the house, delightful

The Sorcerers

This is a great Horror/comedy,Boris Karlof and his wife played by Catherine Lacey, who was the secretive nun who wears high heels in the Alfred Hitchcock film The Lady Vanishes (1938, The film is a mix of Hammer Horror ,and Boris plays a professor wronged by society who invents a machine enabling him and his wife to control a victims mind from afar,But in the short term get the man to do a few things for them,to make up for what they have lost, but of course it all goes wrong, great film.


Sanjay Dutt is great and plays this role with great relish, love him,

One Direction: This Is Us

Who are they? A put together pop band,Bland to dull looking,One has really bad hair, songs are the usual fodder of mind numbing trash, so that being said their fan base will reflect the product, forgettable ,This is us ,could be anyone, with an ego bigger than their record sales,but as all acts of this ilk, time will tell, so the boys need to save every penny as their decent will be quicker than their climb.


Not a bad story, Magician/psychic can predict the future to change it, so he gets hired by the Fbi to get the bad guys, and of course his partner gets kidnapped, oh and yes there is a nuclear weapon in the hands of the bad guys,

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

To be honest I found number 2 boring, but This I was very pleased with,I liked the story of Geek turns evil and creates an army of ex military boys and girls to fight Iron man, despite Robert Downey Jr ego throughout, its funny in parts, packed with action, and will his bow live as she falls to her doom ? Enjoy

And Then There Were None

A delightful classic, great suspense story,Just a wonderful thriller from beginning to end, Just wish the house and Island were real, Enjoy this classic that is very Hitchock in many ways.

Please Sir!
Please Sir!(1971)

Not very funny at all, some of the so called youths look older than the Teachers, dates and dull.The one annoying thing is that the so called youths are all vile,


As camp as this film is, and the fact that sean connery is dressed as a gay bondage fantasy, distract little from this cult classic, with a good story, its so bonkers its great

The Wolverine

An enjoyable film of sorts, film does drag in parts, some part of the story make no sense, that said it rattles along at a watchable pace, and some of the scenes offer some visual stimulation, but not many sadly, And why was Wolverine a prisoner of war, but not in any military uniform? some plot holes, not dire but could have been so much better

When Eight Bells Toll

This is a James Bond style thriller Anthony Hopkins is fantastic in this role,Robert Morley is great as his usual self, pompus, and well educated, but made for the big screen, naval secret-service agent who is assigned to find out why millions of pounds of gold bullion are being stolen under the noses of the British government. Some of the boat scenes are fantastic, its a very enjoyable film x

The Long and the Short and the Tall ( Jungle Fighters )

War drama set in Malaya , following the capture of a Japanese scout the problems begin, Great performances by Richard Todd,Richard Harris ,David McCallum ,Kenji Takaki,Ronald Fraser ,Laurence Harvey .

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Logan Lerman is far too young for the role, basically making the whole thing an unbelievable farce, box office bomb, poor casting, it could have been so much more.

The Lone Ranger

Bland script, both actors poorly cast in the roles, this film bombed at box office in the USA, and its not hard to see why, the original tv series was far superior

Love from a Stranger

Fantastic , classic period film, great shots of London in the film, sadly it does not look as wonderful now. Ann Harding is wonderful. As a woman who wins a sweepstake, but her fortunes don't all go well as the story unfolds. An early tale of stalking and the lure of a rich woman that leads to tragic consequences.The tension at the end is fantastic, and a near twist leads to an almost Hitchcock style film

Yangtse Incident: The Story of H.M.S. Amethyst (Battle Hell)

Richard Todd,William Hartnell,Akim Tamiroff star in this wartime true story.
On 19 April 1949, the Royal Navy frigate HMS Amethyst sails up the Yangtze River on her way to Nanking, the Chinese capital, to deliver supplies to the British Embassy. Suddenly, without warning, People's Liberation Army (PLA) shore batteries open fire and after a heavy engagement, Amethyst lies grounded in the mud and badly damaged. Fifty-four of her crew are dead, dying or seriously wounded while others deteriorate from the tropical heat and the lack of essential medicines.Its well acted and a glimpse into the horror of war and a rich part of our history

Rat Race
Rat Race(2001)

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World,Scavenger Hunt, are the classics that this film is loosely based on, but sadly not as good as either, despite a huge cast of stars, it just does not have that wackyness about it however, Dean Caines scene and his angry partner are one of the few highlights to an almost dull film, oh and Kathy Bates is fantastic in her small cameo.


Tries hard to be funny, but isnt

Chandu on the Magic Island

Oh this is fantastic, Bela Lugosi brings great charm to this classic horror tale, this was made 0ver 80 years ago when cinema and film were just beginning, and yet this is a fine example of that era, great cast, and story, loved it

Red 2
Red 2(2013)

To make a sequel following the bland first film was a mistake, this offers nothing new,dull, and boring, the film company must have money to throw away

The Sweeney
The Sweeney(2013)

Plan b ensures that he sinks the film faster than a lead balloon, with his wooden acting,Ray is fantastic as always playing himself, but its not true to the original , does not have the same feel, more of an emptiness, mostly thanks to the dire plan b, [they could not have been that desperate for actors surely ?

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain

As entertaining as watching paint dry.

Alan Partridge

No idea how this ever made the big screen, would have been far better a tv episode, its funny in parts, but in others it falls flat, and Alan Patride become annoying and grating as the film drags on

The Thief of Bagdad

This is a great classic, following the original in 1924, The cast and acting are super, the sets are lavish, I love the wind up goddess, as always the villain (Conrad Veidt) is fantastic, and has wonderful evil eyes, lovely film.

The Private Affairs of Bel Ami

George Sanders ,Angela Lansbury ,Frances Dee ,ruthless man who uses women to rise in Parisian society. It was based on the Guy de Maupassant novel Bel Ami. The film had a 1946 premiere in Paris, This is a lavish film classic that is enjoyable and entertaining, Susan Douglas Rubes makes her film debut

The Look of Love

Steve Coogan battles his way through a film that even he seems to have no interest in, Coogan was a poor choice to play the lead role and brings nothing to an already boring and dull script, this would have been a better tv movie

Town on Trial

What a film. What a cast, John Mills as Superintendent Mike Halloran
Charles Coburn as Dr. John Fenner
Barbara Bates as Elizabeth Fenner
Derek Farr as Mark Roper
Alec McCowen as Peter Crowley
Fay Compton as Mrs. Crowley
Elizabeth Seal as Fiona Dixon
Geoffrey Keen as Charles Dixon
Margaretta Scott as Helen Dixon
Meredith Edwards as Sergeant Rogers
Harry Locke as Sergeant Beale
Raymond Huntley as Dr. Reese, pathologist
Harry Fowler as Bandleader
Maureen Connell as Mary Roper
Magda Miller as Molly Stevens
Newton Blick as Assistant Commissioner Beckett
Oscar Quitak as David
Dandy Nichols as Mrs. Wilson, this is a great murder mystery, as John Mills sets to investigate a series of murders whilst under the spell of Barbara Bates, these films are gentle in their approach to crime, no blood,sex,or gore but still find the viewer left spellbound to this magnificent period piece, John you are so missed in film, as is Charles Coburn.

Battle of the Damned

I love Dolph Lundgren , but I do feel he is a bit typecast as the tough guy, here he is in that genre, that said it is very good film, would like a little more info on the virus, but its an entertaining film, and enjoyable,Love the Robots, their fantastic, wish the bad guy that made the virus got it in the end though

Wonder Bar
Wonder Bar(1934)

Dolores Del Rio ,Kay Francis ,Ricardo Cortez .Dick Powell , and more this film is a high camp classic,The film's most outrageous moment, however, is an uninhibited chunk of homosexual humor on the dance floor ("Boys will be boys!", crows Jolson) years ahead of its time, also has a variety of singers,dancers,comedy,and a cast that all have a story, lavish, classical stough

The Invention of Lying

Slow and plodding film from Gervais, far from funny although Louis CK is a joy in the film, Rob Lowe is also excellent but nothing can save this film, sadly

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

fantastic , with a cast like this Danny Kaye as Walter Mitty
Virginia Mayo as Rosalind van Hoorn
Boris Karloff as Dr. Hollingshead
Fay Bainter as Mrs. Eunice Mitty
Thurston Hall as Bruce Pierce
Ann Rutherford as Gertrude Griswald
Gordon Jones as Tubby Wadsworth
Florence Bates as Mrs. Griswold
Konstantin Shayne as Peter van Hoorn
Reginald Denny as Colonel
Henry Corden as Hendrick
Doris Lloyd as Mrs. Follinsbee
Fritz Feld as Anatole
who can argue, Boris Karloff plays the bad doctor, its a comedy of sorts, but a very enjoyable film

The Shepherd of the Hills

Really delightful film,John Wayne is in the film very little, Thankfully, but the rest of the cast carry this gentle story well,director Henry Hathaway paces this film out well as the story unfolds, [lovely]

Brighton Rock

Richard Attenborough plays a sadistic gangster in this classic, He plays the role so well, He even looks evil, classic stough

Hue and Cry
Hue and Cry(1947)

ne of the early if not first Ealing films, The adults play a small role as the children star in the film as they unite to expose corruption, the film is set out in a bombed out london, where the loss and destruction of the city can clearly be seen, very enjoyable film

The Incredible Melting Man

Love this tacky horror, bad special effects, bad acting, all make a great film,

Dial M for Murder

Fantastic, great cast, outstanding director, In the end I dont blame him for wanting her bumped off, after all she was having an affair,


Great horror/Sci fi , classic stough

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim(2013)

Boring, long and dull This so wreaks of ,Has been done before, but Its not the predictability that grates or the thin story line, but the stupidity of giant robots who despite their vast numbers and powers can be stopped by two mens minds to control two Jaegers, and that saves the world, wow, such depth,However the film tries comedy , and fails and 58 mins into the film we see two dumb actors fighting, Not really in a hurry to save the world it would seem,69 mins into the film battle finally begins, but if mind numbing action is what you seek, then this is the film for you, If its a gripping, well written and acted film, then this is not the film for you,
Just a question, The Chinese herbalist that is an undercover lab, full of rare species and the brain of the enemy is needed, so the scientist goes there to ask for help, but they are reluctant to give it, and threaten to kill him? Why if the world is ending and their all scientists, enjoy

The Adventures of Pluto Nash

So bad it hurts, Eddie your career has been over for years, retire its less painful,


James Belushi IS excellent in this vintage comedy romp however the main four legged star is barely mentioned on wiki just Jerry Lee as Himself, sadly, but its a nice family film that at the time was slated but has aged well, and is a very enjoyable and warm film.

Krakatoa East of Java

Great disaster movie, excellent special effects and littered with subplots and stories of the cast that battle through this two hour disaster movie of volcan eruption, great stuff, Love Brian Keith in this, a very underrated actor

The Rare Breed

Not one of James Stewarts best films,Maureen O'Hara appears out of her comfort zone, or just lost in a rather run of the mill film about breeding cows and romance thrown in, enjoyable but far from a classic

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

Enjoyed some of the film,But it was far to long and drawn out, Brad Pitt looks as rough as a bears arse, and that's before the adventure begins, his hair looks like he could not be bothered, The story plods along, but I did not understand how the hero can swollow infected blood but does not become infected, and thus has to infect himself from random diseases to save the human race, it did feel a bit like a horror channel tv movie, not saying it was bad, but it was enjoyable,in a tv sort of movie way,

All That Heaven Allows

Lovely story about the romance between an older woman and a younger man, this is Rock Hudson at his best, Jane Wyman is also fantastic and has such screen presence

The Demented
The Demented(2013)

Its that sort of film, that just into the first few opening scenes you already want four of the 6 to die, However as the film gathers pace, in turns into a great horror, fast paced, and enjoyable, and of course the ones that die can be predicted from the onset

Objective, Burma!

Outstanding film, you get a real feel of the war,This film is never dull or boring, the story follows a group of men who 's plan to destroy a Radar station goes wrong, leaving the men stranded,Errol is superb as are the rest of the cast


Another flop for Statham, its about time he did a Will Smith and take smaller roles, his films are all flops, this story has been done so many times before, why is he still getting film roles?

The Sea Chase

Captain Karl Ehrlich (John Wayne) is the master of the elderly German steam freighter Ergenstrasse, in port at Sydney, Australia on the eve of the Second World War. Ehrlich is depicted as a patriot, once a career naval officer who lost his rank and position having fallen out of favour with the current regime and refusing to support the Nazi Party. As his ship prepares for sea (or to be interned if war is declared) he meets with an old friend, British Commander Jeff Napier (David Farrar) and his fiancée Elsa Keller (Lana Turner).
Germany has invaded Poland, and war is imminent. As his ship prepares to slip away, Ehrlich receives a visit from the German Consul-General, who asks him to take with him a spy to prevent his capture. It is only after the Ergenstrasse slips out of harbour in thick fog that Ehrlich discovers the spy is in fact Keller.
Old, slow, short on coal, the Ergenstrasse is seen as easy prey by the Australian Navy, and by Napier in particular, who understandably holds a grudge. But Napier is the only man who does not underestimate Ehrlich as the wily Captain leads his enemies on a wild goose chase across the Pacific Ocean, beginning with a run to the south to throw off pursuit, pausing for supplies at an unmanned rescue station on Auckland Island. While there, Ehrlich's first officer, the pro-Nazi Kirchner (Lyle Bettger), murders three marooned seamen, but does not tell the captain about it. Napier discovers the bodies while in pursuit and believes his old friend is responsible. He vows to bring the German to justice as a war criminal.
Ehrlich burns the ship's lifeboats for fuel, upsetting the crew, then stops for wood at the fictitious Pom Pom Galli Atoll in mid-Pacific.[2] While there Ehrlich discovers that Kirchner murdered the fishermen and forces him to sign an account of his actions in the ship's log. The ship arrives at Valparaiso in neutral Chile and Ehrlich encounters Napier, as his ship HMAS Rockhampton has pursued him from New Zealand.
Luck is with them as the Ergenstrasse, re-provisioned and fuelled slips away in the darkness; the British forces waiting for them have been called away in support of the cruisers facing the German pocket battleship Graf Spee at Montevideo, Uruguay. Napier requests a transfer to the British Naval patrols in the North Sea, believing that Ehrlich must pass through the patrols in his attempt to reach Kiel.
For political reasons, German radio broadcasts a message from Lord Haw Haw that discloses the position of the Ergenstrasse as it passes Norway, thus giving up the ship and crew to the Royal Navy. And to the waiting Napier, as his swifter passage home places the corvette under his command in Ehrlich's path. Napier tracks down Ehrlich's ship and sinks it in the North Sea, with Elsa and Ehrlich aboard, and with Kirchner as an unwilling particpant in the short one sided battle. The ship's log is handed over to Napier by the survivors, and proves Ehrlich innocent of the Auckland incident.

The Chaperone

Why do they give film roles to these washed up Wrestlers , their all crap

The Wrong Man

This is a really good film, another Hitchcock classic, but a real concern that it is a true story, Henry Fonda plays the accused man brilliantly, real enjoyable film,

After Earth
After Earth(2013)

This is just so bad,Its really a tv movie, with a bad script,

The Man Who Knew Too Much

this is an exellent film in every way,basically the bad guys kidnap a child of a couple with a plot to kill a diplomat of their country, Its a well thought out film, doris day is great, and her piano playing at the end and her acting in the opera prior to the attempted shooting drips with suspense, total classic


Yawn, so boring and dull it hurts, Dwayne Johnson acting qualities sadly bypassed drama school and acting lessons.

The Last Voyage

Woody Strode is fantastic in this disaster classic from 1960


astic, high camp romp, I enjoy this film more every time is see it, fantastic cast, just brilliant

The Moonraker

Great epic. classic drama, this is how classics were made,

The Man in the White Suit

Fantastic Ealing film,one of the best

Kind Hearts and Coronets

What a fantastic lavish film with a cast to die for, magical


Tried hard to like this film, but found it very difficult to follow,in fact it feels like it's all over the place, it's enjoyable, but confusing,and lack luster in places

Reap the Wild Wind

This is the one of a very few John Wayne films that is excellent, but the chilling scream when the ship hits the reef has haunted me for years, and that Octopus and Shaul, classic stough

Blood Alley
Blood Alley(1955)

Lets face it, John Wayne could not act, but for some reasons got movie roles, here he murders yet another great script with wooden acting and a poor attempt at comedy, Lauren Bacall is fantastic, but Wayne's insipid voice and shambolic acting murder this vintage piece

Errors Of The Human Body

The animals are treated really badly in this film, apart from that there is nothing good or entertaining in this limp film

Dead Mine
Dead Mine(2012)

An excellent film, different, new story, gripping and very enjoyable.

Terminal Error

Great day time Sci fi movie , a nasty bad guy has a plan to destroy Nuclear and other plants as well as the city in his way,enjoyable romp.

Waterloo Road

This is a great film from 1945, John Mills is fantastic as is Stewart Granger as the bad guy trying to steal a soldiers wife whilst he is at war, he then returns to save his marriage,Joy Shelton stars as his wife, the fight scene , at the end whilst the area is being bombed is fantastic, a real classic

Blades of Glory

Not bad at all, a nice family film


The beginning drags, in fact the film does not warm up for an hour, Tom Cruise is badly cast in this film,and he brings nothing to what could have been a good film,its about time he stopped getting lead roles, the story is weak, and another cast member is needed to add to the week story, not a classic in any form

Airplane 2 - The Sequel

Its fun, but not a patch on the original, despite bursting with an all star cast, William Shatner is fantastic

Seven Days to Noon

Barry Jones stars in this 1950s thriller. Sci fi horror, an early Atomic themed film, which is excellent throughout

Breakout (Danger Within)

Fantastic cast, based around a prisoner of war camp where any attempt to break out are thwarted as the camp Italian captors keep getting wind of their escape attempts, The spy within is eventually outed. great war film

Land of the Dead

Not one of the best in the series, the Zombies gain intelligence, and in doing so seek to wipe out their only food source, far from the best in the series


John Cleese and the fantastic cast romp through this comedy classic, as one drama follows another, all due to the head teachers ocd behavior for time keeping that causes the whole thing to lead to mayhem.

War of the Worlds

Not a patch on the original, this is more like a tv movie

Tropic Thunder

Not funny at all, looks like a great idea on paper, but all the stars give little to this lack luster farce


An enjoyable film,but it's hard to know where it is going,The ending is a big let down and explains nothing to some of the happenings in the film, but its enjoyable, but don't expect too much.

The Mark of Zorro

This film is fantastic, far better than the later remakes, a nice role with bad guy Basil Rathbone ,no major violence, just a great feel good film, such a shame Tyrone died so young

Invaders from Mars

This is a fantastic film,it's great in every way, You couldn't remake this if you tried,The cast is great, the sets are fantastic, and the lead child is great, enjoy this classic

The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's

This is a really good film in the series, it is more like an early carry on film, also stars Diane Holland. who played the fantastic dancing instructor in Hi De Hi, also staring,Cecil Parker,Joyce Grenfell,George Cole,Eric BarkerThorley Walters

Atomic Dog
Atomic Dog(1998)

Crazy tv movie,about a dog infected with radiation that enjoys bumping off human beings, not dire but not brilliant either

The Greatest Show on Earth

One of the greats, Heston is superb as always, and the sets are fantastic, each cast member is so well suited, its bold and breathtaking

Logan's Run
Logan's Run(1976)

This is a fantastic, sci fi film, it's so well done,I never tire of seeing it,

S.O.S. Titanic

Far better,and a lot more interesting than the last theatre version by James Cameron, and a more interesting cast, however some of the actors from this film went on the appear in the 1997 version

Shout at the Devil

Dull romp with little luster, not funny, and not interesting enough to be a drama

Dark Night of the Scarecrow

High camp romp, revenge is the word, highly enjoyable

World of the Dead: The Zombie Diaries 2

This hand held camera rubbish just destroys films, its been so overdone,and this film is a classic example,

Dark Skies
Dark Skies(2013)

An interesting and entertaining film,well acted with a small twist at the end, very enjoyable


Fantastic 80s horror, really is great ,not what you would expect,but great fun,

Cockneys vs Zombies

Great cast, a real shock to the system that it was so good, the two let downs are Alan Fords over acting, and the Zombie football fight , both of which were not needed, It was a low budget horror/comedy film that was really enjoyable, Honor Blackman was fantastic, as was Richard Briers

Up Pompeii
Up Pompeii(1971)

This is the best in the series

Up Pompeii - Vestal Virgins

Fantastic fun, he is sadly missed in the Comedy world

Up Pompeii - The Legacy

Great fun, Frankie we miss you

The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery

Great cast, Frankie Howard is fantastic,Richard Wattis is also great, and a much under rated actor, enjoyable afternoon movie romp by these classic screen stars


Wow, what a fantastic film, it starts off with the Soft cell/ Marc Almond song tainted love and ends with Frankie goes to Hollywood the power of love, that fits so well, its a black comedy, but every scene and breath this film takes is fantastic, It left you wanting more

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Fantastic film,a real cult classic, Bill Murray steals the show, its crazy and captivating,

City of Ember

A very enjoyable film, although a little rambling, and at times a little off course. its still enjoyable

Zombie Apocalypse

Very much an enjoyable film. some parts resemble the tv series the walking dead, but its a well done movie, Vin Rhames is as always Vin Rhames is, but one has to wonder how he managed to keep his head so well shaves whilst escaping Zombies

Galaxy Quest
Galaxy Quest(1999)

One of the best sci fi comedies ever, its fantastic, each and every cast member is brilliant

The Boys in Blue

Great cast with Roy Kinnear, Arthur English, Jon Pertwee, Edward Judd. And cannon and ball, its a great comedy romp, although Ball's voice and high octane are a little annoying at times but it's still great fun.

The Straight Story

This is a very enjoyable film,crazy story but very compelling

Operation Petticoat

Cary Grant and Tony Curtis revel in this lush wartime drama,and are supported by a great cast, a true classic not to be missed.

Don't Look Now

I usually love vintage films but this is just boring, Donald Sutherland is creepy, but not for the right reasons,His acting is dull and he is poorly cast in this slow paced vintage piece that's more like a soap melodrama following the lives of a couple, that said the Venice backdrop is nice but it's far from one of the best of its era. Julie Christie however is glorious in the film, despite its weaknesses, and yes she has a few naked scenes, she did some great films after this.

Bloodbath at the House of Death

This is so bad it's good, late night viewing, it's enjoyable, but make's little sense, still it has a great cast, Sadly Kenny Everetts only venture into the big screen, 12 years later he sadly died in 50, far too young, so one feels a need to enjoy this film as it is all we have left of this Comedy Genius.

A Haunted House

It's just not funny, the original series is far more entertaining without the bad actors in this stupid and boring film.

The Revenge of the Pink Panther

Great film, innocent fun, and very enjoyable.

Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell

Classic Hammer, everyone love's these films, this shows why.

Smashing Time

It's aged well and now can be seen in a more Cult classic role.

Carry On Cabby

Is this One of your earings sir, What with Tweeds ? Great line from Michael Ward,Hattie Jacques is fantastic.

Carry On Regardless

Michael Ward makes a cameo, should have been it more carry ons, Charles is fantastic.

Doctor in Love

Love Doctor Flower and the rest of the gang, great comedy romp.

Carlton-Browne of the F.O. (Man in a Cocked Hat)

Peter Sellers , a great man, and this is a great classic film.

I'm All Right Jack

Margaret Rutherford,Peter Sellers ,Terry-Thomas, Dennis Price, Dennis Price and Michael ward, with a cast like this you couldn't go wrong, great classic stough.

Private's Progress

I think this film inspired carry on soldier

Finger of Guilt

Love Ben Case, great actor,great film

Man of the Moment

Love Norman Wisdom, his comedy genius will live on, here is another example, great

Trouble in Store

I wish they would re show this classic in the Cinema, with Margaret Rutherford,Norman Wisdom and Michael Ward how could you fail not to love this film.

Frightened Man

Loved this,Micheal Ward makes a far too brief Cameo in the film, but it's great.

Appointment with Venus

I had forgotten just how good this was, Great cast, great story, great film

Ideal Husband

Why aren't all comedies as good as this?

Tomorrow Is Forever

Another brilliant classic,great afternoon viewing.

Sleeping Car to Trieste

Fantastic,don't miss this classic


Dire, Comedown? Doesn't even get started, waste of time and money.

The Magnificent Two

Not quite a roaring comedy, but highly enjoyable Sunday afternoon viewing from the Legendary duo, sadly now both departed.

Half Light
Half Light(2005)

Auditioned for this film, Glad I didn't get the role, shame though, it was shot in North Wales, in Anglesey, The whole film just does not sit together very well, the script is poor, Demi is fantastic, but it's not enough to save this film, sadly.


Nice to see Disney attempt to get some of its old style animation back, far better than the usual cgi rubbish its been throwing out for years.

The Truman Show

Deeply disturbing film in many ways, and very sad, but totally hypnotic and compelling, shows another dark side to human nature and a need for people to watch human suffering in all it's form, lets hope it never become's reality.

Come Out And Play

Just seen this movie today, didnt expect too much with the begining but as it went on, WOW, total horror, crazy, gripping, and will be a cult classic, don't miss this

Small Apartments

I really enjoyed this black comedy, Matt lucas was as brilliant as ever , sadly Johnny Knoxville let the film down with poor acting and bad hair, but its a very enjoyable film ,Dolph Lundgren should have been in it for far longer, and Peter Stormare was as fantastic as always


Bonkers, totaly bonkers, very enjoyable, and will become in time a cult classic

Clash of the Titans

Classic , and the best version evr, all you could want in a feel good movie, This film has everything and more, enjoy

Rise of the Zombies (Dead Walking)

Great low budget Horror movie, the acting is a bit shaky, and some of the Zombie's but it's still great fun

A Good Day To Die Hard

Poor old Bruce, I'm sure he took this role as so many of his previous films have been box office flops , so He may well have hoped this would revive his flagging career, not so, This is on the standard of a cheap tv movie, and nothing more, there come's a time that another sequel is no more, here they failed to take this on board ,But one thing is for sure this will be the last one, And mr Willis looks as sly and smug as ever, throughout this brain drain of a film, and one has to wonder why ?

The Birds II: Land's End

Fine as a tv movie,but no one could follow the original Birds an win praise, as it can never be beaten, so all attempts will pale into insignificance

Babylon A.D.
Babylon A.D.(2008)

Poor old Vin Diesel , bless him, acting has never been a big talent of his, so here he destroys yet another film, he really is box office poison , other than the boring fast and furious films, lets hope he gives up the big screen soon,
this could have been a good film, but wasn't

Madonna - What It Feels Like for a Girl

Madonna looks stunning in this video, Directed by her then husband and hot totty, guy ritchie, its a great video set to a great dance mix of the single, she has such power in the video, classic stough

Madonna - Justify My Love

I bought this video single, and have to say it still hits a nerve, now, years later people are still trying to copy this outrageous star,Its so cool it hurts

Bloodhounds of Broadway

Saw this years ago and loved it,


Jason Statham is far from the greatest actor in the world,and it has to be said just plays himself in every movie,whatever the plot, and here he is paired with box office poison Jennifer Lopez,so already a picture of this movie builds and the Rotten ratings loom, A total waste of money

Lady for a Day

I saw this film about 10 years ago and found it compelling and moving, It has everything ,A criminal who always buys apples from a street seller, takes pity on her ,when one day he finds her her distressed and so a story unfolds, This is a great story and will sadden the hardest of hearts, Dont miss it

Vanishing On 7th Street

Sadly this could have been a good film, except it did not explain why ? or who ? the dark was, and all of the cast died leaving just two children, left to seek help, made no sense, but was watchable late night viewing, but dont expect too much


Not a box office hit, and has been put straight to video in record time, having watched it , you can see why that the public have not recieved this as well as hoped, Its boring and confusing Love guy Pearce though, but he is wasted in this

Playing for Keeps

Gerard Butler has not had a hit movie in some time, but despite a well known cast this lack lustre effort is more worthy of a television movie than a Cinema flop, it will do nothing to revive any of the actors in its careers,it was a waste to even make rubbish like this for the big screen, shame

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Total classic of its day, that still shines bright 52 years later, its a great story and Joan and Bette play it with total joy and relish, even more fun when it came to light that they hated each other, I bet filming was a total delight from these two silver screen Icons


Starts off slow, is totally bonkers, but apparently based on a true story,At times it does not make sense, and it could have done with more explaining, but it was very enjoyable

Death Becomes Her

A fantastic, high camp romp, great fun, almost like a John Walters film, Bruce is the best he has ever been, not trying to be macho,and Glenn and Goldie are breathtaking

The Lady Vanishes

There is something beyond magical about this film,Each actor was so well cast,fitting their roles so well, and it manages to tell a tale in just over an hour not like the long drawn out films we have today,Hitchcock appears on the stage in the final part,but it tells the tale of the Germans trying to get their hands on secret information, which is all linked in to a woman he meets in the Theatre who is then murdered in his flat and he is the suspect, great

Lust in the Dust

I love this movie so much I bought the DVD , Divine and Tab Hunter are fantastic, its an enjoyable romp, people who dont like this have no humour, its great

Pierre and Gilles: Love Stories

Great documentary, love Marc Almond who worked with the French duo, very enjoyable


Really liked this, some minor faults with it, but will run and run on the horror channel

I Am Because We Are

This is a very worthy documentary, I think clearly for years Madonna has supported charities without banging the drum for her own purpose, here is no exception, its a real climps into Hiv

Resident Evil: Retribution

I really enjoyedx this film, It was nice to see the old cast back, it had a good story, totaly OTT as always but thats how these films are, very enjoyable

Fukkatsu no hi (Day of Resurrection) (The End) (Virus)

Great 80s sci fi thriller, very enjoyable, and much copied, but a fantastic, classic film.

The Last Man on Earth

Outstanding,Brilliant,one of the best horrors of its time,very enjoyable,Vincent Price is as enjoyable as ever, loved every second,fantastic, beginning to end

Devil's Playground

Craig Fairbrass and Danny Dyer are exellent in this gripping Zombie thriller, very enjoyable, and not a dull moment, exellent


Bonkers, totally bonkers, very watchable, will be a cult classic in years to come

The Awakening

Dominic West is fantastic in this haunting ghost story with some great twist, I havent enjoyed a film so much in years, fantastic, and filmed in 2 grade listed I mansions,with lovely gardens, the whole experience is very enjoyable, dont miss this film,

Keith Lemon: The Film

Dire, its to bad to even be funny,

Donkey Punch
Donkey Punch(2008)

Very surprised by this film, expected the worst, but ended up being a great horror/thriller , and plenty of nudity and sex scenes thrown in, it was well acted,and built on suspense, very enjoyable indeed.

Office Killer

Fantastic black comedy, great cast, a very enjoyable film from begining to end, fantastic

When Time Ran Out


The Faculty
The Faculty(1998)

Great sci fi horror, the story just builds and builds, the cast are great, and a couple of twists in the plot only add more suspense to a great classic ,cult film, very enjoyable

Attack the Block

Dire, a film where a gang of vile criminals who rob women, deal drugs and an are basically scum who live on a council estate battle aliens, the sad thing is from the very begining of the film you want these scum ripped apart by the aliens, and for them all to die, but the police are killed instead,such a shame, it could have been better, but if your mind has been numbed by drugs you might enjoy it, but if you have a brain you wont

The Philadelphia Experiment

Great Sci fi, enjoyed it, great story, very original


Great monster movie,fun to watch, really enjoyed it,shame they didnt find the mother and save more people, though

Night of the Big Heat (Island of the Burning Damned)

Fantastic Sci Fi from 1967, good story, great acting, and a host of top actors, the only criticism is the sweat was a little OTT, but its a great film,

The Three Stooges

Oh dear I bet the 3 guys are turning in their grave at this dire attempt to bring to the modern day what was classic in its time,it should have been set in the 30s this is no classic and is dirt on their commedy genius.

Ill Manors
Ill Manors(2012)

Throw away story, with a forgettable cast, I could not help but feel the characters got what they deserve, boring and dull, I can see why it has been such a box office turkey,

Scars of Dracula

One of the best in the Dracula series, shaky bats,and buxom ladies, what else from hammer ? fantastic, best thing Dennis Waterman has ever done.

Island of Terror (Night of the Silicates) (The Creepers)


The Most Dangerous Game

100% no doubt about it, great cast, inspiring story, you really cant miss this one,

The Ghost Train

An exellent film, from an era when people knew how to make good films, sadly all of the stars are now dead, but this classic lives on,from these legendary performers


cheryl ladd is exellent in this 80s sci fi thriller, however kris is far too old to be pared with the stunning cheryl, visually some of the alien costumes are dated, but its an enjoyable romp


Great story with a strong twist in the end, very enjoyable, and a good cast, cant fault this film

Westlife - The Farewell Concert

Thank God they have called it a day, now they we will be threatening solo music, oh the pain ,

Dracula's Dog


Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages(2012)

Dire, thats all there is to it, a total waste of money and time , Cruse is even worse than usual, avoid

Skull: A Night of Terror (Don't Turn Out the Light) (Night of Retribution) (One Eyed Killer)

Great b movie, Robbie Roxs is fantastic as the sadistic killer,loved it from begining to end

Woody Allen: A Documentary

Cant understand why anyone would want to watch a documentary on this dull ,boring, overated and under talented insipid, odious little man, what a waste of time,

Red Planet
Red Planet(2000)

Tom Sizemore is great in this, but its a little weak , in places , it would have been good if it ended with one of the team surviving on the moon rather than everyone but Val dying, still very enjoyable

The Dictator
The Dictator(2012)

Laughs are limited, and its too cheesy for words but its a good send up of a recent muslim dictator


Not as good as i had hoped, that said its entertaining, but does not answer all of the questions, it needs to answer,leaves the viewer a little lost, which is a shame, and it also falls a little flat in the middle,

A Prophet (Un prophete)

Strange story, very watchable but the main characters are muslim , but fail badly to behave as such [hypocracy] is evident throughout the film, drugs, violence, theft, masturbation,casual sex, the lead actors are far from likable, the whole film is shot on the outskirts of paris, and for those that have been there [sadly i have ] this is what its like, you never want to ,travel, wander or visit,so i guess its a very near as glimps into the lives of criminals in the muslim community,

The Big Heat
The Big Heat(1953)

Classic , no other words can describe, this movie inspired so many movies after, everything about it is fantastic, when actors were real actors

Hellraiser: Hellseeker

Expected this to be really bad, but was wrong, its more of a psychological thriller with horror elements, very enjoyable and a pleasant suprise

Marvel's The Avengers

Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo shine in this epic story, however it is far too long, and should really have been thor 2,but it ticks most of the right boxes, even if its just for some of the eye candy


Really enjoyed this spooky supernatural film, enjoyed it throughout, great cast,. the standouts being, Holt Mccallany and Nick Chinlund,very enjoyable,

StreetDance 2

boring, this should have been a tv movie, no real story , just very annoying characters


Its a shame that more wasnt made of the other people on the ship, not just the two main characters, there were other lovers on board, and a gay love story also, and what about the captain

The Mummy's Shroud

great film,classic line of actors, most of whome sadly are no longer with us, but their work lives on , this was another great, from the hammer stable

Theatre of Death

Wow, fantastic, great classic horror, not to be missed ,relish this fantastic slice of one of the best in the genre,


Rihanna is as dull as dishwater, with poor acting skills that add nothing to an already lack lustre film, as waste of money in what is a throw away and forgetable film,

The Serpent and the Rainbow

exellent, great story, great 80s film, cant fault this one, fantastic

The Fog
The Fog(2005)

Not the best remake around, this film differs from the original in many ways there are some improvements but the baby faced cast do not add depth to this film,although the story is explained far better than the original, the annoying, black gay that hides in the freezer and lives is crazy, all the electric was off in the boat, so he shouldnt have been frozen, but he was but had he been in a small freezer overnight he would have died, bit ridiculous, and parts of the film were a little slow

John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars

This is the film where ice cube proves he cant act to save his life, he couldnt sing either ! A younger Jason stratham proves he does what he does , ie ( is the same in every film] voice , acting, etc ]but i really enjoyed it, the female charecters were all believable but the men for some reason were trying to be macho which made it a little boring, its still good though

A Night at the Roxbury

Great film, dont believe the critics ,watch this film on a weekend with friends or the one you love, a few drinks and enjoy the humour, its bonkers but great fun

Step Brothers

This movie has some funny moments, but on the whole found it long and drawn out

Battle: Los Angeles

Not what it could have been, not the worst film of 2011 by anymeans but far from one of the best

Shrek 2
Shrek 2(2004)

eddie murphy is as funny as watching paint dry,

Shadows and Fog

wood allen is about as interesting as watching paint dry, he is about as funny as cancer, an d his acting is so wooden it puts trees to shame, but the rest of the cast more than make up for his many failures, and the cameo from madonna is not long enough

House Of The Rising Sun

the only good thing in this movie is craig fairbrass,

Man At Bath (Homme Au Bain)

Dire, the seedy, creepy francois sagat is far from convincing in this role, he needs to go back to selling his bottom, this story is false and boring, watching paint dry would be of more interest,the actors do not come across as real, and sagat sits around posing, loving himself more than anyone else could, it really was a wasted opportunity, talented actors could have made this an interesting film, as it is, its instantly forgettable and nothing more

Saw VI
Saw VI(2009)

Ive loved most of them up to now but including seedy perverted porn stars in its cast, either shows the budget was tight or there was a shortage on talent so they just slung any old diseased has been in, sadly

Wrath of the Titans

oh dear, not good in every kind of way, boring

The Loved Ones

great, simply great, a real horror tret

Blood on Satan's Claw

great film,typical of the time has that hammer horror feel, great late night film to watch, highly enjoyable, great cast

Deep End
Deep End(1971)

great black commedy,Jane Asher is great,SHE IS ALSO STUNNING,


Great fun, its a black comedy horror, not to be taken too seriously, but is amusing to watch

Necrosis (Blood Snow)

Tiffany is fantastic, its a really good , better than you would expect from a tv movie,the song at the end of the film is really good too, but i cant find who sung it

Prom Night
Prom Night(1980)

typical 80s horror, all the bad girls and boys get it , its amusing, not to be taken too seriously, but fun to watch


Ive seen this three times and loved it, David Duchovny is great in this film, the rest of the cast are great ,and the shampoo is crazy, what an idea,fun movie


great fun, gore galore, what horror was made for, yes it has its faults, but its very enjoyable


more like a tv movie than anything else, How many flops is this now Mr Wahlberg ? and he is still getting movie roles, crazy

Hellraiser - Inferno

exellent, the poor sleazy detective gets haunted by his bad deeds, and loses the people around him, one by one, very watchable, an exellent cast, and the detective is superb

Deadly Eyes (The Rats)

fantastic, great 80s horror fest, enjoy

Saw V
Saw V(2008)

I really enjoyed this film, it had a good story, not a dull moment, and a great twist in the end, loads of gore, its what horror was made for, great


Cary Grant really was the best actor, he engulfs the screen in every sing scene, he revels in his role with other actors just building the plot [ Joan Fontaine is also great, to what is a Hitchcock classic

Absolute Zero

Poor old Miami suffers an ice age [Hardly a bad thing ]enjoyable film, the snow in the cave and the walls were a bit fake in the begining , but it was worth watching,

End of Days
End of Days(1999)

It has to be said that the only reason Arnold ever got into films is because he was an over pumped steroid user, his talent is minimal,this is a classic example where so many other actors would have shone in the role , instead we have a clumsy attempt at acting, you would have thought that having spent so many years in the acting industry he would have tried to at least talk properly,this movie offers nothing other than late night background viewing

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

having seen the original and now seen it again in 3d I didnt really feel there was much difference than without 3d, the cgi, was not good and the film is far too long

The Crying Game

This is a great film, has a real gritty feel to it, an outstanding cast,tied in with the Ira Terrorist story is a man who has a relationship with a different type of girl,a strange love story , but a compelling film

Monty Python's Life of Brian

Great film,years ahead of its time, and still very funny, classic stough

Gnomeo and Juliet

Deadfull cheesy story backed by a dire back catalogue of Elton Johns wailing music, a must to miss

This Is England

A compelling, gritty drama, full of racism, but enjyable

AVP - Alien Vs. Predator

Crazy story, hardly anyone survives, but its highly enjoyable all the same

The Rock
The Rock(1996)

Great movie, classic acting, a very enjoyable movie

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Classic stough, somewhat dated now but still entertaining

Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience

Oh dear, not for the faint hearted, just the brain dead


Not very realistic, that this one small framed girl can do so much damage, it screams of the Terminator where the attractive female was the killer, it just didnt work, still its a million times better than having Jason Stratham mumbling all the way through as the bad guy, either way its no classic

Night of the Living Dead

I like this, its so interesting to see how zombie movies have changed, here there slow,and easy to escape, unlike the more recent zombie movies where they can really move, but this was one of the first and influenced a lot of movie makers, classic

The Darkest Hour

Just came from the cinema this evening, The begining of the film is a little boring but it soon picks up pace, its not dull by any means, and the special effects are well done, I didnt feel the acting was bad,Its worth a viewing, but its not an oscar winner,


Dennis Weaver is fantastic in this action thriller, suprised they never did a sequel

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins(1964)

Classic from the cradle to the grave, what is there not to love, fantastic


Low budget movie shocker, with the exellent chris potter in, its fun and not to be taken too seriously,

The Island
The Island(2005)

This is a great sci fi film, ive watched it four times and it just gets better, its a clevr story, well acted, and is a possible glimps into the future of human cloning, with scary results

Resident Evil

A fantastic horror film, i have seen this so many times, it has everything horror fans could wish for, lots of b lood and gore , and a sexy leading lady, great

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

I really liked this, it has a great story, love the rabbits, and the animation is fantastic, a million miles away from the crap dysney are releasing

Adventures in Babysitting

Just watched this for the first time today and loved it, its a great 80s film, great acting, fast paced as the baby sitter and the children fall from one drama to another, its great fun with a lovely ending

Find the Lady

This was fantastic, dick played a variety of roles in this film classic,its better than some of his tv work and has stood the test of time well

Dad's Army: The Day the Balloon Went Up

There was something magical about these films, filled with real people, great commedy writing and acting, always funny and highly entertaining, classic stough

X-Men: First Class

This was exellent, great story, great acting , michael fassbender was exellent, im not into this trilogy but this made me want to see more, highly enjoyable

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

The first one in series was exellent, the second one was not as good the cgi ruined it, that and the annoying child, this one could have been good but so many things were wrong with it, the yak being sick into a bag on the plane was one, dreadful

The Wolf Man
The Wolf Man(1941)

great stough, early horror, and one of the best


Classic stough that is still inspiring horror writers and fans now, its creepy and and so well acted, you will never forget this film once you have seen it

Shutter Island

Mark Ruffalo is great in this mystery film, he out shines and outlooks the lead star,many great bits in the film, but confusing at time, however you do leave the cinema thinking about the film and try to work it out

Sympathy for Delicious

If mark ruffalo is in it, it has to be good,in so many ways

Toy Soldiers
Toy Soldiers(1991)

not a good remake, the 80s version is far superior

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Not as good as people make believe, the young boy is very annoying, and the plot is all over the place, The only saving grace is Joan Playwright,

Dinner at Eight

Fantastic classic silver screen romp, Marie Dressler is outstanding as always, she has a great screen presence, one of the most missed stars of the screen, but her fantastic work will inspire and live on

Curtain Up
Curtain Up(1952)

Robert Morley, Margaret Rutherford, and Kay Kendall star in this classic comedy romp about a low budget theatre where each actor has a story to tell , but the rehersals just dont seem to get done, will the play ever appear on stage in time, with all the interuption ? the cast is outstanding ,sadly Kay Kendall died just 7 years after the film was made at the young age of 33

Pan's Labyrinth



Great black comedy, I love the poisened so called best friend, and the bumping off of the nasty bullies, classic stough

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

I thought the first one was bad enough, so why waste money on a second, is this where wwf retire when their no longer wanted ? crap films

The Fog
The Fog(1979)

An outstanding 80s horror/ ghost story , its a very enjoyable film with a great cast, unlike present day horror its not full of blood and gore but manages to provide and entertaining film


Kevin kline is fantastic in this comedy,its funny, its got romance but also has some political message, its a real feel good film,


Daniel Craig is exellent in this film based on a true story of the Nzi persecutions agains Jews,Gays ,blacks,and so many more,4 men escape from the roundup of their village, and tell a harrowing tale


A real classic, this brought the great Ray Winston to the acting world, he shone in this role about the ups and down of life in institutional care, its violent, cruel but compelling and the phrase [ Im the Daddy was born] great

Escape from New York

Kurt Russel is fantastic in this 80s drama, never a dull moment, if you havent seen it, do, its great

Alice in Wonderland

I found this an insult to the original by Lewis Caroll, the CGI ruined most of it, and the rest was lacking lustre, still it served a purpose as fodder for children and a pure money orientated move rather than hommage to the book,and previous animation

Serial Mom
Serial Mom(1994)

This is a fantastic film, Kathleen turner is fantastic as the insane mom, out to reap revenge on those that cross her path, Its John Waters at his best, if you havent seen this dont miss it, its a great laugh and a classic

Cadillac Records

Etta James was a true star so why put a piece of trash like Beyonce in a movie on her life, it should have been a talent worth of doing so not beyonce who couldnt sing to Ettas quality to save her life

National Treasure

I didnt find this as good as it was hyped to be, the story lost it half way through and it just became boring and long, i cant understand how they made a sequel


Great feel good film,great acting, great story and highly enjoyable


If it has Nicole Kidman in it had to be dire, and it was,


Apart from having the usual bad hair, this film is exellent until the ending which doesnt really serve a purpose, its better watched twice

The Descent 2

A good follow up, but not as good as the original but entertaining all the less, follows on well from the first film,

The Descent
The Descent(2006)

This is an awful film in the sense that its so gory and creepy, its also quite sad, but its very entertaining and original, you will find yourself clenching your fists throughout most of it, its a film that you will only want to see one, i would have liked the ending to be clearer

Picnic at Hanging Rock


An American in Paris

A great classic,a real feel good film,

Ghett'a Life
Ghett'a Life(2012)

Oh please, what a pile of crap, there is no point in making films of this poor quality, its just a waste of money

Camp Hell (Camp Hope)

You know when a film is bad when you want the survivors to die so the pain ends sooner than the film,

Captain America: The First Avenger

Chris Evans is as great and sexy as ever, and its a good story, the only complaints are that some of the scenes drag a little, especially at the begining but it picks up after that

Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky(2001)

Ive never seen Tom Cruse look so good as he did with his mask on, i think he should wear it all the time, but even his usual bad acting adds nothing to this,another actor in the lead role, ie Denzel, or Harrison would have given the film some charm, and a tighter script might have tidied up the come hither story

Black Sheep
Black Sheep(2006)

this is a great horror comedy, a real classic, loved every minuet, great writing and acting, and what a great idea, first class


In the sequence of good films these two [Simon and Nick] have made ,this ranks fourth behind Hot Fuzz,Run Fat Boy, Run, Shaun of the Dead, this trails behind, all three, the alien is a little cheesy and annoying and Nick has really let himself go, he looked unclean,and messy, and off set as well, you would think with all his success he would look after himself, he was once attractive, but the story rattles along, inbetween a love story, and is funny and amusing in parts but not a patch on hot fuzz, sadly

The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep is as fantastic as always, cant help but feel the film glossed over the true mrs Thatcher who was, ruthless, hard, homophobic, and treated the lower class with contempt , and ended up being hated by the public, but the duel of her fading with old age and dementia show how someone who had so much power ending up frail and powerless, almost coins the fraze, HOW THE MIGHTY FALL, OR YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW,

We Have a Pope

Unfunny waste of time,why bother,it was just pointless,


Great film, have watched this so many times, was a huge hit at box office, ben is great in this film, its before he sunk his ship with the dreadfull JLO , but his career is now recovering thankfully,dont miss this its great


The only good thing about this film is seeing the fantastic Jane Fonda smash a frying pan into Jeniffer Lopezes face the only problem it was a fake pan, i wish someone had swapped it for one of those heavy cast iron ones, and then cracked here with it, id rate the film 100 percent then

The Back-up Plan

Dire, story, Acting and Drama, Jennefer Lopez seals the movies fate as here wooden acting and lack of screen presence does nothing to save this turkey,

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

Didnt think id like this film, but i was wrong, Its an adult film staring children, at times the story is a little ot, and as usual the charecters are built around, loss and insecurity , that usually comes together in the end as all good old american families do, but it does present as a very enjoyable romp, not fantastic but very watchable, there seemed some similarities to batteries not required in the final scenes, but well worth watching all the same


Boris Karloff relishes this role in what to me is the one and only classic film of this story, Borris and the outstanding cast make this a classic that will never die and sealed his reputation as a macarb horror actor, he is sadly missed but will never be forgotten

My Beautiful Laundrette

This was a very early gay film, with great story, thats captivating, from begining to end, a highly enjoyable love story

V for Vendetta

This movie has everything, a great story, great visuals,great acting, highly enjoyable,and a film not to be missed

Happy Feet Two

Poor attempt at a good story, children arent this stupid,

Dr. Strangelove Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Peter Sellers classic, fantastic film, dark and light in all the right places, fantastic

Murder Most Foul

Great classic, she was a fantastic actress, had real screen presence, but was warm with it, this is a great treat of a film, dont miss this one

Are You Being Served?

Camp movie from the gang, but one of those films to cherish as we will never get this style of warm innocent comedy or fun again, its a good old fashioned romp to enjoy, molly and john are first class, this will remain a classic

The Big Job
The Big Job(1965)

Love it classic comedy, great cast from a time when comedy was actually funny. dick emery is fab in this

The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc

Should have re shown the classic original black and white movie instead of wasting time on this lack lustre remake

Green Lantern

This is a fun movie that doesnt take itself too seriously,is enjoyable and does not deserve the negative critiscism it has recieved,

The Thing
The Thing(2011)

Not a patch on the classic original, this is more suited ,to the horror channel than the cinema

Cars 2
Cars 2(2011)

Why make trash like this, its just pointless, and a waste of money

Body of Evidence

This movie was a box office smash for madonna, yes its a crazy story, but i dont think people get the fact that madonna chooses to do these thing because she wants to, i love this film, i saw it in the cinema and loved it,

The Next Best Thing

Saw this in the cinema, it was great both Rupert and Madonna are fantastic as best friends who end up getting drunk and having sex with her best gay friend, this movie was a hit and reached the top 5 in the movie charts, it was also a very brave film that tackled a number of issues at the time, dont take any notice of the critics enjoy this exellent film

Swept Away
Swept Away(2002)

Sometimes the critic can get a bit predictable and boring when they select certain people to trash, this film is really enjoyable and unfairly slated, it build and builds ,madonna is great in it, the ending is really sad, its a great movie that was never given a chance

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

It was great to have Indiana Jones back, and Harrison ford looks damn good for his age, there are some problems with it though, the fridge scene where he shelters from a nuclear blast is a little too much and the final scenes with the space ship are a little ott, but it was nice to have it back and i hope they do another one

Death on the Nile

What a classic, and such a fantastic cast, Maggie Smith as Bette Davies companion is more than enough to relish,the cast are fantastic, the plot sensational and one of those films that warms you inside, visualy its shot on location and its so well acted you almost feel your there, fantastic dont miss it


Rather than up it should be called down, and depressing, pedictable and bland, boring and nothing much else.


Kevin James maybe a cuttie but thats not enough to save this very weak film, this is just aimed at children with no brains, the problem being children are far clever than this, sorry kevin, you should have read the script first and left it there


Hitchcock very cleverly put a gay couple in this story without the world knowing and used an openly gay actor, im not sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing for gay rights,but Hitchcock never followed the rules, its a great story, the cast carry the film along just like it was a stage play and what a fantastic performance from everyone


Cary Grant ,Ingrid Bergman , claud Rains are all fantastic in yet another hitchcock masterpiece, why dont they make films like this, I could watch this over and over again

Schindler's List

This film is horrendous in the content of how people who were jewish or gay etc were treated by the nazis,but its compelling, and a piece of history we must never forget, the acting is first class,

12 Angry Men (Twelve Angry Men)

Henry Fonda is great in this classic, it just builds and builds,the actors are outstanding, this film will always be a classic no doubt about it,


I thought this film was messy and hardly scary, the camera work was just annoying, lost interest long before it ended, its far from a classic film

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

Great film, didnt think i would like it but its a black comedy, has a great story and is well acted , fantastic


Jasons acting capabilities are somewhat limited to say the least, but you can only get so far by being the same in every film you star in, here is another classic example, hes always trying to be tough, but its getting more than boring,its about time he tried real acting rather than running around pulling faces like he normally he does, so you know this film will be a predictable as all of his others are,

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

dire, who ever told this over pumped buffoon he could act must have been on drugs, do the world a favour mr rock retire, as soon as possible and save the movie industry millions by not making dire movies with you in , avoid,


If its got Russell Brand in it in any way its sure to be dire, and it is,

Puss in Boots

poor animation, the cat looks a bit odd , and the story rather dull.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

The first one was great , but now were here and its no longer got that magic that it began with, so this was far too long,and not worth the bother sadly,

Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu dire no 2, simple as that, utter rubbish

Watership Down

This is what real animation is like, and should be like, not like the current faze of cg rubbish thats out now,
this film was years ahead of its time, it shows environmental destruction and the cruelty of the human race, but tells a story that will leave you in tears and yet at the same time have you laughing and send a tingle down the spine, this classic will never die

Maniac Cop
Maniac Cop(1988)

Love it, typical 80s style movie, crazy story,but good,bruce campbell is fantastic playing the two timing sleazy cop who is framed for his girlfriends murder, he and his mistress set to solve the crime and catch the true killer, great entertainment

We Were Here
We Were Here(2011)

A toughing tale of what hit the gay community after the hiv virus crossed over from Africa to America along the shipping lanes as married african men slept with prostitutes who in turn slept with tourists and thats how it reached the usa, the descrimination that followed by the media and the religeous nuts ensued and failed to remember where the virus originated from, but blaming gay people for its spreading, we now know the truth thankfully,but this story tells the devistation this caused among so many in the early days of the virus when there was no treatment, or support available

Seeking Justice

This story has been done before so its the usual old thing, i find nicholas cages hair more interesting, his hair is clearly false in all his films so why not except baldness, rather than inflict any audience to be constantly distracted by his hair,

The Smurfs
The Smurfs(2011)

The original that was on welsh tv was fantastic,this dire effort fits the usual cg cheap effort, lacking the warmth, ugly visuals, plastic ,cheap looking, even children wont buy this depressing drivel

Real Steel
Real Steel(2011)

Not the best of stories and a script unworthy of its lead star, its predictable and ridiculous at the same time, it hasnt done well at box office , so i guess other people feel the same way

Gone With the Wind

Movie stars of this quality died a long time ago but their talent will always live on, this movie will never be bettered,it is fantastic in every way,and the cast work together in a way that creates magic, timeless,

Johnny English Reborn

Tired old routeen,should have stopped after the first film,this is weak, dull and boring, would have been a better tv special

The Anniversary

This is a fantastic film, ms davies plays a total bitch who every year brings her family together [who all hate her] to commemorate the death of her husband and goes on to torture them emotionally ,knowing they want her money, she glows in this film, a real classic along the lines of baby jane,

The Old Maid
The Old Maid(1939)

This is a great classic from the legend that is ms davies, this is a real tear jerker, its got a great story, and a great ending, love it,


We walked out of the cinema halfway through, it took ages to get moving, some of the film was so ridiculous , such as the boat blowing up and the cannons firing in a 100 year old ship,the acting was poor, and the lead stars were annoying to say the least, its not a good film, avoid

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

This was an absolutely fantastic film, si fi , with an authentic retro feel,the acting is great,and its funny as well as sad, ive seen it twice now and loved it, its a real classic,

Silent Hill
Silent Hill(2006)

We liked this film,it was a really interesting story, lost of new angles to the horror genre, but the ending is a little confusing,but its well worth a view and the video game is pretty good too

Die Another Day

Great film, the only let down is hale berri, if thats how you spell her name,its a sharp script, Dame Judy Dench is as fabulous as always and Madonna s cameo is fantastic, but far too brief,

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

I cant believe this odious little jerk has the nerve to put this sort of drivel on the big screen, this camp over rated ,under talented jerk should never have been famous, it just goes to show we are no longer fussy who who put on the big screen, if trash like this can sell, the industry is on its last legs, the best thing this hair sprayed little queen can do is retire from the industry for god and do the world a favour

Madonna: Truth or Dare

One of those rare musically themed documentaries that really stands out, and the test of time, iots enjoyable, funny,passionate, and a rare glimpse into the legened that is madonna, i bet lady gaga or Stephanie as she is known will have one out soon,

Ra. One
Ra. One(2011)

oh please what rubbish, dont waste your money, bad acting, dull story, why did they bother ?

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)

This horror sequel will delight those who found the original ,distastefull,sick and twisted but loved it, this will be no exception, its fresh in the realms of the horror genre and one cant help , admire, love , and be sickened by this new concept that drips with originality, its what horror should be, edge of seat shocking

The Wizard of Oz

There is no better feel good film then this, a classic,that will never die,wonderfull cast,sets scripts,acting, absolutely fantastic and nothing less


This is a nice feelgood film, with a story and visuals that build, its better watched a second time, but a historic story done well

Tower Heist
Tower Heist(2011)

Poor old Eddie Murphy , hasnt had a hit film in years, unless it was just his voice of course,Shrek, well he is still being given film roles instead of extras parts or walk ons, but to be fair thats all he really deserves, he stopped being amusing or interesting after his first film, so what about this film, nothing really, murphy is about as funny as a car crash , with a fatality, im sure it wont be around for long, thats the only blessing

Arthur Christmas

Its another messy ,cheap charecterless animation for those without a brain, visually the usual cg rubbish, no warmth, its a shame we treat children to be so stupid, this is clearly just done to make money over the christmas period, shame

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

For some reason Tom Cruise is still being given film roles, i cant understand why, he s no looker, and his acting is limited to say the least,so why milk yet another in this series,The originals were fantastic, the reason being Tom Cruse wasnt in the, do the decent thing Tom retire for good,

The Adventures of Tintin

Visually this cartoon feature shows all that is bad about where animation has gone, the warmth of the original is non existent here just the cold plastic visuals of the charecters, i suppose it was only a matter of time before someone ruined the original so i guess this goes around all the classics in time, but one thing is for sure the originals remain in tact with class which this pile of crap does not, sadly

In Time
In Time(2011)

Rotten as rotten gets, firstly timberlake is about as convinsing as a run over cat, flat and dead and serving no purpose, i guess hollywood is running out of talent or their just cutting back on expensive actors,the story basically has been done before so it has many movies tied up into one, and it just doesnt work, shame with the right actors and a little more clever writing and filming it could have been interesting, instead of boring and a waste of money and time


Cant wait to see this film, ive been looking forwards to it for ages, I dont understand the critics sometimes, nearly all of the audiences and people who have already viewed the film have loved it, so i think this is a case of ignore the media and watch it, and im sure youll love it, its such an interseting story that has not been done before, so its a rare chance to see what made a man fall in love with a woman and give up the throne for, he must have really loved her,