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Silent Night, Deadly Night

Silent Night, Deadly Night(1984)

'Silent Night, Deadly Night' is slasher film directed by Charles Sellier, Jr. It is about a man that is traumatized by a man in a Santa Clause suit that killed his parents, and the young man, then, dons a Santa suit himself and goes on a killing spree in order to "punish" people. I think the only major reason this movie is remembered more than most other slasher films is because of the controversy it caused when it first came out. This is because of an ad that showed a man in a Santa suit grabbing an axe in order to kill people. I find this funny because it was only one of two slasher films early in the 1980's to show a deranged man in a Santa suit killing people. The other film being 'Christmas Evil,' yet it never got nearly as much flack. I think 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' is even more different from its slasher film counterparts aside from its premise in that it attempts to be more psychological in the first half of the film. It attempts to greatly explain Billy's trauma about the Santa Clause figure. The film tries to go in-depth into Billy's psychology from his childhood at the strict orphanage with Mother Superior to his being hired at the toy store. The actual killings by Billy do not actually start until the second half of the movie. If you want to see this movie only for the kills, you might get bored waiting for them. Overall, 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' is your typical cheesy slasher fare with a bit of an attempt at a psychological approach in the first half.