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Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows(2012)

'Dark Shadows' is an adaptation of the Gothic soap opera of the same name, and it is directed by Tim Burton. When I heard of this project, I must admit to have some decent hopes for this movie. I thought it would be very interesting to see Tim Burton helm a vampire movie. While seeing the trailer for this film, I wanted see the movie even more. The trailer made this film look as if it would be in very similar tone to 'Beetlejuice' in that the trailer made 'Dark Shadows' look like a pure comedy film like 'Beetlejuice.' After seeing the film, I must express that I had a great deal of disappointment in the film. I will say my biggest problem with the movie is how uninteresting it came across as. I often felt very bored while watching this movie.This boredom often came about during the middle parts when it felt like there weren't many interesting things going on. To be honest, I also think the movie should have stuck with the tone that was being set up by the very well-done introduction with Banabas's past. A tone that was fairly serious and dark. I think that if the film had stuck with that tone, then, the film might have been more successful in its execution. With the tone the final film has, it is fairly a mess in the wide range of tones that it has. It does not really seem to know what type of tone it wants to have. Some scenes can have a certain tone while the next scenes have an almost entirely different tone. I also noticed something strange about the movie. The movie, for about the 20 minutes after the introduction, makes it look like Victoria will be a main character because the film focuses on her for those 20 minutes. After Barnabas arrives in the movie, she almost completely disappears for most of the rest of the movie. I also did not really care for the ending where it came across as a typical action-filled Hollywood ending. Many things seemed to have come out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly as they appeared in the movie at the end. Overall, 'Dark Shadows' is a very visually impressive, but disorganized and oft-boring film.