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There Will Be Blood
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

No Country For Old Men won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2007. I personally believed there was no other film greater that year, nor did I think there was a better performance than that of Javier Bardem. But recently I finally saw There Will Be Blood, and well, it completely changed my thoughts of the year 2007 for films. There Will Be Blood in my opinion, deserved the Award for Best Picture, and definitely deserved the award it won, Best Actor. Daniel Day-Lewis does an outstanding job as the lead role in this film, he will leave you in awe at how true to character he was.
As for the directing, Paul Thomas Anderson has directed one of my personal favourite films, ever, Boogie Nights. And after taking an immense break, his newest film, There Will Be Blood, finally was released in 2007. He literally took a 5 year break since his last film, Punch Drunk Love, but damn...this was definitely worth the wait. The film is intriguing, intelligent, sad, frustrating, and at times, very amusing.

There Will Be Blood follows Daniel Plainview. It basically shows his life as an oil man, including his extreme ups, and downs. After a mishap that included him breaking a leg, Daniel starts on a mission to know everything there is to know about oil. It then flashes to several years later, he now owns his own business with his son, H.W. Plainview being his partner. They go from town to town trying to convince folks that they should let them drill their land for oil. But after getting tipped from a small time rancher, that there is oceans of oil in a small town in California, Daniel and his son embark on a journey, that just might ruin them. When they get there, they realize the amount of oil that is beneath this town, and of course, he wants to start drilling immediately. Throughout the way, Daniel meets a young preacher named Eli who does not approve of Daniel's ways, and he will try to stop him. One thing is certain, there may be vengeance, there may be greed, but there will definitely be...blood.

Now as I said before, the acting is top notch. I will start my points with Daniel Day-Lewis, his portrayal of Daniel Plainview was terrific. His character is one of the most greedy, self centered characters I have seen in some time, and I honestly believe no one else could have done half the job that Daniel Day-Lewis did.
But I also really enjoyed the supporting actors in this film, especially the actor who plays Daniel's son, H.W. I actually don't know his name, but I am surprised he hasn't been in more films since this, as I think he was definitely the second best part of the film.

Now you will definitely need patience well sitting through this film, as it stretches just passed 2 1/2 hours, but in the end you should definitely feel satisfied. Although very long, I can honestly say this film flew by.
I honestly believe Paul Thomas Anderson has created one of the most interesting films in some time.

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