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Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne(2016)

why on earth would any storyteller make this protagonist more like a machine?

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

the bushels of neat ideas and effects almost consistently cease when it tries to be serious.

Hell or High Water

A classic of americana, if only it weren't so preachy .

Doctor Strange

here is a thing inspired by but unlike indiana jones, and the imaginative visual experience actually pulls the movie the whole way through a story that could easily have hit the flaws of green lantern.

Captain America: Civil War

awesome, excluding that the stories heart seems to be derived from a committee poll.


a still good dumbed down version of itself

Tale of Tales (Il racconto dei racconti)

it hits some bad chords and meanders to a flaw. its also an incredibly dense visual experience that actually asks you to imagine even more. the last time I saw mood design this elaborate and striking and kinda scary about it was Barry Lyndon.

Ip Man 3
Ip Man 3(2016)

overbearing choices in the story pull away instead from the immediacy, but not the grace, of the still incredible fight scenes.

Black Mass
Black Mass(2015)

if only all the characters were as fleshed out as depp's great role, sadly they are not. the movie could have been an achievement despite the barely paint by numbers storytelling.

The Big Short

if doable, this would have had so much better of a goal than to piss off teenagers.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

I can't find but details to disparage about this movie(though some of those worthy of discussion). this is really well done cinema, star wars or not, but the not star wars lack of robust innovation is still, not fully animate. mind you return of the jedi was a pretty simple adventure story with an epic morality conflict happening at the same time, it was not a feat of storytelling. this one is just slightly behind that.

Turbo Kid
Turbo Kid(2015)

a ridiculously awesome love story for trashy 80's science fiction, just don't expect it to be better than it's origins.

Jurassic World

i was not expecting to laugh as much, the movie's secretly rooting for the dinosaurs

Mad Max: Fury Road

makes me hope there are people gifted enough to actually take this thing in with just one watch; i recommend multiple viewings. the scope of how this movie enriches itself with each iteration is a genuine trip.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

while it has the same flaws as the first avengers, this one actually explores some of them, which i thought was kind of an improvement.

Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6(2014)

most people wont as much regard how tech trendy and soap opera the story is, amidst it's (more noticeable and better) self empowerment push, and just say it's good and soon forget they were watching it.

20,000 Days on Earth

all kinds of productive ideas disguise themselves as transgressive, but he's talking so past.

Furious 7
Furious 7(2015)

the real stunts are at times are pretty neat


the best noir film since la confidential.


eek, remove spoilers, keep good acting

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

the moments i liked best were bilbo's moments of moral self doubt. i guess i'm just a sucker for the nobility poems happening around all the war bombast of the lotr movies.


i really enjoyed it's straightforward unpredictability, it's humor, and the paranormal methodology that could feasibly be coherent, but to the viewer is hard to differentiate from comic jargon. good stuff all around.


the redneck squalor matches well with the incoherent dog musing, atmospherically. somewhat unpredictable while not really going anywhere unfamiliar.


the surrealism/satire of the film is sort of like an act of kindness, inviting the viewer to think past the non-stop flurry of psychological breakdowns and crisis behavior.

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

stylistically the film sparked parts of my imagination i had actually not experienced before, but that's but a shadow according to the films emotional impact.


nice to see how the misappropriated can return to our failing reason.

The LEGO Movie

i seriously want to go back in time and play with toys with these guys

Metallica Through the Never

the theatrics on the stage, or special effects area, are sometimes goofy, but mostly impressive.

Dallas Buyers Club

i sincerely doubt a clandestine op like this would have the films rear view righteousness, but thats a minor complaint.


i approached this film with caution as my imagination often gets the upper-hand. however, catherine, wonderfully intelligent and spirited, took that edge of fear and uncertainty, like the film should be seen by everyone, and composed music.


it's as real as america gets, and i am atonished to recommend this as the best documentary i've ever seen. crumb might be infatuated with trash, but he is an extraordinary man(maybe not).


such a wonderfully quiet, comic, and earnest thing. nails it's intentions of humiliating what has replaced american 'culture', and resonates in the strife that once defined it.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

admittedly the runtime is again in the fan-edit category, it was easier this time to drift with the narrative.

The Wolf of Wall Street

bunches and bunches of devastatingly insightful scenarios of decadence and parasitism. a great screenplay and masterfully crafted direction: the type that makes the rules others emulate(re: the pen sale).

American Hustle

farcical and to the brim with childish behavior feigning self confidence and fantasy fulfillment, which wouldn't have been a problem if the cutesy humor aimed for some bite instead of quirk. and what's up with the cleavage infatuation? 9 out of 10 women seen are totally boobed out.


the simplicity of the dialogue is really well done. Some of the best moments are pretty much unnecessary(in a good way).

Dead Man Down

i instead vote for a movie about punisher like teddy bear assassins who have first datey jitters with their cute neighbors. it would have many common themes.


had me laughing in disbelief at times

Line Of Sight

incredible. gets to the point fast and the crazy just doesn't stop.

The World's End

i'm noticing a trend here of small english towns acting idyllic, but under some unworldly evil. when this one showed its comic teeth i was pretty much smiling for the rest of the movie.

The Good, the Bad, the Weird (Joheun-nom, Nabbeun-nom, Isanghan-nom)

gonzo and inspired by more than leone, i noticed a heapings of indiana jones and the wild bunch too.

Die Niebelungen

they actually had this at the local library. it's on par with metropolis.


a movie like this shouldn't have such a slow pace; around 30 minutes of nothing happening could easily have been dropped with sharper editing.


i can't recommend this pointless and unnecessary waste of an hour and a half of my life, but i did often find it funny.

Kick-Ass 2
Kick-Ass 2(2013)

kinda boring sometimes


action scenes take up nearly half the movie leaving the threadbare science fiction elements simply malnourished. space ships, specialized weaponry, exosuits, and medical beds.. what more need a movie have?

Near Dark
Near Dark(1987)

the trashiest vampires i have ever witnessed on film. sexy, yes, seductive, not in the slightest.

Sally of the Sawdust

emotionally wracking at times, and equally manipulative.

The Wolverine

it totally didn't suck.

Go West
Go West(1925)

honestly, i felt a lot less risk was involved by making a homeless cow endeavor, compared with his other films. not that i dislike cow endeavors.

Seven Chances

ends with so much energy it's easy to forget its slow building first half.

The Three Ages

dude gives a lion a pedicure, shows up at a chariot race on a dog sled, and plays prehistoric golf. whats not to like?

The Place Beyond The Pines

it's all about the moment, and resembles Many other films in its theme(rebellious youth and social corruption); but hardly in storytelling, style and substance.

Cloud Atlas
Cloud Atlas(2012)

it goes both strange and typical with common grounds that movies try to create. if not taken too seriously it turns out well; verse to it's a contrived, pretentious mess.


it's hard to dismiss how banal it gets, regardless of it's overall measure of quality.

The Lone Ranger

making a western comedy is hard to do, and this isn't.

Spring Breakers

reminded me of bellflower, as a girl take on similar themes.

Before Midnight

has an ungrasped undercurrent behind the conversations(and fights) that makes it even more awesome. and it's witty as hell, (when) laughter comes almost as an afterthought.

Side Effects
Side Effects(2013)

a psych thriller sharp as hell in just about every way

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

if mood and imagery were what the film completed itself as this would hit peak. it's as if the rest of the film were trying to keep up with its visual design, and those elements don't succeed.

Total Recall
Total Recall(2012)

like taking positive trash pre-timeline and removing everything cool.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

that suit really needs to get an individual dismemberment plan.

Your Sister's Sister

shame having good people err in their lives being so predictable as film concept

From Beyond
From Beyond(1986)

weird aka awesome, but does'nt pinch it

Safety Not Guaranteed

life inspiring is at it's goal


about time tim burton made a movie that didn't suck.

Premium Rush
Premium Rush(2012)

it's really about being gifted with a good act. shame it's so gimmicky, and the good guys are assholes.

Ruby Sparks
Ruby Sparks(2012)

sad, scary individuals. darkness of a marked nature in this "romcom" that is anything but.

Killer Joe
Killer Joe(2012)

the final act tears the roof off; the word shocking rarely gets this kind of case in point


that foot washing scene...

Koyaanisqatsi - Life Out of Balance

an object of terrific beauty. spins the dial of time as though we see civilization through the eyes of tribe culture. showing us more than we can handle in the juxtapose, and a transcendant vision of life as now just as it was in the landmark cinematography this 80's herald reinterpreted.


intermittently funny, but the howard stern as a teddy bear element struck no bases for me.

Beyond Re-Animator

well, they got the over the top part right, as well as the black humor. shame it dive-bombs so hard that it hits schlock territory too often.

Bride of Re-Animator

being a huge fan of dr. west made this return to character easy for me to like, but it suffers from a degrade of every element of style and wit the first had, excluding of course jeffrey combs.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

i stand behind my 6/10 stating what noone else has(that i've read): Its a superhero road movie. that's no brainer appropriate. my main complaint was the ridiculous camera work.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

a stunted literacy is behind the dialogue, but it has charm in the visuals and nonverbal stuff.. a little scrat goes a long way.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

frantic and headache inducing, but contains enough zebras being hurled through the sky

The Night of the Hunter

the most remarkable thing i've ever seen. rich with meaning, left me gasping for air at the end.

The Horse Boy

a very inspiring transformation, but the film willows half its runtime explaining itself.

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey

i was a big sesame street watcher growing up and its great to see a documentary about one of it's most popular characters. but it's a documentary about a muppet, and puppets a rise to glory out of the muppeteer. underwhelming intentionally.


lousy writing and a curious lack of action

Snow White and the Huntsman

the white magic was surprisingly enchanting, but things get really cornball when it tries to be serious.

Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no haka)

absolutely devastating, exists in a realm of film few can even comprehend, much less accomplish.

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

i liked it until the wolfman remake hollywoodisms took precedent.

Star Trek - Nemesis

bastardizes just about everything tng; i've seen triple dozens of episodes where they "think"(a word not in this one's dictionary) themselves out of worse situations. and what it does'nt outright disown it cut/copies from exactly the same thing happening in the series. If star trek had to end, this executioner did the job well.

God Bless America

Personally, i found a much less bloody solution: stop watching tv.

How much Wood would a Woodchuck chuck... - Beobachtungen zu einer neuen Sprache

my best guess is herzog is examining a chant system being performed secularly.


a mockumentary that at it's best is rediculous and funny, at it's good enough explicates the gorgeous landscape and 'woods at night' spooky, and at it's worst has opening and closing lead-ins.

Page One: Inside the New York Times

odd that a film about journalism finds itself less intrested in head room than narrativity. and for ipad's saving the industry, LOL -OL.

The Girlfriend Experience

i took this as an exposition on people who live "the" life, yet can't live anything since their brain deep in bullshit.


an atom bomb of shock valuelessness even surpasses tom green at his most shameless, and like him frequently doesn't work at all like it's supposed to. thank god this was actually funny sometimes.


hit a nerve, and it hurt.


original storytelling(i've never seen a film similar to this, story or method), staggering craftsmanship, and the acting is off the charts. however(not a complaint..) the detachment is mind numbing and blunts the impact of it all.

Into The Abyss

left me torn between sides on an issue i usually oppose. the problem lies in the world of subjecture(when someone talking goes from A to C, D to F... look closer and you will see a phantomic or revealing B and E) behind the interviewers nature of language. michael struck me as a rat(the one being executed) that has no hope of true recovery. jason was given leniency and it has been/was effective in changing his nature(seemingly, or just a better liar). and not to mention the victim(s) daughter and sister who has an unmittable damage and nature because of death. this whole thing left me with a fatalistic sense that people cant be trusted with their own self, much less recognizing others when in the wake of atrocity. the law gives us no help towards this by removing an evil, by the person, when we can't tell the person from the evil.

Sex, Lies, and Videotape

i haven't seen anything this unnervingly intimate since trois couleurs: rouge, which came out a few years later and possibly was inspired this.


fun, but i would initiate the idea that this is not feminism; its misogynous towards males instead.

We Bought a Zoo

shameless.. just barely a 6 because of the acting and rare inspired moments

The Brothers Bloom

is charming and occasionally crosses the line into a real movie, but it wants the audience to build a love hate experience with it's constant plot rings, which instead produces indifference.


within this mire of acting cool, being played a fool, man and woman different and the same(a cliche propounded by millions wishing it the same as them) is a well told story.

She's Out of My League

the bromance stuff was the only element that rang true to me, and the crudeness is embarrassing instead of funny.


while the film is humiliating to the most extreme, the last piece of it is an act of proto-art; harsh, and a breakdown of animal nature.

Dr Seuss' The Lorax

there is an immense passivity here that cannot be spoken of either without the spirituality of nature or the advantageous nature of greed.. i like when polarization is made upon these things.

21 Jump Street

wildly improbable but still very fun, and i can count few minutes that didn't include multiple laugh out loud incidents.


absolutely balls to the wall with mad science and one of the coolest things i've ever seen

Stardust Memories

while funny, the bitter nihilism overshadows the fellini "interpretation". it's painful to see a man who made a brilliant carrier of making cynicism charming and witty be downright mean.


for the first and ever time kubrick has a hero to talk about.


i am astonished(astonished) by how lightly people treat information, considering how catatomic "normal" is, rank with denial and deceit. she's not evil to do that, she's as desperate as all of us.

My Neighbors the Yamadas

an unbalanced mix of banality and uplift that won me over in the end, despite an episodic nature akin to commmercials and characters with the same deficit.

Julianes Sturz in den Dschungel (Wings of Hope)

survival is a science whose art is in accomplishing it, this film's heart is in the right place by fact searching and making a mockery of melodrama. what an amazing story: a recent high school graduate from a family of botanists finds herself the only survivor in a plance crash deep in the amazon, who despite maggot filled wounds and a serious head injury reaches civilization after an 11 day journey through the rainforest.

Glocken aus der Tiefe - Glaube und Aberglaube in Rußland (Bells from the Deep)

perhaps athiests might find some some of the disparities (fake jesus, 'mass exorcisms', folks spending all day crawling) insightful, i just found them boring.

Roger & Me
Roger & Me(1989)

frequent thunderclaps of insight, even more terrifying now that we've the road further down from this look at flint michigan as a shell shocked apocalypse. btw, you'll never forget captain da.

Everything is Illuminated

some very good translation loss humor, alot of sentimentality, and some almost subliminally functional visionarieness.

Black Butterflies

has a serious case of art dreaminess but the acting never hits a wrong note, and the poems are good.


a very introspectively expressive meditation on public education and youth in crisis. however, the mandatory exasperation emotes crass it up, as well as the early on 'in your face'.

Sita Sings the Blues

a post modern take on an old hindu story that exceeds in every aspect, and is occasionally strikingly visionary.

Forks Over Knives

comes off more like a research article in a science monthly than the common man's documentary it attempts, holding neither the data concentrate nor the entertainment appeal. but science applied to such a basic concept is valuable under any terms.

Tomorrow, When the War Began

simultaneously scary and silly, ridiculous and giddy about it. like clueless as a war movie.

The Cat Returns

it's drive gets lost when it hits total fantasy, but otherwise excellent.

Rundskop (Bullhead)

it's amazing how much grime a movie can inhabit and still rise above with good acting and a story well told.

George Harrison: Living In The Material World

good stuff, but i would have much preferred seeing the both sides of him so frequently mentioned but shied away from during the interviews.

Synecdoche, New York

the most meaningfully warped out of kaufman's films.

No Direction Home: Bob Dylan

a doc with a strange fetish: folk dylan vs rock dylan, as if anyone nowadays places such sentiment abrasively against "what you want" from "what it is". and as if you didn't notice dylan won.

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

a movie that uses every opportunity to throw in another kitchen sink, with little character interaction and a total absence of a story beyond saying or doing something cool. it has moments, but overall inspires wanting to like it way past what it actually gives you.

The House of the Devil

a 6/10 movie with an 8/10 ending.

The Innkeepers

a very slow(slow) building spooker that builds enough atmosphere to overlook some really silly looking specters.

The Descendants

it's no surprise this is based on a novel; it glows with literacy. like little miss sunshine but twice as smart.


the first movie i've seen that can be compared with a clockwork orange

The Grey
The Grey(2012)

would have been immeasurably better if the death toll hadn't had a such a steady pace. everyone gets their 15 minutes of survival.


holds as much credibility as a work intended at every level to masturbate already held views. but i do like the subject.

Good Hair
Good Hair(2009)

above average documentary/satire painfully undermined by a 20 minute close of meaningless theatrics


walks a fine line between irony and excuse with its selective focal points.

Galaxy Quest
Galaxy Quest(1999)

riotously funny and should hold a much higher stature in pop culture satire, along with the likes of shaun of the dead and hot fuzz.

Underworld: Evolution

3rd rate comic book dialogue and a woe's worth of inconsistent supernatural abilities(enter villian impenetrable to 5 machine guns, later to be held back by 1 handgun... yeah), barely redeemed by competent action scenes. I think the viewers who complained about an incomprehensible story rather couldn't fathom how one could be this stupid; the gray and evil cats do incomprehensible acts because they're so one dimensional. At no point does anyone other than the heroes actually appears to think something.

Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans

has some serious continuity problems between myth and makeup.

The Fast and the Furious

this is a point break clone; replace surfing with cars.

In the Name of the Father

the acting is transcendent, it feels like you were actually there.


the softest movie i've seen, has the wit inherent to people who live well though they still have problems.

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

what suprises me about sin city's fanfare is that pulpy and lurid material like this is all over the place in film noir, yet this is the one with a "cool" sticker on it.

My Name Is Joe (Mein Name ist Joe)

a take on basic storytelling that to me felt invigorated, and the dialogue is out of sight but i needed subtitles to decipher the heavy accent.

Step Into Liquid

90 minutes of awe. only complaints: jumpy narrative and horrible soundtrack.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

has fits of awesomeness but can't maintain it, and the 70's section was painful.

Beauty and The Beast (La Belle et la bête)

check out the social commentary, which treats nobility like an overeaten still piece, and earnest drives like the rise from being beasts. surreal juxtaposition of a distinct kind, but i didn't understand the deeper meaning set.


some neat paranoid solipsism, its more about reality distortion than zombie crisis. but the contrivances are so heavy that it takes talk radio listener level of leaps of faith pro hysteria to enjoy it. if you took zombies out of this film, it would leave a seriously demented mess of thoughts.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster*

An examination of steroid hypocrisy that tells much more about the dirty playing field that's become of the american dream. It's a documentary michael moore would be proud of, and a great example of how brains and brawn aren't mutually exclusive.


of all the creativity charlie kaufman put into film, this one stands as film art rather than just great storytelling. it's untranslatable to anything other than film

Pusher II: With Blood On My Hands

an extraordinarily real and nightmarish drug infected story.


like in the first few minutes when 8 identical black cars driving 6 feet from each other slowly pass through the highway, it takes some serious balls to cause this kind of senseless bloodbath and betrayal.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

one of the most complex movies i have seen, reaching conclucions unbenownst to me that i usually laugh at films for beating them to. but the reduction of information the film uses as a plot drive is so base it wouldnt suprise me that it's advancements in story were brute fact unguessable. either way, it's nice to not know where a film is taking you.

Love and Death

i love how the humor was based on real philosophy rather than trying to make fun by travestizing it, like 95% of what doesn't qualify as satire does. there's a clear, though aloof and comic, sense that the words actually mean something, though can't functionally create a sensical paragraph.

The Edge
The Edge(2010)

interesting look at brutality and masculinity, but it's more of an assemblence of events than an actual movie.

New York Stories

scorcese: 6/10 it's good but hindered by not feeling real
coppola: 2/10 which is sadly even worse than his par after the 70s
allen: 7.5/10 very funny idea

The Runaways
The Runaways(2010)

like the majority of rock and roll cliches, its a harsh mix of quality and unlivable


the most boring(and stupid) people i've ever seen documented.

Village of the Damned

science fiction at its finest, not to mention it's to the brim with real tension and suspense.

Shaolin Soccer

the ball looked like it was the tip of a loopy cg paintbrush just as the "martial arts", but some parts were funny(like when the field turned into a war scene, machine guns and everything).

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

i LOVED the claymation scene, the rest was ok.

Saturday Night Fever

john travolta is the heart and soul of this movie, as well as an extraordinary dancer

Tower Heist
Tower Heist(2011)

stick for brains storyline, didn't laugh much

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

the story panders to "nice people" ideas really hard, and i think a real life parallel with the characters would wind up with much hurt and someone bleeding.


if 2+ hours of r&b musical that only occasionally comments on anything other than the superficiality of the entertainment industry sounds bad, run far away from here. but the comparison with chicago(that its about society, in it's worst kind of way) is appropriate, and the acting is impressive.

Tropa de Elite (The Elite Squad)

it's a pretty sick movie. a warning not a compliment


the martial arts scenes for minor characters were too often blatantly stagey, but the rest is good.

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

bloody awesome, a strong political charge drives it's narrative skillfully and in new ways.


above average male hurt fantasy


my least favorite of von trier's movies. the humor and the emotional gravity are as schizophrenic and absurd as melancholia's orbital maps.

Puss in Boots

the warped fairy tale humor is on par with the early shrek movies, and the constant(almost indiana jones inspired) adventure is entertaining, if slight

Fright Night
Fright Night(1985)

i would have welcomed more a+ lines like "our neighbor has fangs" and "do you need a valium?" to make up for the very slow pacing

The Crazies
The Crazies(1973)

what could have been a marginally decent movie is undermined by gee-wiz acting and an appallingly stupid portrayal of military crisis management

The Lincoln Lawyer

i thought it was an extraordinary redesign of the courtroom genre that i hope no one repeats.

Sorry, Wrong Number

nice intrigue and storytelling, but very artificial

Your Highness

1 good joke, "run, it's white people". that's it

Stake Land
Stake Land(2011)

really nice villain twist at the end, but don't expect the stereotypes to become real characters.

The Snows of Kilimanjaro

i quit at about 38minutes... the chop style scene shifts, blatant studio sets vs. outdoor footage, and sitcom dialogue were worse enough to ruin any suspension of disbelief.. but then started the neanderthal philosophy of gender relations, and the lady's descriptions of her emotions during the paris romance, which was totally not what was happening during those scenes. what a load

A Short Film About Killing

i thought about parallels with nick cave's stuff frequently watching this, and its clearly equal to the comparison

The Thing
The Thing(1982)

tension paranoia neat monster f/x good actors, i think it's carpenters best one

Navy Seals
Navy Seals(1990)

"believer in another god" omg

Winter in Wartime

painfully obvious melodrama

The Debt
The Debt(2011)

the core to it all is disappointingly shallow, could have been strong stuff

Cedar Rapids
Cedar Rapids(2011)

i was really impressed by the stark, raw emotional breakdown scene, and the rest was funny.


It's really hard to miss the borne identity similarities..

Chalet Girl
Chalet Girl(2011)

can't say i hated it, but i've never known snow to be this sugary


intoxicating, hypnotic, pure cinema. It's one of the movies you remember years later, as the last time you saw one that was as good as the one you just saw.

Who Killed the Electric Car?

it's really about 1 electric car, the GM EV1.

The Beaver
The Beaver(2011)

its pretty soft and actually routine storywise, anton yelchin's acting is the best part of the movie.

Waste Land
Waste Land(2010)

this art as social project is so rich and unpretentious that it completely clears past the multitude of risks it involves itself with by working, directly, with trash pickers to make giant canvases of recyclable goods. And that's just the idea Behind the movie.

City of Life and Death

It's got a very digestible and common sense attitude about atrocities; the kind that knows when a household is in panic and hysteria, the best thing to do is throw one of the children out the window. I totally didn't feel like i was watching a sham.

The Help
The Help(2011)

the most obvious comparison would be "Made in Dagenham" which equally platitued a social rights movement. but this one is better

Aleksandr Nevskiy (Alexander Nevsky)

there are so many detail's about the movie that warrant it a perfect score, but the plain and simple action spectacality of it all has been done a million times over in the same plot for plot way, which only shows how the original wasn't the cliche, rather how substituting a new story over an old design doesn't improve upon it; it shows the original's flaws that more deeply.

Soul Surfer
Soul Surfer(2011)

just see either of The Endless Summer movies and you'll notice the humility(-the religion) here, just as the astonishing athleticism with playing with the ocean. The one's feel good is totally lost in fakeness.

The Decalogue

1. 4/5
2. 3.5/5
3. 4.5/5
4. 5/5
5. 4.5/5 extended into "A Short Film About Killing"
6. 5/5 extended into "A Short Film About Love"
7. 4/5
8. 4/5
9. 3.5/5
10. 3.5/5

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

the action spectacle didn't fit at all with the humanism and children's inspiration(and i don't think this kind of action spectacle ever will, you can't have cataclysms and moments of revelatory introspection at exactly the same time.), it's comparable that communication with extraterrestrial intelligence would work in the same way you would a bear.

The Five Obstructions

Takes the creative verve and puts it though the wringer in sadistically brilliant ways. My favorite documentary.

The Hangover Part II

strong impression that phillips didn't want to confuse audience expectations by doing something new. cool monkey.

Three Colors: Blue (Trois Couleurs: Bleu)

it stayed interesting to me primarily from the sudden openness and closed emotions to life she goes through.

Clerks II
Clerks II(2006)

watching kevin smith's internal monologue being performed by actors was still funny.

The Arbor
The Arbor(2011)

the artifice here (actors... acting in sync with recorded dialogue from the real people) is very estranged, and i'm not sure if it actually improves the dispositions here. it's like a few years back when commercials had people talking with really shiny reflections in their eyes, except talking about abuse, neglect, and impoverished childhood while folding clothes or looking around for emotively. But of course if that weren't there this would have been a strait to video documentary, hm..

Once upon a Time in Mexico

depp didn't show enough to show this above simple pulp cinema.

Hobo With a Shotgun

this is TRASH, exploitative TRASH as hard as it gets. I didn't like The Boondock Saints cause it didn't show trash both ways, not the case here. Here is remedy, even possibly if you can't stand to watch it.

13 Assassins
13 Assassins(2011)

miike working with traditional Japanese stuff is fresh for sure, but he's obeying conventions more than realizing them as a filmmaker, and the choreography sucks.


this serial killer car tire movie within a movie has alot more in common with jackass than its lynchy premise: stupid fun

I Saw the Devil

this is just about the best revenge flick i've ever seen.

Made in Dagenham

would have been better if it had tried to be smart, rather than just rousing

The Damned United

a very healthy exercise of disgusting male aggression

Battle For Terra

i like sci-fi and this is real stuff.

The Way Back
The Way Back(2011)

Peter Wier has been a legitimate filmmaker at times, but this isn't his best stuff. And i can't not notice some one liners so hammy it's like a pig got thrown at you (seeing a picture of Chairman Mao at an entrance to Chinese territory alongside someone saying "this changes everything" = an IQ of 20... maybe 22), but it's still above average. #2 survivalist pic from 2010


the cast is top notch and there's enough serious emotional revelations to raise the film above drek, but that doesn't give enough justification for the harsh and unpleasant experience of watching these two addicts ruin their lives. And besides that, the ugly, nightmarish situations they face didn't reflect any kind of realistic turn of events that i expect in a character study, which makes it all cheap and manipulative. I expected alot more

Trick 'r Treat

as satirical and over the top as evil dead 2, but more evil. still fun


the style of the movie is perfectly balanced avant-garde and classical, its like watching unadulterated film composition, and the perspective on the dudes californicated blankness is very witty and unique.

The Yellow Handkerchief

this is totally the kind of movie that kept me glued to indie film channels back when i was a kid. I'm usually not a sucker for road movies but i was for this one.

Never Let Me Go

the big theme for me was how these kids(organ donor clones) never, or can't, reach the point where life becomes something different than the dream of life.

Mesrine: Killer Instinct (L'instinct de mort)

the best gangster movies i've seen since the 80's

Get Low
Get Low(2010)

fun stuff until the dirt turns into sentimental country syrup

Better Luck Tomorrow

The social drives and dyamics are so well narrated and presented i thought(at the time) of justin lin as some kind of nu-gen robert altman

Four Lions
Four Lions(2010)

one of the funniest movies i've ever seen