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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Dickens' original Christmas Carol story gets a 1988 makeover with television executive Frank Cross getting the three Christmas Ghosts treatment to change the path of his life as somebody who lives his life dominated by Neilsen ratings to one whose life is one lived for others.

This is one take on A Christmas Carol which is both timeless and bound by the time period in which it's made.

The pursuit of money is replaced by ratings and the greed of the television age is perfectly embodied in Bill Murray's portrayal of Frank Cross. Cynical, nasty and no redeeming features - but you can accept the character changes due to his journey.

Unlike the original story, "Scrooge" Cross has a female co-star throughout the film in the form of social worked Claire (Karen Allen), who very much fulfils the role of romantic interest.

The supporting cast is of an high calibre from different areas of acting talent including the likes of John Forsyth, Robert Mitchum, Bobcat Goldthwaite and Alfre Woodard, but the ones who leave the main impact are David Johansen as the cigar smoking Ghost of Christmas Past and Carol Kane as a Ghost of Christmas Present with a mean right cross.

Richard Donner sets a suitably dark tone which is amplified by Danny Elfman's soundtrack which is very "Tim Burtonesque" in tone.

A great film to watch with some nice belly laughs.