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This is 40

This is 40(2012)

As a sort-of sequel to Knocked Up, This is 40 doesn't match up to the same level of quality. Sure, it's raunchy, offensive, sexually charged, and funny, as Knocked Up is, but it doesn't have the sort of heart or narrative progression that Knocked Up offered. There are laughs to be had, too be sure, but they sometimes feel drowned up by a story that doesn't offer anything insightful or especially involving. It tries hard for laughs by seeming to force situations, as opposed to making them feel organic to the characters. The characters themselves aren't particularly likable, being spoiled, conceited, and shallow. You'd expect to see some growth with them, as is the case with most comedies, but with This is 40, they seem to remain rather stagnate and not easy to relate to.

The film is very well acted however, with Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann making for a great comedic pair, and with strong supporting performances from Albert Brooks and Melissa McCarthy. As mentioned, the script does lack narrative power, but is good with giving the characters effective lines to work with, with the film chemistry seeming to work well throughout.

Overall, it's a mixed bag, with hit or miss humor, an uneven script, but with good performances. It's funny enough to sustain itself, however, making it ultimately watchable.

3/5 Stars