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Jeffrey's Review of G.I. Joe: Retaliation

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation

G.I. Joe: Retaliation(2013)

It's hard to think of a reason another G.I. Joe movie was made then for simply the sake of making another movie. Nothing about the first one offered anything that would give promise to a sequel, and Retaliation only underscored this point.

Retaliation is a nothing movie. There's kind of a plot, but no set up, there's plenty of things blowing up, but with no impact. There's people talking with intensity ("I need him for this war I'm about to start!"), but to no effect, and placed within a context of such idiocy, that's it's often not even funny, with a few exceptions. We simply care nothing for what's going on, and wouldn't be able to 'follow' (used loosely to mean the sequence of action beats) whats going on even if we did.

The 'acting' in Retaliation is appropriately cheesy, but with absolutely no character development. Shallow characters and one-liners are fine for most B action movies, but there is not a semblance of substance to any of the characters here. No one seems to elevate the material or offer any charm, they're simply all going through the motions. Willis, for his part, was noticeably dis-interested, though his part was so overblown and short as to make him near useless.

A nonsensical mess.

Note: There is one undoubtedly unintentionally funny sequence that almost makes the film qualify as passably entertaining. Almost.

1.5/5 Stars