JeffreyMeyers' Rating of Sinister

Jeffrey's Review of Sinister

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Like all horror films, Sinister has a number of familiar elements, but manages to stay interesting by defying some of the usual conventions, especially in its last act. It features tight, effective direction, that is usually good at avoiding over-indulgent editing tricks, and instead manages to create a pretty effective atmosphere. The script is strong from the standpoint that it has some twists, at least a few of which weren't widely evident, but it also has some cliche character moments. The acting is also a bit of a mix bag, the child actors aren't particularly convincing, but Ethan Hawke brings an excellent intensity. As mentioned, the third act, though increasingly absurd, takes a rather daring direction, and helps elevate sinister from other B horror movies. For a genre so over-saturated as this, that alone counts for a great deal. Solid piece.

3.5/5 Stars