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Safety Not Guaranteed

Safety Not Guaranteed(2012)

Funny, charming, endearing, and immensely enjoyable, Safety Not Guaranteed is an independent comedy/drama that works, and works very well. It is smart in that it doesn't treat the characters with disdain, it doesn't condescend, but instead offers what feels like authentic character dynamics, with believable back stories and realistic character arcs.

The performances all around are stand out, with Aubrey Plaza doing a phenomenal job as the detached, cynical, lonely girl, who then guides her character through what feels like a real transformation, to someone more hopefully and enchanted. Her chemistry with Mark Duplass is palpable, who plays his character with an enthusiastic charm that never makes us dismiss his story.

The script is smartly written, blending a good number of elements, from quirky comedy, drama, coming-of-age, to science fiction. It does so while never undermining the films overall tone. The story was both moving and cohesive, with its themes executed effectively.

The film manages to be consistently engaging with its humor and plot development, being briskly paced. It perhaps could have been longer, but what it's able to achieve in its short run time is certainly of note. The very ending was a bit too obvious for me, however, as I feel something more subtle would have fit the overall narrative better, but it was a strong third act nonetheless.

Overall, it's a very strong independent film, uniquely conceived and executed, making it well worth watching.

4/5 Stars