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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
For Greater Glory

For Greater Glory(2012)

For Greater Glory tackles a conflict that few know about, and one that has more than enough elements that should make for a compelling drama, as the Cristero War is filled with heavy themes, horrific violence, and enough story to make for good cinema. The result, however, is largely mixed.

The cast of Greater Glory is good, but the acting ranges from okay (Andy Garcia), serviceable, to bad (Eva Longoria). The script they have to work with is a mixed bag as well, with thin characterizations, a lack of a real back-story, but with some good dialogue. From a screenplay standpoint, it seems as if the film tried to tackle almost too much, and therefore never quite got the dramatic heft it needed out of its main plot line. The plot line involving the US and oil interests, for example, seemed particularly out of place.

A few of the action scenes were quite good, but a few towards the end of the film were less impressive. The film was never able to keep a sustained momentum going. It was occasionally entertaining, sometimes tedious, and other times forgettable. The film's timely themes ultimately give it value, and the execution is done well enough to make it always watchable, if not sometimes enjoyable.

3/5 Stars