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Men in Black III

Men in Black III(2012)

An alien named Boris escapes prison to go back in time to kill the past version of the alien hunter, K, who shot his arm off and arrested him, and the only one who remembers K is his alien hunting partner, J, and because K was not there to arrest Boris, his race didn't die out like it should have and an alien invasion is to begin, so J must go back in time, team up with the younger K and kill the younger Boris before the older Boris even shows up. That is a pretty crazy storyline. Borrowing from Terminator movies, other installments, and even some Greek Mythology, MiB 3 tells an interesting story with little confusion and fantastic special effects. With great performances by Josh Brolin, Jemaine Clement, Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Michael Stuhlbarg, Alice Eve, and Emma Thompson, Men in Black 3 is among one of the best action comedies of the summer so far. A-