RoryO'Neill's Rating of Gravity

Rory's Review of Gravity

3 years ago via Movies on Android phone


85% I'd say... Movie was spectacular looking in 3D and gives you better understanding of what it's actually like to work in space. I feel, however, that this movie could've went in another more interesting direction, instead of the never ending action packed-ness that you get. As far disaster space thrillers go, I prefer Prometheus, which more eloquently addresses an individual's fears of the end of life and what we hope vs what we should expect as well as what to do with ourselves while we wait for the bus. Final assessment without any spoilers is that Gravity can be digested in a few different ways (one more Clint-Eastwood-Esqu) but shouldn't be missed in the theatre in mindblowing 3D with the best sound unless of course you get nauseous from spinning cameras. and spoiler alert George Clooney play's himself again.