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Mother's Day

Mother's Day(2012)

It was good but certainly not great. It could have been so much better. I guess the parts I thought were ridiculous had to be kept the way they were to stretch the movie out. I won't give too much info so I spoil it but I will mention 1 part that bugged me in this movie and also in so many like it. If you knock someone out or have the chance to finish knocking them out or even killing them, you do it. Also if they are totally dazed or knocked out you pick up their gun. Why let them pick it up or keep it so they can wake up and still have a weapon especially when you don't even have a weapon. That happened at least twice. I'm screaming grab the gun like she could hear me, lol. It gets me so aggravated because no one is that stupid. Like I said I liked it even though I don't think many people would have made the choices they made. So many chances to make a stand and fight back earlier. I've said enough. If u like suspense, evil, and horror then you will enjoy this movie. Rebecca D. Is still smoking hot at 50 even though she wasn't dolled up for this role. The acting was top notch from start to finish also.