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Gavin 's Review of The Tooth Fairy

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy(2010)

Wow, here's probably the stupidest movie that I've EVER seen. I mean come on people, The Rock in a tutu??? That's just plain weird, not funny in the slightest. First off, let me talk about the script. One of the worst ever, I mean the dialog was just pitiful - The Rock tells his girlfriend's daughter "I'm the Tooth fairy" and she replies "No you're not". What kind of garbage is that? Also, the screenplay - awful. For example The Rock tells his girlfriend's son that he's too tired to practice with him and that the kid will never be a rock star, how does the kid respond? By having an emotional breakdown and smashing his guitar on the driveway. Again, what kind of garbage is that mess? The acting was awful, and the relationships between the characters felt very unrealistic, and really unnatural. The characters were all very stereotyped and one-note, and they felt very rushed and had literally no development. The worst thing about this movie was the plot, it borrowed obviously, and way too much, and the "jokes" along the way were very clichéd, unoriginal, and just not at all funny. Also, what was up with that dumb rivalry between The Rock and that other, younger hockey player that kept showing him up? Seriously, if somebody is your rival, do you turn invisible, go out on the hockey rank, beat him up, (and in the process prevent your own team from scoring), and make him bark like a dog by putting a pill in his mouth? Wow, I don't think so. So really, if you're looking for a great "family film" please avoid this garbage at all cost, as it's just a cliché ridden, badly-made, unfunny, piece of crap.