Gavin Miller's Rating of Rango

Gavin 's Review of Rango

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Rango was one of my favorite movie of 2011. So as you can see, I really like Rango. I'll start of with the voice acting. Johnny Depp is awesome in the title role and his vocal performance brings life to his character while still having emotion and hilarity to spare. Isla Fisher is perfect as Beans, she brings just the right amount of sincerity and comedy to her character that is necessary for the role. Also, Ray Winstone, Abigail Breslin, Alfred Molina, Bill Nighly, and Ned Beatty are all fantastic. I'd have to say that the animation in this movie is the best I've ever seen. Rango really is a treat for the eyes. The plot is awesome, and the dialog is hilarious and just plain wicked. The script is smart and clever, and the screen play is one of the best ever. My favorite scene is the canyon battle where there being chased by the bad guys riding on bats with machine guns and dynamite. I just picked up Rango on DVD at Best Buy the other day, and I would highly recommend making this purchase. Not only does the DVD include a wealth of bonus material, but it also includes an all new extended version with an all new ending! All in all, Rango has the comedy, action, creativity, animation, epicness and cleverness to make an A++ movie.