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I Am Number Four
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I Am Number Four is an action packed teen thriller with explosions, heart pumping sound effects, great performances and an awesome storyline. Making it one of the rare teenage films which succeed.

Pros: Action Packed filled with explosions and awesome fight scenes, a good, easy to follow storyline, Great performances mainly from Timothy Olyphant and Alex Pettyfer, awesome looking CGI effects, some dramatic scenes.

Cons: Story may be a bit generic for Sci Fi junkies, Corny pop soundtrack, set as start of a franchise and leaves you wanting more, major differences from the book.

This film was made on a 50 million budget. It has doubled that but still has performed poorly against the likes of Harry Potter, Twilight or even Percy Jackson. So a sequel could happen, but I doubt it.

final thoughts: I Am Number Four is an action packed, fast paced thriller worth watching.

Sex Drive
Sex Drive (2008)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Sex Drive is the funniest raunchy teen film since American Pie.

Pros: Constant, crude humour that is actually funny, A Cheesy, simple premise that actually works, Josh Zuckerman, Clark Duke and Amanda Crew lead the film well, Hilarious supporting performances from James Marsden and Seth Green.

Cons: Recycles alot from previous raunchy teen comedies, Recycles lots of jokes throughout the movie, gross out gags may lead to the spew bucket (for some)

Extra Notes: After seeing Sex Drive, Hot Tub Time Machine and the Clark and Michael web series, I am convinced Clark Duke is the funniest man on the planet!