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The Fate of the Furious
14 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Like a big budget adaption of MONITORs II. So much shlock!!!

Free Fire
Free Fire (2017)
20 days ago via Movies on Android phone

It's a lot of fun despite some sloppy execution.

Ghost in the Shell
27 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Gorgeous visuals and a fantastic score can't overcome Ghost In The Shells narrative and structural shortcomings. However it is a admirable failure.

Saban's Power Rangers
32 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Takes Power Rangers of all things and injects it with a healthy dose of character. It's amazing how easily you accept tonal shifts when you actually give a shit about the characters.

Beauty and the Beast
33 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Luke Evans ladies and gentleman, never thought i'd see the day when I say Luke Evans was the reason to see a movie (on VOD that is.) Beauty and the Beast is really not very good at all. Everything new is bland, unneeded and forced, everything old is not quite as good as before and anything that's good is drowned out by everything else.