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Rise of the Guardians

A very pleasant surprise. I see a few more of these in the future.

Wreck-it Ralph

A clever and pixelated adventure., both nostalgic and new.

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

A captivating journey through one person's quest for religion, acceptance and life and the inward journey he travels to survive.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

It feels more light-hearted than the LOTR trilogy, but then, so does the source material. The Hobbit felt like a visit from an old friend. It was a warm and welcomed first step.


I don't know if Daniel Day-Lewis's mannerisms properly portrayed Lincoln's own, but they will in my mind from this day forward.
Absolute knock out performances from everyone.
Lincoln moved along greatly and even had a few surprise witty laughs.


For the last few years I've said "If you don't Like Ben in front of the camera, at least give him a chance behind it". After Argo I have to also suggest giving him another shot in front of the camera too.
The film's compelling, funny, dramatic and suspenseful.

After Sex
After Sex(2007)

Some segments brought the overall experience down, but overall, it was cute, funny, smart and enjoyable.

The Tree of Life

The actual movie part was good, but the space and dinosaurs stepping on other dinosaurs was too distracting.
At the end, I could see that there was something 'more' or 'deeper' going on than meets the eye, but the film simply never demanded that I care enough to give it any thought.


Played out, unrealistic, sometimes laughable plot, but still a fun ride. Who does,'t enjoy hit man (or hit woman) movies?

The Help
The Help(2011)

Sometimes crude and appalling, sometimes clever and funny, The Help, besides being set in decades past, always had the carried the grace and charm of cinema filmed in decades past.

Fright Night
Fright Night(2011)

Fright Night is much of what a remake should be, a strong tribute to the original with enough of it's own weight to let it stand on it's own.


How about a bit of the ol' ultra violence?
Drive was cool, cold, conspiring and intense.
Ryan Gosling's silent and demanding portrayal of the tooth pick wielding poker faced driver drives this intense thriller home.


Everything that was good about this film was Brad Pitt's performance.
Maybe it's my lack of interest in baseball but this movie never really got going for me.

The Raid: Redemption

The Raid was a ballet of chaos and destruction. A gem that I can't wait to watch again.

21 Jump Street

A few good laughs, some great cameos and otherwise...
meh. Pretty forgettable overall.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

This movie seriously could have been a 20 minute addition to the last film.
Brutally slow with no progress, growth or plot to speak of.


Like most flights, the take off and landing is worth watching, but the middle is better left to a good nap.


Don't know what it is about prison escape films, but the good ones just can't be beat.
Both Hoffman and Mcqueen offer up career making performances.

The French Connection

The French Connection is tough, careless and unforgiving. It's exactly what it wants to be whether you like it or not.
But it's the final 20 minutes that really makes this film stand out for me.


I enjoyed the film but I missed greatness and perfection it's often praised for.
I'm left wondering where Hitchcock would have taken it if filmed today and without the shackles he was bound by.

127 Hours
127 Hours(2010)

Who could imagine watching a guy stand at a rock for a couple hours could be so captivating. Amazing job by Franco.


A pretty basic cookie cutter storyline, but still visually appealing, comedic and enjoyable. Overall a worthy Avenger welcome for Thor.

Get Low
Get Low(2010)

This isn't the best film and the ending wasn't what it was built up to be, however, Duvall's great performance outweigh the films shortcomings and the journey to the end was certainly worth the let down.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

Black Swan is a true nightmare. Both beautiful and hideous, lovely and dreadful. The perfect example of a confused understanding.

True Grit
True Grit(2010)

I can not say that one thing is wrong with this film. It is funny, it is suspenseful and it is entertaining.

Just Go with It

Slow. Long. Predictable.
The 3 things I thought about the movie as I considered about what else I could be doing.