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End of Watch
End of Watch (2012)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

There was good chemistry and the movie was well written and realistic and interesting. It was awesome. I just hate hand held camera movies; reminded me too much of Reno 911.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
4 years ago via Movies on iPhone

The Captain America sequel, while good, thrilling, well acted and full of potential was watered down with over the top absurd stunts, too many back stories, and a human computer. I ended up exhausted before the final act which led to boredom when the climax required emotional investment. The opening scene on the ship was awesome. Kicking people 50 feet because you're a superhero is just super cool.

Saving Mr. Banks
4 years ago via Movies on iPhone

Who would have thought that Disney could surprise and impress with an original take on a character study? Not only was this extremely touching, it was well acted and really stinking good. Tom Hanks was great as Walt and Emma Thompson was a champ.

The Wolf of Wall Street
4 years ago via Movies on iPhone

I'll agree that you cannot depict how morally bankrupt and poisoned this man was without showing in detail all of the insane atrocities that exist on that parallel. Unfortunately historical accuracy isn't necessary to make a point. Being vulgar and pornographic in a movie trying to achieve what this movie was trying to achieve is just silly and an attempt to generate talk. It was funny but I never want to see it again because it was downright disgusting.

Jack the Giant Slayer
4 years ago via Movies on iPhone

I stopped watching to play with my dog without thinking about it which is what I do when I'm waiting for my computer to update.