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The Interview
The Interview (2014)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The Interview is an above average film that is hilarious with a good, simple storyline and well acted by its two leads. James Franco and Seth Rogan do pretty well with their chemistry as always, and both of them deliver a solid performance. Some won't agree, but I think they are talented at what they do. The jokes were simple, but you'll find yourself laughing so hard at the majority of them.

You might be wondering why I gave it a three and a half stars. Well it's a well-made film, but this isn't for everyone. It all comes down to whether or not you like it. The subject matter here is offensive and controversial, so people might take it the wrong way. While the storyline was simple, it wasn't groundbreaking or anything. It wasn't meant to be anything original, but what made it even better was how they put a controversial subject matter into it, as well as adding well-written jokes. Even though most of the jokes and lines were hilarious to laugh at, there are times where some of them were stupid and forgettable. Fans of Seth Rogen and James Franco wouldn't mind it, but if you're one of the people who were upset about what Sony did few days ago and dying to see it, you'll somewhat enjoy it nonetheless. With that being said, it has room for improvement.

Randall Park delivered a good performance as Kim Jong-un, and he was pretty funny whenever he shows up. I hope to see him in more movies.

So, was this movie good? Yes. Was it worth the hype? Yes and no. Yes because this had a lot of potential to be a funny movie. When Sony cancelled this film for a few days, the public was sad and angry about what they did, and now people are starting to see it online and at a select theater. No because it's not a flawless film. It has few weak points that kept itself from being the best comedy of all time. Not Seth Rogen and James Franco's best comedy ever made, but it sure is a great film that's hilarious and entertaining from start to finish. The lead actors, as well as the supporting cast, were funny. The storyline was simple but average at best with funny jokes and dialogues that are gross and vulgar, but still hilarious. Some will love, some will dislike it, but I'll tell you that it's worth seeing at least once. Give this film a chance, and you're in for a treat. If you're looking for something funnier than Adam Sandler's work, this is a movie for you.

22 Jump Street
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

22 Jump Street is a great example of what a sequel should look like. Sequels that are just as good or better than the original are hardly seen by the public's eye, but not when it comes to the likes of the two talented Directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller. They always know what they're doing, and they're yet to make a bad movie. I loved the first one, but what makes this a slightly better comedy movie than that are the jokes, the writing, and the cast. Just when you thought the whole movie would be the the same as the original, it's only the same at the slightest. 2014 seems to be a good year in terms of Comedy.

The plot follows the buddy cop, Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum), as they come back to do the same thing. Infiltrate the drug dealers, find the supplier. What changed is that they went from going undercover at a High School to a four year College. When Jenko quickly makes a friend with a college football player, things go out of hand between him and Schmidt. They must figure out how to keep their friendship connected, or else they will no longer work together anymore.

You might think the storyline is the same as the first one, but there were changes that were made throughout the whole movie. Sure, some of the parts had the same elements, but the script seemed to be rewritten. If you've looked at the few trailers and saw this movie, you could easily tell some of the dialogues were changed. Some of the scenes from the trailers were excluded from the movie, which left me feeling a little disappointed, just like what they did with the first one. Other than that, I began to not care because the whole movie was outstanding. I guess they thought some of the parts from the trailers would ruin the film, and they thought re-editing would make it better. If that was the reason, it's totally understandable. Regardless of the changes, it was easy to adjust it.

Don't be mislead by the trailers like I did. Otherwise, you'll go into the theater feeling reluctant. I loved some of the changes they made with this film.

There were a lot of jokes and one-liners that are impossible to not laugh at, including the moments where they make fun of sequels. I thought that was pretty hilarious. So much action were going on as well, which keeps people entertained from beginning to end. The characters were funny, especially Ice Cube's character in which he had a meltdown in one of the scenes from the movie. The plot was funny and well-written, even though there were moments that looked familiar.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are back as Schmidt and Jenko, and they delivered their performance that was just as good as last time. The chemistry between the two is great, and they were born to work together. Ice Cube is back as Captain Dickson, and he stole the show once again with his aggressive behavior, priceless looks on his face, and hilarious one-liners. There is a cameo appearance by Queen Latifah as Dickson's wife, which I was surprised about. You'll only see her once for a short time, but it was worth it. Dave Franco is back as Eric, and even though he was shown for a short time, it was great seeing him again.

I enjoyed the sequel to 21 Jump Street. It's rare to find a good sequel nowadays, but this is proof that there are sequels out there that are just as good or better than their predecessors. If the next Jump Street movie was ever going to be made sometime in the future, the directors better think of some good ideas like they did with this one. I was quite surprised with the changes they made here because I thought everything from the trailer was going to be put into the full movie. I guess I was wrong. If you loved the first movie, you will definitely love this one. The funniest movie of the year in my book.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief had so much potential of being a good film, but it turns out to be mediocre. I wanted to enjoy it because of the director and some of the actors, but it doesn't do any justice to the novel. It seemed like it wanted to go to the same direction as Harry Potter, so it can appeal to everyone. That idea didn't really work like most people thought it would. The only thing I liked were the performances by the three leading cast, the visuals, and the decent special effects. The plot, and everything else was rediculous. Fans of the book would be disappointed about this film, but kids might like it. I might be wrong, but I'm sure as he'll didn't. At least the second one improved a little, even though it suffered the same errors as this one.

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