HunterHampton's Rating of Spider-Man

Hunter's Review of Spider-Man

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


I never got why Spider-Man films are so loved because they are the definition of mediocre, sure its ok and helped revive the superhero genre but the movie is filled with so many cliches its laughable. The Villain was an undeveloped cheesy mess, the romance was extremely unconvincing, and Aunt May annoyed me every time she popped up on screen.But how about some positives? Like I said earlier it did help boost the superhero genre back into place along with X-men. Uncle Ben was developed great (even though he isn't in it too much) and definitively set Peter straight and gave him a morality boost. The effects with Peter web slinging in New York was fun, even though if this were to happen in real life webbing would be everywhere in New York. Peter Parker was developed very good in the script and handled well by Tobey Macguire. But overall I don't think I'll watch this very often in the future but I will stand by rating and say it isn't terrible but not good.