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The Grand Budapest Hotel

This was an entertaining and well-made movie. The acting is great too.

21 Jump Street

This was a fun watch that has its moments


It's well made and is emotionally moving, but the plot is slow and the movie requires an appreciation for its artsy-ness and patience.

Million Dollar Arm

Not as bad as I had expected. It's predictable but a good family movie.

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Like Groundhog's Day but with sci-fi and aliens. It wasn't a terrible movie but it wasn't super amazing either.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Surprisingly funny and entertaining. Of course the ending is slightly predictably and very kids-movie like.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Hard to follow if you don't know the X-Men story but a very good movie nonetheless.


It's definitely thrilling, but mostly because you know it's based off a real story. Other than that, it's a little too creepy for me.

The LEGO Movie

Surprisingly interesting plot (and very meta-ending), really well made, and actually entertaining!

I Give It a Year

It's semi-funny and a really old story.

101 Dalmatians

Not the same as the cartoon version


This movie definitely made Romney seem more human.


The animation is great and the songs are fairly good. I appreciate this really great effort to bring in more modern themes into Disney (where princesses don't just focus on finding their Prince Charming). However, the story lacks SO MUCH character development. There's just so much more to these characters than it actually shows. In a way, it feels like the movie just jumps from scene to scene without any real flow or character connection with the audience.

The King's Speech

Very moving and touching - really amazing acting and good directing. Although it may be predictable, it is a very good movie.

Prince Avalanche

It's a really artsy movie that doesn't go anywhere. You have to be in the right mood for it.

The Truman Show

A powerful movie that you don't want to stop watching.

Food, Inc.
Food, Inc.(2009)

Very interesting and eye-opening. This really opened up my perspective to the food industry.


This documentary is moving and powerful. It completely changed the way I view sea parks and killer whales. I wish Sea World had not declined to interview.

American Hustle

Aside from the nonconservative dresses and several rated R scenes, this movie was entertaining. Jennifer Lawrence really brought this whole thing together, even though she doesn't share as much air time as anyone else. If you liked the acting in Silver Lining's Playbook, you will probably like the acting in this film as well.

Bride Wars
Bride Wars(2009)

The plot is terrible, the characters are all annoying, and even the "perfect ending" is annoying.

The Rebound
The Rebound(2009)

Not great, but not terrible. It's not exactly a romantic comedy either - not enough of both.

Ender's Game
Ender's Game(2013)

It is probably because I just finished reading the book before watching this movie, but I felt like the plot was all messed up. The main actor is not able to truly capture Ender, which is understandable because he grows up through the book. However, overall, I felt like the movie was too separate from the book to be a good representation of the book but also too close to the book (copying exact dialogues) to make any sense for a movie.

Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies(2013)

I don't know why people liked this movie. I understand that its a spin on a genre that's been very violent, but I really did not enjoy the acting or the plot.

Love Actually

There are some plots that are enjoyable to watch. However, most of the movie is terrible and all over the place.

Yours, Mine & Ours

It's not a movie you're going to remember. It is one of those throwaway bland family movies that you can watch just to pass the time.

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

It is fast and thrilling. Obviously, for the sake of the movie, there are a lot of coincidences, but it is still a good watch.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

There was A LOT of fighting, but the scenes were intense and the acting was great. If you give this movie your full attention, it can still be interesting.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

It can be slow at parts, but the movie does a fantastic job of making it entertaining for those who are fans of the book and those just want to see a really good movie. Well thought out, well acted, and well directed.


Beautiful. But watch it with friends who don't talk.


A good movie that shows the struggle between honor/duty and following your heart. It's very well made.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Not a completely terrible movie, but not an amazing movie either. The premise is different, although somewhat similar to the Hangover in that it's a Bachelor Party before a marriage. It's entertaining and maybe a 1-2 time watch. A lot of the lines and story were cliché and I really did not enjoy Hrithik Roshan's acting in this movie very much. Part of the problem is that the story tries to cover a lot of things and stories. In the end you're left with a lot of things happening.

The Road Home (Wo de fu qin mu qin)

I absolutely love this movie. Yes, it can be slow, but if you give it your full attention, this sweet story will take your heart. It is a love story that is able to show love without any physical romance.

The Switch
The Switch(2010)

Interesting idea, mediocre execution. The dynamic between the kid and father is cute, but that's pretty much all that the movie had going for it. Everything else is pretty much annoying and clichéd.


A very eye-opening and insightful look into "manufactured demand" and the unknowns of an industry that many people put A LOT of trust in.

Captain Phillips

So.Intense. You know what is going to happen and yet this movie is so powerful in the way they show this event. I love how the director does not try to turn this into a black and white, good versus bad scenario. Instead, the movie shows you the good and bad of all sides and leaves it up to you to grapple with the moral dilemmas.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

A very chill and fun movie about being young and a little bit crazy. Even though it's really old, it's still easy to follow and entertaining to watch!


A very sweet movie that has a humor but is also very powerful. I wish it was shorter, but it is still one of the few Bollywood movies that is able to show love between two people without any physical depictions.

The Namesake
The Namesake(2006)

It's an interesting story for a movie that can get really slow if you don't give it the proper attention. Similar to the Perks of Being a Wallflower, it has less of a plot and more of the feeling of "a snapshot in the life". The depiction of the struggle of cultural identity seems real and genuine, but the lack of a solid plot made the whole thing fall somewhat flat for me.

The World's End

This is such a weird movie. The first 30 mins has a believable premise and is moderately funny, but then the whole movie takes a turn for the wild and completely bizarre. Part of the comedy was having that completely random plot twist. It was entertaining, but certainly not a movie to be watched more than once or twice.

Man on a Ledge

An entertaining movie that could use some more plot. A lot of the complexities of the story behind why the man is on the ledge go by very fast. Overall, it was a decent watch.


A nice, warm, powerful movie that has its clichéd moments but ultimately touches your heart.

Into the Wild

Nice and artsy, but way too long. I had to watch this over the course of three days and regardless of how beautiful the scenes are, the movie just has to be a little shorter.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

This is the origin of so many famous Bollywood movies. The pairing of Shahrukh Khan and Kajol is perfect, like always. Of course, like most older Bollywood films, this movie is way too long. Disregarding the many plot holes and stretches, the first half of the story is really nice and fun while the second half is fairly boring.


Just your average kid's movie from disney. It's cute, has a predictable plot, but a slightly different story. The animation is nice and the characters are your usual clichés that you find in most cartoon movies.

Identity Thief

Couldn't sit through more than half and hour of this movie. First off, it's not very logical in terms of how he goes to Florida to bring in this thief for a confession. But ignoring that major flaw, the movie has a few funny moments, but is overall very dull and boring.


Beautiful story, acting, directing, cinematography, fighting, and more! This is a movie that I can watch a hundred times without getting bored. Oh, and the music is amazing, I LOVED it!

Safety Not Guaranteed

Not the best movie out there, but Aubrey Plaza makes it worth it. Her role in this movie fits her persona and goes so well with the story. The movie has an interesting plot that has some typical elements (like the "it all started out as a ploy but now I love you" part) but also some unusual and quirky elements that are fun to watch. The ending, however, could have used a little work. Overall, it's a nice "watch a few times" kinda movie.

The Ides of March

Good acting, interesting story, and an engrossing movie.

My Name Is Khan

Good acting and interesting story. The first half is nice and light, but then the second half of the movie feels overdone and prolonged.

Cloud Atlas
Cloud Atlas(2012)

The concept of this movie was great but there was just so much going on that it became overwhelming for the viewer.

Monsters University

Not as great as Monster's Inc, but a decent, thoughtful, and watchful movie. SPOILER ALERT: My initial complaint was that the movie's moral is for kids to drop out of college, but it's also a message about working hard (and working together) to get to your dreams.

A Little Princess

A sweet movie with a nice story. The beginning and middle really engage the viewer, but the end of the movie starts to get a little too weird and unrealistic. Also, I took off another half star because of the villain in the movie, who seems to have an important backstory that might explain her reluctance to dreaming and imagination (and one that might be solved by the main character), who instead is given an unfortunate fate towards the end.

The Call
The Call(2013)

This could've been SUCH a good movie. The story builds the suspense and makes the film seem like it will be good until you reach the last half an hour and you realize that this was just meant to be a terrifying horror movie.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan

It is so unfortunate that this had to be Yash Chopra's last movie. It had all the terrible aspects of almost every Indian movie - a confused love triangle, a Cheeni Kum sort of story between an old man and a young girl, some accident that brings about amnesia, and a lot of praying to God. I don't know how I sat through this movie.

El Cid
El Cid(1961)

For a movie made such a long time ago, this is actually very well made. The scenes seem to jump quickly from one part of the plot to another and some of the kissing scenes are really awkward. However, the acting, the story, the directing: everything is very interesting.

White House Down

Not a movie to see multiple times, but definitely an enjoyable watch, putting aside a few of the clichéd scenes and lines.

The Adjustment Bureau

An interesting take on God and Fate. Something different for a love story and definitely an engaging story.

X-Men: First Class

An overall good movie with a good story that ties in well with history.

The Wolverine

The story is hard to follow, and there's less focus on the Wolverine and more on just about everything else.


Great acting, good depiction of the story, and very entertaining.


This movie tries to be great, but lands somewhere in between okay and barely watchable. The mediocre acting overwhelms any benefits of the movie's plot twists.

Inglourious Basterds

Not a big fan of this movie. The humor wasn't very appealing and the film was not very entertaining.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

It's a nice, warm, heartfelt movie.

The Scarlet Coat

Perhaps I was simply not in the mood for such a movie. An interesting tale about a traitor.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

Entertaining: Great graphics, amazing cinematography, and good directing. This movie would have been great if it had focused less on the fight scenes (which made the movie feel like a video game) and more on developing the characters and the story.

Upside Down
Upside Down(2013)

The concept and the graphics are amazing. However, the story, the characters, and especially the ending all could've used some work.

Now You See Me

Not a terrible movie, but not a very good one either. It's more of a one time watch. It could've been so great based on the story, but the movie was just missing something ("oomph") that I can't really describe. Also, the whole love story with the French girl was completely unnecessary.


Very different for a Bond movie. Focuses more on the story and a few dark elements. There's this reoccurring theme of "old dog learning new tricks" that got a little annoying, because it kept reminding the audience of how old Bond is. The music is great. I wish there would've been more gadgets, other than a radio and a gun, but I guess that's not what the movie was focusing on.


I enjoyed this movie, with all the glamour of the roaring 20s, the press, the lights, the acting. The songs were pretty good as well. It was an interesting mix of a musical and movie.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Great movie, even for someone who's not a huge fan of Star Trek. Good acting, good directing, and a good story. There's very limited romance scenes (probably a total of 1-2 mins of the movie) but there's plenty of action and adventure. Looking back, the movie does seem to have a predictable and sort of cookie-cutter type make, but I certainly enjoyed it!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Felt to me a little like the Breakfast Club, a movie that (despite its great reviews) I did not quite like. Definitely feels like an indie film: there seems to be no plot, it's just a look into a life of a freshman in high school. The movie is more about the feel and emotion rather than the story or acting in specific scenes (ie. How Emma Watson's accent keeps changing back and forth). Overall, it gets into really deep topics and really explores the "world of misfit toys" in a manner that, given the right mindset, can be very entertaining and emotionally moving.


For someone who read In Cold Blood, I found this movie fairly interesting. The acting and directing were really good and the character himself makes you think. The plot, however, felt somewhat slow and lacking at times.

American Teacher

This movie is so eye-opening and powerful. It goes into the life of teachers and really exposes our society's misconceptions about the teaching profession. So many of our country's best teachers are not getting enough money, not receiving enough respect, and not able to continue without burning out.One of the most powerful quotes in the movie: "They're not asking to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. They're asking to be able to buy a house, to have a decent car, to live in a nice neighborhood, to have some comforts - to maybe take a vacation every once in a while. And when you have teachers that have to have second jobs, when you have teachers that are living at the poverty level, then I think there is something wrong with that. And as a society, we need to really change that culture. We need to flip it around to say that being a teacher is the most important job in our society."- Mark Bounds (Deputy Superintendent for Educator Quality in South Carolina), American Teacher

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

Thrilling, edgy, and with a story!
This movie does a nice job of highlighting its strengths: Robert Downey Junior and his humor. The acting is nice, the plot is interesting, and the directing is great. The movie seems so human and realistic that I was hooked the moment it started. It did however, run a bit too long for some people.

Oz the Great and Powerful

The idea of an Oz backstory movie was really exciting. After the first fifteen minutes, the plot stops flowing and becomes too predictable and cliché. It also moves so quickly that there's no time to develop any connection with the characters. For example, the moment Oz reaches the mysterious land, he immediately flirts with the witch, decides he'll fake being the wizard to get money, and gains a sidekick who has given his life to serving Oz. I couldn't get myself to watch more than half an hour. This movie is really boring.

The Great Gatsby

Two stars for: Effort? I guess...
This movie made me feel so sad: they spent so much money on making everything look so grand and yet no matter what they did, the movie was still so.terrible.The directing, costume, scenes are so overdone and glamorous that they seem to forget about the actual story and what made the book so great. Everything feels so weird and choppy, and this is coming from someone who knew what was supposed to be happening. I feel really sorry for those who didn't read the books. And the scene with Amitabh Bachchan? WHY WAS THAT IN THERE.... ugh.

Where the Wild Things Are

Really creepy for a kids film. Very dark, but also interesting and beautiful, and maybe so kid-like that those who have "grown-up" have a hard time understanding. Story-wise, it strays away from the usual good guy bad guy plot and instead leaves things up to the viewer (maybe a little too much).

The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour

Really funny, but, of course, very Middle-Eastern based.


Very different for a Bollywood film. It has drama, love, and fashion (of course). Faster paced and well-directed. The subject matter felt different and the movie was serious but meaningfully uplifting. The film tries to insert a little bit of humor, but it's mostly surrounding a gay guy trying to find a boyfriend, and it doesn't really jive well with the rest of the movie. A lot of the lines and acting of certain scenes were way overdramatic and a little too stiff or cliché. However, I have to give back a star for Priyanka Chopra's acting, which was really good (and way better than most of the other actors in the film).

The Breakfast Club

What just happened...? Oddly entertaining, but very weird and uneventful. Seems like it's just a movie about teenagers complaining.


I guess this movie was generally entertaining. There were some funny parts, but it was more or less just another clichéd film in which everything works out well in the end.

Unmistaken Child

This is definitely an interesting movie and an intriguing look into Buddhism and the way new Lamas are chosen. It can also become very sweet and emotional. However, from a film perspective, some of the scenes are really long and things generally move really slowly.


So much worse than what I was hoping for. It's supposed to be funny and entertaining but the movie ended up being boring and dull. The plot moves along slowly and really doesn't go anywhere. It's just a sad guy being sad and then having a crazy night. There could've been so much more drama and comedy and fun and adventure in the 1 hour 40 minute period. Too bland for my liking.

The Hunger Games

The chemistry between the main two characters (the District 12 tributes) is awesome. The directing is "modern" and makes you see the world through the eyes of a person on the site, but that also means it moves A LOT. It can get kind of annoying, but the amazing scenes make up for it. The lead character is played wonderfully by Jennifer Lawrence. As a person who has read the book, I was able to understand subtle references throughout the movie (flashbacks, hand gestures, etc). However, those are things that may not be well understood by an outsider. The subject matter - kids killing kids - can also get a little heavy (esp for those who haven't read the book).

Zero Dark Thirty

Great movie. The main female lead is strong, decisive, and powerful. The directing ties everything together nicely. There was a little too much torture and just really long cruelty scenes for my liking. There are times in the movie in which the names thrown around get all mixed together among all the facts.

Silver Linings Playbook

Wow. This movie is a really engaging romantic film, with a little bit of comedy. The characters are so messed up, which makes the scenes all the more interesting. The acting is amazing, the directing feels different, and this movie is solid overall.

Jurassic Park

Amazing. Even after 10 years since it came out, it still captures my attention and terrorizes the audience. It felt a little too horror-filmy in the second half of the film, but that's something to be expected for a park filled with dinosaurs.

Wreck-it Ralph

Not like some of the really amazing Pixar movies, but fairly entertaining. Keeping in mind it is a kid's movie, the plot might be predictable, but it's nice and has a good theme. I love the way it combines video game elements in order to create a whole new world, and the way it makes references to games like Pac-Man or Mario.

The Eyes of Me

Interesting to take a look into the world of the blind and see the different paths that each of their lives take. Unfortunately, the movie lacks flow and can get very boring at times. It is not as eventful as Sound and Fury and definitely not as emotional. It does an okay job of trying to show what blindness feels like for some of the main characters.

The Dark Knight Rises

VERY well-made, great actors, great acting. Lacked character depth/development compared to the Dark Knight (the Joker was phenomenal) and gave hardly enough screen time to the movie's "true" villain. After trying to watch another time, I realize that the movie runs a little too long and can get somewhat boring at certain parts.

Sound and Fury

I loved this documentary. It goes into the life of two related families who are both trying to decide whether their children should receive a cochlear implant. One family has two hearing parents (the mom was brought up by two deaf parents) who have twins and find out that one of them is deaf. While the other family has two deaf parents who have a daughter who asks them if she can receive an implant. While the movie itself can get very frustrating because you're only seeing one family circle where all the parents are putting their wishes on their children, it is so emotional and thought-provoking. For me, it was the first time that I was exposed to this idea of deaf culture and the deaf community. I really enjoyed the amount of emotion that this movie conveys, and I just wish it could've spread out this story to cover more than just these two families.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

For a person who hasn't read any of the books, this was a fun and entertaining movie.


As much as I loved this movie as a kid, watching this film after 10 years was disappointing. While it might be great for kids, the story line feels rushed and really unfulfilling for the short one hour that it plays. Unfortunately, I had a more entertaining time counting all the racist things I could find in the movie (ie. Black crows with southern accents or African American men setting up the tents) than the actual plot itself.


Tina Fey AND Paul Rudd? This has got to be a great film...right?

No. This movie had no idea what it was trying to be. There was no balance between different story lines, the comedic parts, and the heartfelt emotional scenes. Aside from one or two chuckles, this movie was not funny AT ALL. And, the ending of this film brought no closure. What was the lesson that she learned? What was the point of her losing her job?

As much as I was excited by the concept of the movie, it lacked consistency and fell apart.


Requires a serious mindset and the patience to sit through long dialogue. The acting is flawless as Daniel Day-Lewis and Lincoln seamlessly become one and the same. Most of the movie is about the push for the 13th Amendment as the Civil War was coming to a close. It ends right after President Lincoln's assassination.

Hum Tum
Hum Tum(2004)

Fun comedy, never gets old!
Doesn't require too much thinking, but also doesn't default to slap stick humor.
After years of watching fast(er)-paced movies, this movie does seem to take things a little slower than I'd like, but overall has great acting and chemistry.

The Artist
The Artist(2011)

Great film! Great directing, good acting (could've been better for a silent film), nice story. Since it's 99% silent, it requires all of your attention/focus. Even though it's a beautiful love story, the silent movie aspect makes certain parts of the story really hard to understand. For example, there is not enough explanation/showing of the strained relationship between Valentin and his wife (other than 2 scenes) and to be honest, I was confused throughout the movie for what the real reason was why he refused to act in a talkie. After the scenes of the mouths talking and the blurry scene with his dog barking, I thought it could've been because he was deaf? But that wouldn't makes sense since he's able to talk to others in the movie perfectly. After reading some other reviews, some say it's because of his French accent that is revealed in the last scene. I suppose it's just his pride? I do not really know, and I shouldn't have to go digging through reviews in order to find out; hence, the 1 1/2 star deduction.


So well thought out, beautifully directed.

I love how this movie makes you think and makes you cling on till the very end.

The Red Balloon (Le Ballon Rouge)

Cute, short, interesting.

It's a film that I personally could not quite understand but was intrigued by. It's definitely the kind of movie that you want to give your full attention to (it's only 34 minutes). So much could be spun out of this movie in terms of what its meaning or moral is, but at the end of the day it's a short film about a balloon and a boy.

I love the fact that there's little to no dialogue and that the balloon does most of the work in the film. After looking at some of the other reviews, I agree that this film could have definitely used a scene towards the end to let the audience feel the boy's pain, before bringing in the dreamy ending.

Pitch Perfect

If I wanted a terrible cheesy movie about singing I would've watched High School Musical: 1,2, AND 3. At least those didn't have gross vomit humor.

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

Good acting/animation blend - you hardly notice that the tiger is not real. Really entertaining for a movie that primarily takes place in the ocean. Unfortunately, all the life threatening events that occur in the film end up overpowering the message of faith.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Fun new take on Spider-Man - makes him seem more relatable and immature.