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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Green Lantern

Green Lantern(2011)

A Green Lantern displays his power through creativity and imagination. This film has neither. The Special effects have no purpose other then to promote the films budget. The Actors have no other purpose than to promote there own Popularity (Ryan Reynolds Peoples Sexiest Man, Blake Lively CW actress appeals to teens) and the script reads as if the writer was a big fan of Iron Man and Star wars though missed the point of both.

Hal Jordan is a reckless irresponsible hot shot pilot who runs away from every challenge. We know this because his gorgeous co-worker tells him every chance she gets. The only reason any Man would stay friends with such a downer would be the fact that she's stunning and always wears a Dress. Hal is chosen by dying space cop to take his place and destroy the ultimate evil Parralax. Giant Yellow Space Fog that want's people to fear it. All Villian's want to be feared but Parralax separates it self from other villians by having 3 back story's and a lamest that transcends time and space.

It's torture to see Lively and Reynolds stuck in this script. They might have chemestry but the mood killing dialoge prevents us from finding out. They are both find actors but this script calls for Zach Effron and Venassa Hugens. Not the Indie Star of Adventure Land and Buried nor the Break out Star of The Town.

The film had hope early on as a daring Hal Jordan falls into a Flat spin. His childhood flashing before his eyes. Reynolds painting the portrait of a man conflicted with the through's of death. His struggle to save the plane and his own life isn't the focus but the decisions of why he should go on living at all. Brilliant scene in desperate need of a better movie.

If your in love with Adam West's Batman it's Epic. If you've seen The Dark Knight avoid at all costs.