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Super 8

Super 8(2011)

Super 8 is an average 7 about 6 friends making a 5 minute movie for an international film festival. 3 Catastrophes destroy the innocence of 2 characters that can only be redeemed through the art and direction of Steven Spielberg's Number 1 Fan.

Awkward Adolescent Joe Lamb loves making Models. His foul mouth flabby friend Charlie loves making movies. When Charlie casts other side of the tracks Alice as the female lead in his movie Joe jumps at the chance to supply make up and modeling to Charlies vision. Of course we can't forget Tall skinny whip, Buck tooth Awkward kid and the occasional antsy boy vomit spewing homage to lard ass from Stand by me. After capturing the chaos of a train derailment strange happenings start occurring in late 70s suburbia. Missing dogs, Missing cars, Missing people, and Missing Focus. The foundation is set with mystery that screams out for a pay off of epic proportions that cast, and director fail to deliver.

It's not a bad film, in fact J.J. proves once again that he is the master of Holy Heck moments in film today. The train crash in the first act of the film is worth admission alone. Twisted Metal fights against the very environment that tears it to shreds and everything is given a sense of true physics and weight. Scale and power working together to forge a construct of awe only matched by his previous work in Star Trek.

The Cast ranges from Decent to future academy award winners. Elle Fanning working double stealing both this film and the movie Charlie is putting together. She paints the picture of a broken girl who doesn't have the luxury of being a child yet far to immature to take on the responsibility's of an Adult. She's done her sister Dakota proud in carrying the film she's in. The sister's Fanning parents owe it to the world to have a son go into acting so we can witness the Second coming of Daniel Day Lewis.

Aint it cool mysteries never surpass the aint it cool. The strange on goings are no more then a gimmick. The film it self not being content with one theme makes mediocre of several themes. To it's credit how ever you can't help but wonder by curtain call how different this film may be for people who have not seen all the films its borrowing it's ques from.

Being from the time these movies come from perhaps I'm a bit jaded and a second youthful opinion is in order. In the words of my 4 year old son. "Really Cool and Really Happy. What movie are we gonna see next?"