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Bradly's Review of Margaret

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


A Guilt trip on a bus with stops, break downs, and passengers shouting HOW DARE YOU like it's going out of style. Margaret Isn't so much a film about a 17 year olds quest to over come the guilt in her life but more of a question of how a viewer could possibly live with him or herself for not being guilty all the time. Guilty about what? What do you got?

After witnessing a Bus accident she may or may not have helped cause. Lisa embarks on a quest to find that one special person to help share her guilt. The post 9/11 teen soon realizes that despair isn't a friendly community of open people, but a dreary neighborhood where everyone is invited to the block party yet no one is attending.

Anna Paquin plays the title character Lisa (not Margaret). A bipolar manic depressive emo time bomb of angst. Then again maybe she's just quirky. After all it is Fox Searchlight production. What ever she isn't, Alice is a fascinating character study of a character you wish would stay home and let the rest of us just enjoy our good time. Every side character initially seems interested in what she's up to until she open's her mouth. Casual conversation turning awkward faster than a Disney actress taking stripping classes for her next role as a hooker.

In the lake of the human soul, Margaret isn't just using cheater Bait. It's finishing with Dynamite. The accidents and trageides play out like a Monty Python sketches gone horribly wrong. From the sickening Bus accident to the shocking portrayal of a naive girls first time. Weather you can bear the long pandering meandering shots to uncomfortable outrageous outbursts the film forces our confused minds into a pit of self reflection. The only way out is to feel guilty and move on, and if your able to move on YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SELF!

Margaret is depressing nightmare you awaken from to the buzz of an alarm clock at 4 in the morning. It's not a bad thing, or a good thing. It's simply life. Misery and despair are not to be taken lightly and in this respect the film is spot on. If you ever decide to carry the rock of shame and despair you can't force anyone to burden it with you. Not your friends, not a Lover, not even the prick who's actually responsible. if you find your self under this weight of misery you can always reach out to the ones who love you unconditionally. You'll be surprised to see who's been reaching out to you from the beginning.