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Stardust (2007)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Stardust is easily the most underrated movie of 2007. Mathew Vaughn delivers the perfect amount of gritty humour, love and romance, as well as thrills and excitement into this classic three act structured fairytale that includes a perfect ensemble cast making it a beautifully crafted piece of art.
Claire Danes gives a knock out performance alongside Charlie Cox. Their chemistry is perfect, further utilised by Clair's character Yvaine who glows every time she is happiest and that becomes increasingly common in Tristan's presents, Charlies character.
Robert Deniro can match that of Nicholas Cage's appearance in Kickass, another great film from Matthew Vaughn. It would seem that their appearance in these films is more of an attraction, considering their fantastic acting carriers. It cannot be disputed; Robert Deniro plays the loving character very well. It is good to get a break from extraordinarily grand powerful movies such as Taxi Driver and Goodfellas were we sense the darkness in his character.
Ricky Gervaise, despite how funny and witty he is, needs to play a more divers character that we haven't seen in every movie he's ever been in.
Mark Strong continues his reputation as the classical bad guy bent on greed and corruption, that's what he does best.
Also Ian McKellens voice as the narration is very first-class; it would have been nice to have seen him within the film, considering his instrumental talent as an actor.
But most importantly I take my hat off to Michelle Pfeiffer, it takes a lot of backbone to play a character such as Lamia and she handled it perfectly, proving that she's not just a pretty face.
If expecting an accurate adaption from the novel, stardust takes a slightly different path. This is inevitable due to the fact that the director doesn't rely solely on every single detail of the novel to create the aesthetics of the film. The director's vision is the most important element of the film. Their stylistic interpretation articulates the appearance of the film, hence why Stardust differed from the novel.
Matthew Vaughn is very artistic not to mention intelligent and indeed an entertaining director who isn't afraid to have a go at something different, evidently in his previous movie Layer Cake and his recent movie Kickass (both seemingly underrated films).
In my opinion Matthew Vaughn has presented one of the greatest love stories of the 21st century, that isn't incredibly corny but actually rather touching. So don't rely solely on Stardust's clichéd appearance, have a look at it for yourself.