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Thor: The Dark World
2 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A pretty entertaining Marvel movie, even if it doesn't reach the limits of The Avengers and in my personal opinion Iron Man 3. Chris Hemsworth is great as Thor once again and so as Tom Hiddleston as Loki, nobody else could ever play those roles better than those guys, they own their characters. It was very entertaining to see them banter back and forth between each other. The action is great as well and you get more action in Asgard this time than you do in the first Thor movie. One of the flaws I had with the movie was some of the humor was stupid and wasn't thought out well enough, but there were still other funny moments that worked though. Another flaw with the film was Kat Dennings, her role was just completely pointless and she got on my nerves at times and she was also a flaw with the first Thor movie. Another big problem was the main villain Malekith, he played a weak adversary for Thor and he was just not a convincing or threatening villain, its a big disappointment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe especially since all the good villains we've had in the past. Besides the flaws, I still had a pretty fun time with the movie even though I like the first one more.