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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions(2003)

The Wachowski brothers conclude what had previously been a well made pair of films with a final act which is rather lacking what the first two films had in abundance. The movie picks up with Neo and Morpheus fighting to save Zion from infiltrators of the mechanical persuasion, sentinels from the ruins of the world above, and Agent Smith, who has taken the form of Bane, one of the men killed in the matrix. The script lacks depth and conviction, the action scenes are repetitive, and the finale is quite depressing, and leaves the viewer wanting more. Without seeing the first two films, I couldn't recommend this film to a movie viewer, because there are many more films that deliver the same message of hope with better delivery and more convincing acting. Having seen the preceding two films, a Matrix fan such as myself feels obligated to see the conclusion, although lackluster, but a conclusion no less. See it if you feel the desire to witness the ending of the trilogy, not an A+ Wachowski brothers' film.