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Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Old, I know. I own it on Bluray, and there was nothing good on tv, so I decided to watch it.
Wasn't going to write about it until I found some neat features on the dvd. If you go to the special features section, then click on the Globogym logo, you are taken to a movie of fat Ben Stiller telling you to press enter every time he snaps his fingers in the movie. This happens 4 times. 3 of the times you get a clip that isn't in the movie or in the deleted scenes. 1 of the times, it turns on the actual commentary from the director, stiller and vaughn.
If you start the movie like regular with the commentary on, you get a commentary where the director and stiller fight the whole time, which ends with everyone walking out about two-thirds of the way through the movie. The rest of the movie is replaced with commentary from "There's Something About Mary."
The movie itself is good with great "re-watch" value. The acting from Stiller never gets old.

The Simpsons Movie
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This was a pretty good movie. I enjoy watching the Simpsons on televisions, but wouldn't say I am in love with them. This is a fun, enjoyable movie. It is humorous, but has no real "laugh out loud" parts. The movie stays true to the television show, while mixing in some things that aren't necessarily allowed on basic cable. I watched this movie on bluray, and the picture was incredible.
It has parts that everyone can enjoy, from Homer hurting himself all the way to the social commentary typical of the Simpsons.
Overall, I wouldn't say the movie is incredible, but a very enjoyable movie.

I Am Legend
I Am Legend (2007)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

What a good movie. I really like Will Smith, and he gives a great performance here. This movie has its moments of incredible suspense. Its also a really neat movie, seeing Smith hunt deer in a post-apocalyptic Time Square. This movie is definitely a must-see.
Also, if you have not seen the alternate ending, you need to do so. After some research, I found that the alternate ending on the DVD was actually the original ending. I think they are both great, each with its own value. I won't ruin it, but both need to be viewed.
A great movie. Some parts are lighter, but most is either intense suspense or extreme loneliness. I wouldn't call this a very uplifting movie, but it is one that is worth watching if you are in the mood for something besides comedy.

The Hangover Part II
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

What a "meh" movie. For those people who loved the Hangover, you will be mildly entertained by this movie. For those who didn't care for the Hangover, this movie is worse. Nothing new here, same formula, different country. The character of Allen was charming in the first Hangover, but in Part Two it becomes old and predictable. Nothing was incredibly funny, and this movie lacks the "quotability" of the first one.
One of the most frustrating things is how slow it progresses. Like the first, they try to piece together the prior night. Part Two takes too long for any of those pieces to be discovered. I found myself thinking "will someone remember SOMETHING already...."
This movie suffers from a lack of inventiveness which leads to a "ho-hum" movie.

The Wrestler
The Wrestler (2008)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This was a decently good movie. It is a darker movie, but has some value. I got a Shawshank Redemption feel from the theme of it, a person who only knew one lifestyle is having trouble adapting. Mickey Rourke does a great job with the part, very believable. I read that Nicholas Cage was considered for the lead role... glad they went with Rourke.
Parts of the movie are charming, but overall its a sad story of a fallen star. Definitely a movie that is worth watching.