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The Raid: Redemption

the plot of the film is pretty straight and simple, not much soul in it but the action sequences were darn impressive! if you're in the mood for a smashing action flick, give this one a go.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

just another super dumb fantasy flick..

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

Unexpectedly disappointing. The plot lacks the heart, originality and standard of DC productions. :/

Superman Unbound

cheesy, predictable, kinda brassy and of course doesn't diminish my disgust of the Superman..

Wolf Creek 2
Wolf Creek 2(2014)

upholding the ever-chummy (!!) Aussie spirit, eh?? ;)

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

who could have imagined a yet another "time-loop entrapment" tale would turn out to be this much thrilling?? :D

The Returned
The Returned(2014)

in a time when the zombie thing has got so worn out, The Returned comes up with an unexpectedly original and intriguing plot, intertwining a never before thought social, psychological and emotional prospect of it..


with a brilliantly original plot, intriguing and scary to the bones screenplay; Oculus is an extraordinary take on this genre!


entertaining but just adding flowing lava to the worn-out gladiator recipe won't make it something newfangled..

Warrior King 2 (The Protector 2)

what a stinking pile of crap; elephant crap to be exact! we certainly do not expect this from Tony Jaa :/


being a found footage flick, it had a couple of inherited glitches that might be subject to questions but somehow Afflicted managed to stand-out..

Justice League: War

the rise of the legion; another DC masterpiece!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

now this installment of the franchise definitely exceeds my expectation! :D

Wake Wood
Wake Wood(2009)

another fine instance of how critic ratings can mislead your anticipation!

The Heat
The Heat(2013)

the age-old "good cop, bad cop" blend couldn't get any funnier than this! :D

Ninja: Shadow of a Tear

the plot lacks originality and where Ninjutsu is known for its unpredictability, here in this flick you can smell minutes away what's coming your way; very unlikely for a movie that has the word "Ninja" in its title..


emotionally obligating; may be life isn't always about second chances after all.. if you're a Jason Statham fan then i'm certain you've already watched this film but if you're not then it's absolutely a must see for ya..

Thor: The Dark World

i wasn't anticipating much from this installment of the Thor franchise but apart from a few annoying gimmicks, it actually proved to be better than its predecessor!


what a letdown!

The Loved Ones

"What will you do?
When there's nothing left for you to cling to.
What will you do?
With your one last breath!"

The Devil's Rejects

sick, gruesome, twisted but all that what it wants it to be..

Grown Ups 2
Grown Ups 2(2013)

two stars cause not feeling much generous this morning..


an MIB rip-off that took like forever to pass through.. so a humble question to Ryan Reynolds - dude, are you ever gonna come outta that shell of yours and try out something new in terms of your acting skills?? and another to Jeff Bridges - Why, Mr. Bridges, why?? Why with these fools?? :O

The Conjuring

heart-stopping sheer terror!

Silent Hill: Revelation

i'm hurt :( a so much anticipated sequel ending up in such disappointment! :O

Attack the Block

it couldn't keep me from falling asleep..

After Earth
After Earth(2013)

bonding process of a father and son through survival and conquering fear.. salient, emotional and heady.. i'm surprised to see such negative reviews cause i know i loved it.. :O

Star Trek Into Darkness

unfortunately (and shamefully) this is the first Star Trek film i watched and it was indeed breathtaking.. i'm a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch (John Harrison) so having him, though in a negative role made the experience even better.. and yes, i'm also planning on watching all 12 Star Trek films.. :D

No One Lives
No One Lives(2013)

entertaining but i won't call this horror.. Luke Evans did a great job portraying the role of a man-hunting maniac.. even though the story had a neat potential with some unusual twists but it got flawed by the predictability of the later parts of the film.. having said that, i'd still recommend this one if you're in the mood for a gruesome, bloody slasher flick..

Come Out And Play

what a sad little lonely piece of crapload!

Dark Circles
Dark Circles(2013)

a pretty decent psychological horror flick.. it's like two streams of nail biting, pillow gripping terror flowing towards one direction! and totally not going with all the negative reviews.. recommended!

Chernobyl Diaries

a Russian adaptation of The Hills Have Eyes! :P

Evil Dead
Evil Dead(2013)

thrilling! with lots of scares! it indeed adds up to its masterpiece predecessor!

Spring Breakers

full of crap! what a disgrace! :@

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

observe, improvise, survive!

Prison Break: The Final Break

an emotionally charged ending to the breathtaking epic saga..


read a lot of negative reviews about this flick but i actually enjoyed it.. not gonna say an impressive take on scarecrow horror but there was a little of everything that made this film a decent blend.. there were good scares, tension & suspense and most notably the rage & guilt of Brian (Wes Chatham) that took some not so unexpected turns.. i'd recommend this film, at least for weekend rental.. :)


somehow Oblivion never lets you loose your attention as it slow-walks you through the path of redemption!

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

smashing, out of this world (literally); even though at certain places it feels a little less humane but still the spirit & effort the flick tried to portray is admirable..

Fast & Furious 6

ride to die, for family, with loyalty..

Olympus Has Fallen

even though Olympus Has Fallen had a somewhat politically charged and biased approach, but still it was enjoyable as a suspenseful action flick..

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

apart from some entertaining action scenes, this film is unconvincing, unoriginal and overly dramatic.. compared to its predecessor, the flick feels soulless and yes, fails to deliver..

Dog Pound
Dog Pound(2010)

once it sinks its teeth in, you're fated to drawn in for sure..

The Call
The Call(2013)

gripping, intense, heart-stopping at places and definitely a must see!! :O

Identity Thief

i don't get all these harsh comments and low critic ratings on this flick! come on, it's a comedy movie for god's sake!! how much mother wit do you need in it?? people, just lighten up your burden-stricken hearts, will ya?? :O

Jack the Giant Slayer

entertaining but found less slaying than expected as it was promised by the title :P


what a wired little flick this is!! so Mold was supposed to be a horror film; no offence to Mr. Neil Meschino but i couldn't stop laughing through out the film.. seriously, they should change its tag to comedy from horror or to comic horror! :P :D

Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies(2013)

i just had an emotionally traumatic experience a few days ago and this flick salted that wound even more but it still felt good cause i rather bleed myself to a new day than fading away :(


just like you would want your Jason Statham movies to be - vengeful, intense and action-packed..

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

i am a hardcore Iron Man fan so it is almost impossible to disappoint me there.. and this time there were more suits and action than ever.. but the story was all messed up.. it seemed like it was an uneven, glued together figure (or an Iron Man suit) trying to hold its ground.. this Iron Man experience could have been way better with a tight or proper storyline.. apart from that everything else was spectacular.. and if you ask me whether i am gonna watch it again or not, hell yeah, i will.. just like i have watched the previous ones 7 or 8 times each :[)


i've read, heard and watched so much about time travelling and probably because of that this flick couldn't live up to my expectation..


another Tim Burton masterpiece.. even though this pale, black and white film is about a much loved deceased dog, it has more heart, more emotion than a lot of flashy stuffs that we see these days.. that is kind of a bittersweet irony there.. had a great time watching this flick ]:[)

Here Comes the Boom

music & MMA - what a smashing way to start a day with!! it was a fun flick but intense at times too..

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2

OH MY GOD!! i do not know what to say!! i did anticipate that bridge laid in the 1st installment of The Dark Knight Returns but could not imagine its foundation would be this deep, literally groundbreaking!! i am blown away. i was heart-broken and thinking about the end of the legacy but just then the unthinkable happened. now i envy even those mutants. i wish i could lend a hand to the Dark Knight!! and end?? what end?? every end is a new beginning when it is about The Dark Knight! :O


even though i love to write movie reviews but these days i am getting irritated by reviews given by critics. the only helpful thing they are doing is discouraging people to see great movies. now this film, Mama made me say all that. as the sheer terror crawls out of the closet, Mama reveals itself as a suspenseful but emotionally charged horror flick. it is like true emotions blended in torturous black. and of course i am bound to mention the two little girls, Megan Charpentier (Victoria) and Isabelle NÚlisse (Lilly) who acted exceptionally well through out the film. yeah, highly recommended.

Hotel Transylvania

i see people giving this flick 3 star ratings! wtf!! are you people dried up inside?? i freaking loved Hotel Transylvania.. and hell! the monster parties and that Dracula rapping - blasted me away!! if you are planning a fun time with your family, i assure you, this is what you are looking for.. if you still haven't watched Hotel Transylvania, you haven't met your monsters yet and trust me, you will fall in love with 'em when you do.. :D

21 Jump Street

what a blast! man, this is outrageous! but the punchline for me was Johnny Depp undercover! wow! (even though he is uncredited).. ha ha!! tables turn & the high school they knew is not the same.. now that is a refreshing blast of comedy.. Jonah Hill as always was hilarious but unexpectedly Channing Tatum stole half the show away.. highly recommended! and i don't know what its makers are thinking but this film is screaming for a sequel.. :)

The Devil Inside

the tension building brick by brick through out the film had me grasped totally into it but it kind of ended with a sudden disappointment.. i do not want my review to be a spoiler cause if you are into exorcism movies like me, i would recommend this flick.. a note-worthy attempt but fell short to my expectations..

Despicable Me

as heartwarming as it could be!! i was upset for some reasons before i thought of watching this flick but at the end of it a happy sigh came right out of me.. i'm really glad that i watched it :[)

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

spooky, creepy yet classy! :D

The Amazing Spider-Man

not much of a heart-stopper but still a promising reboot i'd say..


now that was a horrifyingly satisfying well-spent 1.49 hour! hell yeah! after days i had bone-chills like this.. the plot, screenplay & all the metaphysical artifacts (which really fascinates me) - they all worked out really well in favor of this crafted horror flick.. and for those of you who brag that nothing scares you now, give this flick a watch (but not in broad daylight on your ipads).. you shouldn't be disappointed..

The Hunger Games

entertaining.. but it creates distaste for me when things start to get too predictable.. and on top of that the flick lacks originality.. so, i'd say this film is over-hyped..

The Last Stand

last stand?? nope, i don't want this to be Schwarzenegger's last stand cause he still has it in him.. fast cars, big guns, tons of bullet holes - what more could i possibly ask from a Schwarzenegger flick?? :[)

The Woods
The Woods(2006)

a decent horror flick, not much of a heart-stopper but worth a watch for sure..

Wreck-it Ralph

loved it and what a flight it took after the first half! the spirit of the game lives, proudly! :[)

The Collection

Okay, the following statement of mine is about to prove my stubbornness..
No matter how much meaningless this flick is, i still love slasher movies.. The Collection is fairly unsuccessful in taming my love of slasher flicks.. Yea, there you go! :P

V for Vendetta

"Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy and ideas are bulletproof" - that is well and enough said for any sort of reviews for this flick.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1

the more i see Gotham City the more i feel like what is called fiction is stronger & more real than what we see all around.. a corrupted to the core city trying to hold onto any ideology that can keep them from sinking.. and ironically more than the old and struggling Dark Knight, the city of Gotham worries me.. just finished it watching and not feeling like going into the details but this flick left me with a lot of thoughts & that's what makes it something close to my heart!

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

So, what happened to the promise of nightmares from the heart of The Mysterious Island?!? Yea, all my anticipations kept dying in disappointment through out the movie.. But the thing that made me watch the movie whole is Vanessa Hudgens! She is gorgeous & the only thing good about this flick..

Batman Gotham Knight

six individually brilliant stories sewed together in an epic tribute to the Dark Knight of Gotham City.. every chapter had its own flavor, own soul to it but evolving as a whole making the whole experience emotional and unforgettable as well.. one of the greatest Batman adaptations ever in terms of the new anime feel! :D


a post-apocalyptic adventure to restore soul to the dead.. even though the movie starts with a dark and pessimistic premise, it will certainly leave you with a good spirit.. absolutely a must see!! :D


into the demented & twisted heart of fear where its unpredictability makes it even more dreadful.. considering its originality & story-line, this film is way underrated..

The Expendables 2

while watching this flick i felt like they were trying too hard to make it work or to keep it all together.. so here's the recipe of a money-making action film (The Expendables 2 style) - foreign location is a must, pour the whole hollywood together, add big guns, for spices add uranium or nuclear weapons, stir well & viola!! tastes awful! :P

Step Up Revolution

okay, i admit.. i watch Step Up movies only for those fast & flashy, groovy, hip-hop dance moves but story?? well, i wish we could change things or bring about revolutions just by dancing in the real world!! this take of Step Up had some innovative themes & ideas.. no matter what, you sure will have a good time watching this flick :[)

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

quite entertaining i'd say, especially in a time when i was totally fed up with vampire movies.. and those awesome eye-popping axe moves of Benjamin Walker! loved 'em :[)


a well-written, well-directed & well-acted thriller with a surprising punchline.. & a special mention to Liam Neeson who still has the magic in him.. for those of you who are still feeling clueless, give it another watch! :[)

The Tall Man
The Tall Man(2012)

the very first thing i wanna say about this film is, horror!! what horror?? The Tall Man is certainly not a horror movie.. halfway through i felt lost.. but those twists & turns actually kept the storyline together.. otherwise, this movie could've been a disaster.. i won't go for the details but i'm not convinced with quite a few things or ideas that this film had to offer.. but then again, probably it was meant to be that way - provocative.. :[|

Batman: Under the Red Hood

this was emotional! how hard it is to choose and stay on the right path but then again this damned heart never stops whispering & flushes of memories keep the anguish alive.. but in the end what you believe in and stand for is all that matters! :(

The Woman in Black

i love slasher movies, gore and all that but i'm also into old school horror and this one just didn't disappoint me.. The Woman in Black should be a major stepping stone for Radcliffe outta his Harry Potter world.. with a very suspenseful story the film has some heart stopping scares & the dark atmosphere it builds really gets into you.. i really look forward to watching movies like this.. a must see for every horror lovers..

Planet Hulk
Planet Hulk(2010)

naahh!! this is so wrong.. we love you Hulk & earth is your home.. we sure have misunderstood you sometimes but we don't want you to be on any other planet, in any other galaxy.. :(


i did read the reviews before watching it but what i watched was somewhat bizarre! ha ha! some horror that was! it worked out more for me as an anatomical comedy.. it might be the limitation of the plot or my higher anticipation, Teeth just couldn't meet my expectations.. well, what more could i say!?!? i'll end this with a little advice.. girls, don't hold onto it for too long or you'll grow things (!!) there.. (what i just said?? that was gross!! but this movie made me say that so that's in no way my fault)

Superman/Shazam! The Return of Black Adam

Shazam!! don't underestimate what this one word can bring upon you! the film was short but power-packed! loved it!

Green Lantern: First Flight

the origins of the Green Lantern - couldn't be more fascinating than this.. & Hal Jordan has proved that he is rightfully the greatest lantern of 'em all.. newest but the bravest.. the film had some solid characters & a firm storyline that got intense eventually.. very entertaining indeed.. the first flight of green lantern - Hal Jordan has reached beyond the skies!

Sleep Tight
Sleep Tight(2012)

we humans are strange creatures with even stranger problems & disorders! a man who feeds on others sorrows & griefs & what wounds him is your happiness.. his want is simple - to erase the smile off your face & that keeps him going! this is one wickedly brilliant film.. it takes hold of you and the dark atmosphere that it creates puts you right into the core of psychological despair.. but there are real people out there who are just like Cesar so don't take this as fiction and don't let your guard down..

Wrath of the Titans

the film had its moments but to some extent it left me disappointed.. really didn't expect Zeus perishing like that.. and where i felt funny was how Kronos was destroyed.. i expected a lot more there.. so, killing a volcanic giant is that easy, huh?? hmmm, well, then i should try that for myself sometime!! & Greek people should have some serious issues with this film cause Warner Bros. is slaying Gods here with there weapon of money!! ;)

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

"Harold, use your awesome might to save me from this hopeless plight".. hell yeah, our Harry did save the day but with a dozen corpses, a severed finger, an electrocuted boner & what not! ha ha, loved it.. a real fun flick it was! :D

HULK VS.(2009)

loved both the mini-movies especially Hulk Vs Wolverine! Hulk, angrier than ever and smashed and smashed and smashed & wolverine was the bad-ass factor putting the whole thing together.. and a special mention; yea, Deadpool - he was freaking hilarious! :)

Justice League: Doom

a solid 4 stars! you might blame Batman or call him paranoid for creating contingency plans to neutralize his fellow league members but trust me, this guy has always done the right thing & this one is no exception! and that makes him the true vigilante.. once again he earned my respect!


if death is this much gorgeous, i'd love to die a few more times! :[)

The Thing
The Thing(2011)

sadly i haven't watched the 1982 classic but i wouldn't say this one got better than my expectations.. it got intense at times but the build up of the tension wasn't consistent & there also weren't enough scares to keep it tight..
but yea, i certainly would recommend at least one watch! :)

Johnny English Reborn

expected a little more from Atkinson but again, not gonna say i'm disappointed.. the film was worth collecting and it was good, kind of senseless (to some extent) fun! and i'm also hoping for another Johnny English sequel! :)

Green Lantern

"In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power, Green Lantern's light" ..i'm just not feeling like taking part into the ongoing debate about this film.. yea, i do admit that things could've been better and as a Green Lantern fan some of my expectations weren't met but the bottom line is i enjoyed it.. but again, i'd like to see my favorite DC & Marvel superhero movies made by more passionate people.. :)

Haunted Changi

..i wanted to see this film cause it inspired a more recent movie that i very much liked.. this film is pretty much like Singapore's very own Blair Witch Project but it just didn't work out.. honestly i was disappointed.. while watching the movie i felt like i'm suffering from lack of scares & that was quite a terrible feeling.. and where asian horror movies have clearly made their mark, a film like this is just like an effort gone in vain...

Underworld: Awakening

it was quite entertaining and it clearly laid the firm base of many more vampire and lycan clashes that are yet to come.. :)

Spring Breakdown

not as terrible as it's being reviewed..!

The Orphanage

a beautifully crafted piece of art.. the incredible thing about this one is even though it's a horror film, it leaves you with such deep emotions..


the thing is i'm not that much into sports and sports comedy and that's why i watched this movie long after i had gotten it.. but it just knocked me out.. Seann William Scott did an amazing job as Doug Glatt.. they probably have put a little more goodishness in the film's Doug than the real one but what the heck? Who cares? This Doug is kind of over the top polite and gentle but when in action he is a demon, a godless butt-kicking machine.. this combination is pretty unlikely but again probably this unlikeliness is the most loveable thing about him.. Alison Pill as Eva spiced up the whole thing & the most incredible thing about this movie is it left me screaming for more.. When the film ended i screamed out saying, come on, i'm freaking heated up! don't end it now! Watching Goon and screaming and laughing out loud @ 3 am in the morning was real good fun! :)


i heard some critics saying that the characters of this movie were pretty unlikeable.. well, they might be called amateurs but not that and besides, they acted as inmates so they were supposed to be "unlikeable".. except some flaws in the storyline, i pretty much liked this movie.. and the location where they shot most of the film worked as its advantage putting the fact of low budget aside..

The Divide
The Divide(2012)

through out the movie i kept asking myself, are we this much violent? are we this much brutal from the inside? i tried to resist but it got me and in the end i felt lost in despair & mindlessness.. this film is more of a psychological horror portraying how low the sickness of human mind can go.. and what these nine did might seem demented to you but in reality it's not.. we aren't as good in judging people as we are in deceiving.. we live so close under one roof but we don't care to know each other.. all we do is pretending, faking.. we feel bad about everything that's going wrong but we barely have the courage to stand up & confront.. we expect some miracle will happen & everything will be alright.. we take advantage of people whenever & however we can in the name of survival but some survivals are worse than death.. some lives are better off lost.. & trust me, god up there - he is ashamed of us; he is ashamed of his best creation..
well, that was random babbling.. the musical arrangement of the film was incredible.. for me the character who stood up from the rest in the end was Micky (Michael Biehn).. as the whole movie was shot in a set reassembling the basement of an apartment, it helped the dark atmosphere to grow.. but again, this movie isn't for everyone especially not for the optimistic kind of people..

Batman: Year One

couldn't have asked for a better beginning than this.. it's not just the rise of the Batman but it's also the tale of James Gordon and how Gotham's injustice & corruption intertwine these two in an epic war.. and in a lawless city where even the keepers of the law are corrupted, only an outlaw vigilante can strike fear to the heart of that corruption.. i felt like in this solid adaptation i watched two individual yet deeply connected stories spreading their roots parallelly.. ]:[]

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

never been a fan of Scream movies but Scream 4 was better than the more other ones (the 2nd & 3rd sequel to be exact) and at least it didn't let me walk away or fall asleep.. i am a big fan of the Slasher genre but i like it way brutal, way down & way bloody than Scream.. and jump-scares?? come on, they are damn outdated.. through out the movie Scream 4 screams its heart out to say, hey, come check me out; i'm a horror movie.. well, i dunno about horror but this was a fun flick for breakfast, that i gotta admit.. :)

The Innkeepers

The Innkeepers brings in a slow burning, old school horror flavor that is actually pretty refreshing for the genre.. there were a number of good scares as well as some slaphappy humors.. even though Ti West could've done better with the ending but he was quite successful in building a nerve-racking tension throughout the film and it leaves you with so many questions.. but i guess that's how it's meant to be..

The Ward
The Ward(2011)

a horror flick about multiple personality disorder, with terrifying twists and turns.. this might not be Carpenter's another masterpiece but i liked it anyway..

Inside (└ l'intÚrieur)

i got this movie like about 6 months ago but watched it today.. now i'm asking myself, what was it that was keeping me from watching this?? french horror movies never disappoint me & this one is no exception.. just loved it.. the cinematography, sound effects and most notably the gore effects; all these are done brilliantly and in the extreme french way.. how far or how low the will and grief of a mother can go; that's what amazes me & that is the thing that makes └ l'intÚrieur a must see movie..

Tomie: Unlimited

wow!! a rather simple concept expressed with such overwhelming horror.. kudos to Noboru Iguchi.. Iguchi built such terror & sickness frame after frame and even when you thought it's all over, he hits you again with another stab.. and as far as i know, this movie has been cut by 13 minutes!! 13 minutes?? i wonder what was on those 13 minutes.. probably Unlimited heartache, Tomie style.. we've all met a Tsukiko in our lives but do you wanna be with a Tomie??


even though i'm done with zombie movies but this one stood up from the rest cause it's silly, idiotic, clueless in some moments but that's how it clicked.. Doghouse is a good British fun flick.. it has its own attitude.. and a large number of female viewers might have their own problems & sayings regarding this film (that's the way i heard some of my acquaintances' reviews) but that's the last of my concerns..

I Spit On Your Grave

for a 2010 remake i expected a lot more.. i felt like watching a commercialized thriller flick that tried hard (but not hard enough) to terrorize..

The Corridor
The Corridor(2010)

one creepy & chilling movie it is but i'm not convinced with a few things.. and the whole idea of that corridor is still kinda vague to me.. but as for a sci-fi horror, yea, it's worth at least one watch..

The Rite
The Rite(2011)

among the exorcism based movies i've seen, this one is the best after The Exorcist of 1973 & The Exorcism of Emily Rose of 2005.. & Anthony Hopkins undoubtedly made this movie unforgettable.. & yea, the terror is real, godlessly real.. ]:[)

Never Back Down

i heard quite a few negative reviews about this movie but personally i liked it.. i love MMA & that might be the reason.. i'd just say don't think so hard.. this one's a good Flick.. :D


I had great anticipation for this movie but what I got in return is a giant cricket!! Seriously?? Is that the best they could come up with?? Even though the plot had great potential but i think it lost its direction.. The acting was below average.. & for me, the fear just couldn't creep in..