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There Will Be Blood
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Paul Thomas Anderson's greatest triumph to date, There Will Be Blood, is a decadent portrayal of greed. The appealing grin of Daniel Plainview raptures the audience, but as the plot progresses, a vengeful smirk emerges, flashing the gritty teeth of deceit. The film acquires a historical legitimacy from the authentic set of the early oil industry. On top of the stunning scenery is a percussive score that effectively paces the movie regardless of its run time nearing three hours. The greatest treasure in this instant classic is the performance by Daniel Day Lewis, so naturally adept for the role of Plainview that the acting seems spontaneously generated, nothing lost in translation. Aside from the cosmetic details of this film lies a compelling message that works on many levels, the most familiar being the shady fraud behind many of today's thriving corporations, which in essence leaves no room for dispute but rather spells out the consequence of power in the hands of a voracious individual.

The Dark Knight
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The Dark Knight permeates into multiple genres, nearing the brink of perfection in each category. Nolan pulls from a plethora of rich resources to construct a complex, yet engaging story. Deep emotion drives the character's every move, while the plot emits a fascinating energy that propels the viewers into each scene. The Dark Knight redefines the super-hero genre by rescaling the story of one individual into the lives of Gotham's everyday citizens, creating a multiplex of subtle themes that call for the rise of a plebeian hero. Nolan magnifies the scope of his tale by adding mortal elements of vulnerability and fear, evoking a sympathetic notion that highlights the human nature of Gotham's finest. The Dark Knight triumphs in a hero that dwells in our very own circumstance, battling a villain that caricutarizes society's capacity to harbor chaos and anarchy as a response to fear. Heath Ledger's electrifying performance as the Joker is the catalyst by which our plot unfolds, unleashing a torrent of commotion that fuels the passionate performances of the protagonists. While the film seeks to occupy the everyday familiarities, it also construes a surreal notion of capturing the most dramatic moments with little regard to the temporal continuity of the plot. The Dark Knight ultimately covers more ground with an extensive approach to montage editing, always keeping one step ahead of the audience's mind. Nolan assembles one of the finest masterpieces of recent times by maintaining a sharp edge amidst the prevalent woes of many other big-budget, blockbuster features that neglect depth and vision for mindless substitutes that lack in artistic innovation.

Inception (2010)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Nolan sets out on yet another ambitious film that keeps the mind engaged and interactive. Accompanied by DiCaprio's acting style of sincere conviction, the film prevails in unraveling a plot thoroughly involved with the obscure netherworld of dreams while maintaining an honest introspect into the mind that searches to reconcile the past with an uncertain future.

Take Shelter
Take Shelter (2011)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Take Shelter sets its focus early on and executes the plot with very few disturbances, allowing the film to remain fundamentally strong and hauntingly relatable. Although the movie relies heavily on the power of its dark scenery and chilling music, the screen write is another key component that enables the viewer's to partake in its grim atmosphere, with a looming shadow of doubt.