TateBrightwell's Rating of Magnolia

Tate's Review of Magnolia

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Anderson takes on an enormous load directing a film with so many driving themes and characters. Despite the film's imperfections, Anderson proves to be one of the best at maintaining originality and innovation coupled with an impressive vision for a lengthy film. At times Magnolia seems a bit overwhelming and drawn out, but to be frank, Anderson's directing style is viable with a film of such demanding length. To intertwine the lives of so many unique individuals and to paint a film with so many vivid colors is itself a feat, regardless of some obvious mishaps that Anderson failed to revise. Some first class appearances make the acting memorable and interesting enough to sit through the entire duration while keeping the senses engaged. The movie has no 'right' answers, rather it provides enough material to invoke individual interpretation but keeps a tight enough grip to guide them where Anderson is thinking.