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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
15 months ago via Movies on Android phone

One thing you cannot deny about this movie is that it swung for the moon. They basically rolled three movies into one, and succeeded on many levels, but also stumbled in some aspects. The sound design and score were some of the best I've ever experienced. Ben Affleck is the best Batman we've seen and his Bruce Wayne is very good. Gal Gadot is great as Wonder Woman, both in and out of costume. The action is phenomenal, and there's some real heart to the movie. However, there are some problems as well. And they're not small. Most of my issues with this movie stem from the fact that they tried to do too much with it. The script was in dire need of a rework, but I know how impossible that can be with a movie this big, with so much riding on it. The pacing and theming suffered. There really was no singular theme or plot. Some story elements could have been cut entirely to make more room to polish the core story. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was inconsistent and had way too much screen time for my liking. The wanton destruction from the first movie is back with a vengeance, and this time they really can't blame it on this being Superman's first outing. Overall, there was a lot to enjoy, but I'm not sure I'll remember this movie as intimately or fondly as Man of Steel.

Deadpool (2016)
16 months ago via Movies on Android phone

Giving Deadpool a rating is kind of difficult, because it's one of those rare movies that does so many new things and is so niche and relevant to the times that it can't be judged solely by the sum of its parts. "Cinematography 8/10, Humor 10/10, etc." This may work for the thousandth revenge film or the thousandth romantic comedy, but Deadpool is the first of its kind. The story of this film's conception is intensely unique. A beloved comic book character was disgraced as a side-note in a poorly made origin movie of another comic book character, in a climate of superhero movie oversaturation. The eminent spin-off is cancelled. Test footage from that eminent spin-off is leaked years later and is so perfect that fans raise enough of a ruckus to revive the stand-alone movie. The film is made on a meager budget in a very short period of time, and released during an even further saturated market of superhero films. What we see in this film is such an honest result of that history, tied with the initial heart of the comics and the fans of them, topped with ingenuity in storytelling and humor. It kind of makes it petty to say, "the action scenes were a little hit-or-miss and the pacing was a bit jarring."

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
18 months ago via Movies on Android phone

A perfect revitalization of the franchise. It had everything. Wonderful creatures, robots, droids, effects. It had so much heart. This movie pulled me around in every direction it intended to. Every new character is wonderful and likable and interesting and complex. The old characters fit in perfectly. They were not cameos at all, but true older versions of their characters from the originals. Some of the darker, more interesting themes of the extended universe were brought to the table. It had everything a great Star Wars movie should have. Family, struggle, The Force, wonderful creatures and aliens, fantastic space battles, great ground battles, the best possible use of lightsabers. This was such an accomplishment. I could never have imagined this movie could pay homage to the originals so well while bringing so many great new things to the table. I will have to see it again with a more critical eye, but at this point I couldn't possibly have asked for a better Star Wars movie. Great, great job to every person involved.

The Hunt (Jagten)
19 months ago via Movies on Android phone

A truly haunting film. It's as well made as it is sickening and infuriating.

The One I Love
20 months ago via Movies on Android phone

A totally unique take on the typical film about a relationship in ruin. I was totally involved from beginning to end and, without spoiling the quirky premise, this movie doesn't dissappoint. Watch it. It's not what you expect.