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Paranormal Activity 4
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Pretty terrible even for this franchise of movies. The classic camera tricks were absent and left me wishing for the camera panning effects in the 3rd movie, but I guess they couldn't cast another camera pro as the lead male for another movie, could they?
The young actress who played Katie was pretty good, but the concept of how things got filmed were dodgy and unbelievable, and that is with walking in understanding that everything this series makes needs to be taken with a grain of salt. The premise of this one seemed recycled but it was more character development (as dumb as that sounds), and the last 10 minutes, as usual, are the best part of the movie.
The thing I hate about this movie are the same as always for the other three; you have one above average dumb male who is too macho to run, you have a woman who is attached to something she doesn't want to run away from, and you have a demon up to his usual terrifying tricks. If you're cool with all that and you just want to see another movie that seems believable based on the camera quality, then this is your movie. If your looking for a movie that will scare you and leave you cringing at the idea of walking up the stairs late at night as worries of invisable monsters will snatch you and snap your neck... go elsewhere or make your own, because this one is pretty bad.
2.5 / 5

Looper (2012)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Great movie, should be watched by all. This movie explores the ramifications that a single person can have on their past, present, and future, while exploring everyone's moral code. Fantastic story, and much like director Rian Johnson's other film Brick (2006), it has many twists and turns, while keeping a complexity that it usually only reserved for films like Inception, Memento, or 12 Monkeys. The cinematography is excellent, and the make-up in this film is so complex and amazing that it is worthy of a mention for its absolute believability. Also, continuity in this film has to be kept up to the highest standard and it checks out perfectly, as most people who understand the timeline of the film will be able to deduce that for themselves.
Just really an incredible movie in an era of film making that seems to be changing towards films that expand your mind, and make you and your mind immersed in the chance something like this could actually happen. Looper (2012) leads the way with others like Inception (2010) that will leave us looking back in many years seeing how incredibly advanced these sorts of story's are, and how perfect the business is to finally be able to tell them coherently while not losing any of its captivation. Looper is one of the best movie's I've ever seen. 4.5/5